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The newsletter of BTeam Project



from the Project Manager

Sabine Kalke

Project Manager, B-TEAM

March 2012

This is the 4th issue of our B-Teamnews. The first quarter of

the year 2012 is a little bit quiet. Partners are busy preparing

their respective progress and financial reports. On the other

hand, the scheduled Brownfield Days in Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

in March 2012 has been postponed and rescheduled to

2-5 July 2012.

The first major activity for the year is the European Dissemination

Event (EDE) in Vilnius, Lithuania 26-27 April 2012.

However, there is a lot going on in the background- the preparation

of Brownfield Days in Dublin, Hajdú-Bihar and Belfast

as well as the Final Conference in Seville Spain, are on

their way.

Hoping you will enjoy the information provided in the



The newsletter of BTeam Project



European Dissemination


The fourth and the last European Dissemination Event

for all stakeholders of the B-Team project will take

place in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania 26- 27 April

2012 and will be hosted by the municipal government

of Vilnius.

The main objective of the event is to disseminate

the results of the B-Team project so far to a broader

public. The updates, results and recommendation of

the previously conducted Brownfield Days in Sevilla/

Spain, Dresden/ Germany and the recently held

Brownfield Days in the city last October 2010, will be

presented and discussed with all the project


Presentations of case studies from successful regeneration

projects from the region and across Europe will

form part of the programme. A political forum will be

organised for the partner cities political representatives

to discuss the results and lessons learned from the

project and possibly strengthen the political support

of the project initiatives.

The second day of the event will focus on the B-Team

exhibition, forum to exchange experience and Political

Café. Redevelopment of Brownfields in the context

of Vilnius Brownfield Days 2011 will be presented on

the day. An optional site visit for interested participants

will also be organised.


Latest of the INTERREG IVC

Good Practice Fair

We have published in our previous article that the

project’s good practice had been presented in the

Good Practice Fair in Krakow, Poland in November


Here we have attached the detailed report of the event

which will be useful for those who did not manage to

attend but would like to learn more about the content;

for those who participated, it is a good time to read

and remember what inspiring ideas have been collected

in Krakow and are worth taking on board this


• The report from event is available here (pdf).


Dublin meeting held

to strengthen cooperation

Due to its close proximity, partners from Dublin City

Council went to Belfast and met their counterparts in

Belfast City Council and discussed issues relevant to

the project as well as explored possibilities of working

together on a broader basis.

The meeting was held 12 February 2012 in the Cecil

Ward Building, Belfast City. This is the third occasion

that the partners have met since the project has

started. Part of the agenda was a discussion on the coming

Brownfield Days in Dublin as well as in Belfast,

participation at EDE in Vilnius, the partner financial

issues and the initiatives for the all Ireland Brownfield



The newsletter of BTeam Project



Final Conference

7-8 November 2012

We will continue to publish this message regarding the

project final conference. This is a special day for all the

partners as well as to all stakeholders of the B-Team

project, as it is the culmination of the 3-year project


The Final Conference is scheduled 7-8 November

2012 in Sevilla, Spain. It will be hosted by

the Spanish partner, Sevilla Global- Seville City


The online registration has just been

opened on the B-Team website.

Please follow the link at:



The newsletter of BTeam Project


Expert’s article

Brownfields environmental issues

Mattia Biasioli

University of Torino

DI.VA.P.R.A. - Chimica Agraria

In the process of Brownfield redevelopment, one of the

key issues is the environmental burden these sites bring

along as a consequence of the past industrial activities.

Very often, in fact, these areas are from moderately to

severely contaminated, and need remediation actions.

In particular, soils and groundwater may require remediation

before the risk related to the presence of contaminants

in these two environmental compartments

may be considered as acceptable for future users of

the area (i.e. new residents, citizens using a green area,

workers, etc.).

When remediation actions have to be taken, their

costs and efficiency are parameters which strongly

influence the redevelopment process of Brownfields.

In fact, if remediation costs are high, it can

be difficult to find a buyer/investor for the area or

additional costs are added to the selling price of new

commercial or residential units, making them less

attractive than other areas. On the other way round,

if costs are low but remediation techniques are not

efficient, the process risks to be lengthy or unsuccessful,

postponing the redevelopment of the area.

To overcome these issues, in the last decade efforts

were made in the scientific research to develop new

eco-friendly techniques which may lower remediation

costs without compromising their efficiency.

Among these techniques are bio- and phyto-remediation,

enhanced natural attenuation, air sparging,

bioventing, etc., which all use and enhance the natural

potential of soils and groundwater to “self-clean”.

In fact, soils and groundwater are living environments

where natural processes such as microbial degradation

and plants uptake of contaminants can be

used, applied or enhanced to speed up the resilience

of the system.

Within the B-team project, the exchange of good practices

among Academic and City Partners also refers to

the transferability of eco-friendly remediation techniques

and demonstration activities to raise awareness

of city planners on the Environmental Issues related to

the process of Brownfield redevelopment and on the

options to be evaluated when selecting remediation


Experimental phytoremediation plots on a former industrial

area in Torino (Italy).



26-27 April

EDE Ruda, Lithuania

21-24 May

BD Dublin, Ireland

2-5 July

BD Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary

For more information, please visit: www.bteaminitiative.eu

or contact Sabine Kalke,

B-Team, Project Manager

at kalkes@belfastcity.gov.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9027 0690 Ext. 3515

Fax: +44 (0) 28 9027 0501

or at:

Belfast City Council

The Cecil Ward Building

4-10 Linenhall Street. Belfast BT2 8BP

Northern Ireland. United Kingdom

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