Exterior Thermal Barrier Walls

Thirty years ago, Maine’s building code

standards for exterior wall insulation

increased from R-13 (3½ inches of fiberglass)

to R-19 (6 inches of fiberglass). At that time,

most homebuilders switched from 2 x 4 wall

construction to 2 x 6 wall construction to

accommodate the 6-inches of insulation.

Bay window framing

Bay window insulated with thermo barrier insulation

A non-Kasprzak home built with 2X6 inch walls and fiberglass insulation.

Dark areas indicate heat loss and cool temperatures.

This meant everywhere there was wood

framing in the wall, there was no insulation

between the cold outside air and the heated

interior space. This solid wood area in a 2 x 6

framed wall typically represents 20% of the

wall area, and has only a R-7.5 value across

these wood members as compared to R-19

for the 6 inches of fiberglass.

Photos: Wydevue Residential Energy Services, LLC

Note: R-Values are per manufacturers’ product specifications

Conversely, Kasprzak-built

homes at that time, met the

new code requirement of R-19

with 1-inch thick energy board

insulation, (R-6) and 3½ inches

of fiberglass (R-13) between

the 2 x 4 studs for a total

R-value of 19. One inch thick

energy board has an aluminum

foil face and is taped at all of

the joints, creating a thermal

barrier across all of the wood

framing in the exterior walls.

The infrared photographs below

demonstrate energy loss and

shows how effective the thermal

barrier is in minimizing heat loss.

Triple Glazed Hybrid








We specify the multiple-glazed Paradigm

Hybrid window made here in Maine.

These premium windows offer a ¾ inch

triple glazing with two Low-E coatings as

well as Krypton gas. This window offers

a value of R-5.6; almost double the

R-value of its competitors.

We believe that this engineered window

supplies significant energy savings

compared to windows with much lower


Left bay window is single pane glass, right

bay window is double thermopane glass.

Darker colors indicate heat loss.

A Kasprzak built condo with 2X4 inch walls and 1-inch thick energy board

showing minimal heat loss.

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