ANNUAL REPORT - Atlanta Public Schools

ANNUAL REPORT - Atlanta Public Schools

ANNUAL REPORT - Atlanta Public Schools


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Annual<br />

Report<br />

<strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Schools</strong><br />

2012-13<br />

3<br />


Our Guiding Principles: Excellence, Equity, Engagement, Ethics<br />

In 2012, APS presented a five-year strategic plan, which sets the path for the<br />

district moving forward. The plan focuses on a consistent, aggressive and<br />

strategic structure of operational and academic excellence for all schools and<br />

divisions within the district. There are four guiding principles, which are referred<br />

to as the four Es: excellence, equity, engagement and ethics. Full achievement<br />

of all strategic objectives will be possible with the continued commitment and<br />

support of the Board of Education, superintendent, administrators, faculty, staff,<br />

partners and the community.<br />

2012 Highlights:<br />


in everything we do<br />

n <strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> implemented<br />

the Common Core Georgia Performance<br />

Standards (CCGPS) at the start of the<br />

2012-13 school year. The Standards<br />

ensure a new standard of academic<br />

excellence in every school, and outline<br />

high expectations for what students<br />

need to know to be ready for 21st<br />

century colleges and careers anywhere<br />

in the world.<br />

n In 2012, the <strong>Atlanta</strong> Board of Education<br />

approved the district’s recommendation<br />

to allocate 78 additional teachers<br />

throughout the district to reduce class<br />

sizes and address pressing academic<br />

concerns.<br />

n During the summer of 2012, APS rapidly<br />

expanded online classes for students<br />

by launching the <strong>Atlanta</strong> Virtual<br />

Academy (AVA). The classes allow<br />

students throughout the district to<br />

earn credit through AVA in addition to<br />

their regular schedule. All class content<br />

is aligned with the CCGPS.<br />

n Thanks to a generous donation from<br />

the GE Foundation, APS was able to<br />

provide two days of Common Core<br />

training to all APS teachers. This was<br />

especially good news for the teachers,<br />

because they received the training in<br />

lieu of taking furlough days.<br />

n The <strong>Atlanta</strong> Board of Education<br />

authorized an agreement between<br />

APS and the <strong>Atlanta</strong> Police Department<br />

to provide physical security, investigative<br />

detectives and 24-hour alarm response<br />

services. Expanding this partnership<br />

allows every middle school and<br />

high school to have at least one full-time<br />

school resource officer (SRO). Each will<br />

be required to complete specialized<br />

training on how to work with students.<br />

EQUITY<br />

in the distribution of<br />

resources<br />

n The district’s 2012 redistricting created<br />

a new regional and cluster model that<br />

replaced the school reform team<br />

structure. The cluster model has enabled<br />

APS to fully staff and provide more<br />

support, opportunity and equity to all<br />

schools in the district.

n All students have access to music, arts,<br />

foreign language and core academic<br />

programs, from k-12th grade.<br />

n Every APS middle and high school offers<br />

at least two foreign languages.<br />

n All APS middle schools offer accelerated<br />

math classes.<br />

n In 2012, APS schools dramatically<br />

increased their inclusive practices, and<br />

more students with disabilities are<br />

learning alongside their general<br />

education peers.<br />

ETHICS<br />

to protect our integrity<br />

n APS applied stronger testing security<br />

measures for the CRCT and other<br />

standardized district tests.<br />

n Every school has two trained ethics<br />

advocates who act as resources for<br />

ethical decision making. The advocates<br />

also infuse ethical principles and<br />

character education throughout the<br />

curriculum, as well as through teacher<br />

and leader actions.<br />

n Launched a student-anchored television<br />

show to inform stakeholders.<br />

n Partnered with the business and<br />

philanthropic community to provide<br />

additional resources and real-world<br />

experiences to students.<br />

n The district created a department to<br />

focus solely on stakeholder<br />

engagement.<br />

n Student leaders from all APS schools<br />

were invited to attend a student-only<br />

candid discussion forum with<br />

Superintendent Davis.<br />

n Every APS cluster hosted State of the<br />

Cluster meetings in which stakeholders<br />

were updated on the status, long and<br />

short-term goals of the cluster.<br />

n Ongoing customer service training is<br />

offered to employees for the purpose of<br />

being more responsive to stakeholders.<br />

The training supports the district’s<br />

overarching theme, “Excellence in<br />

Everything We Do” and the goal to<br />

provide welcoming schools for APS<br />

family and friends.<br />

n APS enhanced the mandated annual<br />

ethics training for all employees.<br />


with our community<br />

n Identified and coordinated two-way<br />

engagement opportunities with all<br />

stakeholders.<br />

n Produce award-winning communications<br />

highlighting students and schools.

Our Mission: <strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong><br />

<strong>Schools</strong> educates all students<br />

through academic excellence,<br />

preparing them for success in<br />

life, service and leadership.<br />

Our Vision: The vision of<br />

<strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> is to<br />

be a student-centered, highperforming<br />

urban school<br />

district, where all students<br />

become successful, life-long<br />

learners and leaders.<br />


Stay Connected<br />

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Snapshot of the 2012-13 Fiscal Year<br />

In 2012, tough economic realities prompted <strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> to adopt a revised<br />

district budget mid-year through FY13. The revision focused on operating within<br />

budget and reducing our reliance on reserves to fund normal operations. Despite<br />

declining revenues and drastic increases and pension and health insurance costs, our<br />

effective fiscal management will allow us to place more teachers and resources in schools<br />

for FY14.<br />


Total: $574,251,208<br />

• Local Tax Levy<br />

$395,000,000<br />

•<br />

•<br />

•<br />

•<br />

State QBE/Other State<br />

$151,000,000<br />

Federal Revenue/Other Revenue<br />

$8,740,000<br />

Other Local Revenue<br />

$1,160,000<br />

Fund Balance<br />

$18,351,208<br />

FY13 General Fund<br />

Appropriations by Function<br />

• Instruction*<br />

Unfunded Pension<br />

Charter <strong>Schools</strong><br />

Other Support Services<br />

Maintenance and Operations<br />

Business Services<br />

Student Transportation<br />

•<br />

School Administration Services<br />

General Administration Services<br />

*Instruction includes:<br />

• Special Education<br />

• Pupil Services<br />

• Media Services<br />

• Alternative and Vocational Education<br />

*As of May 31, 2013<br />

Charter <strong>Schools</strong> 7.4%<br />

Other Support<br />

Svcs 5.8%<br />

Maintenance and<br />

Operations 11.6%<br />

Business Services<br />

2.7%<br />

Student<br />

Transportation 2.9%<br />

School Administration<br />

Svcs 6.5%<br />

Unfunded Pension 7.4%<br />

General Administration<br />

Svcs 2.7%<br />

Instruction 52.4%<br />

Fast Facts<br />

About <strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong><br />

<strong>Schools</strong> 2013-14<br />

Student enrollment 49,128<br />

Elementary schools 53<br />

Middle schools 14<br />

High schools 21<br />

Nontraditional programs 2<br />

Charter schools 13<br />

Evening school programs 2<br />

Total APS learning sites 105<br />

Ethnic Distribution of Students<br />

African-American 77%<br />

Caucasian 14%<br />

Hispanic 6.5%<br />

Multiracial 1.5%<br />

Asian/American Indian/<br />

Alaskan/Other 1%<br />

Students eligible for free<br />

and reduced priced meals 74.76%<br />

Number of 2013 graduates 1,972<br />

Scholarships offered<br />

to class of 2013<br />

$102 million<br />

Number of Title I <strong>Schools</strong> 93<br />

FY13 General<br />

Fund Budget<br />

$595.1 million

New at APS in 2013-2014<br />

n Positive, proactive discipline systems that<br />

teach students appropriate behavior.<br />

n Students can earn class credit online<br />

through the <strong>Atlanta</strong> Virtual Academy<br />

(AVA), the district’s new online learning<br />

experience.<br />

n New start and end times for schools to<br />

help us schedule bus routes more<br />

efficiently, and ensure that students arrive<br />

to school on time.<br />

n Further enhancements to our special<br />

education program, including placing<br />

more students with disabilities in general<br />

education classes, and focusing on<br />

effective co-teaching practices.<br />

n New behavior specialists who will<br />

promote responsible student behavior.<br />

n The <strong>Atlanta</strong> Police department and APS<br />

have partnered to provide a new safety<br />

and security model for our students.<br />

The new model allows APS to station 55<br />

full-time School Resource Officers (SROs)<br />

at middle and high schools, which will<br />

enhance the learning and safety<br />

environment.<br />

n Access to myBackPack, technology that<br />

offers students access to digital learning<br />

tools, e-books, secure email cloud storage<br />

and the complete Microsoft Office suite.<br />

n Seventy-eight additional teachers will be<br />

allocated throughout the district to<br />

reduce class sizes and address pressing<br />

academic needs.<br />

<strong>Atlanta</strong> Board of Education<br />

Reuben R. McDaniel, III, Chair, At-Large Seat 8<br />

Byron D. Amos, Vice Chair, District 2<br />

<strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Schools</strong> is educating today’s<br />

students for tomorrow’s world. We are<br />

committed to ensuring that all students<br />

graduate from our schools ready for success in<br />

college and life.<br />

Brenda J. Muhammad, District 1<br />

Cecily Harsch-Kinnane, District 3<br />

Nancy M. Meister, District 4<br />

LaChandra Butler Burks, District 5<br />

Yolanda K. Johnson, District 6<br />

Courtney D. English, At-Large Seat 7<br />

Emmett D. Johnson, At-Large Seat 9<br />

2012-2013 Annual Report<br />

<strong>Atlanta</strong> <strong>Public</strong> <strong>Schools</strong><br />

Office of Communications and External Affairs<br />

www.atlantapublicschools.us<br />

130 Trinity Avenue, S.W. | <strong>Atlanta</strong>, Georgia 30303 | 404.802.3500<br />


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