Travel around Lithuania together with us! - Bajorų užeiga

Travel around Lithuania together with us! - Bajorų užeiga

Travel around Lithuania together with us!









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UAB “ЕТVA Travel” specializes in arrangement of tours around Lithuania. Our company provides its services

as a host and provides comfortable stay in Lithuania for both tourist groups and individuals. We collaborate

with waterparks, SPA centres, holiday homes, sanatoriums, museums, etc. Our experienced guides who speak

Russian, Polish English and other languages, will accompany guests throughout the entire route.

We suggest strolling the narrow winding streets of Vilnius, seeing the monuments of medieval architecture,

relaxing at a SPA centre, taking horse riding lessons, sitting by a fi re on the lakeside and going up in the sky in a

hot-air balloon, visiting Trakai, Kaunas, Palanga, Nida, Druskininkai, Kernavė and other lovely and cozy towns – see Lithuania from

the inside, have a good rest and learn a lot of new and interesting things.

We guarantee European standard of service.

“ЕТVA Travel” provides the following services:

- welcoming of guests;

- transfer from railway station to hotel and back;

- hotel booking and accommodation;

- any type of catering;

- services of guides and interpreters;

- tour programmes;

- transportation services;

- arrangement of seminars, conferences, banquets and any other events

(conference rooms, banquet halls, saunas, swimming pools, etc at your service);

- booking of theatre, museum, concert, etc tickets.

Tour prices depend on the number of guests and time of arrival. We will quickly

calculate the budget of any chosen itinerary or offer the best option for your means.

“EТVA Travel” arranges:

- weekend tours – short sightseeing programmes in Lithuania (1-3 days);

- thematic tours of Lithuania (3-4 days);

- holiday tours around Lithuania (2 to 7 days);

- training tours in Lithuania (5 to 7 days);

- tours of Lithuania for students (3 to 7 days);

- tours of Lithuania for the newlyweds (7 days);

- tours of Lithuania for VIP clients (1 to 7 days);

- family tours in Lithuania (for parents with children under 10; 5 to 7 days);

- individual tours around Lithuania;

- economy (shopping) tours in Lithuania (1 day);

- combined tours (around Lithuania and neighbouring countries).

Itinerary may be adjusted, supplemented or shortened upon client’s wish;

an individual tour can also be created.


Telephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332

Weekend in Lithuania

Trakai-Vilnius Tour

Trakai – the former ancient capital of Lithuania that began to emerge as a town already in the 13th century and

is the gateway to the south-eastern part of Lithuania. It is the only (Gothic) castle on water throughout Eastern

Europe, built in extreme conditions – on Lake Galvė.

In addition, Trakai is a unique centre of Karaite community, and the national dish “kibinai” is the key to the local culinary heritage.

You will see the castle, the Old Town, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the Devil’s Pit and the Hill of Angels, an

archaeological reserve. In spare time you will be able to try Karaite cuisine in one of the local restaurants, buy some souvenirs,

go boating or for a sail on a catamaran, enjoy the beauty of nature and purity of water.

The next day – bus and walking tour of Vilnius. You will see the Old Town, which is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe and

was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.

Architecture that combines the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical elements will impress you with an unusual mix of

several different styles and a merge into a unifi ed aesthetic whole. You will visit one of the oldest universities in Western Europe,

Vilnius University. You will admire churches, squares, narrow streets and temples of various confessions (the Cathedral, the

Gates of Dawn, Church of Ss. Peter and Paul, Gediminas Castle, Town Hall Square, St. Anne’s Church, Bernardine Monastery).

You will be able to go to the museum of your choice or visit Park of Europe, if you wish.

Then, we will be off to the biggest shopping centre “Akropolis”, where you will be able to have lunch, make the necessary

purchases, go to the cinema or go skating.


Telephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332

Kaunas-Vilnius Tour

Kaunas – former capital and second largest city of Lithuania.

Kaunas incorporates the architectural features of several eras and stands out with its compact and wellpreserved

Old Town with many valuable cultural and architectural monuments: Kaunas Castle, Kaunas

Cathedral of the Annunciation, Presidential Palace, Town Hall Square, Church of Vytautas the Great (the oldest

and the most valuable church in Kaunas), Church of the Resurrection of Christ (one can admire the bird’s-eye

view of the city from its observation point), the tomb of St. Francis Xavier and the Jesuit Monastery, Church

of Holy Trinity. During the tour you will be able to visit Botanical Gardens (in spring-summer) or the zoo, Pažaislis Monastery.

Kaunas has many museums (the guide will help you pick those of interest to you): M.K.Čiurlionis Museum / Devil Museum /

Diamond Museum / T.Ivanauskas Museum of Zoology / Museum of Deportation and Resistance /

Perkūnas House / IXth Fort. You will also have free time to wander the cozy streets of the city and

to try Lithuanian dishes in one of the local restaurants.

The next day we will offer a bus and walking sightseeing tour of Vilnius.

Druskininkai-Vilnius Tour

The town of Druskininkai will make an indelible impression on you. You will be able to visit the

unique park-museum of Soviet sculptures Grūtas and try mineral water from a well, stroll by the

River Nemunas, and also go to the local waterpark with saunas, swimming pools, waterslides (up to

212 metres), artificial beach and beauty parlour.

The next day we will offer a bus and walking sightseeing tour of Vilnius.

Šiauliai-Vilnius Tour

The one of a kind Hill of Crosses near Šiauliai has yet left no one indifferent (on our way there we

will stop to see several smaller yet no less beautiful churches). Since the beginning of the 19th

century people leave crosses there praying for help or thanking for the blessings in their lives. At

present there are more than 20.000 crosses there – both works of art of craftsmen and simple

wooden crosses made by ordinary people. There you will fi nd the cross of Pope

John Paul II hoisted during his visit to Lithuania in 1993.

The next day we will offer a bus and walking sightseeing tour of


Тhematic Tours

Tour for Fans of Water Activities

A tour for those who want to relax and recover their strength. Water sports, sauna, SPA and many other attractions

will leave a lasting impression on those who love water activities. You will have a walk through Neris Regional Park,

see springs famous for their healing properties, relax in Vilnius waterpark “Vichy” (with a new set of baths). You will

also go to the Curonian Spit and Palanga where you will be amazed by the Sea Museum and Dolphinarium, the

Amber Museum and Botanical Park, the sundial, and a fi sherman’s homestead; you can go boating, relax on the dunes or stroll

along the shore of the Baltic Sea, if you wish.

No holiday in Lithuania can go without a trip to Trakai (a visit to the island castle), without a swim in the cleanest Lake Galvė, without

boats or catamarans or without a waterpark “Trasalis” that provides a great variety of services.

Wellness Tour

The rhythm of modern life, rapid solution of endless complex problems robs us of so much energy. But sometimes one longs to

escape from the daily routine and take a break from worries. One longs to simply enjoy cozy atmosphere and SPA procedures, to

pamper oneself, to regain lost strength and relax both physically and mentally.

Allow yourself a bike ride on the scenic route or take part

in a ski race; enjoy SPA procedures in the best centres

in Lithuania: a professional massage, a swimming pool,

aromatic baths or saunas will bring you back to life, you will

feel weightless and enjoy the intoxicating oriental fl avour and


Tour for Adrenaline Junkies

This is a tour for daredevils willing to test their strength and eager for risks and diffi culties. A feeling of

triumph will give you a chance to forget routine and minor problems.

We offer hot-air balloon fl ights, parachute jumping or paragliding, a visit to the Lithuanian Museum of

Ethnocosmology or a visit to “The Bear Claw” Park. Admirers of wildlife and outdoor activities will be

able to test themselves here on the track located at the height of 15 m by walking up to six routes of

varying diffi culty.

The Curonian Spit is a unique creation of man and nature. In the course of two days you will be able

to take part in yacht or catamaran racing, in interactive game “GPS Challenge: the Legend of Infoera”,

engage in archery, photography or go ice fi shing.

We will offer you to go round the Curonian Spit by a steamboat and admire the scenery of Neringa, see

the 130-year-old lighthouse, cook a fi sh soup and visit the bird ringing g station. In Palanga you will be

able to go to the Amber Museum, Botanical Park, stroll on the seashore and on the way

back go up the

Hill of Witches.


Telephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332

Tour for Lovers of the Great Outdoors

who appreciate natural beauty and country life

Deep harmony between man and nature – that’s a real holiday. Lithuania is a picturesque country with a rich

and very beautiful nature, full of great and minor, simple and extraordinary miracles. This tour will give you an

opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city in the wild and cozy corners of nature.

You will be able to appreciate the fl avour of small Lithuanian towns, e.g. Kernavė, Dūkštos, Sudervė, Šalčininkai,

Rumšiškės (their tiny churches, castles, monuments, museums, etc).

In the village of Strepeikiai we will pop into

the Museum of Honey. Palūšė Church and

bell tower – one of the most beautiful and

old monuments of wooden architecture in

Lithuania – will not leave you indifferent.

You will learn the secrets of bread baking,

fl ax processing, candle making, pottery and

try making the Lithuanian national cake


In Trakai you will get to know the history and

lifestyle of Karaites, see the Old Town, the

Church of the Nativity ty of the Blessed Virgin,

the island castle with the Museum of History.

We are sure to offer you a presentation of

Lithuanian cuisine during a theme night with

live Lithuanian and Polish music.


Telephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332

VilniusLithuanian Capital of Culture

Vilnius is a unique city that boasts medieval castles, unique architecture of the Old Town, a great number of

regularly held concerts and performances, luxurious restaurants and clubs.

Within a few days you will have time to feel the colour of the Old Town (with its churches, squares and streets,

cathedrals, castles, belfries, monasteries, bastions and palaces), visit a few museums (Vilnius Ethnography

Museum, National Museum, Museum of Genocide Victims, etc). Stroll through the Park of Europe – one of the most impressive

museums of modern art. We will also suggest going to the theatre, opera or a concert.

Lithuanian Manors, Parks and Castles

In almost every corner of Lithuania one can admire manors and

castles, sometimes derelict and dilapidated, yet always refl ecting

the dramatic events in the history of the nation.

We will visit the ancient capitals of Lithuania; go to the family

estate of counts Tyszkiewicz-Lоhоjski, Trakų Vokė estate, and

Lentvaris manor; will have a look at Užutrakis Palace and Park.

We will devote an entire day to Vilnius castles, palaces, monasteries,

squares and parks and also visit Amber Museum in the palace

of Count Tyszkiewicz in Palanga, situated in a magnifi cent park

designed by a famous French architect Édouard André.

Churches and Cemeteries of Lithuania

Churches in Lithuania are not just places of pilgrimage but also living monuments, quite accurately and

profoundly refl ecting the history of the region and nation. Many small towns are spotted with domes of

cathedrals, churches and temples. Almost every chapel is a real work of art. All of this is spiritual heritage

belonging to people of all confessions. The art of Romantic poets Adam Mickiewicz and Juliusz Slowacki

connected memories of Vilnius of Polish, Lithuanian and Belarusian peoples forever; the heart of the Polish

Marshal Jozef Pilsudski is buried in Vilnius Rasos Cemetery.

It is impossible to visit all holy places in Lithuania in just a few days.

However, we suggest at least glimpsing at the sacramental heritage.

You will visit the most beautiful churches of Vilnius: Church of the

Holy Mother of God, St. Anne’s Church, Church of Ss. Peter and Paul,

St. Michael’s Church that houses the Museum of History of Religion,

Bernardine Church – one of the biggest Gothic churches in Vilnius

(church, yard, basement); you will also visit Antakalnis Cemetery,

Rasos Cemetery and Rokantiškės Cemetery.

UNESCO World Heritage in Lithuania

Republic of Lithuania was admitted to UNESCO in 1991. One of the

tasks of the organisation is preservation of spiritual heritage for future


Between the 12th and 18th century Vilnius, political centre of the Grand

Duchy of Lithuania, had a great impact on the cultural and architectural

development of Eastern Europe. Despite all invasions and partial

destructions the city has preserved an impressive complex of buildings

of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, as well as

medieval buildings and natural resources. All of that contributed to the

inscription of the historic city centre in the UNESCO World Heritage List

in 1994.

During the tour you will visit one of the oldest universities in Western

Europe, Vilnius University. You will admire churches, squares, narrow

streets and temples of various confessions (the Cathedral, the Gates

of Dawn, Church of Ss. Peter and Paul, Gediminas Castle, Town Hall

Square, St. Anne’s Church, Bernardine Monastery, Rasos Cemetery).

The Curonian Spit, a unique creation of man and nature, was inscribed

in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 and is a peninsula (about

98 km in length and 0,4-4 km in width) stretched on the territory of two

countries – Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad region). Lithuania owns

50 km of the north of the peninsula. We will also visit the Sea Museum,

Dolphinarium, watch how a sundial works or take a boat trip (try cooking

a fi sh soup and visit the bird ringing station).

Kernavė, a small place that witnesses unique cultural traditions of

extinct civilizations, was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List

in 2004. Kernavė is the only town in the Baltic States located on fi ve

hill forts; it is also the first capital of Lithuania. Moreover, Kernavė has

a status of National Reserve, where archaeological excavations take

place continually for almost 30 years now, and the local Museum of

Archaeology and History has a great number of unique artefacts.


Telephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332

Lithuania in a New Way –

Discover Lithuania for


An attempt to fi nd, to get to know or

at least to touch “other” Lithuania is

a serious intellectual challenge for those who want

to learn something new. Lithuania is a country with

many old, long forgotten and very young, timevarying

stages of history.

You will see things no one else will show you: the

Sudervė Bell, the church and the oldest oak-tree in

Dūkštai, Ukmergė Church of Ss. Peter and Paul and

the bell tower.

You will visit Zarasai – a place that is famous not

only for its natural resources (a great number of

lakes) but also forms valuable cultural heritage

(Sėlių Square, Neo-Baroque Church of the

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a unique

spot – Didžioji Island on Lake Zarasas). We will

also stop in a small place called Stelmužė (Tower of

Slaves, Church of the Holy Cross – now museum of

ecclesiastical art,

a bell tower), drop by at Kvintiškės to see the place

of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We suggest having a look at post-Soviet Vilnius – a

city with imprints of wild capitalism. You will visit

Verkiai Regional Park, recreational zone “Žalieji

ežerai” (“the Green Lakes”), suburbs: Žvėrynas,

Lazdynai and Kalvarijų, Antakalnis, Montmartre of

Vilnius – Užupis.

Holiday Tours

Each trip can turn into a holiday and every holiday

is characterized by its content, mood, food,

dancing, etc. Our goal is to turn your

holiday into a fairy tale, making it not only

fun and original, but also unique.

Itineraries are adjusted depending on

individual requests and interests of


Tours: for All Saints’ Day (“Magic of

Candles”; 1-2 November), Pancake

Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,

Kaziukas Fair (March), Poetry Festival (in

May), St. John’s Feast (June), Harvest

Festival (September), Song Festival,

Vilnius City Fiesta, ski race (“Charm of Snowy

Vilnius”; January-February), Christmas and New

Year holidays, etc.

Training Tours

We offer arrangement of computer, accounting,

medical and other courses; tourism and psychology

related seminars; teaching of foreign

languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish,


The itinerary is made individually and depends

on the subject, goals and intensity of training.


Telephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332

Tours for Students

We offer school and university students a wonderful holiday (water and open-air attractions: waterparks and

theme nights by the fi re), outdoor pastime (walks in the parks and along sand dunes), sightseeing tours of


You will have an excellent opportunity to trace the development of all currently known architectural styles by the

sample of one city, Vilnius.

In addition to the Old Town, the island castle and the historical museum in Trakai, you can walk along the botanical and

zoological trail, engage in archery or go for a swim in waterpark “Trasalis”.

We are sure to offer you to take riding classes in Riešė (a stud farm), to admire the Botanical Gardens in Kairėnai, to get to know

Lithuanian fauna presented at the station of young naturalists, and see animals that adjusted to the local climate at the ostrich


You will be able to appreciate the main shopping and entertainment centre of Lithuania, “Akropolis”, with its multiplex cinema and

ice-rink, as well as the nearby waterpark “Vichy”.

Admirers of wildlife and active leisure will want to visit the “The Bear Claw” Park, where they can test themselves on six routes of

varying diffi culty.

You will see the Curonian Spit, a sundial, a fi sherman’s homestead, will visit the Sea Museum and Dolphinarium, and in Nida you

will go up the Hill of Witches, stroll along the amber bay and sand dunes.

Kaunas will impress you with its location (the city is situated on the confl uence of two greatest rivers, Neris and Nemunas), as

well as with its Old Town, cathedrals and churches. The zoo and the Museum of Lithuanian Aviation are also well worth your




Hotel “Bajorų Užeiga” has three-star comfortable, cozy, inexpensive and modern rooms. All

rooms have a TV set, telephone, shower and Internet access. The hotel can accommodate

53 guests at a time. We have single, double and triple rooms, as well as business class

rooms. The interior successfully blends the old, luxurious and the modern.

There is a closed 0,220 ha lit parking lot with CCTV on the grounds of the hotel, so it

will make your arrival by bus or car comfortable. After visiting Vilnius and doing some

sightseeing visitors can safely continue travelling in the direction of Riga or Kaunas. The

hotel organizes various events, seminars and presentations. Sauna, pool and billiards are

equipped for recreation.

In the café of the hotel you will find yourself in a cozy environment with a hint of history.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the service, assortment of dishes and their exceptional

taste. The café has several halls where anniversaries, weddings, banquets and various

other events can be held.

At your service:

• café;

• bar;

• summer playground for children;

• banquet hall for 60 people;

• conference room for 45 people;

• a possibility to barbequing outdoors;

• taxi.

Favourable location of Hotel “Bajorų

užeiga” and comfortable living conditions

will allow you to combine work

and leisure.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Telephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332

Our details:

UAB “ЕTVA Travel

Legal and postal address: Sudervės 10, Avižieniai,

Vilnius district

Теlephone: (+370 5) 240 3957, (+370) 67299332 (we speak English)

Fax: (+370 5) 2403958

Checking account: LT487044060001680729

Company code: 1201 84516

VAT payer’s code: LT201845113


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