2006 “Shave Everywhere” campaign


2006 “Shave Everywhere” campaign

Philips Norelco

2006 “Shave Shave Everywhere”



Philips Norelco: “Shave Everywhere”


• Goal: Generate awareness and involvement with the

brand and achieve the sales goals

– By developing a website worthy of “word of


– Quantify degree to which consumers intend to

“pass along the message” and the degree to

which traffic is generated by “pass along”

Bodygroom a small budget, BIG impact launch

• The challenge for Philips Norelco

– New product concept (Bodygroom)

– Media saturated audience (young men 25-45)

– Small budget -

Shaveeverywhere.com – ‘welcome page’ and

music video roll

Results: Pass-Along and Content Drove Purchase

• Traffic from pass-along – 31%

• Propensity to pass along among

those visiting the website – 47%

• Sales of product - 300% of goal

This is a standout among the many advertisement sites on

the Web. It’s immersive, interactive and viral. In other

words, it’s perfect for the audience (as proof: it received

more than one million visitors during its first month).*

* source: designinteract.com

Consumer response has been overwhelming

Engaged audience = brand disciples

Visitation to site (uniques):

– 1 st week: 313,675

– 1 st two weeks: 613,632

– 1 st month:1,047,058

– YTD: 1,727,904

Retail Response

– #1 on Amazon.com in HPC for 8 consecutive weeks

– #3 best-selling SKU in men’s grooming at Target stores

– One of the most successful product launches in

amazon.com history

Consumer Response

– Featured on over 500 blogs with positive feedback on product and campaign

– 4-star product score on amazon.com 103 product reviews with very positive

consumer feedback

Website Analysis: ShaveEverywhere.com

Website Specific Questions Website Exit

[n = 246]

Have you talked about the shaveeverywhere.com website with a friend? 35%

Have you sent or do you plan to send the website link to a friend? 47%

Did you see a “buy now” section on shaveeverywhere.com? 40%

Website Specific Questions Website Exit

How did you hear about shaveeverywhere.com? [n = 246]

A friend, family member, or colleague sent me the link 31%

I did an online search for the Bodygroom 3%

I did an online search for body hair trimmer/groomers 3%

I heard about it on the radio 1%

I read an editorial about the site 3%

I heard about the website from a friend 6%

An advertisement directed me to the site 7%

I was directed there from another site 10%

Other 9%

Content distributed via pre-existing

social networks.

The Social Network

The Social Network: The Hunter

The Hunter

The “arbiter” of the social network

Actively seeks out and forwards content

Derives status from being first

Lives in fear of being told “Dude, I’ve seen it”

The Social Network: The Gatherers

The Gatherers

Validates Hunter

Quick to forward something on

Is a deputy hunter

The Social Network: The Network Effect

In the mind of the Hunter….

entertaining novel a find news-worthy

-interesting, funny - fresh, inventive, new - hasn’t been seen


- relevant, worthy, just

has to be shared

“Is that real?” “WTF?”

Caught “How’d they

On Tape do that?”

Geek Chic 1

Geek Chic 2


down from

the ivory tower

How far Mainstreet Mainstreet

will they go? Hollywood Mashup

The Intricacies of a Great Viral or Word-of-

Mouth Marketing Program


Jason Woodmansee VP, Strategic Accounts / Digitaria

About TaylorMade – adidas Golf

• Founded in 1979 – invented the Metalwood

• Became golf unit of adidas in 1998

• Is No. 1 in the Metalwood category

• Leads with relentless innovation

About Digitaria

• Full service interactive agency & technology firm

• Offices in San Diego & Los Angeles

• Works with TaylorMade on all digital marketing


The Challenge

How do you enter a market with a dominant


The Challenge

You do the opposite.

The Goals

• Establish TaylorMade in the premium golf ball


• Get consumers talking

• Awareness, Interest & Trial

The Plan

• Communication Phases

Phase 1: Prepare

Phase 2: Use consumers

Phase 3: Product Seeding

Phase 4: Official campaigns


Phase 1

Prepare the field

Phase 2

Use consumers to do your marketing

Phase 2

Phase 3

Get the product in the hands of influencers

Phase 4

Start the official marketing campaigns

Phase 4

Phase 4


• Best selling premium ball in company’s history

• Outreach to online community still paying


Thank you


Ingredient B2B and Word of Mouth



Gary Spangler, E-Business Leader, DuPont Electronic &

Communication Technologies

B2B Opportunity

Health care



Finance &



Retail trade

Largest economy sectors (excluding wholesale)

Source: www.census.gov

Business Environment

• Long buy cycle

– 1-2 Years

• Considered purchase

• Ingredient manufacture

– Ingredient brands (e.g.

Kevlar®, Nomex®)

• External interests

• Internal stakeholders

• Ethics

Channel Conflict Potential




End User



What We Make Who We Are

Sustainable B2B WOM:

Audience and Content (Not Just Creative)


Information Flow


End User Manufacturers


Stories Still Sizzle Even for B2B

To public

• Entertaining, surprising,


To business

• Case studies,

application profiles

• Protection from tornado

& hurricane-blown


• Trainloads of corn

replace tankers of


• Protecting people who

protect us*.�

*Source: www.dupont.com

However, . . .

Join In the WOMM Channel

• Monitor online conversations - Good and Bad

• Create website content which addresses online discussions.

• Create SEM initiative inviting visitors to your content through relevant


• Use keywords to optimize site’s organic search results.

• Add voice to the conversation.

– Offer opt-ins (email and RSS)

– Direct advertising message to influencers

– Blog (with care)

If You Decide to “Add Voice,” Consider . . .

• Joining WOMMA

• Adopting its Code of


– Honesty of


– Honesty of Opinion

– Honesty of Identity

• Holding services providers

(agencies), employees and

company accountable.


How to Start a WOMM Campaign

• First, practice saying “Word of Mouth Marketing”

without cracking a smile, then . . .

• Declare yourself a WOMM champion and actively

educate and (self) promote.

• Mine online conversations for insights and direction.

• Pilot an idea online.

• Maintain control.

• Socialize learnings across organization; recommend

next project, scale the pilot.

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