Rockstar 2005 - Rockwatch

Rockstar 2005 - Rockwatch

Entry Form (continued)

Describe here what you have sent in (how many, and how large, painting,

collage, needlework, knitting, photos, puzzle, game, folder, book, or

other). If you are entering the Rockwatch Young Writer, you only need

insert the title of your entry.

I give permission for my entry to be published/illustrated in Rockwatch

Magazine and/or the Geologists’ Association Magazine. I also give

permission for photographs taken during the Rockstar 2005 prizegiving to

be published in Rockwatch magazine.

Details and Dates

Both Rockstar 2005 and Rockwatch Young Writer 2005 are

open to members of Rockwatch.

Non-members can enter if they join Rockwatch at the same

time - just send the £10 annual membership fee (and your

name and address details on the cut-off form attached to this

leaflet) along with your entry. Rockwatch Club members get

Rockwatch magazine 3 times a year and other goodies like

Fact Cards and invitations to events around the country.

Entries should reach Burlington House by 31 August 2005, and

winners will be notified by 30 September 2005.

The results will be published in the winter issue of the

Rockwatch Magazine. Prizegiving will take place on

28 October 2005.

Will you be


Signed (parent or guardian - if you are aged under 18)


Rockwatch is

the club for



It is run by the



The Rockstar 2005 competition

is supported by


Rockstar 2005

In the Rockstar competition, there are three age

categories you can enter:

● under 8 years ● 8-12 years old

●13-16 years old.

Each age group will have the chance to win 3 prizes!

What do I have to do

to Rockstar 2005 and Rockwatch Young Writer competitions.

These are two major national competitions for rockhounds and young geologists.

Basically, you can enter anything you like – as long as you enjoy doing it

and it’s to do with rocks or geology. In the past we’ve had paintings of

dinosaurs, collages, models of volcanoes, needlework, knitting, photo

collections, puzzles, word games, and even mini-books. Just have a go!

Prizes for Rockstar 2005

All nine winners will each receive £100-worth of geological equipment,

specimens, books, videos, or art materials or equivalent. In addition each

winner is invited to a special prizewinners' presentation which will be

featured in Rockwatch Magazine.

Some competition entries may be published in Rockwatch Magazine in full,

and we may use extracts from others. EVERYONE WHO ENTERS ROCKSTAR


Rockwatch Young Writer

Do you enjoy writing about your days out studying geology, or

describing your rock collections The Rockwatch Young Writer's

competition is open to writers aged under 19 at the closing date,

31 August 2005. You can send us a maximum of 1,500 words, and

please enclose your photographs if you want to.

The prize of £100 will be presented at the Rockstar prizegiving. The

prizewinner will also receive free student membership of the Geologists'

Association for one year. And, most important, the winning entry will be

published in the Geologists' Association Magazine. This will be a

prestigious contribution to your CV when you apply for University entry

or for a job.

For advice on how to get started on your competition entry,

either visit the Rockwatch website,

or contact the Rockwatch office (0207 734 5398).

Either way, ROCKWATCH YOUNG WRITERS will find

information on article length, and suggestions for topics.

ROCKSTAR entrants will discover lots of ideas, how to get

started, and how to make an entry look its best.

Entry Form

Send your entry for either competition with this completed form to:

Geraldine Marshall, Rockwatch, The Geologists' Association,

Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0DU, by 31 August, 2005.

Please make sure that a completed copy of this form accompanies your

entry. Also, enclose a suitable stamped addressed envelope or other

packaging so that your entry can be returned to you after judging, along

with your free entry present.



Your age on 31 August 2005:


Rockstar Under 8

Rockstar 8-12


Rockstar 13-16

Rockstar Young Writer ❍

I am already a member of Rockwatch YES/NO

If Yes: My membership number is

If No: I would like to join Rockwatch and enclose a cheque for £10 for one

year’s subscription (which includes issues of Rockwatch magazine)


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