GP Bulletin - Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

GP Bulletin - Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Open Event


Bradford Teaching Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust


June 08

The foundation trust will be holding its

third annual open event on September 17

at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The event will showcase our hospitals and will

include hands-on displays and tours of clinical

areas. Last year’s event attracted over 900 people.

This year’s event will be held between 2.00pm and

6.00pm in a marquee on the grounds of BRI.

BEVA Team Praised

by National Tzar


1 Welcome to GP Bulletin

1 BEVA Team Praised by National Tzar

2 SystmOne Helps Improve Management

Chronic Disease

Look out for more information closer to the

event on our website

Developing Our


The foundation trust is working on

a number of new developments and

is continuing to work on its capital

programme, as we move into the new

financial year.

New developments currently being put into place include:

• Providing anti-VEGF treatment for macular degeneration

• Putting into place a specialist pain management centre

• Bariatric surgery development and a third upper gastrointestinal


• Hepatology development

• Restorative dentistry service

We are also looking at:

• Expanding critical care facilities

• Developing maternity services

• Providing additional isolation facilities

• Specialist services are being looked at - such as looking at sleep

services and high-dependency beds for children

• Cancer services will continue to be progressed, with

improvements made to facilities and developing a head and neck

cancer centre

Our capital programme will also continue throughout the next

year. We have already refurbished several wards and departments

and provided more isolation facilities. Work is now well underway

on our new lecture theatre, the Listening for Life Centre and the

Bradford Cancer Support Centre.

Wound Healing


The Bradford wound healing unit at the

foundation trust and the University of

Bradford is conducting a number of very

interesting clinical research studies.

These projects are aimed at healing enhancement in patients with

venous leg ulcers. The benefits of these research studies are:

• Valid and robust data collection that will be used to inform policy

and practice development

• Assessment and treatment provided by specialist wound care

research nurses

• Treatment provided without cost to the NHS

• Care provided in a dedicated clinical research facility with

appropriate equipment in a comfortable environment

All staff are invited to refer potential patients with a venous leg

ulcer to the wound healing unit research team with details of their

medical and wound history.

To refer patients please contact staff on 01274 364466 or fax

referrals to 01274 364179

For further enquiry about the unit’s research activity please

email or Janet.

New Appointments

Dr Rosemary Ferris has been appointed as child psychologist

consultant and started on February 22 2008.

The Bradford Early Vascular Access (BEVA) project team

has been praised by the national clinical director for

kidney services, Dr Donal O’Donoghue, who said that

their work was ‘fabulous.’

The project was prompted by publication

of the Renal National Service Framework

(NSF), which states that dialysis access

surgery for patients with advanced kidney

failure should be timely and appropriate.

The principal goal of the project was to

ensure that all haemodialysis (HD) patients

in Bradford have the most appropriate form

of vascular access (in the majority of cases

an arteriovenous fistula (AVF)). The project

has been centred on a multidisciplinary

approach to vascular access management.

It is a major challenge to create and

maintain satisfactory access for patients

who require long-term dialysis treatment.

A multidisciplinary approach to vascular

access management has been central to the

success of the BEVA project, permitting a

comprehensive assessment of the vascular

access pathway and a series of coordinated

improvements in service efficiency. A clearly

structured audit programme has allowed

us to monitor these improvements. The

key outcome of the project has been an

increase in the prevalence of permanent

vascular access within the HD population

we serve. There has been a streamlining of

the vascular access pathway.

Dr John Stoves, consultant in general

medicine and nephrology, said: “We

have been very active in trying to improve

the care pathway. We have set up

working groups to coordinate pathway

improvements in both primary and

secondary care.

pathway and to monitor the impact of

the project. Substantial improvements

in the efficiency of the pathway were

demonstrated and a significant increase

in the proportion of dialysis patients with

appropriate vascular access was achieved.”

The project is also looking to monitor

access flow as well as access recirculation

(an access flow monitoring device has now

been purchased). A more formal vascular

access care plan has been introduced by

pre-dialysis clinical staff, beginning at least

six months before the expected start date

for renal replacement therapy.

A comprehensive cannulation training

programme for dialysis unit staff has been

produced, and formal cannulation protocols

will be developed. The acute fistula failure

pathway will be strengthened. Annual

multidisciplinary audit meetings are held to

monitor progress and coordinate further

service improvements, and the newly

formed Renal Unit Vascular Access Group

is meeting regularly to ensure that optimal

care of vascular access is maintained in the

chronic HD population.

2 Updated Services Wallchart

3 Bowel Cancer Screening Update

4 Open Event 2008

4 Developing Our Services

4 Wound Healing Research

4 New Appointments

Welcome to


Welcome to the June edition of GP Bulletin,

the newsletter for GPs produced by Bradford

Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Included with your copy this month, is an

updated version of our Services Wallchart,

which we hope you will find useful.

We produce and send GP Bulletin every

quarter. It will also be available on our

website -

It is designed to provide information about

our services and news about the foundation

trust. It will also feature news about new


Please send any feedback or suggestions

for content by contacting Leanne Wilson,

communications officer, on 01274 364022,

or email leanne.wilson@bradfordhospitals.

If you would prefer to receive GP Bulletin by

email or if you would like to request more

copies then please let us know by contacting

Leanne Wilson, as above.

I hope that you find this

edition informative and

enjoyable and please do

let us know if you have

any feedback.


We will be refubishing more wards and patient areas over the next

year and will be working to provide additional isolation facilities.

Dr Nicholas Wood has been appointed as consultant paediatrician

(neurodisability), start date to be agreed.

“A renal unit database was developed

to track patient progression through the

For more information contact John

Stoves on 01274 365781.

Miles Scott

Chief Executive









SystmOne Helps Improve

Management Chronic Disease

The foundation trust has been working with primary care to use clinical computer

system, SystmOne, to help improve the management of chronic kidney disease.


The Chronic Kidney Disease Electronic Advisory Service (CKDEAS)

was developed by Dr John Connolly, GP at the Ridge Medical

Practice, Dr John Stoves, consultant in nephrology and general

medicine at Bradford Royal Infirmary, with involvement and support

from Promoting Action on Clinical Effectiveness (PACE) and the

Bradford Institute for Health Research.

Dr Connolly explains the aims of the project: “We’re trying to

improve nephrology care. In cases where a GP practice is unsure

how to manage a patient who perhaps has complex problems

or has borderline results, we can work alongside our consultant

colleagues by sending an electronic message through SystmOne.

In the traditional model of patient care, the consultant

has the opportunity to examine the patient and organise

tests but has no access to the GP record. They’ve only got

what’s on the paper referral. In this new model, they have

access to the GP record and GP’s questions before deciding

whether or not they need to see the patient.”

Renal consultant, Dr Stoves, has high hopes for the project:

“The driver for me is making the patient journey as seamless

as possible.”

Initial research suggests that about 60 per cent of patients

who would previously have been referred had e-consultations

and did not have to go to hospital.

The foundation trust is working to integrate its systems with

SystmOne and sending messages about a patient between GP

Updated Services


Included within this June GP Bulletin,

is the foundation trust’s 2008 Services

Wallchart. You may remember we sent out

the first version of this wallchart in 2007 -

this has now been updated to include new

services, the latest contact details and our

list of consultants and specialities.

The wallchart is designed to help GP’s refer patients to our hospitals.

We hope that you find the copies we have enclosed useful. The

wallchart is also available on our website www.bradfordhospitals.

If you would like any more copies then please contact Leanne

Wilson, communications officer, on 01274 364022 or by email


and consultant on SystmOne is simple. The GP communicates

electronically with the consultant by sending an electronic referral

within SystmOne.

When the consultant logs on to SystmOne, they see the referral the

GP has sent. The consultant confirms a reciprocal record share so

that they can access the patient record. They then look at the record

to find out what they need to know about the GP’s concerns, the

patient and their history. The consultant then adds their findings

and advice, saves the record and sends a task back to the GP.

For more information about the chronic kidney disease work

contact John Stoves on 01274 365781.

Breast Surgery Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr W G Case

( 01274 365063

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365734 SLH

Lead Clinician Dr S Lindsay

( 01274 364181


( 01274 382370

Located at


Breast Surgery Mr W Case

Mr R A Linforth

Cardiology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr Lisa Newton

( 01274 364367

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365442 SLH

General Cardiology Dr D Bulugahapitiya

Dr J Kurian

Dr S Lindsay

Dr C Morley

Dr P A Sainsbury

Dr P Smith

Heart Failure Dr D Bulugahapitiya

Intervention Cardiology Dr J Kurian

Dr S Lindsay

Pacing & Device Therapy Dr C Morley

Dr P Smith

Paediatric Cardiology Dr D Dickinson

(appointments 365800) Dr S J R Oddie

Clinical Haematology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr A L Wright

( 01274 365547

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 SLH

Existing Patients Appointments

( 01274 365540

Clinical Haematology Dr A Hi l

Dr L J Newton

Dr L Parapia

Dr A T Wi liams

Anticoagulant Clinic A l Clinical Pharmacists

Lead Pharmacist

Dr S Dobrzanski

Dermatology Specialist Area Clinicians

Diabetes and


Lead Clinician - Diabetes

Dr D C Whitelaw

( 01274 382687

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 BRI & SLH

Lead Clinician - Endocrinology

Dr S R Peacey

( 01274 382019

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 BRI & SLH

Lead Clinician Mr D R Strachan

( 01274 364439

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 BRI

Appointments 382404

Appointments Adult 364071

Appointments Child 364827

General Dermatology Dr M Bauer

Dr S Hatfield

Dr K M London

Dr AL Wright

Genital Dermatology Dr K M London

Hair & Scalp Dr H Bauer

Paediatric Dr S Hatfield

Specialist Area Clinicians

General Diabetes Dr D C Whitelaw

Antenatal Diabetes Dr S R Peacey

Insulin Pump Therapy (CSII)

Atypical forms of diabetes


General Endocrinology Dr D C Whitelaw

Antenatal Endocrinology Dr S R Peacey

Bone Metabolism

Lipid Disorders


Radioactive Iodine Therapy

Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr C G Becke t

( 01274 364671


( 01274 364628

Located at


General ENT Mr C Bem

Mr M A Khan

Mr C H Raine

Mr I Smith

Mr S Sood

Mr D R Strachan

Mr A G Tucker

Cochlear Implant Mr I Khan

Mr C H Raine

Mr D R Strachan

Sleep Disorder Dr A D Dawson

Mr S Sood

Head and Neck Cancer Mr C Bem

Mr I Smith

Mr S Sood

Thyroid Mr C Bem

Mr I Smith

Mr S Sood

Quick Access (Walk in clinic with GP refe ral letter)

Audiology Mrs P Beesley

Neck Lump Clinic Mr C Bern

Mr I Smith

Mr S Sood

Gastroenterology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr J R Ausobsky

( 01274 364266


( 01274 365800

Located at

General Dr C G Becke t

Dr S L Jowe t

Dr L D Juby

Dr A P Manning

Dr S M Moreea

Dr D P Reynolds

Hepatology Dr S M Moreea

Nutrition Dr D P Reynolds

ERCP / EUS Dr C G Beckett

Dr S L Jowett

General Surgery Specialist Area Clinicians

Geriatric / Elderly


Lead Clinician Dr A R Brown

( 01274 365152


( 01274 365800

Located at



( 01274 365594 / 365724

Appointments ( 01274 365152

Appointments ( 01271 365594

Appointments ( 01274 365148

General Mr R M Antrum

Mr J R Ausobsky

Mr J B Davies

Mr J A Gokhale

Mr J P Griffith

Mr J C May

Mr M A Steward

Colo-rectal / Lower GI / Mr J R Ausobsky

Rectal bleeding Mr J B Davies

Mr J P Griffith

Mr M A Steward

Pancreatico-Biliary Mr J R Ausobsky

Morbid Obesity Mr J A Gokhale

Mr J C May

Upper GI Mr J A Gokhale

Mr J C May

Specialist Area Clinicians

General Dr S Barodawala

(All patients over 77-years-old Dr S Birchenough

should be reffered to elderly Dr E J Brierley

medicine. Patients over 65 can Dr A R Brown

be seen in outpatients but Dr S Maguire

should be refe red to the Dr C J Pa terson

appropriate speciality) Dr M Pushpangadan

Dr A South

Dr H J Terry

Dr J S Tucker

Dr E G White

Pr J B Young

Falls Dr S Barodawala

Dr E J Brierley

Gastro-intestinal Dr A R Brown

Nutrition Dr A R Brown

Syncope Dr E J Brierley

TIA Dr S Maguire

Dr C J Pa terson

Gynaecology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr D Tuffne l

( 01274 364274


( 01274 364886

Located at


General Adult Mr I Beck

Dr V A Becke t

Dr S Calvert

Mr R Gosaken

Miss S E Jones

Dr P Munduluri

Mr N A Myerson

Dr P J O’Donovan

Dr C M A Ramage

Mr D Tu fne l

Dr J B Wright

Colposcopy Dr S Calvert

Mr N A Myerson

Mr P J O’Donovan

Fertility / Reproductive Mr I Beck

Medicine Dr V A Becke t

Hysteroscopy Miss S E Jones

(appointments 382660) Mr P O’Donovan

Pelvic Floor Dr C M A Ramage

Urogynaecology Dr S Calvert

Dr C M A Ramage

Vulval Disorders Dr S Calvert

Dr London

Fast Track / Oncology Mr P J O’Donovan

Bradford Teaching Hospitals

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Services Wallchart

Imaging Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr LeeAnne E lio t

( 01274 364321


( 01274 365499

Located at


Lead Clinician Dr P H M McWhinney

( 01274 382248

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 SLH

Paediatric Radiology Dr L A E lio t

Dr L Ha tingh

Cardiothoracic Radiology Dr M Kon

Gastrointestinal Radiology Dr C L Kay

Dr A S Lowe

Dr A Thrower

General Radiology All Clinicians

Head and Neck Radiology Dr M Chandramohan

Dr E Loney

Musculoskeletal Radiology Dr C Groves

Dr M Chandramohan

Nuclear Medicine Dr R A Smith

Dr R A Lowe

Uro-Radiology Dr H Bardge t

Vascular Radiology Dr J M Barber

Dr O J W Fowler

Dr R A Lowe

Breast Radiology Dr P Bu rows

Dr N Sharma

Dr A M Wason

Dr S E S Whitehouse

Infectious Disease Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr C Bradley

( 01274 364067

Appointments Located at

( 01274 364067 BRI

Infectious Diseases Dr P H M McWhinney

TB Dr P J Stanley

Tropical Medicine

Viral Hepatitis

Medical Oncology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr R G Roberts

( 01274 365412


( 01274 365800

Located at SLH (also Airedale &

Skipton hospitals)

Medical Oncology Dr C Bradley

Dr S L Cheeseman

Dr A Conn

Nephrology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr M I Busby

( 01274 365185

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 SLH

Renal Medicine Dr H Akbani

Dr R F Jeffrey

Dr R G Roberts

Dr J Stoves

Neurology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr J A Twomey

( 01274 365412

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365107 SLH

General Neurology Dr M I Busby

Parkinson’s Disease Dr A J Lansbury

MS & Epilepsy

Neurophysiology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Professor D Tu fne l

( 01274 364520


( 01274 364518

Located at

Neurophysiology Dr J A Twomey

Obstetrics Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr A D Atkins

( 01274 366710


( 01274 365800

Located at

General Obstetrics Dr V A Becke t

Mr R Gosakan

Mr V Jha

Dr P Munduluri

Mr N Myerson

Dr C Ramage

Mr D Tuffnell

Dr J B Wright

Diabetes and Heamatology Dr R Gosakan

Mr D Tu fnell

Epilepsy and Infectious Diseases Dr V Beckett

Multiple Pregnancy Clinic Dr J B Wright

One Stop Drug Dependency Dr P Munduluri

Ophthalmology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr S Bo len

( 01274 364456


( 01274 364154

Located at

Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr D Sutton

( 01274 365289


( 01274 365942

Located at

Lead Clinician Mrs L Mitche l

( 01274 365646

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 SLH

Visit our website at

For further information contac the GP Helpline

on 01274 364918 E-mail your queries via NHSMail


The above electronic mailbox should not be used for me sages containing patient

identifiable information unle sent via NHSmail, the national email service. Please seek

advice from your Information Services Helpdesk if you are in any doubt about how to do this.

Specialist Area Clinicians

General Mr V K Joshi

Mr J A McCaul

Mr K Patel

Mr D N Sutton

Mr S F Worrall

Head and Neck Cancer Mr J M McCaul

Mr D N Su ton

Orthognathic Mr K Patel

Temporo-Mandibular Joints Mr S F Wo ra l

General Ophthalmology A l Clinicians

Cataracts All Clinicians

Corneal Mr N James

Mrs A Reynolds

Diabetic Mr F D Ghanchi

Mr I Mahomed

Glaucoma Mr A D Atkins

Mr N Litvin

Occuloplastics Mr P L Atkinson

Medical Retinal Miss H Devonport

Mr F D Ghanchi

Paediatric Mr J Bradbury

(appointments 364111)

Strabismus Mr J Bradbury

Vitreo Retinal Surgery Mr I Mahomed

Orthoptics (appointments 364175) Mrs A Bruce

Orthodontics Specialist Area Clinicians

Orthodontics Mr S J Li tlewood

Cleft Lip and Palate Dentofacial Ms N Houghton

Deformity Mrs L Mitche l

Sever Dental Malocclusions

Orthopaedics Specialist Area Clinicians

General A l Clinicians

Foot & Ankle Mr C F Mann

Mr J Shanker

Groin Mr E Schilders

Hand & Wrist Mr R Boome

Mr W DeJager

Hip & Knee Mr R J Grogan

- including joint replacement Mr K N Jha

Mr W H Kluge

Mr D L Shaw

Mr T F Taggart

Mr T Veysi

Knee Arthroscopy Mr S Bo len

- soft tissue repair Mr G S Radcli fe

Mr E Schilders

Paediatric Mr P K Sharma

Shoulder & Elbow Mr E Schilders

Mr A Wa ters

Sports Trauma Mr S Bo len

Mr G S Radcli fe

Mr E Schilders


BRI - Bradford Royal


SLH - St Luke’s Hospital

Lead Clinician Dr P Taylor

( 01274 364066

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 SLH

NHS Foundation Trust

Pain Management Specialist Area Clinicians

Haematology Laboratory

( 01274 364203 (results)

Microbiology Laboratory

( 0113 3923499 (results)

Histopathology Laboratory

( 01274 364215 (Secretaries)

Biochemistry Laboratory

( 01274 364195 (results)

Pain Management Dr S Gupta

Dr K Kyriakides

Pr J Richardson

Dr A Swanepoel

Dr P Taylor

Pathology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr D A L Watt

( 01274 383118


( 01274 365800

Located at

Haematology Dr A Hi l

Dr L J Newton

Dr L A Parapia

Dr A T Williams

Microbiology Dr L Campbell

Dr P J Marsh

(tel: 01274 364054

or via BRI switchboard)

Histopathology Dr F S M Ali

Dr P A Batman

Dr R J Calvert

Dr P J Carder

Dr V Dabbagh

Dr I Georgiades

Dr D R Gouldesbrough

Dr J L Ostrowski

Dr K L Ramsden

Dr P A Waugh

Biochemistry Dr T J Davies

Dr D M Robertshaw

Plastic Surgery Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr R D Melsom

( 01274 365399

Appointments Located at

( 01274 365800 SLH

General Plastic Surgery All Clinicians

Breast Reconstruction Mr I T H Foo

Mr N Rhodes

Head and Neck Mr D A L Wa t

Paediatric Mr M J Timmons

Skin Cancer/ Hand Trauma Mr S Al-Ghazal

Rheumatology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr S Brady

( 01274 365088


( 0845 002 0021

For Health Advice

( 01274 365035

Located at Trinity Centre, near SLH

General Rheumatology Dr P S Helliwe l

Ankylosing Spondylitis Dr R D Melsom

Foot Disorders Dr K Soko l

Psoriatic Artritis and other

Seronegative Spondyloses

Connective Tissue Disorders

Sexual Health Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr B K Jacob

( 01274 364281


( 01274 365800

TB Service - 365101

Located at

Genito Urinary Medicine Dr S Brady

Dr S Shann

HIV Dr S Brady

Dr P H M McWhinney

Dr S Shann

Dr P J Stanley

Thoracic Medicine Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Mr Shah

( 01274 366832


( 01274 365800

Located at


Asthma including Dr D Saralaya

Refractory Asthma


TB Service

Obstructive Sleep Apneoa

Respiratory Medicine Dr B K Jacob

TB Service Dr D A Newton

Cancer Dr B K Jacob

Dr D A Newton

Dr D Saralya

Urology Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Pr P Vowden

( 01274 364466


( 01274 382800

Located at

Paediatrics Specialist Area Clinicians

Lead Clinician Dr C Day

( 01274 382020


( 01274 365800

A l refe rals to ‘Dear Team’

Located at


Refe rals to be made to ‘Dear Team’

and access wi l be facilitated to the

fo lowing visiting specialist clinicians:

Lead Clinician Mr V K Joshi

( 01274 365289

Located at SLH

General Mr B Chaplin

Mr G M Flannigan

Mr S Garg

Mr R Puri

Mr T Shah

Endo-Urology and Mr S Garg

Stone Disease Mr T Shah

Incontinence Mr G M Flannigan

Lithotripsy Mr S Garg

Mr T Shah

Laparoscopic / Mr B Chaplin

Open Renal Surgery / Mr S Garg

Renal Oncology Mr R Puri

Uro-Oncology and Mr B Chaplin

Radical Pelvic Surgery Mr R Puri

Mr Shaikh

Infant Circumcision Service Mr T Shah

Vascular Surgery Specialist Area Clinicians

General Paediatrics Dr R J M Bardge t

Dr S Frazer

Dr D Ginbey

Dr S R Gorman

Dr K Khawaja

Dr A M Minford

Dr E F Moya

Dr R Skelton (designated

doctor for safeguarding children)

Metabolics Dr Waldeck

Dr Walter

Dr Wraith

Asthma / Respiratory Dr E F Moya

Diabetes / HIV Dr S R Gorman

Epilepsy Dr D Ginbey

Haematology Dr A M Minford

Plastic Surgery Mr M J Timmons

Neonatal Dr S Chatfield

Dr C Day

Dr S Oddie

Dr S Seal

Child Development Dr P Co ry

(appointments 365459/61) Dr E A Mason

Dr C E Wildig

Dr S Yeung

Dr S Y Yoong

Community Peadiatics Dr E A Mason

Dr N Symons

Audiology Dr S Young

General Surgery Mr D G Crabbe

Nephrology Dr E Finlay

Neurology Dr C Ferrie

Urology Dr R Subramaniam

Cardiology Dr M Blackburn

Dr D Dickinson

Dr J Parson

Endocrinology Dr S Alvi

Restorative Dentistry Specialist Area Clinicians

General Dr V K Joshi

Leg Ulceration Pr P Vowden

Wound Care

General Arterial and Venous Mr K Mercer

Surgery including: Mr N Shaper

Open and Endovascular Pr P Vowden

Aneurysm Repair Mr D Wilkinson

Carotid Surgery

Limb Salvage Surgery

Lymphoedema Mr K Mercer

Vascular Access Mr N Shaper

Vascular Access, Hyperhidrosis Mr D Wilkinson

Acute / Chronic Wound Care Mrs K Vowden

MARCH 2008

Bowel Cancer

Screening Update

The Bradford and Airedale Bowel Cancer Screening Centre - part of the NHS Bowel

Cancer Screening Programme - is keen to update GPs

on the first six months screening activity and to hear any comments or suggestions

about raising awareness of the disease in your practices. Bowel cancer is the third most

common cancer in the UK and the second leading cause of cancer deaths (over 16,000

people each year).

Everyone who is aged 60 to 69 and is registered with a GP in

Bradford, Airedale or Craven, is automatically invited for screening

every two years. In this first round of screening the invitation is

sent around the time of their next even (so at 60, 62, 64, 66 and

68) or just before their 69 th birthday. In future screening rounds

the invitation date will depend on the date of their last screening

episode. People over 70 can ring freephone 0800 707 6060

to request a screening kit. The risk of developing bowel cancer

increases with age - eight out of ten people who are diagnosed

with it are over 60 - which is why the programme targets this

particular group of people.

Participants are sent a faecal occult blood testing kit to complete at

home and return to the regional screening laboratory in Gateshead. The

kits come with detailed instructions, which are available in 19 different

languages and help for people who may have difficulty in completing

the kits can be arranged via the freephone helpline number.

The results of the test are sent to the participant and their GP within

two weeks. Data from the first six months of screening in this area

indicates that 92 per cent of kits show a normal result, which means

that no blood was found in the sample. These people are returned

to the screening population and receive another kit in two years

time if they are still within the age range. Seven per cent of kits

have been either unreadable or equivocal and the participant has

been sent another kit to complete.

One per cent of kits have shown an abnormal result at a first

attempt, meaning that blood was found in the sample. People with

an abnormal result are given an appointment at a screening nurse

clinic at either Bradford Royal Infirmary or Airedale General Hospital

(depending on which is closer to them) within 14 days. At the clinic,

the Specialist Screening Practitioner (SSP) discusses the result with

the patient and will usually arrange for them to have a screening

colonoscopy for further investigation.

In the first six months of screening, 98 people attended the

screening nurse clinic following an abnormal result. Fourteen of

these people were found to have cancer and were referred for

continued management through their local multi-disciplinary team.

Thirty-three people had significant polyps removed and will be

managed through the screening centre’s surveillance programme.

The screening centre has reported that 50 per cent of people who are

sent a testing kit do not complete and return it. Publicity and health

promotion work is on-going in the area in order to raise awareness of

the disease and encourage people to take part in screening.

As well as regular presentations to community groups, health

professionals and appearances in local media, screening centre staff

have recently produced a new information leaflet which has been

distributed to all GP practices in the area.

If you have any feedback on the screening process you

can contact or

on 01274 382033.


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