North Coast Forest Conservation Conference Forest Land Ethic Award

North Coast Forest Conservation Conference Forest Land Ethic Award

a call for applications

North Coast Forest Conservation Conference

Forest Land Ethic Award

At the North Coast Forest Conservation Conference,

we would like to recognize a landowner who has demonstrated

a lifelong commitment to the conservation of their

forestland by demonstrating a land ethic that incorporates

the philosophy of Aldo Leopold.

In developing this recognition award, we have partnered

with Sand County Foundation, whose mission is to advance

the use of ethical and scientifically sound land management

practices and partnerships for the benefit of people

and the ecological landscape. The criteria for our Forest

Land Ethic Award was developed by Sand County Foundation,

and the winner of the Forest Land Ethic Award will

be automatically nominated for Sand County Foundation’s

California Leopold Conservation Award. The Sand

County Foundation partners with two organizations—

Sustainable Conservation and the California Farm Bureau

Federation—to select the California recipient of The Leopold

Conservation Award. The Leopold Conservation Award

winner receives an Aldo Leopold crystal and a check for

$10,000. It will be presented at the California Farm Bureau

Federation’s Annual Convention in December, 2012.

Forest Land Ethic Award Criteria

We would like to recognize an individual or family that has

demonstrated deep abiding love for the land by leaving

their land better than they found it.

Responsible Management

The award seeks landowners who are knowledgeable of the

natural resources that are in their care and who manage

them with long-term sustainability in mind. Their knowledge

of current conditions influence management decisions.

Sustainable Revenue

The award seeks landowners who have a strong, personal

self-interest in practicing good stewardship, either from a

deep, ethical conviction or because they derive a majority

of their income from the natural resources they manage.


The award seeks landowners who are highly involved in

their communities.

Overall Land Health

The award seeks landowners whose land has benefited

from current management, either due to active conservation

improvements to the land or to current land use resulting

in the conservation of existing resources.


The award seeks landowners who are willing to try new

things, learn from their successes and failures, and adapt

their management techniques as a consequence.


The award seeks landowners who use their land as a teach-

Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land. The land ethic

simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters,

plants and animals, or collectively: the land.”—Aldo Leopold

ing tool to share good management strategies with others,

such as management technique demonstration, hunter safety

and education, media and/or community tours, conservation

and restoration activity, and/or scientific endeavor.

If you, or someone you know, has demonstrated an extraordinary

achievement in voluntary conservation, inspired

other landowners through their example, and helped the

general public understand the vital role private landowners

can and do play in forest conservation success, we invite

your application for the Forest Land Ethic Award. Please

provide the following information:

• Name, Address, Contact information (phone and email address

if available) of the Forest Landowner.

• Name, Address, Contact information of the nominator (if


Please answer each of the following questions, based on

the criteria of the award. Each answer must be clearly numbered

and limited to 1,000 words.

1. Responsible Management: Describe the applicant’s approach

to land and resource management and how it may

have changed over the years.

2. Sustainable Revenues: Describe how the applicant is generating

additional revenue or lowering production costs in

ways that help achieve long-term sustainability and conservation


3. Leadership: Describe any significant achievements the applicant

has made within the forest landowner community

in California.

4. Overall Land Health: Describe specific conservation efforts

that contributed to improved land health.

5. Innovation: Describe any innovative techniques the applicant

has used to improve natural resources on their land.

6. Outreach: Describe any efforts where the applicant has

shared their management techniques with others inside

and outside of the forest industry (examples: research, educational

and media tours, etc.).

7. Describe any other factors the review panel should take

into consideration.

With your application, we encourage you to include supporting

materials, such as news articles, photos, maps or

any other resources that would assist the panel in reviewing

your application.

All materials must be received by April 21, 2012 at:

Forest Land Ethic Award

North Coast Forest Conservation Conference

c/o Sonoma Land Trust

966 Sonoma Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

The North Coast Forest Conservation Conference is sponsored by: CAL FIRE, California Northern Region Land Trust Council, Ernie Carpenter Fund for the Environment, Gualala

River Watershed Council, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Resources Legacy Fund, Santa Rosa Junior College, Save the Redwoods League, Sonoma County Agricultural

Preservation and Open Space District, Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group, Sonoma Land Trust

966 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, (707) 526-6930,

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