The Mekong Basin perspective - Danish Water Forum

The Mekong Basin perspective - Danish Water Forum

Transboundary Water Cooperation Workshop

“Sharing benefits from Transboundary Water Management”

20-22 January 2010, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Examples of scenario assessment

results – beyond sharing water quantity

The 20-Year Plan Scenario is beneficial to each of the LMB

countries and perhaps sustainable from a basin perspective, but

threatens the food security of poor people, particularly in Lao PDR

and Cambodia, who live from capture fisheries. It also reduces


The water resources developments in the 20-Year Plan Scenario

offer opportunities for aquaculture in Cambodia and Lao PDR, as is

currently demonstrated in the Vietnam Delta and Northeast

Thailand, where water resources development has considerably

increased the benefits from fisheries. However, successful

aquaculture requires access to land, water and capital, which those

vulnerable poor people don’t have.


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