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Specialist services

Packing and crating of cargo

• Stowing of cargo or preparing cargo for unloading

on ships, trucks, railway carriages, containers, etc.

• Packing and crating of all types of movable goods

• Shrink wrapping and multiwrapping of cargo

• Aluminium barrier and VCI foil packing

• Vaccum packing

Steven Pronk, MD


Marcel Pronk, MD

Dubai & India

• Harbour services

• Lashing and securing of all sorts of cargo on

board vessels

• Assisting in loading and unloading (supplying fork

lift truck drivers, slingers, etc.)

• Various forms of assistance at the quayside/in

the harbour

• Cleaning of ship’s holds and such with

high-pressure water-spraying pistols, etc.

• Services to offshore and onshore related activities

• Welding of steel stoppers, d-rings/pad-eyes, etc.

• Lashing and lifting materials

• Supplying a complete range of lashing and

lifting materials

• Total lashing and lifting solutions

Pronk multiservice is specialized in lashing, lifting, packing, stowing

and securing of cargo. We started a lashing company and expanded our

service offering due to the growing demand from clients for a one-stop

solution. We currently have a broad range of services offered as listed

on the following pages.


We provide services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our fleet of machines enable us to carry out work at any desired location.


We are geared to act rapidly. The right mix of activities, cost-plus contracts, unit price, contract work and projects

enable us to respond rapidly to the needs of customers.


Our trained permanent staff, self-owned machines, tools and material enable us to provide consistent quality and a

quick turnaround time.


Pronk multiservice has been VCA* certified since 1996. All staff follow the Safety 1 training course and are certified for

“safe working with lift trucks and reach trucks”. In addition, all managers, from foreman to the director, are required to

have both the Safety 1 and Safety 2 certificate.

Words like “can’t or don’t” are not part of our vocabulary!

• Cargo lashing services

• Lashing and securing of cargo on flat trucks

• Lashing cargo in containers

• Lashing of project cargoes

• Pipe lashing

• Container lashing gears

• Supply of complete range of fixed container gears

(deck foundations, breach base sockets, dovetail

foundations, etc)

• Supply of complete range loose container gears

(twistlocks, turnbuckles, bridge fittings, etc)

• Storage and warehousing

• Pumping of vegetable oils and latex

• Storage and handling of goods and containers

(indoor/outdoor facility with a hoisting capacity of

up to 53 tons)

You name it

We lash it

Infrastructure - Amsterdam

Infrastructure - Dubai

Infrastructure - India

All our facilities are situated at favourable locations, linking up to

the local infrastructure, by road, railway and, where applicable,

by air. We also have a deep sea quay adjacent our warehouses.

You name it

We lash it

Packing and Crating of Cargo

Harbour Services

We are specialists in seaworthy packaging of goods and materials prior to

shipment. We manufacture all types of wooden boxes at our in-house facilities.

Pronk multiservice has a long history of lashing and stowing cargo

securely for all types of transport (by sea, air and road). We are true

specialists in this field, however, our range of harbour services includes

much more.

• Stowing of goods in containers

• Packing of goods in wooden boxes (manufactured in-house)

• Securely stowing of cargo on flat racks

• Packing of goods in shrink foil for extra protection

• Aluminium barrier packing

• Supply of all kinds of dunnage and timber for weight spreading, blocking and bracing

• Supply of all kinds of commercial plywoods

We are certified by “Netherlands Wood Packaging Marking Programme”

to stuff containers with wood that has been heat-treated according to

ISPM 15 standards

You name it

We lash it

Lashing and Lifting Materials

Lifting and Spreader Beams

Turnbuckle Lashing chain

Tension lever Loadbinder

Shackle D-ring Wireclips Steel wire

Ratchet tie down Extension handle Car lashing Lashing belt endless

Chain sling Steel wire rope Webbing sling Wire rope sling Round sling

Container Lashing Gears

Twistlock Twistlock semi-automatic Twistlock dovetail Dovetail foundation

Flush iso foundation

We sell or rent out complete heavy lift solutions inclusive of beams,

shackles, slings and any additional requirements. The lifting capacity

of our beams ranges from 3.5T up to 350T. Higher specifications can be

designed and manufactured on request.


foot foundation


rod extension


open body

Turnbuckle closed body

Bridge Fitting

We design, manufacture and supply a variety of certified products for

lifting, lashing and securing Ro-Ro, containers and general cargo.

Equipment Available:

• Lifting beams

• Modular lifting beams

• Single point lifting beams

• Modular spreader beams

• Car and trucks lifting patents

You name it

We lash it

Storage and Warehousing


Amsterdam (head office) (1)

Pronk multiservice, Elbaweg 2, 1044 AD Amsterdam

Tel: +31 20-6139546, Fax: +31 20-6146612

Antwerp (stocks only) (2)

Dubai (3)

Pronk multiservice ME ,Floor # 33 ,Jumeirah Business Center-5 , Jumeirah Lake Towers, P O Box 37944, Dubai, UAE

Tel +971 4 453 9659, Fax +971 4 453 9651


Bangalore (4)

Pronk Multiservice India Pvt Ltd, # 256/B, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Hebbagodi Post, Hosur Main Road, Banglore - 560099, India

Tel: +91 80 41244680, PIC: Capt M. K. Murali, Mob: +91 9845828402

Chennai (5)

Pronk Multiservice India Pvt Ltd, C/o Arnav Agencies, Indian Chamber Building (Annexe), No. 6 II Floor, Esplanade, Chennai - 600108, India

Tel: +91 44 42623515, 42163382 PIC: Capt M. K. Murali, Mob: +91 9845828402

Constanta ,

(stocks only) (6)

Bremerhaven (stocks only) (7)







We have large warehouses at our main locations. At Amsterdam, our head office in the

Netherlands, we have 4 warehouses, each equipped with 2 overhead cranes with a maximum

hoisting capacity of up to 53 tons. Each crane is capable of lifting up to 8.1 mts above ground

level and can handle a floor pressure of up to 10t/m 2 . Two of our warehouses are registered

as customs depository allowing us to store inter-community goods.


In Dubai we have 2000 Sq Mtr of ware housing space with highly professional racking systems

and 2000 Sq Mtr of open yard for storage.



We have facilities within the ICD - Inland Container Department, in Bangalore and Chennai

and also inhouse storage facility in Bangalore. New facilities are being planned at other

suitable locations.

With a wide range of forklifts and reach trucks at all locations, Pronk multiservice can

handle all types of containers, flat racks, bolsters, general cargo, etc.

You name it

We lash it

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