Elementary Standards-Based Report Card A Parent's Guide ...


Elementary Standards-Based Report Card A Parent's Guide ...



Elementary Standards-Based Report Card

A Parent’s Guide – Kindergarten

What is a Standards-Based Report Card

Lake Stevens School District provides a Standards-Based Report Card for all elementary students. Our elementary

report card represents how well a student is performing at the time of reporting. We believe this information will be

meaningful to students and families.

Our report card uses four Academic Descriptors to reflect your child’s progress toward meeting the standard in each

academic area, as well as communicating your child’s behavior and effort.

Lake Stevens School District elementary teachers will report formally to parents three times each year. You can

expect to see your child’s report card at the end of each trimester: December, March, and June.

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand and interpret our report card. However, if you have any additional

questions regarding how your child is doing at school, always feel free to contact his or her teacher. They will be

happy to provide the additional information you need.

Academic Achievement

Our elementary report card communicates achievement in academic areas according to a four-point key.

Academic Descriptions

(Grade Level Standards) Key

4 Exemplary





Uses Skill



This Skill

Needs Time

To Develop

Not Evaluated

Student work/achievement at grade

level was exceptional. Students

need not be working above grade

level to receive a 4, however they

may be.

Student work/achievement meets

the expectations for the grade level

at this time.

Student work/achievement varies in

consistency with regard to accuracy

and/or quality. Skills or

performance are below standard at

this time.

Student does not demonstrate basic

understanding of grade level

concepts at this time. Skills and

performance are inconsistent even

with additional guidance and

teacher support.

There will be instances when a

component of the report card does

not represent what was taught or

assessed in a certain trimester.


If your child receives a “2” or below on any standard, their teacher will address this in the comment section of the

report card.

Grades in Science/Health, Social Studies, Music, PE and Art will reflect a student’s effort rather than ability.

The Reading, Writing, and Mathematics sections of the report card reflect the Washington State Reading, Writing,

and Mathematics Standards and emphasize the important components of each in instruction. Student performance in

each area is recorded separately.


Phonemic Awareness refers to how well your child can distinguish sounds within words.

Decoding refers to your child’s ability to use their knowledge of letter sounds to sound out words.

Letter knowledge gives you information about which names and sounds of letters your child has mastered.

Fluency refers to your child’s ability to recognize and orally read common sight words accurately.

Vocabulary refers to your child’s ability to understand and use grade level vocabulary appropriately.

Comprehension refers to your child’s ability to make meaning of text and retell a story.


There may be areas of math that are not reported each trimester because some concepts will be introduced and

evaluated at differing times of the school year.


We recognize that parents need to know about their child’s behavior at school. Our report card provides this

information separately from the academic descriptors. It is important to understand that your student’s academic

achievement marks do not reflect their effort or behavior. This is outlined in the section on behavior and uses the

following key:

Behavior Key

Outstanding O

Satisfactory S

Needs Improvement N

Resources for Parents

Washington State’s Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) has produced a flyer for parents called

“Your Child’s Progress”. It provides examples of grade level expectations and basic information on state testing for

grades 3-10. You can access these and other parent resources at their website: www.k12.wa.us/resources

Additional resources are available on our district website: http://www.lkstevens.wednet.edu (from the drop down box

Parents & Students, select Elementary Curriculum)

Revised 12/10

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