Appointment-Plus Case Study: Donor Appointment

Appointment-Plus Case Study: Donor Appointment

Appointment-Plus Case

Study: Donor Appointment

Talecris Plasma Resources

1 Case Study| Appointment-Plus

Client Profile

Talecris Plasma Resources is a nationwide network of 69 plasma collection centers supported by a team

of over 2,500 members. This case study is an example of how one of its centers (Findley, Minn.)

schedules its plasma donations.

The Challenge

The center and its 50 staff members schedule between 12 and 15 donations every half-hour, Monday

through Saturday. All donations are made in person, with the information handwritten into a printed

Excel spreadsheet. Donors typically schedule two appointments per week, with the option of booking

them up to two weeks in advance. The center does not permit same-day appointments.

The Problem

According to Assistant Manager Jennifer Hannu, scheduling donor times in this fashion was not a simple

task. In addition to the staff time required to accept and manage the daily appointments, some donors

would claim to have made an appointment, even though they did not. Using a paper Excel spreadsheet

was an inefficient way of keeping records, and these claims of scheduled appointments required the

staff to dig through pieces of paper to try and locate the information. This inefficient and occasionally

inaccurate scheduling manner proved burdensome to the center. Additionally, they desired a method

that would make their donors more accountable for accurately scheduling and keeping their donation


The Discovery

Ms. Hannu learned about online scheduling software from the organization’s regional director and from

several other Talecris locations that had test-piloted Appointment-Plus. Based on this recommendation,

the center implemented the scheduling software without researching other scheduling systems.

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The Solution

Online scheduling software from Appointment-Plus had the potential for the Talecris center to operate

more efficiently through its robust record-keeping and reporting capabilities, which would allow Ms.

Hannu and her staff to quickly and effortlessly pull appointment and customer information from one

centralized location, instead of sifting through paper spreadsheet pages. Additionally, the system would

also enable donors to book their appointments online, instead of in-person.

The Implementation

Ms. Hannu and several of her staffers participated in a coaching session to help customize their

scheduler for their specific needs. One of these setting was to block off same-day appointments, as the

center does not permit them. Appointment-Plus uploaded their existing database of donor contact

information, which made it easy for the center to instantly begin scheduling appointments through the

system. The center then crafted cards with donor username and passwords, which were given to donors

when they arrived for their scheduled appointments. They were instructed on the new scheduling

process, which requires them to book their appointments online instead of in-person.

The Results

Record-keeping and appointment-management is a lot easier for Talecris Plasma Resources, as

Appointment-Plus has simplified and automated this important—and very time-consuming—task. Ms.

Hannu says the center has seen significant time savings and better allocation of staff resources, as time

is no longer spent manually writing down appointments and looking through pages of spreadsheets for a

specific appointment date and time. As many of the center’s donors schedule their appointments up to

two weeks in advance, the system allows Ms. Hannu and her staff to instantly and effortlessly access

future schedules. She adds that many of her donors now utilize the online self-scheduling feature,

instead of booking their times in person. They also enjoy receiving the automated e-mail reminders sent

prior to their scheduled donation times. The system allows Ms. Hannu and her staff to hold donors more

accountable for scheduled appointments, as all appointments and related information is instantly

recorded and securely managed. There’re no longer any doubts as to what appointments are scheduled

and who scheduled them.

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