Before discovering Arbonne, I never anticipated exploring other careers.

Education is my passion and all I wanted to be was an elementary school

principal. I loved my job, but each day I dropped my boys off at daycare

without feeling any emotion, good or bad, because I just convinced myself

that I did not have a choice. I always wondered what kind of mom I

would be if I could only stay home with my boys and do all the creative

things that stay-at-home moms did. I wondered if I could be a better wife,

because I had time to be home to prepare homemade meals. I suppose I

wondered a lot of things that I could have been doing differently in my life.

On December 1 st , 2007, I woke up planning to have a holiday party at

my house with old high school friends. I spent the day preparing, never

knowing what would be introduced to me that night. At the party, EAM

Kristie Ury told me how she started a business with Arbonne that very

morning. Totally intrigued by this Arbonne “thing” I listened to Kristie

talk about a woman named Lisa DeMayo, and how she had a white

Mercedes-Benz from the Arbonne and was extremely successful in just

three years. I had no idea what Arbonne even was, but my response

was, “Whatever it is, sign me up!” That is just what I did.

My life changed instantly on December 4, 2007. I had complete confi

dence in this business and myself from the minute I put my information

into the computer. I started my Arbonne business with no money and

no time. I had a 3-year old and a 1-year old, was in graduate school

completing my thesis and internship to be a principal, worked a full-time

teaching job and threw myself into a business that I was determined to

make time for. Like most people, I did not know where to start or what

to do. The beauty of this business is that you are in business for yourself,

not by yourself. I had amazing support from my uplines, ENVP Lisa

christine mcgeehan

Arbonne Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Christine McGeehan Region; Matawan, NJ

DeMayo, ERVP Keri Zoumas and EAM Kristie Ury. I had a vision from

day one and allowed all the people who challenged me to actually

motivate me. I loved to hear the word “no,” I loved when people told

me that I could not do this business, that it would not work or that it

was ridiculous. I pushed myself harder to prove that this company, the

products, this industry and my belief were authentic.

My journey with Arbonne has changed the person that I am today. I

never thought of myself as a businesswoman, but with the help of my


Christine’s inspirational Why. Husband, Brian and sons,

Aidan and Colin.

Kristine’s sponsor and best friend, Kristie Ury

and Christine at the “Roaring 20’s” Area

Manager Celebration, NTC 2008 Atlanta.

Christine’s supportive family at her Graduate School

graduation, May 2008. L-R: Christine’s dad, Bob; Christine;

Christine’s sister, Becky and Christine’s mom, Ellen.

success strategy:

Create your vision,

share it with others

and never look back.

team, upline, and husband I quickly grew into that role. I absorbed every

piece of advice I was given and lead by example. Personal development

was key to my success as well. I believed in positive affi rmations, educated

myself on the industry, attended every meeting possible, listened

to Learn & Burn audio CDs and believed in my team. I knew that I

could not do this alone and therefore I let go of the control. I trusted the

system and the leaders on my team and allowed our activity to get the

momentum rolling.

If you are considering a career with Arbonne, do not make any excuses.

Making excuses just takes up time and energy that you could be putting

toward your business. There is never enough time and never enough

money. So rather than continue to live your life wondering, take a chance

at an amazing company with amazing products. Really ask yourself,

“What if…” I want to wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, for

you will succeed if you believe.

To my extremely supportive husband, Brian: I could not have done this

without you! You have gone above and beyond to make this dream

become reality. I know that you supported me 100 percent, just because

it made me happy. You and the boys are the hugest part of my Why!

Aidan and Colin: I love you more than I could ever put into words. This

is all for you guys! To my family and friends: Thank you for your constant

support and understanding. Mom, Becky and Cathy: I love you all! Thank

you for believing in me and fi lling in for me when I most needed it. Mom

and Dad: Thank you for teaching me to reach for the stars!

To EAM Kristie Ury: How can I express how grateful I am to you You

have been my lifelong friend and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

Thank you for introducing me to Arbonne and routing for me all the way.

You have changed my life forever!

To DM Michelle Clover: How much more could I ask for in a sister-in-law

and my fi rst business builder Your support and hard work is remarkable!

I’m so happy to be taking this journey with you.

To AM Lenore Roige: You never stopped for your team and me! Thank

you for your loyalty and dedication to this business and our friendship.

Who would have ever thought we would be on this ride together

We’re unstoppable!

Christine’s Mercedes-Benz car presentation, February 2009. Far left, ENVP Lisa

DeMayo; center, Christine and far right, ERVP Keri Zoumas.

Area Manager Retreat, January 2009. L-R: AM Lenore Roige, Christine,

Christine’s sponsor, EAM Kristie Ury and ERVP Keri Zoumas.

To my entire team: Thank you so much for sticking with it! This team is

overfl owing with vision and perseverance. We have built an amazing

legacy and I cannot wait to see you all jumping into your Mercedes-

Benz. You rock! For all of you that are to come into our Region: Buckle

up because you are in for the ride of your life! Jump in now and don’t

look back!

To ERVP Keri Zoumas: Thank you for believing in me from the day I entered

your house in my “play clothes!” You never gave up on me and cheered

me on all the way. I admire your leadership and know that everyone in

Arbonne will know your name. What would I have done without you

To ENVP Lisa DeMayo: Wow, you blew me away the day we met! Your

vision, work ethic, dedication and leadership are so contagious. Thank

you for taking me under your wing and for carrying the torch. You and

Keri make me so proud to say that you are my mentors.

To the executive team: Your recognition of my success is unprecedented!

Thank you for your continued dedication to all of your Consultants and

this remarkable company.

The Christine McGeehan Region. Far left, ENVP Lisa DeMayo and far right,

ERVP Keri Zoumas.

NTC 2008 Atlanta. L-R:

Christine, DM Michelle Clover,

EAM Kristie Ury and DM

Melinda Higgins.


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