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here - Stakeholder Forum

Building on this work, the current international discussions to agree on a global SDG framework will

provide an important space for action. The process will define the new sustainable development

priorities (Goals) agreed by countries, time-bound targets to achieve these Goals, and measurable

indicators to monitor progress and accountability.

This process can therefore be an important platform for investors to:

• Contribute to intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder conversations to help shape the global

sustainable development agenda.

• Raise governments’, businesses’ and other stakeholders’ awareness on the agenda of corporate

governance, corporate sustainability, sustainable capital markets and responsible investments as

a driver for sustainable development.

• Align their vision with global goals and targets and better communicate these with their multiple


• Engage in international discussions on how businesses can contribute to global sustainable

development efforts by measuring, reporting and improving sustainability impacts.

• Raise awareness on the role of smart regulation to create a better enabling environment for

sustainable business practices and capital markets. The SDGs/post-MDG consultations can

potentially provide a platform to keep momentum for this agenda.

• Early identify priority areas for long term investments and market opportunities that contribute

to sustainable development.

6. The next generation of global goals: Sustainable Development Goals

and the Post 2015 Development Agenda

There are several initiatives agreed in the Rio+20 outcome document that commit governments to

provide an enabling environment for promoting sustainable and inclusive growth (green economy

policies), strengthening corporate sustainability reporting, launching a process to agree on SDGs,

and another process to assess financing needs for sustainable development, consider the

effectiveness of existing instruments and explore how to mobilise greater funds. 9 The follow-up

efforts on the SDGs will be one of the most important intergovernmental processes taking place over

the next two years. It will give stakeholders an opportunity to articulate different agendas around

sustainable development and be part of the discussions to agree on global priorities that will define

the way in which the performance of governments and other stakeholders in areas of sustainable

development will be scrutinised and held to account.

The process around the SDGs will have to be closely linked with that of the Post 2015 Development

Agenda, the primary vehicle to inform what should succeed the MDGs. Ideally, both processes will

need to be part of a single integrated framework that intertwines the three key dimensions of

sustainable development. Therefore, it is important to closely follow both processes.

The next section will give a better picture of these processes and the entry points for engagement

(updated 10 October, 2012).

9 A list of thematic areas for SDGs proposed (but not agreed) at the Rio+20 negotiations is provided in Annex 2 and 3

for reference.


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