Year 6 Stationery List (Web) - Sherwood School

Year 6 Stationery List (Web) - Sherwood School

Sherwood Primary School

40 Sartors Avenue

Browns Bay

Phone : 09 478 3024

Fax : 09 478 5842

Year 6

Here is a stationery list for you child, for 2012.

Please make sure he/she has all items ready for the start of school on Tuesday 31 st January.

This year Office Max are offering an “on-line” purchasing system at competitive prices.

You still have the option to puchase elsewhere but please ensure you get the correct books etc.

If the wrong book /item is sent to school it will be returned to you, with a note to state exactly

what book/item is needed. Copies of the stationery lists will also be on our website.

Please name books but do not write subject names on, as some books are multi-purpose.

Pens will be bought in bulk and provided to students, as needed, during the year. A component

of your activity fee will cover this.

Please see the second page for the stationery list.

Sherwood Primary School

40 Sartors Avenue

Browns Bay

Phone : 09 478 3024

Fax : 09 478 5842

Stationery List – 2012 - Year 6

8 Exercise book, 1B8 A4 7MM 36LF

1 Maths quad book, 1E5 7MM with margin, 36LF


1 Lined refill pad, 14B8

1 Dispay book, FM A4 20 pocket

1 Drawing wallet WARW 18N9 A3

1 Pack of 4 assorted markers (EXPO Whiteboard Bullet)

1 Pencil 6B

1 Marker, Sharpie, Black

1 Pack of 4 highlighter pens – (assorted colours)

1 Gluestick, 35g

Additional Items Required

You may find that your child has some/all of these items already.

1 Colouring pencils (12 pack)

1 Eraser

1 Ruler - 30cm (non bendy)

1 Pencil case

1 Pencil Sharpener (metal)

1 Collins school dictionary with thesaurus

1 Felt pens ( 12 per pack)

1 Recorder

1 Book / Journal bag (Large)

1 Small pair of scissors

1 Calculator – preferably with large buttons, and % button

1 Maths set (includng a compass and a protractor)

1 Box tissues

1 Headphones

1 Memory stick – clearly named (4GB)

1 Clear file (60 page) – Digital classes only

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