Pastoral Area Formation Flyer.pdf - Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

Pastoral Area Formation Flyer.pdf - Catholic Diocese of Christchurch


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I offer you warm greetings. Pope Benedict XVI has

announced a YEAR OF FAITH. This is to be celebrated

in every part of the Catholic Church.

It will begin on October 11 2012, and conclude on

the feast of Christ the King next year, November

24 th , 2013.

The Holy Father is concerned that in many parts

of the world, the power and beauty of the Catholic Faith are not well

appreciated. The date chosen to open the Year of Faith is the 50 th

anniversary of the opening of the 2 nd Vatican Council, one of the great

events in the 2000 years of the Church's history.

The Pope reminds us that essential content of the faith, which for

centuries has formed the heritage of all believers, needs to be confirmed,

understood and explored ever anew, so as to bear consistent

witness in historical circumstances very different from those of the past.

One of the initiatives that the Diocese is offering is a programme of

formation for pastoral areas. It is my hope that the courses offered will

enable all the faithful to grow in their understanding of the faith

throughout the course of this year. You will note that three of the

workshops are on documents of the Second Vatican Council. Pope

Benedict XVI has commended them to our study.

I encourage all Catholics to support the Year of Faith. As the Holy Father

tells us, “we must rediscover the taste for feeding ourselves on the

word of God, faithfully handed down by the Church, and on the bread

of life, offered as sustenance to his disciples.”

+Barry Jones

Bishop of Christchurch



The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation

This workshop introduces the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965)

document, the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei

Verbum which Pope Paul VI promulgated on 18 November 1965. An

overview of its five chapters: The Transmission of Divine Revelation,

The Inspiration, Inerrancy and Literary Form of Scripture, The Old

Testament, The New Testament and Holy Scripture in the Church

will be given. Then participants will have an opportunity to reflect

on some key sections.


This workshop takes place in one, two-hour session.


Presented by Dr. Kathleen Rushton RSM who teaches Scripture courses for

the Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand and is Parish Adult Education

and Sacramental Programmes Advisor at the Christchurch Catholic

Education Office.



The Spirit of the Liturgy

Fifty years ago the publication

of the Second Vatican

Council's Constitution on the

Liturgy marked a significant

stage in our appreciation of

the Catholic liturgy. In the

parishes and schools of our

diocese we have taken significant

steps towards deeper appreciation of the liturgy by

implementing this teaching of the Council. The Bishops at the

Second Vatican Council wished to promote and reform the liturgy to

ensure that all in the Church ‘should be led to that fully conscious,

and active participation in liturgical celebrations which is demanded

by the very nature of the liturgy’. This session will present the

essential points of the document for all who participate in the

Liturgy, especially for those who have questions about recent

changes in the way that we celebrate the Mass.


This workshop takes place in one, two-hour session.


Fr John O’Connor

Fr. John O'Connor is a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

He is the Parish Priest of the parishes of the Hurunui district and

Chatham Islands. His qualifications include 27 years as a priest in

parishes throughout the diocese, B.THeol, MA (Spirituality), LTCL,

and is currently working on a MA in Liturgy from Mundelein

University in Chicago. Over the past 20 years his work has included

spiritual direction and retreat direction and formation seminars in

NZ, Australia, USA and Asia.



In May 2011, Pope Benedict XVI began a

new series of catechesis on the theme

of prayer and especially Christian prayer,

the prayer, that is, that Jesus taught

and which the Church continues to

teach us.

We know that prayer should not be taken

for granted. It is necessary to learn

how to pray, as it were acquiring this art

ever anew; even those very advanced in

the spiritual life feel the need to learn,

from Jesus, how to pray authentically.

This workshop will look at Sacred Scripture, the great traditions of

the Fathers of the Church, methods of prayer handed down by the

teachers of spirituality as well as Liturgical Prayer.


This workshop takes place in one, two-hour session.


Sister Eleanor Capper rsj is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of

St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and has been involved in education in this

diocese over an extended length of time, in both primary and secondary

schools. After working in Sydney in Congregational Administration, and

having retrained at the University of Notre Dame du Lac with an MA in

Theology, she now works in the Catholic Education Office in the role of

“Education for Parish Service.” Along with her colleagues, she is involved in

the delivery of the CIANZ national catechetical courses for both teachers

and the laity.



Lumen Gentium (The Light of the Nations)

is a foundational document of

the Second Vatican Council. Also

known as the Dogmatic Constitution

on the Church, Lumen Gentium deals

with the Church’s self-understanding

and mission. In this workshop you will

be introduced to the key themes of

this profound document, with a closer

focus on two of them – the universal call to holiness and the participation

of the laity in the mission of the Church.


This workshop takes place in one, two-hour session.


Charles Shaw

Charles is the Secondary Advisor for the Catholic Education Office(CEO) in

Christchurch. Charles taught for many years in Secondary Schools in Christchurch.

He now coordinates the courses taught by the CEO through the

Catholic Institute of Aotearoa, New Zealand. He also teaches a number of

them, including Understanding Church which takes an in-depth look at Lumen




The language and reality of


With the Apostolic Letter, Porta Fidei,

Pope Benedict XVI inaugurated the

year of faith. This letter is a wonderful

introduction to the year of faith. It

sets out Pope Benedict's reasons for

announcing it, and what he is asking

of us all during the year.


This lecture takes place in one, one-hour, session.


Fr Paul Williamson SM

Fr Paul is a Priest of the Society of Mary. He is currently assistant Priest at

the Catholic Parish of Addington.

Choosing a session or sessions:

Discuss with your parish council which sessions you

would like to hold. Talk with the other parishes in your

pastoral area and then decide together, on a pastoral

area level, which session or sessions you would like to

host during the year of faith.

Once you have decided, contact the speaker for your

preferred session directly on the numbers below to negotiate

a suitable time and place. Once a time is decided

please inform the Bishop’s Pastoral Office Director,

Mike Stopforth, so there can be some overall coordination

and it can be promoted on the Diocesan Website.

Speaker contact details:

Sr Eleanor Capper: 03 353 0756

Charles Shaw: 03 353 0751

Sr Kath Rushton: 03 353 0753

Fr Paul Williamson SM: 03 338 8395

Fr John O’Connor: 03 319 8730

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