Educational Programme 2012 European Social Dialogue - EZA

Educational Programme 2012 European Social Dialogue - EZA

Educational Programme 2012

European Social Dialogue

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The social dimension of the European Semester [WG I]

The European Semester, which is a new

framework for economic policy coordination, is

based on the need to ensure compliance with

not only the reformed Stability and Growth

Pact but also with the goals of the Strategy

Europe 2020. Whereas the aims and ambitions

of this mechanism are clear, there is at the

same time a fear that national social policies

could be suspended by the European

institutions if they are not in accordance with

the member states’ consolidation policies of

reaching the stability criteria. This is why this

project focuses on the social aspects of the

European Semester, which has a major impact

for workers organisations.

Part 1 is to take place in the summer of 2012

immediately after the European Commission

has made its recommendations on the national

reform programmes and the stability and

convergence programmes and the Council has

accepted these, and should provide space for

an evaluation in relation to social dialogue from

the perspective of workers’ organisations.

Vlaams Centrum voor Werknemersvorming –

Ter Munk (ACW / VCWV – Ter Munk)

Sofie Put

Tel.: +32 - 2 - 246 37 31


Brussels / Belgium

09 – 10 July 2012


Languages: de, en, fr

The social dimension of the European Semester [WG II]

Part 2 of the project should begin immediately

before the start of the third European

semester, and will be based on the evaluation

conducted in Part 1; it should give workers’

organisations the opportunity to develop

recommendations from their perspective for

stronger consideration of employee interests

and the social dimension in the third European


Fritz Pirkl - Institut des Europäischen Zentrums

für Arbeitnehmerfragen in Bayern (EZAB)

Siegfried Kliegel

Tel.: +49 - 89 - 12 43 - 306


Venue not yet defined

07 – 08 December 2012


Languages: de, en, fr

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Perspectives and progress of social dialogue in the region of the western Balkan – possibilities

to participate in the process of European enlargement and integration through workers'


In the context of the process of European

enlargement in the Western Balkans, the social

dimension is becoming ever more significant in

order to make the enlargement a success. It

will be particularly important in future to create

and pursue social dialogue in the region. In the

public sector answers must in particular be

found to new challenges regarding the

representativeness of workers’ organisations.

A further factor is to explain the EU, ongoing

enlargement processes and the social

dimension to people locally. Workers’

organisations are ideally suited to addressing

actions at the European level concerned with

workers’ and social issues. The objective of the

project is therefore also to contribute to the

integration of actions involving social

partnership in the enlargement process.

Europese Federatie van het

Overheidspersoneel (EUROFEDOP)

Bert van Caelenberg

Tel.: +32 - 2 - 230 38 65


Zagreb / Croatia

06 – 08 September 2012


Languages: de, en, es, fr, hr

The Social Dialogue in south-east Europe as a basis for European integration

In the multi-ethnic region of South-East

Europe, which is distinguished by a difficult

common past and an ongoing EU integration

process in several countries, it is becoming

increasingly clear that social dialogue is

becoming ever more important in terms of the

social and workers’ situation. The current

situation in South-East Europe is to be

represented in the project, and ways indicated

for how social dialogue can accelerate the

integration process using examples from

member states. In addition the project should

demonstrate the role social dialogue can play

with respect to the social dimension of the

integration process and how it can be

effectively designed for this purpose.

Furthermore it should deal with aspects of

networking between workers’ organisations

and other allies.

Hrvatsko kulturno društvo Napredak

(HKD Napredak)

Dr. Franjo Topić


Slavonski Brod / Croatia

28 June – 01 July 2012


Languages: de, en, hr, it

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"Strengthening social dialogue – shaping European Integration": Special project for workers'

organisations in western Balkan

Workers’ organisations from the EZA network

are networking to an ever greater degree with

partners in countries from the Western Balkans

and in doing so are determining real needs

when it comes to designing social dialogue.

For this reason EZA has made the

strengthening of social dialogue in this region a

focal point for the coming academic year. The

experience of countries in the Western Balkans

and of EU states on designing social dialogue

at diverse levels are to be exchanged, and

strategies developed to set up and reinforce

stable social dialogue structures in the region

which are adapted to European approaches.

Corresponding knowledge and European

values should be discussed and

communicated and an awareness of

behavioural approaches and solutions based

on social partnership should be formed,

strengthened and expanded.

Europäisches Zentrum für Arbeitnehmerfragen


Roswitha Gottbehüt

Tel.: +49 - 22 23 - 29 98 - 0



FYR of Macedonia


01 April 2012 – 31 March 2013


Languages: not yet defined

Initial seminar – priorities of the European social dialogue

The objective of the initial seminar is to

introduce the main subjects of the 2013

European Social Dialogue” education

programme from EZA and also to provide an

opportunity for greater reflection on the current

social dialogue topics. This is also intended to

make suggestions on improving the quality of

seminar content to the participants from the

EZA member centres.

Federazione Nazionale per lo Sviluppo

dell’Agricoltura (FEDER.AGRI.)

Alfonso Luzzi

Tel.: +39 - 06 - 700 56 10


Milan / Italy

22 – 24 November 2012


Languages: not yet defined

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Preparation of the 5th European Social Week: a robust social model

The 5th European Social Week will provide

high-ranking representatives from Christian-

Democratic employee organizations and trade

unions of all EU member states with a platform

to discuss the key challenges involved in the

creation of tomorrow’s social Europe, allowing

the participants to negotiate and to agree

common positions and strategies. The event

will focus on the consequences of the various

crises for the employees and on the ensuing

need to preserve robust social systems. The

drastic changes on the labour market and the

demands for corporate social responsibility,

responsible consumption and the compliance

with good employment practices will also be

discussed, and it is planned to develop a

future-oriented, sustainable approach.

Several working groups have been busy

preparing the programme and the key topics of

the 5th European Social Week. They have

assessed and evaluated the key challenges for

the further development of social systems in

Europe and proceeded to design a conference

structure that reflects the aforementioned


Vlaams Centrum voor Werknemersvorming -

Ter Munk (ACW / VCWV - Ter Munk)

Sofie Put

Tel.: +32 - 2 - 246 37 31


Brussels / Belgium

15 – 16 November 2012


Languages: not yet defined

As of: 19.02.2013

Europäisches Zentrum für Arbeitnehmerfragen (EZA)

= European Centre for Workers’ Questions

Johannes-Albers-Allee 2

D - 53639 Königswinter

Tel.: +49 – 22 23 – 29 98 0

Fax: +49 – 22 23 – 29 98 22


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