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From a complete kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel, to floor plans and lighting design, Kelley Barnett Interior Design in San Antonio will help you prioritize and transform your interiors into in the home of your dreams! Visit

Your Guide to Choosing

an Interior Designer

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Are you thinking about

hiring an interior designer

for your home Hiring an

interior designer will help

make your interior more

functional and beautiful,

as the designer can

determine space

requirements and select

decorative items, such as

colors, lighting, and


Whether your home is

large or small, classic or

modern, choosing the

right experienced interior

designer for your home

can make all the

difference. Use the tips

below to choose an

interior design expert and

transform your interiors

into in the home of your


Determine Your Needs

and Budget:

Before starting to search

for an interior designer,

analyze the scope of

your project. Decide

whether you’re looking

for a full-home

remodeling or simply

adding finishing touches

to your existing spaces.

Do Your Homework:

Check credentials and

ask to see a portfolio of

the interior designer.

Different designers

have certain specialties,

so make sure your

designer’s portfolio

reflects your desired


Choose Someone

Who Listens to Your

Needs: It’s important that

the designer you hire has

experience in working on

different designs,

concepts, and themes.

Moreover, you two might

have different ideas for

each room in your house,

so try to find someone

who listens and takes your

decorating opinions


Check for

Certifications and


Check that your

interior designer is

professionally certified

with your state. If any

red flags come up

during this

investigation, select a

different designer.

Find the Professional

Interior Designers in San


Whether you are in need

of a complete kitchen

renovation, a bathroom

remodeling, new

construction selections,

office design, restaurant

design, lighting design, or

CAD or hand drawings, call

Kelley Barnett Interior


Contact the Experienced Professional

Interior Designers in San Antonio

Kelley Barnett Interior Design, LLC

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