Clinic - Merial Rewards

Clinic - Merial Rewards

Clinic - Merial Rewards


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Here’s How:

Where to start is the hardest part. Have your Merial Sales Representative survey your clinic with an eye toward

streamlining, upgrading and refreshing your merchandising materials by providing simple, specific goals that can

be accomplished with ease and at no cost to you or your clinic.

Your Merial Sales Representative will be on hand to help you achieve your goals AND to supply you with

complimentary marketing items from Merial – effective items like the ones in the FRONTLINE ® and

HEARTGARD ® (ivermectin) Catalog of Educational and Supportive Materials.





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can benefit your clients,

their pets, and your practice

®FRONTLINE, TOP SPOT, HEARTGARD and the Dog & Hand logo are registered

trademarks of Merial. ©2007 Merial Limited, Duluth, GA. All rights reserved.


Never underestimate your role in helping

pet owners select products to treat and

protect their dogs and cats.

Maximize the Use of Marketing

Materials in Your Clinic.

Your influence over clients’ purchasing decisions

begins when they enter your clinic. Take a look

around with fresh eyes:

• Are your marketing materials

properly displayed

• Are they easy to reach, read and understand

• Are they fresh and up-to-date

The Power of Merchandising

Don’t think of “merchandising” as a way to encourage

impulse buying on the part of pet owners; think of it as

a way of reaching clients with information about the

products you dispense to help them better care for

their pets. In fact, merchandising encompasses all the

items you use in your clinic to remind, educate and

inform pet owners of the brands you recommend.

These may include:

On average, small animal practices

receive 33% of their gross income

from product sales. 1

It’s easy to become so used to our surroundings that we

don’t really pay much attention to them. Let us assist you

in evaluating the space available for the display of

promotional items, and then recommending ways to

optimize their use in your clinic. You’ll be helping your

clients make informed choices for the good of their pets,

AND helping your clinic by increasing revenue along with

client satisfaction.

Ask your Merial Sales Representative about

maximizing the use of marketing materials in your

clinic. We’ll be glad to help.

POP generated anywhere from a 2% to a

65% increase in sales, depending on

category and type of POP used. 2

• Point-of-Purchase (POP) or Point-of-Sale

(POS) displays, like counter cards, easelbacks,

posters, window clings and floor talkers

• Special Offers, such as coupons for discounts

and rebates, free doses and samples, and


• Educational materials like “Take-One” brochures,

questionnaires and product enclosures

• Reminders, such as postcards about due dates

for exams, vaccinations and refills; e-mail

prompts to administer preventives; and signs

about upcoming in-clinic events

If you harness the power of merchandising, you will be

able to persuade pet owners of the importance of

following veterinary suggestions, recommendations and

directives – for the good of their dogs and cats, their

households, your practice and you.

Vet Clinics that install professional

merchandising tools experience a minimum

25% increase in attendant product sales. 1

Nearly of shoppers polled in

recent surveys said that their decisions

to buy products were influenced

by signs and displays. 6

Harness the Power of Merchandising in Your Clinic

Here’s Why:



• Your clinic may be the first place a pet owner is exposed to a brand. It can become the

place where not only the purchase decision happens, but also where he or she forms

opinions about brands you recommend. 3

• Effective merchandising can intrigue waiting clients and encourage the discussion

of the benefits of these products. 4

• Point-of-purchase displays near the reception counter can generate conversations

and lead to spontaneous purchases. 5

• “Fun and exciting” signs and displays can have a positive effect on where clients

choose to make their purchases and whether or not they consider their experience

there a pleasant one. 6

• Consumer offers, such as “savings” or “cents off,” can increase sales by up to 36%. 7

• Consumer research indicates that 79% of consumers believe that in-store advertising

provides helpful information. 8

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