Microbe flyer


Microbe flyer


Kongsvang Allé 29

DK-8000 Aarhus C

Tel. +45 72 20 18 01

Fax +45 72 20 18 70



Thomas Lundgaard

Section Manager, MSc

Environmental Engineer

+45 72 20 18 26


Torben Lund Skovhus

Team Leader, PhD

Oilfield Microbiologist

+45 72 20 18 27


DTI Oil & Gas Technical Team

Hotline +45 72 20 24 50



Microbe Management for the

Oil & Gas Industry

Obtaining control of microbes is a

cornerstone in every operator’s expenditure

control strategy. DTI Oil

& Gas assists operators to establish

control of microbes through a range

of services and products, developed

in close collaboration with technology

leaders in the oil and gas industry.

DTI Oil & Gas supplies the following

products that provide operators with

a reliable basis for taking decisions:

• Initial system review, helping operators

identify key microbiology

issues in the production system.

• Customized monitoring programs,

based on DTI’s suite of state-of-theart

analytical tools, providing fast and

reliable feedback to clients.

• Flexible sampling solutions, for a

range of different situations and


IQ Kit © North Sea – for safe sampling

and shipment within a radius

of 48 hours.

IQ Kit © Worldwide – for safe sampling

and shipment of fixed samples


IQ Kit © Solids – for shipment of

solids, biofilm, corrosion coupons

and pigging debris.

IQ Kit © Special Service – any customized

sampling kits can be obtained

upon request.

With these products, DTI Oil & Gas

helps in the optimization of control

strategy through services such as:

• Biocide testing – solutions for biocide

evaluation. Lab-based screenings or

as offshore field trials.

• Pipeline integrity assessment – with a

few solid or debris samples, answers

about the state of the pipeline

and possible ongoing corrosion/MIC

can be determined.

• MIC Risk Assessment (MICRA TM )

and failure analysis – from solid

samples, piping or corrosion coupons,

our MIC Risk Assessment (MICRA TM )

program can provide answers on

corrosion mechanisms and possible

involvement of microbes.

DTI Oil & Gas acts as the preferred

knowledge partner when it comes to

training and education of both specialists

and managers:

• Training courses and workshops:

We train operator staff in all aspects

of microbe control - from sampling

in the field to overall microbial management

strategy and HSE issues.

See our website for further description of

our products, courses and services, or

contact our specialists for an informal

discussion about how we can assist you.


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