Computer Networking

Computer Networking

Computer Networking

Adhi Harmoko S, M.Komp

• Building a Network

• Direct Link Network

Problem Overview

• Not All Networks are Directly Connected

• There is more than one network

• Getting Processes to Communicate

• Allocating Resources

• What Do We Do with the Data

• Secure the Data

Goal this Course

• To understand how to build a computer network from

the ground up

• To understand how to applicate a computer network in

electronics instrumentation

• To understand how to operate a computer client in a

computer network


• Larry L. Peterson & Bruce S. Dave, Computer Network –

A Systems Approach, Second Edition, AcademicPress,


• William Stallings, Data & Computer Communication, 6th

Edition, Prentice Hall, 2000

• Andrew S. Tanembaum, Computer Networks, 3rd

Edition, Prentice Hall, 1996


Student Responsibilities regarding


• Minimize noise

• Do not talk in lectures

• Do not pack up early

• Minimize distractions

• Use rear door if you arrive late or leave early

• Turn off your mobile phone

• Lecture attendance

• Catch up on missed lectures

• Bring ID card, and produce when required

• Assignments 20%

• Midterm Exam 35%

• Final Exam 45%

Marking Scheme

• If you cheat on an exam, you will get a final mark of


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