Drake Software - The Professional Tax Solution


Drake Software - The Professional Tax Solution



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The Professional Tax Solution

Drake Software is backed by an experienced team of software developers, quality assurance analysts,

CPAs, and EAs. It’s easy to understand why thousands of preparers trust us year after year.

With 6,000 federal and state forms and schedules, Drake Software includes:

• 1040 • 1040NR • 1041 • 1065 • 1120 • 1120C •1120H

• 1120S • 706 • 709 • 990 • 990PF • All states

• Enhanced View Mode. View a tax return’s generated forms and worksheets in a tree view or

narrow your view by form category. The intuitive Enhanced View Mode not only makes return

printing a breeze, it also provides you the flexibility to modify form pricing, form order, and sets

selection from one interface.

Review a complete and fully functional copy of the 2008 software located in the back of this packet.

Visit us at DrakeSoftware.com to find out more about attending a live seminar showcasing Drake in

your area! Or see Drake in action without leaving your office by registering for a live webinar.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With Drake, you can expect early delivery of federal and state software, intuitive data entry, and fast



The Archive Feature. With the Archive Manager, save several versions of a tax return, allowing

you to quickly and easily give the best recommendation to your clients, while maintaining the

integrity of client files.

• Hotkeys and Macros. Simplify data entry with preprogrammed shortcuts or custom macros to

reduce repetitive keystrokes.

• Year-to-Year Updates and Automatic Carryovers. Bring forward last year’s information and

significantly shorten data entry time for prior-year clients.

• Auto-Fill Features. Save time with the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and zip code databases.

The EIN database automatically fills employer fields on future returns after your initial entry of

EIN information, while the zip code database completes the city and state fields for you once

you’ve entered your client’s zip code.

• Filing Status Optimization. A single mouse click allows you to easily compare Married Filing Joint

and Married Filing Separate filing options for a taxpayer.



You’re in control! Choose to enter data using the interview method, heads-down method (proforma) or

forms-based method, whichever suits your preference. Create the visual environment that’s appealing to

you, and avoid omitting important information needed for the return.


Determine payment amounts, interest rates, and yearly totals.


Keep in touch with your clients with over 40 letter options such as: pre-season, post-season,

engagements, privacy, K-1s, and result letters. Choose from an existing template to customize your

correspondence, or create your own from scratch. The Client Communications Editor allows you to

fully customize letters with keywords and conditional paragraphs, font choices, letterhead options,

and many advanced features to enhance and personalize your client communications.


Fast, Easy, and Saves Time.

• 8615 Export. Simplify data entry in a quick, two step process. Export the parents’ tax information

to a child’s tax return, saving you time and keystrokes.

• K-1 Export. Pass through entity Schedule K-1 data flows into 1040 tax returns.

• Trial Balance Import. Using a familiar spreadsheet interface, you can simply enter your balanced

books in our Trial Balance spreadsheet tool and import the data into 1120, 1120S, and 1065 returns.

• Schedule D Import. Clean and simple. Take all of your Schedule D transactions from Excel and,

with the click of a button, import unlimited entries into Drake.

• W-2 Import. Import W-2 information from the internet directly into the tax return using a direct link

to W-2 eXpress®.

Practice Management

Organized & Efficient



Client files listed in the CSM

are easy to search, view,

and organize for both paper

and e-file returns. Follow the

workflow within your office

and manage your productivity

with on-screen tracking and

reporting. Track everything

from preparer efficiency, billing

revenue, and even see your

real-time accounts receivable

at the click of a button.

Filter CSM View

“My favorite features are the ease of use and accuracy. I have looked at cheaper

programs and more expensive programs — they just don’t offer what Drake does. There

are so many convenient features available from Drake and all of it at no additional cost.”

Lillian • Valued Customer Since 1996

Set Return Status

Drake Software | 8 0 0 . 8 9 0 . 9 5 0 0 | Dr a k e S of t wa r e . c o m


Combine information on paper or e-filed returns from multiple offices into one database, allowing

you to track all of your offices from one simple-to-use interface. This tool works via the Internet

and with the Client Status Manager as it sends electronic transmissions to Drake, combining them

automatically into one database.


The TRAC screen lets you follow the progress of each return. The software automatically records

the date and time data is first entered, the last time the return was altered, the last time the return

was calculated, and the return’s e-file status. Enter details such as interview time, client contact

information, and return pick-up time. You can also track fee and payment details.


The included proformas and organizers save you time in the rush of tax season. Use the proformas

to guide you through your initial client interviews and speed data entry. Send organizers to clients

to help them collect their records and prepare for their appointments. Both include last year’s tax



Create and manage preparer schedules and appointments in the Scheduler. The Scheduler can be

launched in either Preparer Mode or Front Office Mode (designed for office personnel who create

and manage appointments but don’t need access to the actual Drake program).

Drake Software has checks and balances that I really like. Plus, it has speed and is

definitely accurate! My business has increased because I can take on more clients.”

Alexander • Valued Customer Since 1999


With Drake, you decide when a return is complete. Use our “Flag” feature to require verification of

specific items before a return can be finalized. Whether you use it to help track down incomplete

return data, or to follow through on tracking your marketing efforts, this powerful feature will help

you collect all relevant information prior to filing. This feature is available on a return-by-return

basis, or can be set globally for all returns.



Compare & Repair


The convenient Calculation Results screen displays your results at a glance with notes, fees, and total

refund or balance due. You can also see if the return is eligible for e-file. If ineligible, you can link

directly to the problem form and field with one click.

Electronic Filing

Fast & Easy

Drake has been the leader in electronic filing for over 20 years, and we know how important

speed and reliability are to you. Having been part of e-filing since its inception in 1986, we have

the experience to ensure your files are secure. Plus, our processing center is the most reliable in

the industry.

You get everything you need to e-file individual and business returns, both federal and state. Our

secure servers process your e-filed returns, and we route them to the proper service centers and

appropriate states.


Not only can you e-file your business returns, but you can also quickly attach additional PDF

documents. Save the documents in the Drake Document Manager for future reference.

Each Year, Drake Software Seamlessly Processes Over

14 Million Federal & State Accepted Returns


Drake generates alerts when a return has issues that would cause an IRS rejection. The return cannot

be e-filed until you correct the problems indicated. Cautionary alerts that do not prevent electronic

filing are also generated to provide reminders or tips about the tax return.


View changes with this multi-year comparison.

“E-filing with the software surprised me…I hit a button and received immediate confirmation

that they had received it and the next day got the acknowledgement. It was very fast.”

Juan • Valued Customer Since 2007

Drake Software | 8 0 0 . 8 9 0 . 9 5 0 0 | Dr a k e S of t wa r e . c o m


Valuable Information at Your Fingertips


The Report Manager provides a central

location for managing reports. Choose

from predefined reports, edit existing

templates, or create reports from scratch

using keywords and filters. All reports

can be saved as a PDF file or in comma

delimited (.csv) format, which can be

imported into Microsoft Access or Excel.


Operate your practice more efficiently with reports created by using client and E-file information

such as data entry statistics, return status, and preparer statistics.


Track e-filed returns quickly and easily with the Online E-file Database. See which returns have

been IRS and state accepted or rejected, and monitor the status of bank products. You can even

check the status of your preparer fees online! If you have multiple offices, view a snapshot of your

entire business by running various reports in the Multi-Office Manager (MOM).

Data is updated continuously as we process new information about your returns. You can convert

these reports to Microsoft Access or Excel files.

“I use the reports and customize some of them myself so I know the status of my

clients. If I’m missing information, I place my comments in the notes. Then I can put

together a report that will pull and extract those returns that have notes. The report helps

me identify the returns that are missing data and helps me run my office more efficiently.”

Robert • CPA and Valued Customer Since 2002



Providing the Best Support…Hands Down!

With Drake, you can expect personal and timely service no matter what time of year it is. Our

customers wait less than nine seconds during peak-season to speak with a customer support

representative. You can depend on our staff of dedicated support personnel to give you the

answers you need in a timely manner. Our tax analysts and programmers are also an integral part

of our support effort, working hands-on to provide you with excellent service. Spanish support is

also available.


Online forums, moderated by Drake representatives, provide opportunities for Drake customers to

post messages about everything from business strategies and software questions to the latest tax

news and software suggestions.


Clients are notified of important information via broadcast e-mails. Stay on top of the latest industry

news, Drake-related updates, and more.


Receive access to RIA’s Checkpoint Online when you purchase Drake Software. This resource

includes the current tax year’s Federal Tax Handbook, tax code, RIA Tax Return Guides, a form line

finder, over 75 financial and tax calculators, and more.


Access the most current support and product information 24/7. Our support team constantly

updates and enhances the Knowledge Base so you can troubleshoot or find answers to specific

questions. You can even customize your search based on a keyword, category, subcategory, and/or

year. Drake customers access the Knowledge Base by logging on to Support.DrakeSoftware.com

or by clicking the support speed button in the software.

“Support with Drake I hardly use them anymore. I use the Knowledge

Base. Very seldom is the answer not there, but if it’s not I call Support.

If they don’t have an answer, a programmer quickly gets back with me.”

Glenn • Valued Customer Since 2006

“When you need support, they answer in seconds…it’s amazing.

Often times, they’ll call you back 24 to 48 hours later, ‘Is your problem

solved Have we fixed it’ That’s worth its weight in gold. That is priceless.”

Jacob • Valued Customer Since 2004

Drake Software | 8 0 0 . 8 9 0 . 9 5 0 0 | Dr a k e S of t wa r e . c o m


Tackle Tax Season with Confidence


This guide introduces you to navigation, setup, and e-filing, and also walks you through developing

a 1040, an 1120, and a 1065 return within the software. Earn free CPE credits by completing the test

at the conclusion of the software guide. Submit completed tests to Drake Software by fax or mail.


Use ETC as a resource to train your entire office! The Drake Electronic Training Center (ETC)

offers interactive tax courses on a variety of topics from basic 1040 preparation to corporate and

partnership instruction — all with the option of earning CPE credit. A report card feature is available

to give students or office administrators an overview of their progress. Visit DrakeETC.com for

more information.


Learn the basics of the software with over 50 audiovisual tutorials available online at

Support.DrakeSoftware.com. Topics include Introduction to Data Entry, E-filing, Printing Checks,

Client Write-Up, and much more! Spanish tutorials are also available.


We’ve created Passport to Success to help you get ready for a great tax season with Drake

Software. Passport consists of an itinerary of important tax and software topics to explore before

tax season begins. We’ll help you keep track of your progress by stamping your Passport along

the way. At the end of your journey, you will receive a special certificate to display in your office.

Passport to Success is available at Support.DrakeSoftware.com.


Each fall, Drake Software hosts Update Schools at various locations across the United States.

These schools update Drake customers on tax law changes, present new software enhancements,

and provide the opportunity to earn CPE credit while networking with other users. For dates and

locations, visit DrakeSoftware.com.


New customers can look forward to a wide array of training options, from online webinars to

live training. We offer courses across the United States and in Franklin, NC — the home of Drake



Access the Drake Help System online or from within the software. It includes screen-specific

information along with steps for completing procedures in the program. The Help System is user

friendly, with three different ways to access data: by topic, index, or keyword search. You can

access field-specific help, screen help, and an FAQ section to find answers to your questions quickly.


The Drake Software manual is a comprehensive resource for all your software questions. You can

access the manual in PDF format on your Drake CD or online at Support.DrakeSoftware.com.


Free Conversions

Simplifying Your Transition

Converting and importing data into Drake Software is quick and easy, and we’re committed to

giving you a smooth transition to Drake. You’ll receive your conversion program early so you

have plenty of time to get ready before tax season.

Business Development

Tools for Success


Tired of your software company competing with you for new clients Drake partners with our customers

to help them grow their businesses. By offering customers free access to 1040.com Preparer Websites,

you have the opportunity to easily create, maintain, and monitor your firm’s customized website. You can

even offer online filing, creating a potential profit center for your business.

See the list below for the conversion programs we currently offer, but please call us or visit us

online at DrakeSoftware.com if you do not see your software listed.

Crosslink® by Petz Enterprises (1040)

GreatTax by TaxCalcUSA, Inc. (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

Intellitax Windows and Classic by Orrtax (1040)

Lacerte® by Intuit® (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

ProSeries® by Intuit® (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

ProSystem FX® by CCH (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

Saber/Max® by ATX (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

TaxSimple® (1040)

TaxSlayer Pro® (1040)

TaxWise® by Universal Tax Systems (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

TaxWorks® by Laser Systems (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

UltraTax® by Creative Solutions (1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065)

TaxAct® by 2nd Story Software, Inc. (1040)

“I have a large office that files over 8,000 returns, so that was a

huge conversion for us. To receive the free conversion and the great

customer service were some of the reasons we made the switch.”

Andrew • Valued Customer Since 2007

Drake Software | 8 0 0 . 8 9 0 . 9 5 0 0 | Dr a k e S of t wa r e . c o m


Drake Software customers have free access to marketing materials at Support.DrakeSoftware.com.

The custom marketing kits include professional posters, newspaper ads, postcards, buttons,

banners, and more. While some of the printed materials are available at cost, you can download all

artwork and ideas free in PDF format.

Minimum System Requirements


• 233 MHz processor

• 64 MB of RAM

• 200 MB of available hard drive space, plus 7 MB for each state program

• VGA monitor capable of 800 x 600 resolution and 256 colors

• CD Drive

• Internet Explorer 6.0


• 800 MHz processor

• 512 MB of RAM

• Support for Super VGA graphics

• CD Drive

• Internet Explorer 6.0

These are the minimum requirements to run Drake Software on most systems. For superior

performance, we recommend system upgrades above the stated minimums. Actual requirements

will vary based on your system configuration, in addition to the applications and features installed.

Internet access is necessary to download software updates.

“I can’t say enough about Drake Software, especially to someone new

who’s just starting out like I did. This software is so easy to set up.”

Yvette • Valued Customer Since 2007


Whether you’re an office of one or 100, it’s easy to network Drake Software.

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