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What’s in Season: Saucy!


ike the rest of the Editorial Biters, I’m

going Mexican! So dig out the

sombreros, fire up the barbecue and

get to mixing las margaritas!

I’m veering off the norm and not giving you

any measurements for ingredients; it’s all

about what you want the recipe to be, to

suit your taste, not mine. First, sort out the

kinda chillies you like; I’m partial to the

sweet, smoky, dried Ancho chillies from

Lupe Pintos, which I soak in warm water as

per instructions.

Dribble some oil in a saucepan and gently

fry onions and garlic until soft. Throw in the

chillies, cumin and cinnamon and cook for a

few seconds. Pop in the tomatoes and

gently simmer the whole lot until a pulp,

adding water if it’s a tad too thick. Add

oregano salt and sugar to taste and adjust

any of the spices to get the flavour you like.

For the sauce, add a couple of squares of

chocolate – it will add subtley to it, giving it

a beautiful glossy sheen with just a hint of

cocoa. This sauce also makes a fab marinade

but omit chocolate and cool completely

before adding meat, prawns or veg, leave for

a couple of hours, then grill over some really

hot coals on the BBQ.

I serve the sauce on burgers wrapped in soft

flour tortillas with the normal array of

Mexican suspects: guacamole, sour cream,

fresh tomato salsa (don’t buy it, make it –

chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, chilli

of your choice, squeeze of lime, chopped

coriander, salt and a pinch of sugar), grated

Monterrey Jack cheese. It really is a case of

Slip, Slap, Slop – slip a burger onto a wrap,

slap on some cheese, slop on dollops of

avocado, salsa and cream; fold wrap round

the burger, pour out the Margaritas, and get

ready to get messy, summer is here! (L.


Lea writes

and is @BakersBunny on Twitter

Sauce / Marinade

Dribble of oil

Spring onions, chopped


Cumin seeds, toasted and crushed


Oregano fresh or dried

Fresh tomatoes, chopped, skinned and


Chilli of choice, chopped fine

Pinch of salt and sugar

Dark chocolate (80% cocoa) optional

What else is in my basket

Crab, mackerel, sardines. Fennel, runner beans,

courgettes. Raspberries, peaches, apricots.

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