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Stories and news about how Kempe is leading the fight against child abuse and neglect,

and how your support is making all the difference in these young lives.

A publication of the


starts at the top.

Spring 2009

Dear Friends,

We did it! After years of planning,

fundraising, scratching our heads, and

just plain hard work…we have moved

to the new Kempe Center in the Gary

Pavilion at The Children’s Hospital on the

Anschutz Medical Campus.

It is a wonderful new home and it

positions Kempe to continue our leadership role in the field

of child abuse for years to come. We are very inspired and

motivated to carry out our mission as part of the amazing

community of medical professionals on this campus.

That is the good news. What’s the bad news

Severe economic downturns like this one lead to spikes in child

abuse and domestic violence. Poverty and economic stress

are significant reasons why. That is the stark reality of today

for thousands of vulnerable children and families right here in

Colorado. The rate of abuse this year in Colorado has surely

risen to over one child per hour, every hour of every day. The

calls we receive related to current abused related needs have

risen 300% from this time last year!

At the same time, our ability to help maltreated kids is

hampered by those same economic forces creating a perfect

storm of need which outweighs resources. Abused children

depend on us for protection and healing more than ever.

Our challenge is to generate more resources in a time of

retrenchment. We embrace that challenge by working harder,

smarter, and with a heightened sense of purpose!

You are making tough financial choices at home. We get that

and wanted to let you know we are too. Here are some things

we have done to become leaner and more efficient at Kempe.

1) Through various cost cutting measures, we reduced our

operating expenses by 15% compared to last year. We have

the lowest Foundation operating expenses since 2001.

2) The Foundation team is taking six furlough (unpaid) days

between now and June 30 to meet budget and we have

reduced staffing by 10%.

3) The generous Kempe team is not asking for mileage

reimbursements and financial gifts from the staff back to

Kempe are the highest they have been in years… because

they believe so strongly in helping no matter what the


We want every extra penny to go to helping kids during these

difficult times. We know you do too. Please do what you can

do to help abused kids right now… they need you.

Thanks for all you do,

Jesse F. Wolff

President and CEO

P.S. Please call me directly at 303-864-5304 to get involved

with Kempe!

The mission of The Kempe Foundation is to increase awareness, engage in advocacy and secure and provide resources

for the work of The Kempe Center for The Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect.

A p r i l i s C h i l d A b u s e P re v e n t i o n M o n t h

We’ve Moved

After 11 prominent years at the Georgia and Walt Imhoff Pavilion,

The Kempe Center and Kempe Foundation for the Prevention

and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect has entered into

a new era by moving to a new 48,000 s.f. facility at The Gary

Pavilion at the Children’s Hospital on the Anschutz Medical


The move allows Kempe to be amongst a renowned medical

center of excellence and enhance its collaboration with The

Children’s Hospital and work more closely with colleagues at the

University of Colorado at Denver.

Dedication and Grand Opening

The Kempe staff is hosting a dedication and grand opening

ceremony for guests to see our brand new home on the

Anschutz Campus in Aurora.

Honored guests included members of Dr. C. Henry Kempe’s

family and the many people dedicated to ending child abuse

and neglect. Light refreshments will be served.

Thursday, April 16, 3:00 - 6:00 pm

The Kempe Center

The Gary Pavilion at The Children’s Hospital

13123 E. 16th Ave.

Aurora, CO 80045

April Is Child Abuse

Prevention Month

Last year in the United States, nearly 1 million

children where reported victims of child abuse

and neglect; 10,000 of those children were

victims in Colorado alone. Essentially, every

hour, a child is abused in our state.

April is national Child Abuse Prevention Month.

In recognition of this important month, The

Kempe Foundation has created the “Get Your Blue On”

campaign to raise awareness in the community around the

critical issue of child abuse and neglect and to educate the

public on its prevention.

*Blue is the awareness color for child abuse prevention.

It is our responsibility as a community to build a safe

and nurturing environment so that our young people can

realize their full potential. During the month we restore

our commitment to preventing child abuse and neglect

and pledge ourselves to working together to ensure that all

children have a happy and hopeful future.

We urge you to get involved because we can each play a

role in helping families find the strength they need to raise

safe and healthy children.

Here are some things you can do:

Wear a blue ribbon during the month. Call or email Kempe

and we will provide you with a blue ribbon pin. Contact:

Ciandra Mills, 303-864-5317 or mills.ciandra@kempe.org.

Help a family that is feeling stressed. Offer to babysit, help

with chores and errands, or suggest resources like The

Kempe Center or The Children’s Hospital.

Be a role model to children in your community. A smile or

a word of encouragement can mean a lot, whether it comes

from a parent or an adult in the neighborhood.

Be active in your community. Lend a hand at local schools,

community or faith-based organizations, children’s

organizations, social service agencies, or other places

where families and children are supported.

Learn how to recognize and report signs of child abuse and

neglect. Reporting your concerns may protect a child and

get help for a family who needs it.

Visit www.kempe.org for more information, tips and

resources for April Child Abuse Prevention Month.

w w w . k e m p e . o rg • 2

Fostering Healthy Futures Panel Night

Fostering Healthy Futures, a Kempe program that promotes

positive development among nine-eleven-year-olds placed

in foster care, has received national attention and acclaim

for its work. Fostering Healthy Futures is paving the

way for brighter futures for pre-teens.

This program has provided free mental health

evaluations for nearly 400 children in out-ofhome

care over the past six years. Of these, over

130 children have been enrolled in an intensive

nine-month program, where they’re assigned a

mentor and attend weekly therapeutic skills

groups. Fostering Healthy Futures

provides a place where children can

process their feelings about being

in out-of-home care and learn skills

to cope with these difficult feelings

and life changes. One powerful

program component occurs when the

FHF children organize Panel Night.

Panel Night is an evening in which adults,

who lived in some type of out of home care

as children, are invited to come and talk to

the children about their experiences growing

up in foster care. The children plan and

prepare the entire evening.

“The children really take ownership over the event.

They create and mail the invitations, organize dinner

arrangements, decorate the room, and develop questions

to ask the panelists,” says Becky Gennerman-Schroeder,

Clinical Coordinator for Fostering Healthy Futures.

Questions range from, “Did you like your foster care

or kinship placements” and “Did you think it was your

fault you were removed” to “Do you still talk to your

foster parents” and “Are you still mad at your biological

parents” The children also ask advice from the panelists

on how to cope with their situations and how to remain

positive. Many panelists proclaim that they “adopted”

adults. They sought out positive adults and role models

who cared about them and their well being.

Panel Night consists of dinner and one hour of questions.

“I usually encourage the shyer children to ask the first few

questions. All of the children are very engaged the entire

night,” says Becky. Even after the end

of Panel Night, the children stay and

ask more questions of the panelists.

“The children are very grateful and feel very connected

to the panelists. I’ve often seen the children hug the

panelists,” says Becky.

Not only is Panel Night a positive experience

for the children, but also for the panelists. Past

participants report that this has been a very

positive and powerful experience for them.

Most have come back year after year to

speak again.

“We have panelists that have been

speaking since the beginning of the

program over six years ago,” says


The panelists come from all

walks of life and have very diverse

backgrounds and experiences. They

were all placed in out-of-home care but

went on to attend college, enter into thriving

career fields and start families. Despite the

challenges they faced, the panelists endured,

which resulted in successful futures. Most

of the panelists feel speaking to the children is

a great way to give back to their communities.

The overall consensus from the panelists seems

to be that they wished there was a program

like Fostering Healthy Futures when they were

growing up.

Tracy Rivera has been a panelist for seven years.

“I am involved in Panel Night because I believe

it is a wonderful opportunity for the children to

sit in a room with adults who have had similar

life experiences. It is very healing for me to

share some of the painful experiences of

childhood and know that it may help the

children sitting in the room,” says Tracy.

One common theme during Panel Night is coping

with abandonment and understanding that they have the

Continued on next page

w w w . k e m p e . o rg • 3

option to make positive choices for themselves in life.

“Abandonment often makes you feel like you’re always in

it alone. To sit in a room full of adults who have survived

lets the children know they are not the only one. I even find

myself healing a little more every year,” says Tracy.

During the most recent Panel Night, a child wrote in large

letters on her paper “You are not alone” after a Panelist

made this statement to the group. Another child reported,

“I really feel like if they can get through it, so can I.”

“I am very passionate about speaking at Panel Night and

the Fostering Healthy Futures program. I know this program

is changing the lives of the children it serves. The trauma I

experienced during childhood was weight I carried around

with me for a long time. The weight finally started to lift

when I became at participant at Panel Night,” says Tracy.

Panel Night also allows the children to hear success stories,

increasing their sense of hopefulness for a positive future.

One child wrote in a card she made for the Panelists, “Thank

you for coming down to talk with us. It really means a lot.

You really gave us hope for the next part of our life.”

Panel Night at Kempe

Tracy feels the most important aspect of Panel Night is

giving the children hope and the ability to dream big.

“Because the children actually get to see people make it

through hard times and end up living happy and healthy

lives, it makes Panel Night extremely beneficial. I could not

be more proud to be involved.”

Exceptional Leadership

Working together to stop child abuse and neglect

It was the vision of Dr. C. Henry

Kempe that medical professionals,

business leaders and citizens come

together in the fight against child

abuse and neglect.

The strong alliance between The

Kempe Center and The Department of

Pediatrics at the University of Colorado

Denver School Of Medicine and The

Children’s Hospital is no accident and

has certainly withstood the test of


At the time of his discovery of the

“battered child syndrome,” Dr. C Henry

Kempe served as Chairman of the

Department of Pediatrics at the School

of Medicine.

In 1972, the issue of child

maltreatment was given much

4 • w w w . k e m p e . o rg

credence in the medical community

that Dr. Kempe was able to institute

The Kempe Center at the School of

Medicine, a unique facility dedicated

to treating abused and neglected


Since its inception, The Kempe Center

faculty has been acknowledged for

continuing contributions to reducing

Continued on next page

Continued: Exceptional Leadership

Working together to stop child abuse and neglect

child abuse. Through specialized programs, on-going

research and innovative treatment programs, Kempe

changes lives, impacts laws and perceptions, and

prevents future tragedies.

“The Kempe Center set the stage for first recognizing

and understanding child abuse across the country,” says

Dr. Stephen Daniels, Chairman of the Department of


And, one could only surmise that Dr. Kempe would be

beaming with pride to see the

exceptional leadership that

continues to help lead the way

for this tough issue.

The Department of Pediatrics

at the University of Colorado

Denver School of Medicine

The department led by Dr.

Daniels, has played a major role

in advancing the issue of child

abuse and neglect by retaining

highly talented professionals to

work at The Children’s Hospital,

the best pediatric hospital in

the world.

Dr. Daniels’ experience and

education is as impressive

and diverse as his staff. Dr.

Daniels earned his medical

degree from the University

of Chicago in 1977 and his

masters in public health from Harvard University in

1979. He completed his residency in pediatrics at

the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Daniels received numerous academic and clinical

appointments at the University of Cincinnati College of

Medicine and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical


In 2006, Dr. Daniels joined the University of Colorado

Denver School of Medicine as Chairman of the

Department of Pediatrics and Pediatrician-in-Chief.

He also serves as the L. Joseph Butterfield Chair in

Pediatrics at The Children’s Hospital.

Leading a move to change the world

In January 2009, The Kempe Center moved to the Gary

Pavilion at The Children’s Hospital to advance its mission

to protect more children.

“We are in walking distance of the Department of

Pediatrics and some of the

brightest medical minds,

expanding our capabilities

to help children and

families throughout the

country,” says Dr. Rob

Clyman, Executive Director

of The Kempe Center.

Dr. Daniels agrees that

Kempe’s move to the Gary

Pavilion was beneficial.

“The work of The Kempe

Center is important and

necessary. The model

of translating science

into practice that Kempe

follows is a model that the

Department of Pediatrics

is striving for,” says Dr.


When asked about what

he envisions about the future of The Kempe Center and

the child protection movement, Dr. Daniels was very


“I think Kempe will continue to lead the way as a

national leader in child abuse treatment, prevention and

research. Kempe is now in a great location to increase

visibility, ensuring the public understands the complex

issue of child abuse. I also think their efforts in advocacy

are changing laws and lives. Kempe is a true gem.”

w w w . k e m p e . o rg • 5


and your generous gifts are changing kids lives.

Contributions made from July 2008 to March 2009


The Humphreys Foundation

Global Impact UBS Foundation USA

Ms. Martha L. Bennett

Abiding Hope Lutheran Church

Adams County

All Copy Products

Alpha Rho Conclave, Eta State


Arthouse Design

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AXA Foundation

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Brownell Bailey Family Fund

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The Child Rescue Foundation

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Cook Street Consulting, Inc.

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Koelbel Family Foundation

Lambda Conclave, Upsilon State

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Raphael Levy Memorial Foundation

Lockton Companies

Logan County Department of Social Services

Ludlow-Griffith Fund

Macy’s West Foundation

Macy’s West G.I.F.T.

William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, Inc.

The Helen M. McLoraine Kempe Children’s

Foundation Endowment Fund

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Motion Products LLC

North Area Newcomers & Social Club

Northfield Trading L.P.

Peepers Optical

Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation

PIC Division, The Children’s Hospital

Policy-Studies Inc.

Primrose School at Shadow Canyon

Prowers County Department of Social


Radiology Imaging Associates

RKM Technologies, Inc.

UCSOM Department of Pediatrics

University of Denver

Venoco, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

Wagner Equipment Co.

Webroot Software

Weld County Social Services


Drs. Ralph D. and Elizabeth L. Aarons

Ronald and Miriam Abreu

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Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Litman

Mr. Donald L. Little

Mr. John E. Litz

Ms. Kari Litz

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Liu

Mr. Jeff Livak

Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Lobenhofer

Drs. Charles and Gretchen Lobitz

Ms. Amanda Lofland

Mr. Rex Logan and Ms. Amy Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Long

Mr. Roy Lopez

Ms. Colette B. Lottor

Mr. Michael Love

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lozow

Mr. John Mackey

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Medley

Mr. Shawn Merkel

Ms. Linda M. Middleton

Mr. Larry Miller

Mr. Sherman Miller and Ms. Mary Sullivan

Jerry Minerich

Mr. and Mrs. Pres Minnick

Mr. and Mrs. Randal S. Mitchell

Ms. Ronnie A. Mitzner

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Mohatt

Mr. Donald Johnson and Mrs. Arlene


Charlie and Vanessa Monfort

Mr. Dick Monfort

Ms. Veronica Montoya

Ms. Norma Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore

Ms. Cynthia L. Mordue

Renae and Richard Morrish

Ms. Shari Mudrow

Ms. Barb Muklebust

Ms. Donna L. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. E. Reed Myer

Marcia Gold Naiman Fund

Dr. Ray R. Nassimbene

Peter and Marilyn Neukirch

Ms. Stephanie Neves

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Newcomb

Ms. Linda Nicolette

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Nicoll

Laurie and Donald Nielsen

Ms. Mary Petryszyn

Mr. Paul Piciocchi

The Honorable and Mrs. Charles D. Pierce

Mrs. Margaret Platte

Ms. Anne Playter

Lisa Porcella and Robert Douglas

Mr. Hal Pottle

Mr. David A. Price

Mr. Mike Pritchard

Mr. Rod Pugliese

Mr. John B. Quam

Ms. Roxanne Quam

Ms. Linda C. Quattrochi

Ms. Lorii K. Rabinowitz

Martha Records and Richard Rainaldi

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Rainer

Ms. Karen Behrents Ramey

Ms. Jody Randall

Mr. Jeffrey Rasp

Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Ratliff

Susan Grant Raymond

Mr. Daniel Rebhun

Ms. Betty L. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Reeves

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reid

Ms. Leslie Reingold and Mr. Thomas


Mr. and Mrs. David Repka

Mr. Don Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Richter

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert J. Samford

Mr. Douglas Sampson

Mr. Donald Sass and Ms. Eleanor Perry

Dick Saunders

Mr. Rick Sauser

David and Robin Savitz

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schaffer

Mr. Al Scheopner

Dr. and Mrs. Donald W. Schiff

Ms. Christine R. Schmidt

Ms. Sharon Schonhaut

Mr. Jack Schroeder

Ms. Jennifer Schumm

Ms. Carole Schwartz

Ms. Patricia M. Scully

Ms. Ashleigh Sedbrook

Ms. Susan K. Shaner

Mr. Tony Sharp

Mr. Rick Sharpnack

Mr. and Mrs. George Shaw

Ms. Mary M. Shay

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sheldon

Mr. Scott Sherwood

S Y. Shin

Ms. Sally S. Shotwell

Norma Shultz

Mr. and Mrs. John Siegesmund

Ms. Beth Sigurdsson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simmons

Mr. Bruce McGrath and Mrs. Nancy


Bill and Melissa Mackiernan

Dr. Gary L. Niemann

Donald and Karen Ringsby

Mr. Glen Simpson

Ms. Radhika Mahanty

Mr. Roland D. Nitzel

Ms. Andrea Risch

The Singerman Family

Ms. Alice Malone

Corey Nook

Mrs. Suzanne Robinson

Dr. Andrew P. Sirotnak

8 • w w w . k e m p e . o rg

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sladek

Mary Johnson Vockrodt

In Memory of Ben Graebel

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mitchell

Mr. Edwin S. Small

Ms. Madonna J. Vogt

Howard and Carol Torgove

Mr. John Raycraft

Mr. Scot Smith and Mrs. Susan Blake-Smith

Ms. Barbara Vollmer, Ph.D.

In Memory of Tanisha Jenkins

Mr. Scott Shwayder

Ms. Debra E. Smith

Mr. Stephen Voray

Dr. Lynn and Lisa Taussig

Mr. John Sweeney

Ms. Frances G. Smith

Ms. Lynn Voss

Ms. Marilyn Vaughn

Dana Starbuck and Terence Waldie

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith

Ms. Abbe Wachs

In Memory of Joshua Lingle

Mr. and Mrs. William Wipperman

Ms. Shauna Smith

Ms. Marilyn Waldman

Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Churchman

In Honor of Mary and Dick Krugman

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Smith

Ms. Paula Wales

In Memory of Al Singerman

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Bernau

Mr. Tom Smith

James and Lucy Wallace

The Singerman Family

In Honor of Kwiecinski/Yengst Wedding

Mr. David Sobb

Mr. Robert W. Wallace

In Memory of Ines Wilson

Ms. Carol Kwiecinski

Steve and Ryta Sondergard

Mr. Ken Wallenta

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Donahue

In Honor of Sera Lee

Ms. Kristen Sonsma

Marty Soudani

Ms. Christine Sperry

Mr. John Spiegleman

Ms. Beth Stefl

Mrs. Kent P. Steines

Mr. Ryan Stelzner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Stem

Ms. Sabrina Ste-Marie

Mr. Theodore J. Stephens, III

Marguerite Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Stone

Ms. Lynn Strong and Mr. Bob Linscott

Ms. H. J. Stross

Jessica and Brian Stutz

Ms. Andrea R. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L. Swartz

Mrs. Mary G. Symonton

Mr. and Mrs. Otavio R. Tabacchi

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Tallmadge

Dr. Lynn and Lisa Taussig

Mr. Brett Miller and Dr. Heather N. Taussig

Ms. Lynn Thomas

Mr. Greg Thomas

Mr. David A. Thomason

Ms. Sheila M. Thompson

Ms. Carolyn Thomson

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thorson

Mr. Ross Tillman and Ms. Marta Pierpoint

Keith and Darnel Topinka

Dr. and Mrs. Mitsuo Tottori, M.D.

Ms. Debbie Trainor

Kelly Trotter

Mr. John B. Trueblood

Anne Trujillo and Mike Kalush

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Utter

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Valore-Caplan

Ms. Sandra Walling

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh

Mr. William E. Walters and Ms. Christy Cutler

Ms. Bonnie Warner

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Weigand

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Weiner

Ms. Pamela J. Wharton

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Harry Whipple

Jamie White

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Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams

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Lindsey and Cary Zimmerman

Mr. Daniel Zimmerman

Ms. Jennifer Zinn


In Memory of Maxine Berlinger

Mr. Raymond Sokugawa

In Memory of Mother-in-law Malene Bible

Mimi Bible

In Memory of George Dangleis

In Honor of Ron and Miriam Abreu’s 25th


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennett

In Honor of Jim and Pamela Basey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coalson

In Honor of Marcia and Josh Batchelder

Ms. Elise Allen

In Honor of Laura Christman

Ms. Ann Sweet

In Honor of Joyce and Bob Coalson

Mr. and Mrs. James Basey

In Honor of Child Protection Team

Ms. Jordana Ash and Mr. Oliver Lignell

Ms. Nancy Plummer

Ms. Ayelet Talmi and Mr. Daniel Hettleman

In Honor of Angela DellaSalle

Jim and Pamela Basey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coalson

John, Spencer, and Julia DellaSalle

Clayton and Duncan Kenney

Jan-Willem and Amy Van Den Dijssel

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Dr. D. Dunbar Ivy

In Honor of Pat McNamara

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In Honor of Laura Merrill-Levy

Ms. Marilyn S. White-Redmond

In Honor of Baby Shower Gift for

Jeannette Neubeiser

Ms. Caryn Coleman

In Honor of Kate Neubeiser’s Christening

Ms. Melissa Emery

In Honor of Laurie Nielsen

Ms. Dana Miller

In Honor of Marty Remke’s Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Veazey

In Honor of Madelaine Rohan

Mr. Robert Rohan

In Honor of Lyn Schaffer’s Alliance


David and Glory Weisberg

In Honor of Ryta Sondergard’s Alliance


David and Glory Weisberg

In Honor of Dr. Lynn Taussig’s speedy


Mr. and Mrs. David J. Miller

In Honor of Juanita Tuntevich

Ms. Debra Wilbur

In Honor of The Van Den Djissels

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In Honor of Kathryn Wells, MD

Dr. Andrew P. Sirotnak

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In Honor of Morgan Woodward

Ms. Kathleen Schmidtke


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Ashley Horan

All Copy Products

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In Memory of Karen Eastwood

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Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

Ms. Melissa Vizcarra

Evelyn Yingling

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lowen

Cat Care Society

w w w . k e m p e . o rg • 9

The Child Rescue Foundation

Ms. Leona Cohen

Colorado Business Bank

Colorado Rapids Soccer Club

Colorado Snow and Ice Management LLC

Cordillera Energy Partners

Ms. Andrea Crispe

Ms. Amy Daily

Ms. Jen Dailey

Ms. Jeanne Desautels

Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. French

Ms. Sandi Garcia

Ms. Sandra Hagen Solin

Ms. Lyn Hall

Ms. Marcy Hannon

Ms. Lacey Hayden

Mr. Joel Hendrickson

Ms. Julie Holland

Imerica Life and Health Insurance

Infinity Park

Jackson National Life Insurance

Ms. Jami Johnson

Ms. Patty Kelly

Mr. Scott Krawic

Kroenke Sports Enterprises

Ms. Rachel Lindsey

Ms. Radhika Mahanty

Mr. Barry McBride

Mr. Brendan McNicholas

Mr. Sean McNicholas

Montessori School of Washington Park

Motion Products LLC

Mr. Frank Nessinger

Ms. Stephanie Neves

Ms. Linda Nicolette

Ms. Meg Osbourn

Ms. Anne Playter

Ms. Ashleigh Sedbrook

Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church

Dr. Andrew P. Sirotnak

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. George Solich

Jessica and Brian Stutz

Kamil Tazi

U.S. Bank

Ms. Melissa Vizcarra

Mr. Stephen Voray

Ms. Valerie Zanon


Mr. William DeLisio

Ms. Jane Howland

Ms. Catherine Kornbrust

Ms. Nancy Stuke

Ms. Carolyn Thomson

Sana Wood

Kempe Chronicles is published three

times a year by The Kempe Foundation

for the Prevention and Treatment of

Child Abuse and Neglect at 13123 E.

16th Ave., B390 Aurora, CO 80045

Grant Recognition

The Kempe Foundation continuously receives support from

various donors throughout the year. These donors make it

possible for The Kempe Foundation and Center to provide the

care and services to Kempe children and families and work

toward the ultimate goal of bringing an end to child abuse and


Donors to the Capital Campaign have helped to fund Kempe’s

move to The Gary Pavilion at The Children’s Hospital at the

Anschutz Medical Campus. This move allows us to continue

to work in collaborative relationships with the experts at The

Children’s Hospital and The University of Colorado Denver

School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics. Recent donors to

the Capital Campaign include:

The El Pomar Foundation - $50,000

The Bonfils–Stanton Foundation - $25,000

The Raphael Levy Memorial Foundation - $25,000

The Kempe Foundation has also received donations to help

fund general operations of The Foundation and The Center.

These donors include:

The Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation - $20,000

Hewit Family Foundation - $15,000

Recent donors have also made donations to support specific

programs of The Kempe Center. These donations include:

Colorado Rockies Charities Fund - $20,000 (Fostering

Healthy Futures)

Riverfront Park Community Foundation - $10,000 (Child

Protection Team)

We would like to recognize these donors and thank them for

their support in the fight against child abuse.

The Kempe Foundation Board of Directors

Steven A. Cohen, Chair

Anschutz Investment Company

Walter F. Imhoff

Community Leader

Richard C. Saunders

Saunders Construction, Inc.

Jesse F. Wolff

The Kempe Foundation

Jon B. Kruljac, Vice Chair

Bathgate Capital Partners

Gail B. Johnson, Secretary

Community Leader

Kenneth A. Friednash, Treasurer

Dakota Fresh-Mex, LLC

Reynolds Cannon

Windsor Capital Partners, LLC

Robert B. Clyman, MD

The Kempe Center

Stephen R. Daniels, PhD, MD

CU School of Medicine/The

Children’s Hospital

John D. Faught, Esq.

Fognani & Faught

Georgia R. Imhoff

Community Leader

Ruby Kadota, MD

Colorado Permanente Medical


Wendy V. Kane

Mantucket Capital Management

Agatha Kessler

Fentress Architects

Richard D. Krugman, MD

CU School of Medicine

Bill Mackiernan

Miller Weingarten Realty, LLC

Tate McCoy

Lockton Companies

Martha Rubi

International Investments

Company (Intervestco)

David B. Savitz, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Mark Smith

M.J. Smith & Associates

Ryta Sondergard

The Kempe Foundation Alliance

Lisa L. Taussig

Community Leader

Dylan Taylor

Grubb & Ellis

Howard H. Torgove

Magna Associates Liquidating


Kareina Westlund

US Bank

Harry Whipple

Denver Newspaper Agency


Chris Christmas

Dean Prina, MD

Jeannie Ritter, First Lady of


Landri C. Taylor

Anne Trujillo


Jules Amer, MD

John Elway

Frances Owens, Former First Lady

of Colorado

1 0 • w w w . k e m p e . o rg



Third Wednesday of every month. 5:30 to 6:30 pm, in The Kempe Therapeutic Preschool. Learn how you can make a

difference in the fight against child abuse and neglect. Contact Beth Stefl at 303.864.5315 or stefl.beth@kempe.org.


Kempe Champs is a group of young professionals, age 21-40, who support the mission of The Kempe Foundation. The

Kempe Champions have become a key component in generating event attendance, awareness, and support among

our young community leaders. If you’re interested in becoming a Kempe Champ, please contact Mae Desaire at

303.864.5316 or desaire.mae@kempe.org.


Get ready to laugh because two comic geniuses are coming to Denver to “Stand Up!” for Kempe kids. The Kempe

Foundation’s largest fundraiser will feature Last Comic Standing winner Josh Blue and award-winning comedian

Kathleen Madigan.

Dinner, dessert, and a hilarious show, all to benefit the kids at Kempe. What more could we ask for With prices

ranging from $42.00 - $250.00 there are a variety of dinner and ticket packages to suit anyone’s special night out on

the town. Go to www.getyourblueon.org to purchase tickets and for more event details:

Saturday, April 25, at 8:00 pm

The Temple Buell Theatre

The Kempe Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

The Kempe Foundation is proud to announce the

appointment of four new board members – Ruby Kadota,

Martha Rubi, Dylan Taylor and Kareina Westlund.

We are honored to have these incredible members of our

philanthropic community join Kempe.

Ruby Kadota – associate medical director for human

resources for Colorado Permanente Medical Group. In 2003,

Ms. Kadota won the C. Henry Kempe Award for Outstanding

Clinical Teacher and she currently serves on the American

Board of Pediatrics.

Martha Rubi – founder of International Investments Company

(Intervestco), a business consulting group working with

Latin America and Spanish companies entering the United

States market. Ms. Rubi has served as chair of the Denver

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is currently on the

boards of the Museo de las Americas, Colorado Succeeds,

and the Denver chapter of Catholic Charities USA.

Dylan Taylor – president, Global Client Services for Grubb

& Ellis Company. He also serves as President and CEO of

Grubb & Ellis Management Services, Inc. Mr. Taylor is an

experienced philanthropist and his record of charitable

leadership includes: March of Dimes, Community Health

Charities of Colorado, and his service on the Kempe Advisory


Kareina Westlund – senior vice president and regional

manager of US Bank. Ms. Westlund has held this position

since 2008 and has been with US Bank for nearly six years.

Her community leadership extends all the way to Salt Lake

City where she is also a board member for the Salt Lake

Neighborhood Housing Youth Works board.

We welcome these community leaders to Kempe and look

forward to the great work we will be doing with them in the

coming years!

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