Schultz Elementary School: “Shape Up Schultz—Get on Track ...

Schultz Elementary School: “Shape Up Schultz—Get on Track ...

ong>Schultzong> ong>Elementaryong> ong>Schoolong>: “Shape ong>Upong> ong>Schultzong>—Get on Track!”

$25,000—“Lead the Spark”

Sherri Davenport, Yvonne Clark, Page Johnson, Genevieve Forsch, Amanda Gradney,

Suzanne Christian, Janna Pasche, Katie Steele

An increase in the use of the current athletic track by the school’s “Jogging Club,” families’ use,

after school, along with both drought and heavy rainfalls has caused the track to become unsafe.

This grant will help rebuild the track so that students, their families and community members can

participate in several activities that promote physical fitness: Warm up Laps, Timed Mile Runs,

Eagle Miles, Dream Mile, Cycling and Rollerblading Units. This project will continue the work

of the National Association of ong>Schoolong> Nurse’s Grant and United Health Foundation who have

committed funds to this project and its objectives of improved physical health and well-being for

students and their families.

Lemm ong>Elementaryong>: “Looking to Write”


Megan Dickerson

Funds for this grant will help fourth grade students participate in the “Looking to Write,” tour

program at Museum of Fine Arts at Houston. At the museum, they will discover that both art and

writing communicate stories. At the MFAH, they will break into small groups, led by teacher and

parent volunteer and “look, think, and share” ideas on an activity guide provided by the museum.

They will use these ideas to create original stories to share with their classmates and parents—a

process that will help them gain confidence as writers.

Krahn ong>Elementaryong>: “Write On!”


Sherry Fitzgerald, Heather Kolon, Brenda Parker

Research supports the idea that structured handwriting instruction leads to improved writing

performance which leads to improved academic success. This grant will purchase the

“Handwriting Without Tears” program for pre-K, Kindergarten students, including English

Language Learners (ELL) youngsters. They will learn handwriting through an exciting, multisensory

approach that engages them with music, movement, and manipulatives that strengthen

fine motor skills as they learn to write.

Metzler ong>Elementaryong>: “The Easel Way to Write”


Carol Frazier, Lori Westgard, Dionne Burton, Linda Cabbell, Kathleen Bicknell

This grant will fund a “special place in the room” where students can gather together to become

a community of writers—a close-up and personal way to become active participants in the

writing process, recommended by author and teacher, Lucy Calkins in her book, Launching the

Writing Workshop. Students in the second, third and fourth grades will benefit from sitting

around 15 easels and writing pads while their teachers “model” lessons in a daily, small group

writing workshops where teachers and youngsters will participate in more productive “modeled”

lessons and independent writing activities.

Klein Instructional Center: “PASS Around the Social Skills”


Kirsten Allman, Kelle McClay, Kelly Kitchen, Raelynn Trehern

Funds from this grant will purchase social skills kits for Adaptive Behavior and PASS (Positive

Approach to Student Success) programs in Klein ISD. Each kit will include picture books, novels

and social skills activities. As students “identify” with characters in the stories and participate in

“read-alouds,” they will discuss and understand the decision making process for solving

problems through appropriate communication instead of inappropriate behaviors. Teachers will

also receive training in how to use these resources so that students can remain in the general

education setting as much as possible.

Klein Forest High ong>Schoolong>: “AP Boot Camp”


A.Danae Perez, Donna Tollett, Alison Dawe, Antoinette Hernandez, Twyla Bozeman

The “AP Boot Camp,” funded by this grant, will target students in AP World History, Language

& Composition, and Calculus classes. Students, recruited through classroom visits and

recommendations from the lead counselor, will attend a 3 day camp before school starts where

they will learn study skills, test taking strategies, SAT preparation techniques, and vocabulary

important to success in these areas through a variety of instructional activities. In addition,

students will also attend “tune-up” sessions during the fall and spring semesters to reinforce

mastery of foundational concepts necessary for their success in these challenging classes.

Lemm ong>Elementaryong>: “Keeping It Hands On!”


Mona Mondin, Trisha Averkiades, Kathy Brown, Claudessa English, Kristy Morris

To update the current science lab, this grant will purchase new terrariums, aquariums, wind

vanes and rain gauges, current models of the solar system, sound records and “flip” cameras.

This new equipment will provide youngsters with a multisensory approach to learning so they

develop a relevant vocabulary and build their learning of science skills. Selected teachers who

will receive training from Rice University and “Discovery Education,” “Brain Pop” and

“Explore Learning” will take students on virtual field trips to experience science “firsthand,” and

enrich their understanding and love of science.

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