Business Inventory - UrbanSim

Business Inventory - UrbanSim

Tables to be built for the base year:

Parcels & Buildings

Households & Persons

Businesses & Jobs




Business Inventory

Control Totals


Disparate sources -­‐ ong

and contradictory

Source coding varies and is different

Data scrubbing:

QA/QC on data

Missing/invalid values

Sources can have their own

idiosyncrasies that have to be


For Households/Popula>on

Household Locator

Links to buildings and parcels

For Jobs

Job Synthesizer


MAG is a MSSQL/ArcGIS SDE site

All socioeconomic/GIS data is being assembled,

accessed, maintained, managed, analyzed, and mapped

on the department’s server

Have developed upload/download tools for data


Developed a table naming conven>on on MSSQL that

mimics conven>onal Windows path name syntax

Therefore, can organize MSSQL data into “folders”

and “subfolders”

1. Run the ASU Popula>on Synthesizer and upload the resul>ng

tables to MSSQL

2. Run Household Locator to assign HH to residen>al units & parcels

and generate UrbanSim tables

Data Scrubbing Parcels and Buildings

Type, $/SF, Size, Age

Ensure values in range

Link Buildings (Res Units) to Parcels

Based on Assessor Number

Include only residen>al buildings

Generate Person Records from PUMS

Assign addi>onal HH A`ributes from PUMS

Assign HH and Bldgs to census block groups

Popula>on match needed

Control totals

ASU synthesizer yields exact match

for HH

Make adjustments to Persons

Applied solely to 7+ person HH

Kill off some persons if necessary

Randomly selected, not Head of


Add persons to HH if necessary

Randomly cloned from others in

block group

Match HH to Res Units in each

block group

2 Methods provided (user op>on)

Match Count: Choose building

that most closely matches

PUMS data on the type of unit

each PUMS HH resides


Hierarchical Scoring: Similar

algorithm based on scoring

differences, with large

coefficients assigned to most

important a`ributes to match

Characteris>cs common between PUMS and

the Assessor building files used as match


Type of Unit (SF/MF)


Outright value for owner occupied

Rent for tenants

Requires adjustments in values to

base year ($)

Requires value es>mates for renters

based on mortgage rates

Number of rooms

Age (Year built)

To Finish Up:

Write tables and reports

Forms designate op>ons &


Configura>ons can be

saved for the future

Programming Features:


Connect to Server/

MSSQL database

Save Parameters to File

for Future Reference

Validate data sources prior to

a run

Are sources adequate

Does everything exist

User can iden>fy different

tables to use as sources

…Or different field names


sources all recorded in MSSQL

for future reference as to how

a table set was created

Progress Bar displays how

things are going…

Comments wri`en to log

as the process executes

Record steps

Reports errors

Reports check sums

Can view log a

Data Scrubbing

Range/domain checks on all input files:

Assessor data for parcels & buildings

Add matched results for business inventory

Correc>on for missing data items

Assure reasonable values

Link Buildings to Parcels (via Assessor ID)

Link Businesses to Parcels

Business inventory geocoded to parcel

Link Businesses to Buildings in Parcels with only 1


Trivial: No building choice to be made

Generate synthe>c buildings for parcels that have

businesses, but no buildings

Based on type of building preferred for largest

business to be located

Based on SF/Job for preferred building type

Building Preference Lists

Different business have varying building


Needed for assigning buildings when a parcel

offers several op>ons (within space available )

Choose building on parcels that have more than

1 building

Business Inventory may not match NAICS control


2 Choices for Matching Control Totals

Prorate sizes of businesses in inventory

Generate synthe>c businesses

Clone similar businesses already in inventory

Locate them to vacant space

Adjustments to A`ributes

As necessary to assure reasonable values

SF/Job, $/SF

Translate to UrbanSim Codes

Lookup Tables

Generate UrbanSim Tables

Parcel and Building Tables

Poten>ally with modified values

Business Table (op7on)

Jobs Table

With occupa>ons (op7on)

Same look and feel as the

Household Locator

Automa>cally logs on to

MSSQL server and database

Forms to designate op>ons

and source to be used


configura>ons can be

saved for the future

User can iden>fy any

set of source tables to

drive the synthesizer

Vacancy tables to be

used are iden>fied on

this panel

Used to establish space

available for loca>ng

businesses in buildings

Programs have been completed

Tes>ng them on a subset of the region

~200,000 parcels

Need a “Merge” Program to put together the results of the

HH Locator and Job Synthesizer

Working on detailed documenta>on


Hanyi Li

Jesse Ayers

Mark Roberts

Mike Corle`


Rita Walton

Anubhav Bagley

(602) 254-­‐6300

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