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Company Overview

MEMC ® is a global leader in semiconductor and solar technology. MEMC has been a

pioneer in the design and development of silicon wafer technologies for over 50 years.

Our products are the building blocks for the $1 trillion electronics and the $51 billion solar

materials markets. We are a customer-focused company with an extensive portfolio of over

750 patents and a world-class research and development department. Our semiconductor

wafer products are the foundation for the technologies that entertain us, educate us, and

connect us to each other. Our solar materials and SunEdison ® businesses are providing the

electricity that powers those technologies while reducing the world’s dependence on fossil

fuels. Through our SunEdison subsidiary, MEMC is the largest North American developer of

solar power projects and is a leading solar energy services provider.


Multi Ingot

Mono Ingot

Multi Wafers

Mono Wafers


(Joint Venture)

MEMC produces its own electronic-grade polysilicon using a fully-integrated front-end

manufacturing strategy with strict quality control across each step of the process.





MEMC Solar Modules From silicon to electron

MEMC drives innovation at every step of the value chain

to reduce manufacturing costs, deliver superior value for

customers, and achieve grid parity by lowering cost per watt.

Unmatched Customer Support

• On-site field application engineering support helps MEMC meet customers’ specific requirements.

Many of our field application engineers hold Ph.D.s in their field

• Direct access to MEMC research and development scientists enables close collaboration with customers

• 24x7 support delivered by over 40 local manufacturing, sales, and support centers enables maximum

agility and rapid response to customer needs

High-Quality Polysilicon Production

MEMC is a leading manufacturer of chunk and granular polysilicon

• Advanced fluidized bed reactor (FBR) process produces ultra-pure granular polysilicon

• End-to-end supply-chain control

Chunk polysillicon Wafer manufacturing Solar module

Stable Wafer Supplier

• Over 50 years of experience in semiconductor wafering enables us to deliver high-quality solar

wafers worldwide

• Best-in-class quality levels

High-Efficiency Solar Cells

• Strategic partnerships with industry leaders

• Cell manufacturing partnerships to fully maximize Solaicx ® Continuous Czochralski (CCz) capabilities

• High-efficiency mono-crystalline cells for lowest cost per watt

Reliable Module Supplier

• Rapidly growing portfolio of high-efficiency modules

• Certified by IEC and UL

• Rigorous quality control with ISO-certified manufacturing

From silicon to electron

MEMC Solar Modules



Best-in-Class Solar Modules

MEMC offers a range of solar modules designed for commercial, residential, small business and

utility installations. With world-class manufacturing, best practices, and business agility, MEMC

proactively partners with local manufacturers to develop solutions tailored to meet customer

requirements for specific applications and markets.

Utility and commercial customers will experience a rapid return on their investment with our high power,

large-format solar modules. MEMC continually strives to increase module power output, which in turn

provides a reduced Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and keeps balance of system (BOS) costs to a

minimum. Advanced manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control at each step provide peace of

mind, enabling customers to deploy even large-scale solar solutions with complete confidence.

For residential customers, MEMC offers cost-effective solar modules that are developed specifically for the

distinct needs of homeowners and small businesses. Based on innovative MEMC technology, they provide

a system that is highly efficient yet aesthetically appealing. Our residential solar modules feature a small form

factor and deliver high power output to minimize system size and footprint. Simple and easy to set up, this

convenient solution is designed to reduce complexity and to speed installation time.

MEMC modules Solar module bracket

Budgets are always a concern for small companies and homeowners, so MEMC leverages our integrated

manufacturing process and years of expertise to provide a competitively-priced solution. We manufacture

and control our own supply of polysilicon, wafers, and cell products, which in turn enables pricing that is not

impacted by external spot markets. The result is maximum value for our customers and a rapid return on


MEMC Solar Modules From silicon to electron

Module Durability and Reliability

Our strategic partnership with a world-class Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company

allows us to manufacture high-quality solar modules and provides us access to their extensive

network of manufacturing and logistics facilities. This relationship delivers greater scalability,

reduced time to market, and lowers customer costs.

Designed with Proven Components

MEMC solar modules are constructed utilizing robust, proven components that are designed to maximize

lifespan and deliver superior efficiency.

Our modules feature industry-leading Solaicx CCz mono-crystalline cells developed for maximum efficiency

and performance. We utilize low-iron ARC glass, featuring a stippled inside surface. This rugged glass helps

eliminate cell cracking while maximizing energy production by enabling maximum sunlight transmission.

MEMC solar modules utilize ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and back-sheet material that is fully compatible

with our glass to ensure excellent adhesion and durability. High ductile and conductive cell interconnection

ribbons enhance thermal cycle efficiency.

For environmental protection, MEMC utilizes a well-designed junction box and diodes that are crucial to

maintaining a sealed interface with the outside environment. Our solar module components feature an

advanced frame design that can withstand wind forces and, in some cases, snow loads.

Backed by 25-year Warranty

Our solar modules are backed by the financial strength of a company that has been a leader in the

semiconductor industry for more than 50 years, and are safeguarded by a 25-year warranty to help

ensure Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

From silicon to electron MEMC Solar Modules 4


Innovation is at the heart of MEMC’s culture, enabling us to

create new products, new manufacturing methods, and new

processes. Our strength lies not only in producing best-in-class

products, but in forging mutually beneficial relationships with

our customers. We continually strive to maximize efficiency

and drive down LCOE and BOS costs. The result is consistently

superior value for our customers.

Rovigo, Italy’s 70-megawatt PV plant is one of the largest single-site PV solar plants installation by SunEdison in Europe.

MEMC Solar Modules From silicon to electron

MEMC Advantage

Decades of experience have made MEMC a recognized authority on silicon technology and

manufacturing processes. We continuously leverage this experience to deliver best-in-class

solar modules. We regularly develop new technology and manufacturing techniques to maximize

efficiency, minimize loss, and extend the lifetime of our solar products. The result is optimal

performance, extended product life, and maximum value for our customers. Together, MEMC and

our partners are taking dramatic steps to reduce LCOE for solar technology.

High Efficiency

MEMC solar modules are designed and manufactured to help ensure optimal efficiency and to further

minimize LCOE. They utilize proven components such as tempered glass and best-in-class cells to deliver

maximum power at a competitive price.

Rigorous Quality Control

To help ensure a long product life and maximize customers’ return on investment, MEMC solar modules are

subjected to stringent quality control criteria. They face stringent in-line inspections as well as above-average

industry standard sampling with acceptable quality level (AQL) Level II – 0.4. Independent engineering audits

provide an additional level of manufacturing and design quality.

Reliable and Robust Design

Our solar modules are based on a best-of-breed design. Engineered to accommodate harsh environmental

conditions, they feature anodized non-corroding aluminum frames and tempered glass that can withstand

loads up to 5400 Pa. The result is peace of mind, extended product life, and maximum value.

Standards Compliant

Meeting industry and government standards is often an essential step in deploying solar technology.

MEMC modules are designed to comply with rigorous international industry standards. Our modules are:

• Tested to conform to UL1730 by CSA

• IEC61215 certified by TUV-SUD to ensure long-term operation in a variety of climates

• IEC61730 certified by TUV-SUD to ensure electrical safety

• Manufactured according to ISO9001 and ISO14001, utilizing the stringent TS16949 specification

From silicon to electron

MEMC Solar Modules



MEMC Solar Materials Division

To take a leading position in the solar photovoltaic (PV) market, we

are building on our silicon and manufacturing expertise, developed

through decades of experience and innovation in the semiconductor

materials market.

Vertically integrated production to lower LCOE and BOS costs

Granular polysilicon Chunk polysilicon

Mono ingot

Solar cell

MEMC Solar Modules From silicon to electron

Building on Industry-Leading Manufacturing

Our high-quality solar modules are driven by MEMC’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing

excellence. At the heart of our solar products is our industry-leading manufacturing strategy,

combined with strategic partnerships and pioneering R&D initiatives. We leverage our unique

manufacturing expertise together with decades of industry leadership to deliver high-efficiency

solar wafers, cells, and modules that minimize LCOE. Our rich combination of experience,

innovation, and partnerships makes MEMC manufacturing processes flexible and scalable, while

enabling us to control costs and deliver quality solar materials at a low cost per watt.

Groundbreaking Polysilicon Processes

Polysilicon is the raw material at the heart of solar components, and demands exceptional quality,

consistency, and purity. To meet these requirements, MEMC produces its own electronic-grade polysilicon

using a fully-integrated front-end manufacturing strategy with strict quality control across each step of the

process. The result is a consistent supply of exceptionally pure polysilicon that can be blend-tailored to meet

specific customer requirements — delivering the highest value and driving to grid parity.

Advanced Wafer Manufacturing

Using a unique, proprietary CCz crystal process, MEMC manufactures exceptionally high-quality ingots for

conversion into silicon wafers. Solaicx CCz solar wafers maximize efficiency through improved electrical

performance. Using Solaicx mono-crystalline wafers enables solar cell manufacturers to create higher

efficiency cells at competitive costs — ultimately reducing the LCOE for the end-user. Our advanced

manufacturing processes help ensure quality and consistency from wafer to wafer for superior solar


Advanced Solar Cell Development

MEMC has established strategic partnerships with industry leaders worldwide to develop and manufacture

solar cells. Our relentless efforts to innovate at every step of the value chain — from manufacturing highquality

ingots, to proprietary Solaicx mono-crystalline wafers, to developing leading-edge cells — drives

our cost-effective, high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing solution. The MEMC proprietary cell platform

combines the unique materials properties of our Solaicx mono wafers with leading cell technologies in the

industry, which in turn enhances efficiency and reduces the project BOS cost per watt.

From silicon to electron

MEMC Solar Modules



Solar Modules


Product Number


Range (W)


Range (%)

Number of


Cell Type Dimensions (mm)

MEMC-M235AMA 235 14.3 60 Mono-crystalline 1,658x990x50

MEMC-M240AMA 240 14.6 60 Mono-crystalline 1,658x990x50

MEMC-M245AMA 245 14.9 60 Mono-crystalline 1,658x990x50

MEMC-P265ACA 265 13.9 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P265AMA 265 13.9 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P270ACA 270 13.9 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P270AMA 270 13.9 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P275ACA 275 14.2 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P275AMA 275 14.2 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P280ACA 280 14.3 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P280AMA 280 14.3 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P285ACA 285 14.6 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC-P285AMA 285 14.6 72 Multi-crystalline 1,976x990x50

MEMC Solar Modules From silicon to electron

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From silicon to electron

MEMC Solar Materials

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MEMC Solar Modules


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