essential oils

lemon oil

Citrus limonum

Country of origin: USA

The lemon tree may grow

up to 16 feet tall and can

have both flowers and

fruit at the same time.

Most of the lemon oil sold

commercially originates in

either Sicily or California.

Lemon essential oil is

obtained from the peel

of the fruit. Its scent is

fresh and light, slightly sharp with the tart and

tangy smell of fresh lemons. Approximately 200

pounds of lemon peel or 1,500 lemons are needed

to produce one pound of lemon essential oil.

Lemon essential oil is cooling, refreshing and

uplifting. It encourages mental clarity and

concentration. It helps with sadness, fear and assists

in communication. It is a great oil that may help

support body strength in cold winter times. It is

particularly useful for skin care, hair care and the

respiratory system.

Scientists in Japan have studied the effect of lemon

essential oil on concentration with impressive

positive results. Lemon oil is recommended to use

often at the desks of people involved in intellectual


Lemon essentail oil is very good stimulant of the

body’s own immune system. Lemon oil, added to

SISEL massage oil adds a refreshing note and may

help tone the muscles. The oil is sensitive to light

and heat, so keep the bottle tightly closed and store

in dark place.

A natural air freshener

The quick and easy method for freshen

the air in your home.

1 cup of hot water

10 drops lemon

5 drops tea tree

5 drops eucalyptus

The warm water will help in

faster oil evaporation.

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lemon oil

aromatherapy—essential oils

Lemon essential oil may help promote a healthy immune system,

revitalize underactive or mature skin, encourages mental clarity

and emotional balance. It is refreshing, uplifting and cooling.

Perfect smile

Adding a few drops of

lemon essential oil on your

toothbrush before adding

SISEL Supra Shine Tooth

paste will help brighten your

teeth and refresh your breath.

Message to yourself

The aromatic fragrance of

lemon oil generally helps

clear your mind, banish

sad thoughts, and lift your

spirit. It may bring the

“sunshine back to your life.”

Long Illness

Lemon oil may help speed

up your recuperation after a

prolong illness or weakness.

Adding lemon oil to SISEL

Gentle Touch massage oil

will help improve circulation,

drive out fatigue and

strengthen the body.

Feeling Sick

When you feel the colder

seasons are affecting your

body, use this simple recipe

to build your strength. Take a

warm shower and follow with

a whole body lemon wrap

before going to bed.

Combine 1 cup of SISEL

Gentle Touch massage

oil with 20 drops of lemon

essential oil and rub this

mixture evenly over your

body. Wrap yourself in

towel or blanket and take

a relaxing nap.

Lemon essential

oil has a wonderful

toning effect, mild

deodorant properties

and will provide a gentle

exfoliating action. It is

often used as a rinse to

lighten hair, as a dental

cleanser or as a cooling

agent in many products.

Would you like to know

Essential oils support a holistic

approach. Their scent may have

a powerful effect on the emotion.

Essential oil’s chemistry may help

balance the body’s own systems.



Perfect nails

Everyone wants nails to be proud of,

so if yours are less than perfect you

may start to incorporate essential oils

into your nail care system to get them

in great shape. A gentle hand massage

will boost your circulation and

encourage nail growth.

8 drops lemon

2 drops rosemary

2 Tbs of SISEL Hand and Body Lotion

Add few drops of the mixture and massage

well into the fingers and nails.

Hair care

Lemon oil can lighten your hair and give

it a healthy sheen.

Simply mix 20 drops of lemon oils into SISEL

Mild Shampoo (the amount that you typically

use to wash your hair). This easy treatment

works best for people with light colored hair.

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