See the invitation - Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster

See the invitation - Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster

MAY 28 TH –29 TH 2013



This year we are bringing

our flagship Cleantech

Venture Day event

to Malmö in Sweden

extending the Nordic

cooperation and making

the conference, organised

for the seventh time

in 2013, even more


DAY 1 | May 28

Venue: TBC


10:00–12:00 VENUE: XX VENUE: XX

Venue: Malmö Slagthus

Value Capture and Investability:

The KeyStone Compact

A pre-event session with Prof. Peter

Adriaens, University of Michigan-

Ross School of Business walking us

through a case example of a company

evaluation using the Key Stone

Compact, designed to determine

investability and value capturing

potential of a company. Some of

the recent Nordic success stories

like Beneq and Eniram have passed

through this evaluation with bright

colors. A ‘light’ version of the

method will be available on-line for

self-assessment and demonstrated.

China – Nordic Investor Summit

An investor-only session where

Nordic and European investors meet

the leading Chinese financial and

industrial actors interested in cleantech

opportunities in the Nordics

and discuss issues such as direct VC

investments, fund investments and

frameworks for financial cooperation.

This session is organized as a

follow-up to the Nordic Cleantech

Showcases that were held in Shanghai

and Hong Kong earlier this year

and raised a lot of interest.

International Start-up Day

The first day’s programme is devoted entirely to the future: most successful incubators with

cleantech focus from the Nordics and abroad talking about developments on their home markets;

and up-and-coming cleantech start-ups presenting their cases. New financing forms such as

crowd-funding and new VC funds are also a part of this day’s discussion.

13.30 Registration opens


14:15–14:30 International Start-up Day

Welcome and introduction

Magnus Agerström, Managing Director of Cleantech Scandinavia

14:30–16:00 Incubators and start-up pitches – Part 1

16:00–16:10 Crowd Funding – The new Gold-Rush for Cleantech

Will crowd funding work for technology companies, and how to make it

work Or what a technology company should consider before getting into

crowd funding adventure

KeyNote Speaker: Markku Jussila, Kansalaisrahoitus

A brand new funding company in Finland that offers citizens the opportunity

to crowd fund start-ups and SMEs

16:10–16:40 New VC Funds

Raising new funds has been challenging in the past couple of years and we

have invited those who were successful in doing so to discuss their expectations

on the upcoming portfolio, as well as expectations of their own financiers.

Have things changed in the way VCs are approaching cleantech

Panel: Jussi Palmroth, VNT Management

Josko Bobanovic, Green Seed Fund Sofinnova Partners

Nicolas Chaudron, Electranova Capital

16:40–18:00 Incubators and start-up pitches Part 2

18:30-21:00 Dinner (Venue tbc)

DAY 2 | May 29

Venue: Malmö Slagthus

08:00 Registration

Exhibition area opens


08:30–09:30 Speed-Dating Session – Investors and Cleantech Companies Only

One-on-one meetings. Matching against entrepreneurs’ and investors’/

industrials’ own criteria. Each investor/industrial & entrepreneur can have

maximum 12 four minutes’ meetings. (Pre-registration required)

09:30–10:00 Networking break


10:00–10:15 Welcome to the Cleantech Venture Day 2013

Cleantech Dealflow Trends in 2013

Co-hosting the day:

Nina Harjula, Development Manager, Finnish Cleantech Cluster

Magnus Agerström, Managing Director, Cleantech Scandinavia

10:15–11:00 SEMINAR 1

Economic Development and Green Growth: Cleantech in the Changing


Two inspiring keynote speakers sharing their views on the current economic

situation and how cleantech is fitting into the big picture. What is needed to

make sure not only economic growth but also green growth will happen.

Keynote speakers:

Esko Aho, Harvard University, USA/Finland

Mohan Guruswamy, Chairman of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, India


11:10–12:10 DEALFLOW 1

Companies 1 – 5

12:10 – 13:30 Lunch



Companies 6 – 10


13:30 – 14:20 SEMINAR 2

Proof of Concept – Getting to the first paying customer

How do you finance the final stages of RD&D before your product is

proven commercially and is out on the market We are discussing the

key issues companies at this stage face and financing solutions that are

employed across Europe.

Moderator: Tarja Teppo, Cleantech Invest, Vigo Finland

Panelists to be confirmed.


14:30 – 15:30 DEALFLOW 3

Companies 11 – 15

15:30 – 16:00 Networking break



Companies 16 – 20


16:00 – 16:50 SEMINAR 3

It is time to Go Global – Case China

A session focused on China and cleantech opportunities there. Developing

local cleantech market.

Key Note Speaker: Changhua Wu, The Climate Group, China

Panelists to be confirmed.



17:00 – 18:00 DEALFLOW 5

Companies 21 – 25

18:00 – 20:00 Refreshments

Best CVD 2013 Pitches as seen by the VC-Jury

CleanDesign Award 2013


Companies 26 – 30

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