WIF_Program - My Laureate


WIF_Program - My Laureate


Jesús Cochegrus

Clay Shirky

Author and professor at New York University, Clay Shirky is one of

today’s most influential thinkers on how the internet is impacting

the way the world works. He focuses on technology’s impact on

human relations and productivity. Shirky is an expert on the social and

economic effects of Internet technologies and the author of Cognitive

Surplus: Creativity and Genorisity in a Connected Age, which focuses on

the positive effects of the internet and how it’s changing the way

society functions. An early fan of crowd sourcing, Shirky teaches in

the acclaimed graduate New Media Interactive Telecommunications

Program at NYU.

Jesús Cochegrus is Director of Kaxan Media Group, the developer of

the successful video game Taco Master, which made it to the number

one spot on iTunes Mexico for several weeks. Cochegrus has worked in

multimedia, animation and video games for over 15 years, developing

impactful national and international projects for companies such as

Nike, Coca Cola, SIEMENS, Continental Corporation and Tequila José

Cuervo, among others. He is also a consultant for the Foundation MAS,

which focuses on bringing diversion and recreation to sickly children

and the elderly.

Andy Cohen

Founder of the advertising agency Exposed Brick and bestselling author

of Follow the Other Hand, Andy Cohen has an ace up his sleeve when it

comes to insights on leadership: he is also a magician. With this unique

perspective, Cohen uses magic as a metaphor to demonstrate the power

of assumptions in the world of business. Consultant to Fortune 500

companies as well as recipient of the Effie Award from the American

Marketing Association, he demonstrates how the skills of a magician

can be applied to marketing, innovation, and leadership.

World Innovation Forum 2012

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