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In the Spring



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12 SNAP Week

14 Service in the

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19 Vision Partners

20 January District

Board Meeting

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is

full of great accomplishments and

happiness for you and your club.

There are many important things happening

this year, such as the end in

our campaign for The Eliminate Project,

Kiwanis’ 100 year birthday, and

the Centennial Celebration in Indianapolis,

IN, for our International Convention!

Thank you to all the clubs featured

in the “Service in the Springtime”

article for planning incredible

service projects! If your club is interested

in being featured in the next issue

of The Sunshine Source or if you

have any questions regarding this issue,

feel free to let me know.

Katt Crowdis



As we enter Spring Zone Rally Season, I hope each and

every one of you is ready to learn and grow as leaders. Your

club officer elections, to be held in February, are rapidly approaching.

Please give some time and thought to what your

plans are for the upcoming year. If you are a senior, think about

the legacy you will leave in high school. Will people remember

you for the impact you made on their lives If you are an underclassman,

consider running for a higher office. There are so

many possibilities and opportunities, so make sure to make the

most of your time and talent!

Governor’s Project Week is also approaching and I hope

you are as excited as I am! Take this opportunity to spend a

week getting to know the Special Needs individuals in your

communities. Your life will undoubtedly be enriched by this opportunity,

and you will experience service in an entirely different

way! If you have any questions about the Governor’s Project

or the Governor’s Project week do not hesitate to ask Governor’s

Project Chair Taylor (division4@floridakeyclub.org) or me


Have a happy Valentine’s Day and show your love for your


Yours in service and friendship,




1. My club is running out of service project ideas now that

we are in the second semester, what should we do

There are variety of resources that will help with this very common

problem. On floridakeyclub.org under the “Service and Major Emphasis”

tab on the bottom left, there are service directories and

“Spectacular Service” videos that will help you gain ideas for projects.

Also under the “Documents and Resources” tab on the left

and below the subheadings of “Project Planning Tools” and

“Service Projects”, you will find more resources to help you create

the most successful service projects possible for your members!

2. What is the difference between FLOF and YOF

The FLOF grant is managed by the Florida District of Key Club

International. On the other hand, YOF is a Key Club International

grant program. FLOF and YOF also differ in the amounts of money

that they can award. The FLOF grant will award up to 2/3 of the

project’s costs (maximum rewarded is $1,000). With YOF, a club

can receive between $100-$2,000 for the project (amount decided

by the International YOF committee). For more details about

the two grants check out http://floridakeyclub.org/flof/ or contact

District Treasurer Nick Azcarate at treasurer@floridakeyclub.org.




Are you ready to be a star If so, the 77th Annual

Florida District and Educational Leadership Conference

(DCON) is the event for you! This year, DCON will be

from April 9-12, at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. The

theme of this year's DCON is “Stars of Service” and we

are going all out. There will be a red carpet, paparazzi,

and much more! Also, while at DCON, you will get a

chance to meet the Key Club International President,

our District Officers, and over 2,000 other Key Clubbers all

there to celebrate our Key Club year. There will be a service

fair to spread new innovative service projects

throughout the district, a talent show, an oratory contest,

2 dances, workshops, and so much more! Make sure not

to miss any of the awesome things going on at this year's

DCON. Visit www.floridakeyclub.org/dcon to find out

more information, and to register!


Registration for the 77 th annual District Education and

Leadership Conference is officially open! Start now to is

the time


fundraise so that your club is able to attend this amazing

event. Registrations for DCON must be completed no later

than February 28 th to avoid an additional cost of $50

per person. Package pricing varies on room accommodations:

Quad $260; Triple $315; Double $355; Single $545.

If you wait until after February 28 th , you are considered

part of late registration, and your spot cannot be guaranteed.

Late registration, with its $50 increase, ends March


Awards and Contests

It’s that time of year when you and your club can be

recognized for all of your accomplishments and excellent

leadership skills. All awards and contests that require applications

are fillable Microsoft Word documents found on

http://floridakeyclub.org/awards-and-contests-2/ so be

sure to carefully read and follow all instructions that accompany

each application in order to avoid disqualification.All

of the awards and contest have one of two deadlines

that must be met in order to qualify. Pre-District Conference

Awards must be completed and turned in no later

than midnight of March 13, 2015. All other awards or

contest materials must be turned in no later than 10:00pm

of April 9, 2015.

The awards that fall under the Pre-District

Conference Awards are:

Every Child a Swimmer

Governor’s Project Banner Patch

Kiwanis family Relations

Kiwanis Family Ties Banner Patch

The Eliminate Project Fundraising

Distinguished Club Class Director

Distinguished Club Member

Distinguished Club President

Distinguished Club Secretary

Distinguished Club Treasurer

Distinguished Club Vice-President

G. Harold Martin Outstanding Club President

Governor’s Project member

Robert W. Thal Outstanding Sponsoring Kiwanis Club

Florida District Key of Honor

G. Harold Martin Fellowship

Jack Gander Outstanding Key Club Faculty Advisor

J. Walker Field Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor


Each award application and any applicable supporting

documents must be submitted electronically by March 13,

2015 to the awards committee

at awards@floridakeyclub.org. Please make sure that all

awards applications are signed by the Faculty Advisor

and the applicant. Also scan the application(s) and the

letter(s) of recommendation (if applicable) and attach

them to the email; however, do not submit a picture of

the application for judging. Submit only one application

per email to the Awards Committee and please ensure

that the subject line of the email is as follows: Name of the

Award/School Name.

There are also six awards that do not require an application.

The awards that do not require an application


Club Membership Growth

Key Club Service

Early Bird Dues

Pride Report Submission

Governor’s Citation

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF



The awards that are part of the District Conference Contests


Distinguished Club

Distinguished Club – Diamond


Malcom K. Lewis Key Club of

the Year

Club Poster (Digital and


Club Video

Major Emphasis

Club Project Display

Single Service Award


Year in Review:

Club T-Shirt

These awards require that, along with your club’s entry

to the contest, you must include an entry form as well.

The original of the completed entry form for all contests

must be delivered by 10 PM on April 9, 2015, to the Awards

Committee at District Education and Leadership Conference




As seniors enter the season of college

applications, keep in mind that the Florida

District offers a variety of great scholarships.

The scholarships to be awarded this year are

the DCON Program Ad Scholarship, Governor’s

Project Scholarship, Florida District

Matching Scholarship, Naranjo Scholarships, and the G.

Harold Martin Outstanding Club President Scholarship.

In addition, if a club sells more than $250 in ads for the

DCON Program Booklet, then their seniors will be eligible

to apply for the DCON Program Booklet Ad Scholarship.

There will a total of at least 16 scholarships given

out- each one being $1,000. All award, contests, and

scholarship applications can be found at



The Governor’s Project this year created by Governor Lauren McAllister is SN

Week is a whole week dedicated to doing service under the Governor's Project. Thi

Project Week has a variety of activities that everyone in your club can participate in

your love of service with SNAP! What will your club accomplish during this week

February 9th- “Bettering Our Community Together”

Key Clubbers work with those with special needs to clean up and beautify an indoor

or outdoor area.

February 10th- “Game Day”

Key Clubbers play games with special needs children

or adults, ranging from checkers to baseball. Everyone

is a winner!




February 12th- “Baking Together”

Key Clubbers share the experience of making their favorite desserts with those

with special needs, or can make the items for them.

February 11th- “Do It Your Way”

Key Clubbers can utilize this day to do any service project for or with special

needs individuals that fits best with their schedule.


AP, which stands for Special Needs Awareness Programs. The Governor's Project

s year's Governor's Project week is from February 9th to February 14th. Governor's

. From beautifying the community to making Valentine's Day arts and craft, show

Start planning now on how your club will participate.

February 13th- “Arts & Crafts For Your Valentine”

Key Clubbers can engage in making cards for their special

needs friends, or make cards and other crafts with them!

ebruary 14 th - “Share The Love”

ocial event for Key Clubbers to share good food, dancing,

nd laughter with those with special needs.


Make a difference in someone’s life and bring smiles to everyone in

the community that you touch. Hopefully these examples of great service

projects can inspire your club to make an impact in your home,

school, and community.


This year, the Governor’s Project is

SNAP, which stands for Special Needs

Awareness Programs.

Best Buddies

Division: 10B

Club: William R. Boone High School

Students spent time having lunch with

their special needs partners in a program

called Best Buddies.

Bowling Palooza

Division 8

Club: Crystal River High School

Members assisted at a bowling party for

special needs individuals.

Making Memories with Music

Division: 23A


Club: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High


Key Clubbers assisted special needs students

with playing music.

Creating Coloring Books

Division: 23B

Club: Boyd Anderson High School

This Key Club made coloring books for

their ESE department.

The Eliminate Project

With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis In

ternational and UNICEF have joined

forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal

tetanus. Neonatal tetanus kills one

baby every nine minutes—nearly 60,000

newborn children every year. A significant

number of women also die because

of maternal tetanus. The end of this disease

means the beginning of better

health for so many families.


. Putt-Putt Golf Tournament

Divisaion: 14B

Club: Jesuit High School

This Key Club raised money for The

Eliminate Project by hosting a putt-putt

golf tournament.

Bagging for Eliminate

Division: 26C

Club: Island Christian High School

Island Christian High School bagged groceries

at their local grocery store

(specifically Publix) to raise money for

The Eliminate Project. The money was

raised from the tips that were given from

the customers.

Skating Event:

Division: 24B

March of Dimes

Club: Cooper City High School

This Key Club planned a skating and arcade

day for the community to attend.

All the proceeds went to March of


Purple Fundraiser

Division: 25A

Club: Mater Academy Charter

This Key Club sold purple paper baby

bottles and purple candy for March of

Dimes. By selling purple items, they also

exposed the signature color of March of

Dimes to


Children’s Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Network Hospital is a

nonprofit organization that raises money

to benefit kids and increases the awareness

of its member hospitals.

Paper Cranes

Division: 1

Club: Pensacola High School

Each meeting, Key Clubbers fold paper

cranes to give to children at a local hospital.

The origami birds represent hope to

the recovering child.

Poptab Collection

Division: 7

Club: DeLand High School

Students at the Deland High School

Key Club, in conjunction with their

Kiwanis club, participated in a poptab

collection project. The proceeds were

donated to Children’s Cancer Re-



Club Fundraisers

Auction a Key Clubber Off

Division: 19A

Apple Cider Sale

Club: Mariner High School


Division: 9

Club: Lake Minneola High School

This Key Club sold hot apple citderin

their lunches to raise money for

Key Clubbers were auctioned to

teachers to assist them with any

thing they needed. Most of the students

helped the teachers clean their








Pizza Fundraiser



Division: 24A

Division: 24B


Club: John A. Ferguson Senior High


Key Clubbers held a weekly pizza sale

Club: West Broward High School

Key Clubbers sold West Broward High

School tumblers during their lunches





to raise funds for their club.

and meetings.


Soap and Suds

Division: 10B

Club: Olympia High School

Volunteers help sort soap to be sent to

families in developing countries.

Board Game Night

Division: 25A

Club: Barbara Goleman Senior High


This Key Club organized a board game

night at a local community center.

Safety First

Community Service

tting Coupons

vision: 8

b: Lecanto High School

b members cut out coupons to give


bitat for Humanity

vision: 18

b: Pine View High School

is Key Club organized a house deopment

project along with Habitat

Humanity. They helped paint the


Division: 2A

Club: Crestview High School

By teaching safety to children in a

class, this Key Club ensured that the

children of the community were more

conscious of unsafe environments and

what to do in those situations.

Migrant Family Outreach

Division: 24A

Club: Ekklesia Christian Academy

Members went along with their church

mission team and had a festival filled

with food, donated clothes, and activities

for local migrant families in need

within the community.


Kiwanis One Day

Get ready for Kiwanis One Day! On Saturday, April 4 th 2015, Kiwanis families

across the world will join together and will impact their communities through service

projects. The idea of Kiwanis One Day is to “bridge the gap” between Kiwanis and

its Service Leadership Programs (SLPs), such as Key Club. Every Key Club is encouraged

to participate in Kiwanis One Day with Kiwanis Clubs as well as other SLPs in

your area. This day of service will not only strengthen your relationship with your Kiwanis

family, but will also help you establish relationships between members of Circle K

International, Aktion Club, K Kids, and Builders Club. You can get involved by contacting

your local Kiwanis family group to see what activities they have planned! And if

there are not any activities planned in your area, create the plans yourself. The options

are endless.

Here are a few tips if you are helping to plan activities with your Kiwanis family:

Plan, plan, and plan! The more preparation that goes into Kiwanis One Day, the less

chaos will be at the event.

Include as many people as possible across all SLPs. Be sure to invite members from

all types of clubs. The more diversity in the ages present will allow for even more


Make it fun! Service should never be boring. After volunteering, hold a picnic or a



In addition to our Preferred Charities (UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Children’s

Miracle Network), Key Club International has partnered with three organizations as vision

partners. These organizations and Key Club together, make a difference in the lives

of children. and teens across the world.

Rustic Pathways

Key Club Co-Sponsor Rustic Pathways has 30

years of experience leading exceptional international

education and service programs for students.

Together, Key Club and Rustic Pathways

have the opportunity to broaden their global perspective

while performing meaningful service projects

in communities around the world.

Hershey Track and Field

Key Club has joined with Hershey Track and Field

to serve children by helping them get active and

develop healthy lifestyles.


Nickelodeon joined the Kiwanis family as a 2013

Vision Partner of Kiwanis International with a focus

on its Big Help initiative, which addresses issues

in service, education, the environment and

health. Learn more about Nickelodeon’s Big Help

efforts, the Halo Awards program and Day of Play

at pro-social.nick.com or nick.com/thebighelp.


On January 3rd through the 5th, the Florida District Board of

Trustees met in Orlando for training and to develop plans for the District

of Florida. Training throughout the weekend included preparation

for our District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON), standing

committee work, and an amendment and bylaw discussion After

training on Friday and Saturday, the District Board had a secret Santa

exchange, superlatives awarded to board members, and a s'mores celebration

and bonfire. Many hugs and goodbyes were given after the

board meeting on Sunday, as everyone headed home ready to apply

what they learned to their roles.


Objects of Key Club International

To develop initiative and leadership.

To provide experience in living and working together.

To serve the school and community.

To cooperate with the school principal.

To prepare for useful citizenship.

To accept and promote the following ideals:

To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to

the material values of life.

To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human


To promote the adoption and application of higher standards

in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts.

To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent,

aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.

To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships,

to render unselfish service and to build better communities.

To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public

opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase

of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will.

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