The Mekong Basin perspective - Danish Water Forum

The Mekong Basin perspective - Danish Water Forum

At the Basin level

• Assess how the proposed national developments, defined by the

riparian countries, would achieve the objectives of sustainability and

mutual benefits - through the assessment of basin-wide

development scenarios

• Optimize basin-wide synergies between water resource

developments in the Upper and Lower Mekong Basin: i.e. storage

dams in China and in LMB tributaries to facilitate irrigation

development in the LMB, and thus allowing for the protection of the

natural dry season flow regime

• Facilitate the process for Member Countries to jointly analyze the

benefits-costs of developments (comprehensively in hydrological,

environmental, economic and social aspects), and negotiate by

finding the “middle ground” to which all stakeholders are prepared

to agree

• Broad based agreement on a scenario will be the basis for an

agreed vision and overall outcome – the IWRM-based Basin

Development Strategy


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