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A single step starts a journey …

Those were the first words I wrote in my journal the day I made the

decision to begin my Arbonne journey. This decision completely

changed the direction I thought my life was headed. A lady I respect

always says, “When you walk with God, change is always in your

favor.” Arbonne has made a big change in my life, and it has been

in my favor.

At the time Arbonne was introduced into my life, I was looking

forward to my husband’s upcoming retirement and I was completely

content with the outlook of our future as retirees. I had taught school

for many years and had also owned a business for awhile, so

looking for work was not even in the scope of my thinking.

My good friend, ERVP Leslee Nelius, introduced the Arbonne

products to me in March 2005. I tried them out of courtesy, and was

greatly surprised that I loved them, and was ready to buy. Then, she

asked if I would think about doing the business. She said it was a

fast-moving train and I needed to jump on, or get left at the station.

After much thought, I felt I was being led in that direction, so I

decided to jump on and am forever thankful that I did.

Why did I jump on Simply because I loved the product and was

excited about sharing it with my friends and family. And, if I was

going to share my passion for Arbonne anyway, I felt as if I might

l i n d a c l a r k

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Linda Clark Region; Murfreesboro, TN

as well add the potential extra income to our retirement. Once I

made the decision to do this business, I jumped in with both feet.

I developed an acronym for Arbonne to help me grow my business

each and every day. To me, each letter in the Arbonne name

represented a key business-building step: Activity every day; Read,

learn and burn; Build a team; Organize your day; Never give up;

Number your leads; Encourage your team.

continued ...

The Clark family.

Linda and husband, Bob with the Mercedes-Benz.

success strategy:

Believe in yourself and help others.

One of the keys to success is that you have to believe in Arbonne as

a company and believe in yourself, and your ability, to do the

business. Then, you must get active. My activity began by making

my list of names and calling friends I knew needed a potential

second stream of income, or wanted a change in their careers. I was

active every day. I called around, dropped off product, or spent

time on the computer.

Then, I began to learn as much as I could about Arbonne. I started

reading everything Arbonne had on its Web site. If I was going to

talk to someone about what I believed in, I wanted to know the facts

about the company and products. I learned something new every

day. Each day, no matter how big or small, I did something toward

building my business.

As my team began to sign up, I saw how this was much more than

a business. I was now touching lives and meeting new friends. It was

not about each one of us individually, it was about helping each

other and building the unity of a team in any way we could. I want

them to be successful with me. Success by yourself can be

extremely lonely. So, for my team, that meant going to Presentations

together, training and learning together, sharing information or just

being there to encourage one another to never give up. I have heard

it said that the only way to fail in Arbonne is to quit. So, we are

there for one another, cheering one another on to never give up. No

matter how many “nos” or no-shows we get, I tell everyone on my

team that having someone say “no” or not showing up, is the nature

of our business and this should not upset us. It was just not the right

person or the right time. It is always harder to finish a task than to

start one. But perseverance is the key to anything worthwhile.

Anything we do should always be about the person we are talking

to. It is never about whether they sign up or not. It is about listening

to them and letting them decide if this business is right for them. I am

not interested in getting business builders just to meet my goals, but

giving the person I am talking to a better opportunity to change their

life. I love people and always have. As a child, my father taught me

Linda’s team at ACTnow Louisville.

to always think about the other person. It is not always about their

actions, as it is about listening to their heart. Arbonne gives me an

opportunity to do that. I listen to what they say and never push in

any way. I want this to be about their decision and not about my

excitement, which is evident whenever I present the Arbonne

opportunity. Thank you, Arbonne, for giving me a business in line

with what I love to do.

To NVP Stephanie Anderson: Thank you for all your encouragement.

To ERVP Leslee Neilus: Thank you for the hours spent training

and going with me to my Presentations.

To my team, AMs, Peggy Smith, Sherri Steger, Kelley Clark and

Wren Martin, as well as to all my DMs: I want to say thank you. My

success has been a result of you and your hard work. Keep going

and the keys to the Mercedes-Benz will be yours soon.

To my husband: You have always been my biggest supporter and

encourager … thank you and I love you.

Before you decide on a future with Arbonne, it is important to know

why you want to join this business. What are your goals Once you

clearly define them for yourself, then you will be ready to jump in

and give it 100 percent. Along the path to success, you need to do

some key things. Learn all you can about the business. List and

consider the people you want to come along with you. And then be

a friend and a partner to all those who join you. After that, you can

have fun and enjoy the ride.

NVP Stephanie Anderson, Linda and ERVP Leslee Neilus.


The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.

AM Kelley Clark, Linda and Bonnie.


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