Geography in Bulgaria - HERODOT Network for Geography in ...

Geography in Bulgaria - HERODOT Network for Geography in ...

Geography in Bulgaria

Stelian Dimitrov, , Sofia

University St. Kliment


Academic geography always

has been one of the basic

academic disciplines in


The past…

• Before Bulgarian Liberation- 18-19



• From 1878-1944


• From 1944-1989


Before Bulgarian Liberation

• The first geographical investigations

were done by foreigners

• In this period are prepared the first

geographical Bulgarian textbooks

1878- 1944- Academic geography

in Bulgaria was born

• On 3 rd of October 1888 was opened the

first Higher education institution in the

country- Bulgarian Higher Education

School – Today Sofia University “St.

Kliment Ohridski”

• In October 1896 were accepted the new

programs of the university with certain

compulsory subjects: Within History and

Philology faculty they were: History and

Geography, Slavonic philology,

pedagogy, philosophy and literature

On 1 st of February 1898 the first

Geography department was

established by prof. Anastas

Ishirkov- the father of Bulgarian

academic geography

In 1908 prof. Ishirkov founded the

Geographical Institute at the Sofia


During this period valuable

contribution for the development

and further establishment of

geography was made by:

• Prof. Jeko Radev

• Prof. Dimitar Yaranov

• Prof. Ivan Batkliev

• Prof. Anastas Beskov

• Prof. Lubomir Dinev


1989- The communist period

• In the beginning of the period Bulgarian

Academic Geography is loosing some of its

main figures- Bulgarian Academic

geography is decapitated

• changing of the scientific influence- there

is a rapid reassessment of the priorities

and reorientation towards the Russian or

more precisely- the Soviet geographic

thoughts and science.

Apart from that, there is a clear

trend of further establishment of the

geography as a major academic


• 1950 – A new faculty appeared:

Faculty of Biology, geology and


• 1963- the Faculty of Geology and

Geography was established


• We have geography programs in 5

Universities: Sofia University “ St. kliment

Ohridski”, Veliko Turnovo University,

Plovdiv University, Shoumen University

and South Western University in


• Faculty of Geology and Geography at Sofia

University is the oldest and biggest

geography center in the country

Sofia University “St. Kliment

Ohridski”- Faculty of Geology and


There are five geography

departments …

• GIS and Cartography

• Regional and Political Geography

• Social and Economic Geography

• Landscape ecology

• Physical Geography

• The total number of students is more

than 500

• The academic staff is 48

• The education process is conducted

into 10 halls with 450 seating places.

Faculty of Geology and Geography

at Sofia University “St. kliment

Ohridski” is offering master degree

programs in the field of:

• GIS, remote sensing and cartography

• Regional and political geography

• Regional development and management

• Landscape ecology

• Geomorphology

• Demography

• Hydrology and Climatology etc.

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