Pharmacy Honor Roll 2011/2012 - UCSF Alumni

Pharmacy Honor Roll 2011/2012 - UCSF Alumni









Our school is all about progress. We are constantly

pushing boundaries in teaching, patient care, and

research. With solid movement on all three fronts, we

will be decidedly closer to our vision of a world where

precise therapeutics improve the health of people


Sources of Philanthropic Support

Annual summary for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012

(Gifts and pledges)

Alumni $4,673,139

Faculty and Staff $43,360

Friends $985,345

Corporations and Foundations $392,922

Private and Family Foundations $1,455,816

and Associations

Total $7,550,582






We are on our way, sped to a great extent by the

extraordinary gifts you will read about in this year’s

honor roll. As important are the cumulative annual

gifts from our Dean’s Associates and the gifts of all

sizes from loyal alumni and friends. Thank you for your

support. You are a true partner in our success.


Yearly summary for the fiscal years 2003–2012







B. Joseph Guglielmo Jr., PharmD

Professor and Interim Dean

UCSF School of Pharmacy


$3,877,985 $3,724,150



2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

My scholarship shows me how much our alumni want to

foster the success of current UCSF pharmacy students. I

now know I will always have colleagues to depend on in

the field of pharmacy. –Andrea Ho (Class of 2014)

Being recognized as an Alumni Scholar gives me assurance

that I will develop into a leader and practitioner. As a

student, it is an honor to be recognized and supported by

the pharmacists who have graduated from UCSF.

–William Huy Nguyen (Class of 2013)



To the eight Japanese students in the UCSF School of Pharmacy after the bombing of

Pearl Harbor, Troy C. Daniels, PhD, was more than their esteemed dean – he was the

kept promise of a country that had lost its way.

Dean Daniels fought publically and aggressively against the 1942 presidential decree

that ordered all people of Japanese descent on the West Coast to be interned in

camps. He met the general charged with implementing the command to challenge

the order for his students. “My father even told General DeWitt that he and my mother

were prepared to adopt Harry Iwamoto, a graduate student in his lab who would have

been one of the first PhD graduates from the school,” says the dean’s son, Troy E.

Daniels, DDS, MS., a professor in the schools of dentistry and medicine. “The general

said the conversation was over. My father kept arguing until he was escorted out, and

Iwamoto completed his PhD degree after the war at another university.”

Daniels rallied the faculty together to accelerate the

program so that the Nisei seniors could take their

state board exams early. After passing their exams, he

helped them get safe passage out of San Francisco

and personally contacted law enforcement agencies

about their traveling to rejoin their families.

“My father had no international background – he was

born and raised on dry-land farms in the middle of

the country,” says Troy. “His actions came from his

core, as a highly principled man.”

Daniels, who passed away in 1986, was honored this year by a $4 million endowment

establishing a Dean Troy C. Daniels, PhD, Distinguished Professorship. The gift was

made by one of Daniels’ former students and friend, Harry W. Hind, a 1939 graduate

of the school, prize winning inventor, and philanthropist. Hind, who died in 2012 at the

age of 96, credited Daniels for establishing the curriculum’s basic science foundation

for which the school is lauded.




A $750,000 gift from the John and Marcia Goldman Foundation is accelerating a

UCSF-led effort to create the first implantable bioartifical kidney for patients with endstage

renal disease. The device will eliminate the need for dialysis and address the

dire shortage of kidneys for transplantation. The Kidney Project is headed by Shuvo

Roy, PhD, an associate professor in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic

Sciences, a joint venture between the schools of medicine and pharmacy. The device

is one of the first devices to be granted more timely and collaborative review by the

Food and Drug Administration through an innovative new program.


The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation has pledged

$1 million to endow the Mary Anne Koda-Kimble

Seed Award for Innovation in recognition of Koda-

Kimble’s distinguished 43-year career at UCSF,

starting as a student – Class of ’69 – and ending

with her 14-year stint as dean. The foundation,

memorializing Joseph Long, founder of Long’s

Drug Stores, and his philanthropist wife, Vera,

supports nonprofit organizations concerned with

conservation, education, and health care in Northern

California and Hawaii. The award will help fund innovative projects by School of

Pharmacy faculty members, students, and staff who have potential to move the

school’s mission forward in new ways.


We are pleased to offer special recognition to individuals and groups who

made leadership-level gifts to the UCSF School of Pharmacy.




Harry Wm. and Diana V. Hind

Distinguished Professorship

in Pharmaceutical Sciences I

Harry Wm. and Diana V. Hind

Distinguished Professorship

in Pharmaceutical Sciences II

Troy C. Daniels Distinguished

Professorship in

Pharmaceutical Science


The Divine Family Endowed

Chair in Clinical


Thomas J. Long Chair in

Community Pharmacy


McKesson Foundation

Chair in Pharmaceutical


Thomas A. Oliver Chair in

Clinical Pharmacy

Ajinomoto Company, Inc.

American Association of

Colleges of Pharmacy

American Cancer Society, Inc.

American Society of Health


Services Corp.

Biogen Idec

Cardinal Health, Inc.

CVS Corporation

Frederick B. Adenika ’66

George A. Armanini ’68

Kenneth J. Ballard ’55

John A. Benelli ’43

Monte D. Byrd ’60

Ronald L. Canini ’56

Marco A. Chavez-Rivas ’43

Hiram H. Chow ’56

Domonic D. Ciriscioli ’42

Albert J. DeMartini ’59

Clifton L. Edman ’38

Edward Ayao Endow ’39

Amancio G. Ergina ’62




Class of 1969 Endowed


Kelly P. Hales Endowed


Roger G. Ketcham Endowed


Henry Libby Endowed Fund

J.M. Long Endowed


Lisa Chun Rodondi and

Kevin Rodondi

Chancellor’s Endowed


School of Pharmacy C.A.B.

Bond* Endowed Scholarship


Michael W. Eyre ’47

Larry F. Frisone ’54

Ernest L. Gibson Jr. ’43

George Glanville ’41

Cora Elizabeth Gould ’22

George R. Hackland ’59

Harry W. Hind ’39

Henry I. Hunt ’24

Donald L. Huston ’52

Vincent Isnardi ’43

Charles R. Klotz ’37

James Noboru Kunibe ’29

Stanley C. Lee ’40




Andrew Braisted Endowed

Lectureship in Chemical


Carl Lovotti Fund

Edward and Mary Teskey

Endowment Fund

Frank M. Goyan Award

Harry W. Hind Dean’s

Endowment Fund

Henry Libby Award

Mary Anne Koda-Kimble

Seed Award for


The Minnie Levens Award

for Excellence in

Patient Care

Nathan A. Caprile

Endowed Fund

Vince Angell Community

Health Service Award


Donors of $5,000 or more

Cyterix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Genentech, Inc.

Howard Hughes

Medical Institute

John and Marcia

Goldman Foundation

Joseph and Vera

Long Foundation

Kinship Foundation

Kochi Foundation

The Kroger Company

Life Sciences Research


McKesson Foundation, Inc.

Merck & Company, Inc.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Pfizer Foundation

Pfizer Inc.

Plexxikon Inc.

Rite Aid Corporation

Schwab Charitable Fund

Stephen Bechtel Foundation

Richard A. Lew ’76

Robert D. McWilliam ’54

Paula V. Mendenhall ’67

Howard J. Murphy ’52

Walter M. Narusawa ’69

Ellis T. Okano

Thomas A. Oliver ’39

Richard P. Penna ’59

Victor J. Petrovics ’36

Raymond W. Pickering ’47

James H. Reid ’86

Byron F. Schweigert ’70

William M. Scott ’55


Donors of $1,000,000 or

more within any one year

Anonymous (2)

LaVerne M. and

Philmore G. Divine ’45 *

Diana V. * and

Harry Wm. Hind ’39 *

Estate of Carl Lovotti ’15

Maria N. and

Bernard P. Romano

Edward W. Teskey *

Target Stores

The Kroger Co.

The Li Foundation, Inc.

Third Rock Ventures, LLC

United Healthcare

Services, Inc.

Versant Venture

Management, LLC


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Richard K. Seltzer ’64

Robert K. Setoguchi ’62

Norman B. Siri ’59

Jerry Tanaka ’64

Robert G. Taniguchi ’82

Robert F. Testorelli ’51

Kim E. Thorn ’83

Myron L. Tobenkin ’51

Albert Waring Jr. ’39

Annette Fouch Waring ’39

Nanizar Zaman-Joenoes ’57



The Dean’s Associates are individuals who have given $1,000 or more from

July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012, to the UCSF School of Pharmacy.


Donors of $100,000 or


Estate of Samuel Greenblat

Rochelle and Harold Walton ’49


Donors of $25,000–


Susan M. Miller and

Walter H. Moos

Philip D. and Rita Neumark

Xiaoli Qiu and Ivo Welch


Donors of $10,000–


Marie K. and Frank W. Lee ’87

Barbara and

Wm. W. Peterson ’52

Maureen S. Boro ’86 and

Michael E. Winter ’70


Donors of $5,000–


Steven L. Barriere ’73

Gerald W. Gleason

Joanne D. Dow and

Gordon J. ’65

Mary Anne Koda-Kimble ’69

and Donald O. Kimble ’69

Gloria L. and Alan S. Miller ’53

Joyce and Gary L. Rifkind ’60

Jane T. Osterhaus and

Raymond J. Townsend ’77

Virginia E. White ’81

Sharon D. Ow-Wing ’77

Joanne M. Yasuda ’94

John S. Young ’54


Donors of $2,500–


Glowe and David T. Chang ’76

Dennis and

Denise L. Dickson ’79

Joseph E. and

Leslie C. Floren ’94

Theresa A. Kennedy ’65

Mary P. and Brian K. Komoto ’81

Darlene Q. and

Kenneth W. Lem ’70

Aileen M. and

Gary McQuarrie ’79

Edward D. Mock ’67

Arleen S. and

Thomas T. Okimoto ’66

Sherry L. La Porte ’00

Paula M. and

Donald E. Schneider ’79

Catherine A. Tarpey ’81

Stanley A. Tani ’80

Rebecca A. Boyd Whittico ’88

and Mathew T. Whittico ’89

Susan E. Nonaka-Wong

and Alvin F. Wong ’76

Elaine and Eleanor Yee ’76


Donors of $1,000–


Dominica ’81

and Philip O. Anderson ’71

Richard C. Andersen ’79

John F. Ayres ’71

Audrey and

David M. Barbour ’97

Alan Brune and

Kimberly A. Bergstrom ’86

Diane O. Bell

Carol A. and Leslie Z. Benet ’65

Alma L. Burlingame

Arlene K. ’74 and

Jim Chan ’68

Shirley and

Kenneth W. Chesterman ’63

Kaori and Keiichi Chin ’90

Margaret M. and

Kim W. Coutts ’76

Gerald B. Chow ’84

Nobuko S. and

Gary W. Cleary ’66

Mark S. Cushman ’69

Howard R. Darvey ’69

Charles Depew ’77

William M. and

Karin O. Eames ’59

Gloria and

Donald J. Escallier ’62

Cynthia D. Fanusie ’81

Susan J. and Daniel L. Floyd ’75

Dan E. Furtado ’69

Lucia K. Jim-Gee ’77

and Joseph P. Gee ’77

Brian T. and Xilin C. George ’96

Linda M. Antolin-Gibson and

Robert D. Gibson ’54

Maxine and

Andriano Giordano ’54

Carol A. Gloff ’84

Margaret R. and

B. Joseph Guglielmo, Jr.

Sharlene L. and

Alfred D. Hall ’57

Thomas K. Hazlet ’77

Ruth and

Robert J. Ignoffo ’71

Sunghee and Yongbin Im ’81

Paula M. and

Richard D. Johnson

Lauretta A. and

Robert A. Kerr ’70

N. S. Kobayashi ’63

Sharonlee E. Kotabe ’66

Sandra D. ’86 and

James B. Krick ’90

Linda and Russell Kwok ’63

Shirley Y. Peter N. Kwok ’78

Grace L. Lam ’66

Chilton H. and

Nancy L. Lee ’67

Katherine A.

Levesque-Alger ’81 and

William Alger ’80

Lorraine M. and

Robert H. Levin ’64

Charlotte and

Leon W. Levy ’57

Phyllis and Edwin Louie ’67

Ida and Edward Low ’61

Marjorie C. Maddux ’45

Maria-Martina I. ’96 and

Michael I. Makapugay ’91

Alden E. and Donna J.

Schroeder Masonis ’90

Carol K. Mochizuki ’75

Jeanne Mok ’69

Patricia A. Montgomery ’86

Sallie R. and

Edwin E. Muramoto ’63

Kelly D. Nguyen ’96

Suna L. and

Ronald K. Okamura ’73

James M. Orr ’74

Marie Parfitt Pattie

Linda E. ’81 and

Ronald R. Perez ’82

Dorit Schmidt-Petersen and

Jurgen O. Petersen ’58

Thomayant Prueksaritanont ’92

Orriette A. ’72 and

Robert R. Quandt ’72

Barry D. Quart ’82

Denise and

David J. Schapiro ’70

G. Schroeder ’61

Byron F. Schweigert ’70

Kelley L. and

Ronald A. Scott ’79

Diane and Gary H. Smith ’66

John E. and

Catherine A. Sohn ’77

Nancy J. Steinhaus ’84

Bradley S. Stolshek ’86

Howard D. and

Allison T. Stupak ’03

Iris M. Tam ’91

T Nancy A. Tanaka

Ryan T. Tatsumoto ’91

David S. Tatro ’68

Toy S. and

Stephen S. Tom ’59

Theodore G. Tong ’69

Mary L. and

D. Tousignaut ’61

Huong T. Tran ’96

Marjorie Y. and

John C. Tsukamoto ’62

Wendy R. ’71 and

James M. Umino ’69

Wilma K. Wong ’73

Anna C. and Clifford L. Wong ’68

Kay Yamagata ’64

Yuanchao ’98 and

Lei Zhang ’98


The Heritage Circle honors individuals and groups who support the UCSF

School of Pharmacy by means of deferred gifts such as trusts or bequests.

Membership in the Heritage Circle is elective.

Lydia and

Albert H. Angelini ’52

Linda L. Barwick ’69

George M. Fohlen ’44

Marlene M. and

Donald L. Giusti ’70

Carlyn J. Halde

Linda L. Hart

Claire E. Leibowitz ’55

Patricia M. Liu ’76

Mary I. MacWilliam

Thomas A. Oliver ’39 *

Barbara and

Wm. W. Peterson ’52

Ernest L. Prien ’34

Lorie and Baxter Rice

Marilyn S. Shreve

Rochelle and

Harold Walton ’49

Kay Yamagata ’64

Flora L. Zee ’74


University Development and Alumni Relations

UCSF Box 0248

San Francisco, CA 94143-0248


School of Pharmacy


For more information regarding opportunities to support

the UCSF School of Pharmacy, please contact:

Melanie Derynck, Di rector of Development and Alumni Relations


UCSF Box 0248, San Francisco, CA 94143-0248

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