Post Graduate Diploma In Management - Indira Institutes

Post Graduate Diploma In Management - Indira Institutes

Shree Chanakya Education Society's

Indira Group of Institutes


Post Graduate Diploma In Management

(A.I.C.T.E. Approved)


Shree Chanakya Education Society's

Indira Group of Institutes





Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) under the aegis of To create a center of academic excellence in the

Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES) began in field of Management and IT education, with the

1994, under the visionary leadership of Ms. Tarita purpose of fulfilling the industry requirements

Shankar, with the explicit vision to provide through holistic development of future performers

sustainable impetus to the corporate and who are also good human beings and possess the

entrepreneurial abilities in the youth. Unrelenting right knowledge, skill sets and attitude towards

initiatives by the management team at Indira led to their work and life.

the creation of multidiscipline such as

Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy,


Commerce, Science and Engineering. All this

To promote a learning environment that welcomes

growth is enabled and sustained by the expertise

and honors men and women from diverse cultures

and exertions of Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Group

for involving themselves in intellectual

Director, Indira Group of Institutes, whose

inquisitiveness, explore knowledge dimensions for

commitment and concern for student's

future applications in industry, business and life.

development stands unmatched. SCES has grown

To develop managers and entrepreneurs in the field

steadily and today boasts of several Institutes,

of management and IT, who can serve as engines of

having more than 6000 students, from all over

national and global economic growth and

India, pursuing multi-disciplinary, graduate and


post-graduate programs. The Institutes managed

To foster strategic alliances with industry for

by SCES have maintained high academic standards

research and its application.

and have successfully provided trained manpower

To inculcate the ethical, social and moral values in

to the diverse industrial sectors of the country.

all our stakeholders which is the basis of humane

The courses at the IGI are designed keeping in mind

social order.

the interconnectedness of world business which

has converged leading to the beginning of a global

economic rebalancing. India will emerge atop a

multi-polar international system, where it may

have a seat at the international high table. India

will take its deserved place in the world society,

where challengers will learn faster how to succeed.

INDIRA provides visionary leadership, creative

ambience, faculty strength and holistic learning to

create managers of tomorrow. Managers who are

not only creative but also innovative.


Man in his quest for

knowledge and

p r o g r e s s , i s

determined and

cannot be deterred.

We set sail on the

sea of advanced

education because

t h e r e i s n e w

knowledge to be

gained, and new

rights to be won, and they must be won and

used for the progress of all people. Surely the

opening vistas of knowledge promise high

rewards and hardships. If this capsule history of

our progress teaches us anything, it is the

knowledge that those who came before us made

certain that this country rode the waves of the

industrial revolution, waves of modern

invention, and that this generation cannot

have only a participatory role but also lead it.

Today's generation faces a breathtaking pace,

and such a pace cannot help but create new ills

as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems,

and new dangers. Education must empower us

to enhance human progress and we must vow

that we shall not see it governed by a hostile

flag of conquest, but by a banner of freedom

and peace. We need to vow that we shall not see

space filled with weapons of mass destruction,

but with instruments of knowledge and


Only then the growth of our science and

education will be enriched by new knowledge

of our universe and environment, by new

techniques of learning and mapping, by new

tools and computers for industry, medicine, the

home as well as the school. Technical

institutions will be worth their while only if

they inculcate new hopes for knowledge and

peace. The world is very different now. For man

holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish

all forms of human poverty and at the same

time all forms of human life. And yet the same

revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears

fought are still an issue around the globe; the

belief that the rights of man come from being

truly liberalized from all forms of tyranny and

the ability to set sail in a voyage that allows

complete liberty for growth and prosperity for

all humanity.

At Indira we create a movement to convert the

hopes and aspirations of the youth, into

commitments for purpose and performance.

Our confidence in the learning abilities of the

youth has led to a judicious mix of knowledge

sharing, for holistic developments of the

students into good human beings.


Chairperson- Indira Group of Institutes





T h e l a s t

decade has

been a period

of transition,

c o n t i n u o u s

learning and

adaptation for


s acrossallindustries in India, as there has been

fierce competition from both within the country

and outside.

Global Economy and Business Environment is

going through an unprecedented turmoil, the

impact of which is also being felt by the Indian

Economy and Corporate Sector.

Gearing up to face such an environment will

require visionary leadership skills, innovative

ideas, swift implementation and a Darwinian

survival instinct.

I feel, we Indians have some of the best talent to

meet the requirements of today's corporate world

and we at Indira would like to take the lead in

imparting the necessary skills and knowledge

essential to excel in this environment.

Our well planned programs offer each candidate an

opportunity to enhance their knowledge and focus

on their holistic development, through a judicious

blend of co-curricular and extra curricular

activities. This is facilitated by our faculty, which is

amongst the best in the country. The teaching

pedagogy followed is interactive in nature with

emphasis on practical knowledge and pro-active

self learning.

Our programs are conducted at our ultra-modern

residential campus in Pune having some of the

finest amenities to make learning at INDIRA a

memorable experience.

I look forward to welcoming you at INDIRA


Group Director - Indira Group of Institutes



Indira Group of Institutes has come to acquire a


The 18 Business School Affaire Awards and

unique 'Institutional Equity' with all its Dewang Mehta Business School Awards

incumbent attributes such as Excellent 2010 at Mumbai, recognized the talent at

Curriculum and Faculty Inputs, Infrastructure, Indira Group by awarding us for following

Corporate Internship Program and Academia- achievements:

Industry Interface.

The curriculum design is a unique blend of

Education Baroness Award – Ms Tarita

theory and practices and promotes diversity in Shankar, Chairperson Indira Group of

learning as well as teaching by supporting Institutes.

increasing interface with real world learning. Innovative Leader Award – Mr Chetan

At Indira Industry-Academia interface is given Wakalkar, Group Director Indira Group of

tremendous importance. Interface with Institutes.

industry has expressed itself in the unique

Best Teacher in Financial Management – Dr

initiatives such as Marketing Excellence Shriram Nerlekar, Deputy Director IIMP

Awards, World Brand Congress, Super Achiever

Best Teacher in Marketing Management – Mr

Awards and the like, and our placement bears Kumendra Raheja Deputy Director ISBS

witness to its effect.

Business School with Best Academic Input

Courses are intensive and specifically designed (Syllabus) in Finance - Indira Institute of

for a rewarding career in management, with a Mgmt

keen perspective towards corporate

Business School with Best Academic Input

responsibility and sustainability.

(Syllabus) in International Business - IGBS

Business School With Best Industry Interface

Some of the acknowledgement by Industry, as – Indira School of Business Studies

mentioned for reference, speaks about our

Paper Presentation Contest (Research Based)

dedication to quality:

Indira Institute of Management

Best Placement Brochure Contest – Indira

Global Talent management award ceremony Group of Institutes

2010 held at the Royal Garden Hotel,

Kensington, London, felicitated Ms Tarita

Shankar, Chairperson Indira Group of

Institutes with Talent Excellence in

Education and Training Award

Mr Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director Indira

Group of Institutes, represented Indira Group

at the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna

to bring forth the diametric of future of

management education.






Campus Infrastructure

IGI is located in the hub of Pune-Mumbai Expressway.

IGI believes in providing an environment that fosters

continuous improvement and innovation with related

technical support and facilities to enhance student

learning and faculty effectiveness.

Some distinctive features of the Campuses include:

Modern classrooms, Syndicate Rooms and Tutorial Centers

with complete wi-fi connectivity make teaching and

learning a memorable experience for the faculty and

students. Each class room is fitted with projection television,

overhead projectors, and white boards.

Computer Center

The Library:

The Library of the Institute has an excellent collection of

reference/text books and periodicals related to the field of

Management and these are constantly updated. The Institute

also subscribes to a number of journals (both national and

international), periodicals and catalogues covering the

various fields of Management. Reading room facility is

available for the students. The books from the library are

also available for home issue. The Institute also keeps

adding the latest textbooks, reference books and

management journals as per the requirement and

suggestions of the faculty, industry and students.

The Indira Video Resource Center

INDIRA has one of the finest collections of academic videos

and CDs comprising of National and International titles at

its video resource center. INDIRA has tied up with Stanford

University, Harvard Business Resources and The American

Management Association for the supply of the latest videos.

The Indira Video Resource Center helps enhance the inputs

given to our students & makes learning a more enriching


Conference Rooms and Auditoriums accommodating over

1000 students are a highlight for the Industry and Academic

interface of national and internationally acclaimed speakers

Gym and Fitness Center

INDIRA has state of the Art IT infrastructure. The institutes

are equipped with latest workstations & interactive smart

classrooms with audio visual units. INDIRA has one to one

and one to many video conferencing facility. Wireless

connectivity for students Laptop is provided throughout the

campus including the hostels . The 30 MBPs dedicated

Internet connectivity caters the internet requirement within

the campus on 24 x 7 basis.

The students experience the best communication, co-

ordination and collaboration with their faculties ,

coordinators and team mates via personalized mail box on

Live@edu and students portal on College Excel.

The Library is digitally available to students for their

reference books within the campus.

The IT Infra also covers the latest Licensed software’s for

designing and Simulation of projects, statistical analysis

and project presentation..

Security (physical & data access) within the campus is

administered via surveillance cameras and data access

policies implemented via various servers using Microsoft


Indira has developed a modern and well-equipped

Gymnasium and Fitness Center for the students, which is

headed by a full-time Fitness Director. We strongly believe

that in todays fast-paced and stressful business

environment, it is imperative to maintain 100% physical

fitness. Gym, yoga and aerobics form the key components of

our Fitness Program. Fully equipped gymnasium and health

centers have trained individuals to conduct sessions in yoga,

art of living, aerobics and other forms of physical fitness

regime for students and faculty members. Mind, Body and

Soul connect is essential for overall development of

individuals, hence Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual

Quotient are imbibed in the learning at the institute.

Swimming Pool, Volley-ball and Basket- ball courts, Table

Tennis and other indoor sports provide a superb medium of

entertainment and serve as stress reliever.

Restaurant like Cafeteria and Canteens provide nutritious

and diverse meals to the students


Indira boasts of extremely comfortable boarding and

lodging facilities. Modern hostel with required amenities is

an ideal means of boarding for those students who prefer to

stay within the security of the campus.

Placement cell: Placement cell serves as a prominent

medium of bridging the journey of students from academics

to economically independents citizens of the country.


IGI provides certain benefits to students as part of their


Medical facilities:

The SCES has medical support provided by Birla Hospital

and students of INDIRA are provided with medical

insurance as a student welfare facility.

Scholarship for Economical Backward Class

Laptop to ISBS student on enrollment

Uniform is provided for formal occasions



Sweat shirts

Subsidized Transport daily to and fro for classes

Subsidized meals in the canteen

LCD, Projection Televisions in Classrooms

Hostels have amenities such as televisions, washing

machines and refrigerators


activity centre: There are several games and

cultural competitions organized by the Institute,

such as National Level Businesss Plan Competitions,

Sports competition, Environment Quiz, Intellectual &

Cultural Competitions, etc.






Indira School of Business Studies was established as Negotiations Skills, IT Skill, Business Sustainability

an autonomous professional school to meet the and Innovation. Along with subjects needed to

growing needs of the business sector with the explicit sharpen conceptual knowledge and skills as a

vision to provide sustainable impetus to the corporate manager, students also undertake specialized inputs

and entrepreneurial abilities in the youth. In a short in their course specializations such as Marketing,

span of time, the programs of the Institute were Finance and HRM. The structure is designed to help

approved by AICTE and ISBS established its presence students understand the interdependence between

in Pune as a premier business education institute.

functional areas and enable them to address

The flexibility afforded to the Post Graduate Diploma challenges in the business contexts.

in Management (PGDM) programs offered at ISBS 2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Marketing

keeps the student abreast of the trends in the field of (PGDM-Mkt) - Intake 60 Seats

business and assures greater articulation of the same. PGDBM-Mkt program is approved by AICTE and is a

Excellent Industry-Academia interface serves as a specialized course in Marketing. In the emerging

strong platform for experiential learning and healthy environment, marketing management with its

placement record for the Institute.

customer centric focus assumes a predominant status.

This philosophy reflects in the PGDM-Mkt curriculum

and the flexibility afforded to the PGDM program

Programs Offered

keeps the student abreast of the trends in the field of

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) - business and assures greater articulation of the same.

st nd

Intake 240 Seats (1 and 2 shift)

In the first year the program exposes the students from

The PGDM course at ISBS is approved by AICTE and is varied academic background to the fundamental

a two years full time program comprising of four concepts of management. The first year comprises of

semesters. This program is conducted in two shifts, two semesters. In the first year the basics of

having seats for 120 students in each shift. The management orients the students to fundamental

governance of both shifts of the PGDM Course is concepts of management in Finance, Cost


Accounting, Business Sustainability, Quantitative

In the first year the program exposes the students from Techniques, Marketing and Selling Skills, Innovation

varied academic background such as Arts, Commerce, and Sustainability, IT skills for Managers, Economic

Engineering, Science, Pharmacy etc. to the Environment of Business and Economics. The

fundamental concepts of management. The first year structure is designed to help students understand the

comprises of two semesters. In the first year the basics interdependence between functional areas and enable

of management orients the students in areas of them to address challenges in the business contexts.

Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Statistical Greater stress is put in marketing concepts such as

and Quantitative Techniques, Business Laws, Research Internet Marketing, Market Research, Marketing of

Methodology, Marketing Skills, Selling Skills and Services, Sales & Distribution Management and

Domestic and Global Environmental Studies, Consumer Behavior.

Communication Skills, Personality Development, Soft

Skills, Public Speaking, People Development,


3.Post Graduate Diploma in Management

International Business (PGDM – IB)

Intake 60 Seats

The PGDM-International Business course is

approved by AICTE and is an intensive two

years program specifically designed for

rewarding careers in global management. This

program provides a unique opportunity to the

students from diverse academic backgrounds,

to pursue their interests in Marketing and

Finance and also get an additional edge in

International Business.

The program is designed to allow the students

to understand the interdependence between

varied functional areas and expose them to the

critical mass of the chosen specialization which

allows them to strengthen their domain

understanding. The program is well structured

in four semesters wherein the first year focuses

in creating an understanding of the cross

The GD and PI component will be conducted as

per AICTE norms and regulations. For further

details regarding admissions, please visit

Indira School of Business Studies


89/2-A, New Pune-Mumbai Expressway

Tathawade, Pune-411033

Maharashtra, India,

f u n c t i o n a l l i n k a g e s a n d d e t a i l e d

understanding of the International Business Tel- 020-66759415, 66759404


related nuances. At the end of 1 year, the Email Id:

students are required to undertake project work

assignment in anorganisation. This assignment

provides students an opportunity to sharpen

their knowledge and skills as well as get a

firsthand experience of corporate functioning.

The second year brings intensive functional

focus, accompanied by an International

Business Exposure Program (IBEP) to global

destinations of industrial and business

prominence, as part of International

Dissertation. Foreign language such as Spanish

and French are also part of the curriculum. Real

time interaction with Globally Acclaimed

Domain experts, both on-campus and digitally,

forms the essence of the program.

Admission Procedure

Admission to the AICTE approved PGDM

courses at all Indira Group Institutes will

require valid scores from any of the all India

level examinations such as CAT / XAT / MAT /


Contact Details






The business case for global leadership is compelling

today. There is a strong need for 'boundary less'

cooperation in organizations and societies. At Indira

Global Business School(IGBS), the focus is on developing

individuals who can handle management responsibilities

that are global in scope. IGBS offers a truly global

management program in an atmosphere conducive to

inculcate qualities of a global corporate citizen among

the management trainees.

IGBS has been established with the explicit vision to train

managers with a global perspective who can provide

sustainable impetus to growing international business.

IGBS has established its presence in Pune as a premier

international business institute offering an AICTE



The faculty at IGBS is known for both inspired teaching

as well as research that have helped create many of the

best practices used today. The faculty provides a unique

blend of academic rigour,research and business acumen

that gives the resources to help trainees bring together

theory andpractical application.

The IGBS campus is located imposingly adjoining the

Mumbai Pune Expressway, on a beautiful site amidst

open fields and clusters of large trees in a beautiful, green

valley which gives a sense of endless space to the quest of

mind and soul. Infrastructure is dynamic in nature

because of our constant attempt to maintain pace with

the development opportunities available to us. Our

infrastructure acts as a facilitator for the effective

delivery of our curriculum and nurtures the quest for


This program at IGBS equips students with fresh insights

and alternative ways of thinking, helping them to

succeed in highly unpredictable and nonlinear

conditions, making global leaders out of them.

Course Offered

Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM)

2-Year full time AICTE Approved Post Graduate

Management Program with a Global Focus, offering

specialization in Marketing and Finance.

Key Courses taught during this program:

International Marketing

International Finance

Global HR

Legal aspects of international Business

Global Product & Brand Management

Banking Principles & International Financial


Security Analysis &Portfolio Management

International Business Management

International Trade, Documentation & EXIM Policies

Global Business Policy & Strategic Management

Global CSR & Ethics in Business

Global Business Environment Report

Securities & Marketing

Global Retail & Distribution Management

Integrated Marketing Communication

Taxation Policies

Risk & Wealth Management

Commodity Trade & Futures

Management Control Systems.

Admission Procedure

Admission to the AICTE approved PGDM courses at all

Indira Group Institutes will require valid scores from

any of the all India level examinations such as CAT /


The GD and PI component will be conducted as per

AICTE norms and regulations. For further details

r e g a r d i n g a d m i s s i o n s , p l e a s e v i s i t

Contact Details

Indira Global Business School

64/65, Parandwadi, Maval

Maharashtra, Pune – 410506

Tel: 02114-237778 / 79




Business has truly gone global in the last few decades. are better emphasized through case studies and assignments

Industry is in constant search of good opportunities of in various industrial sectors. Sales Management Personnel

growth. People play a key role in sustainable success of an Sales are explained through the current practices of

organization. Managers with right knowledge, skills and evaluating the contribution to the organization and

attitude are the kingpins in the journey of organizational improvement of market share rather than mere volume

mission accomplishment. Apart from managerial skills an achievement.

individual is expected to possess an entrepreneurial

The Domain of Finance aims at developing students in

attitude. This attitude leads to wealth creation.

various niche areas such as Accounting & Reporting,

Any civilized society, for its constant enrichment, needs Corporate Finance, Exchange & Risk Management,

individuals with sound health and value based thinking and Banking, Capital Markets, Taxation and Auditing and

behavior. Such citizens make the nation strong, Control functions.

independent, progressive and sustainable. At IIMP we The HR subjects emphasise on the broader aspect of

believe in Value Based Education creating good human Human Relations Development especially from the view of

beings who will acquire the requisite skills to be successful the organization requirement and group dynamics while


basic human psychology and needs are kept paramount for

Indira Institute of Management, Pune (IIMP) is the flagship productivity and industrial harmony.

institute of IGI and besides PGDM autonomous program

We have also included the specialization of Information

also offers MBA, MMM, and MPM programs of University Technology . This specialization focuses on training

of Pune (UOP). IIMP is the very first Management institute in students for a career as an ERP consultant with a focus on

Pune and the third in Maharashtra to be accredited by SAP. The student gets a certification from SAP along with a

National Board of Accreditation of All India Council of clear understanding of the functional area it is applied in.

Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.

This specialization has been developed considering the

Indira Institute of Management focuses on bridging the demand for SAP focused ERP consultants with a

gap between Campus, Corporate and beyond. The faculty management background and has an excellent scope in the

members at IIMP are truly dedicated to its mission.


The two year full time Post Graduate Diploma in IIMP has evolved unique initiatives to add value to students

Management (PGDM) is an AICTE approved autonomous such as OMT, Reflection, 7 Pointer, Kanha Tour and

course and is the latest addition at the Indira Institutes of Abhivyakti.

Management Pune. The course has been designed

considering the Industry requirements and gives the

Admission Procedure

students a head start in the chosen functional area. Special

topics in the syllabus include latest updates and

Admission to the AICTE approved PGDM courses at all

developments to make the student industry ready. The

Indira Group Institutes will require valid scores from any of

specialization is taken up in the second semester to focus the

the all India level examinations such as CAT / XAT / MAT /

studies on the functional area of the student.


It has always been the endeavour of the group to

provide a stimulating environment and offer more than

The GD and PI component will be conducted as per AICTE

classroom lectures. The Career & Leadership Development

norms and regulations. For further details regarding

Program incorporates a weekly interaction with senior

admissions, please visit

members of the industry and experts from various fields

who share their experiences with the students. This will not Contact Details

only expose students to the practical reality but also lead to Indira Institute of Management

a better understanding of the theory being taught and its

“Tapasya”, 85/5A Tathawade New Pune-Mumbai


Expressway, Pune-411033

The course offers specialization in Marketing, Finance,

Tel- 020-66739714,832

Human Resource and Information Technology.

Marketing specialization focuses on the basics of

marketing theory and its application in the current

competitive environment. The need for customer

relationship management and customer specific strategy




Shree Chanakya Education Society's

Indira Group of Institutes

Communication Address:

89/2-A Tathawade, New Pune-Mumbai Highway, Pune-411033

Phone: 020- 66759415, 66759421,

Telefax: 020-22932217


(No part of this bulletin may be reproduced or utilized in any form)

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