Urban Day Flyer - MOD Institute


Urban Day Flyer - MOD Institute

urban day at urban mela




Free Entry.

All are


Archana Prasad Bangalore

Manisha Agarwal Mumbai

Naresh Narasimhan Bangalore

Rachel Lee Berlin

Sanjay Sridhar Bangalore

Shantanu Poredi Mumbai

Stefanie Bürkle Berlin

Stefanie Bremer Hamburg

Vishnu Swaminathan Bangalore

Subramaniam Vincent Bangalore

Padma latha Ravi Bangalore

1 st JULY 2012

11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Palace Grounds, Bangalore Palace

Vasanthnagar Gate, Near Mount Carmel College

Entry next to railway underbridge on Palace Cross

Road Vasanthnagar, Bangalore – 560052

The critical urban talk series, under the banner of

the year of Germany and India 2011–2012: Infinite Opportunities,

is organised around a survey and practical

design of urban deve lopment in India and Bangalore.

In particular the talks will question the existing

status quo of urban planning and critically address

various issues related to urban transformation in India

in applied and innovative ways.

The first critical urban talk Our Public Sphere addresses

questions on construction of public and

private spaces and shows examples of performative

interventions within the city and city spheres from

the larger perspective of urban infrastructure to a

people-oriented perspective, especially the role of

art and perception will be focused on.

The second critical urban talk Our House discusses

‘Housing’ on the background of 24 million missing

housing units in india. The increased demand for affordable

housing has various causes. In the case of

Bangalore one crucial driver of housing shortage

has been the growth of Bangalore’s population, exponential

by migration. Affordable housing just slowly

emerges from the shadow of the global discourses

of Mega cities Real Estate Boom or slum upgrading.

Hence the crucial question will be how housing should

be defined, designed and communicated into the urban


The third critical urban talk Our City challenges the

question of the ‘political economy’: the multiple networks

of relationships between people, space and

wealth. The underlying question that arises is the

relation between informal and formal processes,

between global and local scales and the change of

private and public spaces. The striking question will

be – what is an Indian city

The format criticAl urBAn tAlk has a time slot of

around 75 minutes for each session to highlight thesis,

facts and crucial questions.




Programme – 1 st July 2012

11.00 a.m Opening

11.10 a.m Welcome

Christoph Bertrams

Goethe-Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan,


Tile von Damm

MOD-Institute, Berlin/Bangalore

11.15 a.m. 1st critical urban talk –

Our Public Sphere

Stefanie Bürkle

Technical University Berlin

Stefanie Bremer

Orange Edge, Hamburg

Archana Prasad

JAAGA, Bangalore

– Discussion –

Moderator: Padmalatha Ravi

Citizen Matters

12.30 p.m. Lunch

01.10 p.m. 2nd critical urban talk –

Our House

Manisha Agarwal

Mo-Of, Mumbai

Vishnu Swaminathan

Ashoka Innovators for Public

Rachel Lee

Architect and Urban Researcher

– Discussion –

Moderator: Subramaniam Vincent

Citizen Matters

02.25 p.m. Tea / Snacks

02.45 p.m. 3rd critical urban talk –

Our City

Naresh Narasimhan

Venkataramanan Associates, Bangalore

Sanjay Sridhar


Shantanu Poredi

Mo-Of, Mumbai

– Discussion –

Moderator: Subramaniam Vincent

Citizen Matters

04.00 p.m. Vote of thanks and end of sessions

MOD Institute

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