2011 August - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia


2011 August - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia

Den Danske Forening


August 2011

Traditional Christmas dinner at the Danish club 9 July 2011

photo: Alan Pryzbylak


Newsletter for the Danish Association ‘Heimdal’ – Established 1872



Contact details: 0437 612 913 www.danishclubbrisbane.org


We would love to share your news and stories. You are

welcome to send emails and other material to the

editor for publication. The closing date for the

September issue is 19 August 2011. We will

endeavour to publish all material submitted but

reserve the right to edit or not publish your

contribution. Any material published does not

necessarily reflect the opinion of the Danish Club or the


From the Editor

The past six months have been a busy time at

the club with many activities and events – and

I won’t even mention the renovation work.

As you know, it’s nearly completed, but there

are always a couple of issues to be finalised.

It felt good to celebrate the year that went

with a traditional Danish Christmas dinner in

the middle of the Australian winter and what

a night it was. With nearly 100 people to

feed, the kitchen was pressed to the limit, but

we did it. A special thank you to Peter and

Sigrid for preparing the ris a l’amande – how

good was that!

Webmaster: Peter Wagner Hansen

Phone: 0423 756394

Skype: pete.at.thebathouse

Email: wagner_ph@hotmail.com



Anja Chytraeus, Tewantin

Simon Johansen &

Michelle MacFarlane, Bulimba

Glenda Livingstone, Aspley





9 July – Winnie Andersen

22 July – Gudrun Tvede, Mount


7 August – Pia Neergaard, Maleny

14 August - Kim Tvede, Sherwood

Editor: Lone Schmidt

Phone: 07 3359 2026

Email: hoimark.schmidt@bigpond.com

When’s your birthday


What’s on at the Danish Club

Café Danmark 22 July 2011

from 6 pm

Come in and say hello to new and old friends and and try our tasty

‘smørrebrød’: the menu varies from time to time, but you’ll often find

‘rullepølse’ (spicy rolled pork), smoked salmon, roast beef, pate, roast

pork and ‘Esrom’ cheese. And yummy hot dogs. The bar is stocked with

fresh supplies of Tuborg and Carlsberg brewed in Denmark as well as

your favourite Australian beers. If you prefer a glass of wine with your

food, we have a good variety of whites, reds and sparkling on offer.

It’s also an opportunity to buy delicious Danish pastries, ryebread and

other specialty breads and organic biscuits direct from Britt’s Danish

Delights. Tea offers smallgoods and quality meats from Flemming, the

Danish butcher at Woolloongabba, as well as her own goodies including

remoulade and ‘hønsesalat’. It’s a good idea to order in advance and

pick up at the café.

Annual General Meeting 13 August 2011

at 2 pm

Join us for a glass of complimentary glögg and a couple of æbleskiver

and take part in the annual general meeting. Remember – it’s your club!

You’ll find the agenda and accounts in this newsletter.

Folkies Old & New at Heimdal 20 August 2011


6.30 for 7.30 pm start

Another fantastic line-up of performers – see back page for details

Café Danmark 26 August 2011

Legestue Every Friday 9.30-11.30

Kids’ Play Group and 1 st Sunday (7

August) from 10-12

The Danish play group is back in Austin Street. See contact details in the

newsletter or on Facebook – give your children an opportunity to speak

Danish and play with other children in their age group. And you can

catch up with the young Danes in Brisbane.

Need any snaps or other Danish or Scandinavian classics We can help you

source it.

Price list

Genuine Danish beer (made in Denmark) – Taste the difference

Tuborg Green 4.6% – 24 x 33 cl bottles $ 50

Tuborg Classic 4.6% – 24 x 33 cl cans $ 50

Carlsberg Beer 5%– 24 x 33 cl bottles $ 50


Jubilæum 100 cl $ 70

Jubilæum 70 cl $ 55

Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 100 cl $ 70

Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 70 cl $ 50

Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 50 cl (PET bottle) $ 35

Aalborg Porse 70 cl $ 50

Aalborg Export 70 cl $ 50

Brøndum 100 cl $ 65


Gammel Dansk 100 cl $ 65

How to order and pay:

By email hoimark.schmidt@bigpond.com

By phone 0437 612 913 or 3359 2026

Payment by EFT to Heimdal’s account at Suncorp

BSB 484-799 Account 02495 1468

Payment by cheque issued to Heimdal and mailed to treasurer:

Lone Schmidt, 24 Ashley Road, Chermside West QLD 4032


Now we have also sourced herring, cod roe, salmon paste, Danish lumpfish caviar and

other goodies for our members – buy them at the July cafe

Falkeskog Onion Herring 630g $ 9

Falkeskog Anchovy Spiced Herring 630g $ 9

Viking Matjes Herring 550g $ 9

Viking Black Lumpfish Caviar 50g $ 5

Viking Salmon Paste 150g $ 5

Amanda Cod Roe (torskerogn) 200g $ 5

Malaco Gott & Blandat Original 150g $ 3

Tyrkisk Peber 150 g $ 3.50

Fazer Salmiakki Mix 180 g $ 4.50

Annual membership fees

The annual membership fees are due

on 1 July 2011 and you’ll now have

received a letter with the details.

Please help the club by paying your

membership fees promptly and

remember that you can only vote at the

upcoming Annual General Meeting if

your membership fees have been paid.

Also if we receive your membership fee

by 20 July 2011, you’ll participate in

the draw for a $100 dining voucher.

AGM 13 August 2011 at 2 pm

Glögg og æbleskiver

$10 per hour. The canteen opens

around 10am for food.

So Kim can organise equipment and

coaching, persons interested in

participating should contact Kim Tvede

(kim.tvede@gmail.com) at least a week

before each event to confirm their


Danish Church in Brisbane

Sunday 28 August 2011 2-5 pm

St Mark’s Lutheran Church, Mount

Gravatt East

Danish Church service followed by

annual general meeting

Vacancy on the Committee

Now’s the time for you to join the

committee and have some input in the

running of the club – it’s entertaining,

hard work at times and very

interesting, believe it or not!

Queensland Multicultural Festival


is scheduled for Sunday 16 October

2011 this year and the club has again

submitted an application to Brisbane

City Council. We’ll keep you updated.

Moose Hunt with Swedes Down

Under at Belmont

15 October 2011

Kim Tvede is coordinating this event

and have found out that we can have

Moose Shoot practice on the 3rd

Saturday of each month July, August

and September at the range. The cost

of participation would be $18 sign-on as

guest of a SSAA member, $10 for 10

clays and shotgun ammunition, $10 for

centrefire ammunition, and $5 for .22

ammunition and targets. We have some

firearms, with any extra needed costing

New Webmaster

After many years as webmaster for the

club, Aage is stepping back from the

keyboard. Many thanks Aage for your

dedication and hard work, without you

the club won’t have a website. Peter

Hansen will take over as new

webmaster. Any ideas are welcome –

email Peter.

A big thank you to Wilson Ross

Accountants for their help with the

club’s accounts

Get all your Danish Baked Goodies from Britt’s Bakery at Café DANMARK

4th Friday of each month

Authentic Danish Pastry & Organic Bread Products

Kringler, Smørtærter, Kanelstænger, Birkes, Rundstykker, Fuldkornsrugbrød,

Kransekagekonfekt, Småkager, Knækbrød og bagerens dårlige øje.

For information, order forms and delivery details, go to our website:


Unit 5/10 Energy Crescent, Molendinar QLD 4214 Ph: 07 5571 6881 Fax: 07 5571 6947

Email: order@brittsdanishdelight.com.au


Verdens ældste intakte vrag

På 100 meters dybde ligger skibet dernede i

Østersøen på et hemmeligt sted mellem de

svenske øer Gotland og Öland. Det er måske det

skib, den danske konge Valdemar Atterdag brugte

til at sejle skatte fra Gotland, som han

beslaglagde efter at have erobret øen og dens

hovedby Visby i 1361.

Marinearkæolog og vragdykker Erik Bjurström

troede ikke sine egne øjne, da han så

optagelserne fra havets dyb. Billederne viser

nemlig et helt intakt skrog.

"I givet fald vil det være verdens ældste intakte

vrag og muligvis Valdemar Atterdags kogge. Det

er 28 meter langt og syv meter bredt, og hvis der

findes skatte om bord, kan vi også komme til

dem, fordi skroget er intakt," vurderer Bjurström.

Det vides, at danskerne fragtede de erobrede

skatte væk i en kogge, en slags handelsfartøj, som

var meget almindeligt i middelalderen.

Valdemar Atterdag var konge fra 1340 og til sin

død i 1375. Ved sin tiltræden overtog han et

amputeret rige, idet det meste af Danmark var

pantsat til holstenske grever. Processen strakte

sig over 20 år og omfattede også den periode,

hvor "den sorte pest" hærgede landet.

I 1359 satte Valdemar Atterdag og hans hær over

Øresund, hvor de erobrede Skåne, Halland og

Blekinge tilbage.

Kongens ambitioner rakte endnu videre og han

satte i 1361 kurs mod Gotland, der udgjorde et

velhavende centrum for handlen i Østersøen og

var med i forbundet af hansestæder.

I et blodigt slag udryddede Valdemar Atterdags

professionelle hær skånselsløst den gotlandske


Ifølge overleveringen stillede han tre store ølkar

op på torvet, som borgerne skulle fylde med guld,

sølv og andre kostbarheder .

I de kommende dage vil flere optagelser måske

føje de sidste brikker til et dramatisk kapitel i den

nordiske historie.

(www.nyhederneTV2.dk – 15. juli 2011)

Annual General Meeting 2011

Saturday 13 August 2011 at 2 pm

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Secretary hereby gives notice that the Annual General

Meeting will be held at 36 Austin Street Newstead at 2.00 pm on

Saturday 13 August 2011 (glögg and æbleskiver will be served)


1. Welcome by the President

2. Approval of minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting

3. President’s Report

4. Treasurer’s Report and annual accounts

5. Auditor’s Report

6. Appointment of Chairperson to conduct the election of the

Management Committee

7. Election of the Management committee for the year 2011/12

8. Assumption of Chair by the elected President

9. Appointment of Auditor for 2011/12

10. General Business


Nomination form for the Committee of the Danish Association Heimdal Inc.

I, ................................................... nominate and I, ..................................................second

(name of nominee) ...............................................................................................................

for the position(s) of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Member (circle

relevant position)

Signature .................................................... Signature .........................................................

Date ............................ Date ................................................

I accept the above nomination(s) to the Committee.

Signature ................................................. Date ...................................................................

Send or hand to the Secretary by 31 July 2011.


COMMITTEE 2010/2011

Committee Member:

Søren Høimark

Phone 07 3359 2026

Mobile 0431 881 513



Kim Tvede




Vice President:

Alan Przybylak

Mobile 0402 691 435



Committee Member:

Peter Hansen

Phone (02) 6680 3574



Treasurer :

Lone Schmidt

Phone 07 3359 2026



Committee Member:

Michael Schmidt

Mobile 0418 761 515







Committee Member:

Could this be you

Committee Member:

Lise Kopittke

Mobile: 0429 165 996

E-mail: paulise@tpg.com.au


Vivian Lindup

Mobile 0411 084475



Committee Member:

Iben Giessing Lund

Mobile: 0434 933 953



A Flying Start

by Ole Jensen

My wife wanted to go on a holiday to

Denmark again. We had been there the year

before so I was not that interested. So off she

went for 6 weeks.

I have always had a great desire to learn

to fly and down in Coomera opposite

Dreamworld was a small airfield with a resident

instructor. I went down one day just to get an

idea what it would cost and how long it would

take to get a license and much to my surprise he

suggested that we go for a trial instructural flight,

which means that I would actually be flying the

machine unaided but obviously with him still in

the back seat.

Off we went after being suitably dressed

and instructed in the various aspects of

controlling an aircraft. You see it was an open

Ultralight made of aluminium tubes and covered

in canvas just like in the very old days of flying. I

was excited beyond belief when we rolled down a

very short runway and shot over some 15 meter

tall trees at the end of the runway. Later I would

learn that those trees made it the most difficult

of airfields to fly to and from and it was even

avoided by experienced flyers, but I did not know

that so I thought it was ok. I’ll never forget that

first hour of flying. It was exhilarating to say the

least and when he then told me over the

intercom that he had let go of the controls and I

was now the pilot in command, you could have

knocked me over with a feather. I did turns and

went up and down and even flew into a cloud

which is a very big no no but we got out again

and before I knew it we were over Dreamworld

and turning into final for a landing where the

wheels almost touched the treetops.

I signed up for a course on the spot and

my real training started the next day. It was a lot

of fun and I did 2 hours at a time because I

wanted a license before the wife got back. In

those days we used a bush strip on the northern

end of South Stradbroke Island and one day after

we had landed for a short break and a cuppa, I

was told I would have to do it on my own as the

instructor was satisfied with my performance. I

was stunned because I had only flown for 9 hours

but I did not let them know that I was nervous so

took off. I was told to go exploring and stay away

as long as I wanted. Wow what a blast. Imagine

me alone at 1500 feet altitude on a glorious

sunny day flying up and down the Gold Coast,

making radio calls and all the other things real

pilots do. I was away more than an hour and did a

perfect landing and was told to go and do 3 more


I picked the instructor up and headed for

home and did my first unaided landing over the

tall trees and it was a blast. From that day I flew

solo for another 9 hours and went for my exam

which I passed.

My wife came home from her holiday and

I said nothing to her about my flying but I invited

her up to Watts Bridge near Somerset dam for a

flying BBQ the following Sunday. While there I

rented an aircraft and the look on her face when

she saw me entering the cockpit and start up and

fly around was worth every cent it had cost to get

the license. Unfortunately she never took to

flying but I continued and have had many

different aircrafts since, most of them I built

myself. Today I have retired from flying but I

managed to clock up more than 1200 hours in 9

different types of aircraft.

I was 53 when I started in 1993 so age is

no barrier if you want to fly and it is cheaper than

having a boat so if you always had the urge but

been afraid to try then you should go and have an

instructural training test flight and see if it is for

you but be very careful, it is easy to get hooked.

Should anyone want to know about

learning to fly then I can recommend a few

instructors near you.

Ole Jensen 07 3841 5966

Study & Stay in Australia

Your door to the best in Australian Education & Training….

We are Danes, with a strong background in both Danish and Australian education & training.

Though we work with people from any country, we run some especially exciting programs

between Denmark and Australia, including:

Guiding would-be migrants to courses for recognition in 60-Point occupations

Assisting students enter the very best course, school/college/university for their needs

Study Tours – customised to meet the particular needs of the Danish


Semester Study Abroad – individuals or classes come to undertake one semester of

study, and get credit back into their secondary school/undergraduate programs in


Placing students into workplaces in Australia for Occupational Training, which is part

of their studies in Denmark

Consulting services for Danish institutions wishing to establish links with Australian


We’d be delighted to assist you in any of these areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Riborg Andersen riborg@studyinaustralia.com.au Ph: 07-5442 9588

Joern Christoffersen jjc@studyinaustralia.com.au Ph. 07-5473 9917


On 30 April 2011, Louise Gallagher married Jason Harrington at the Sacred Heart Church at Clear Island

Waters. The photo shows the newly-wed couple with the proud parents of the groom, Tim & Irena

Harrington. The reception was held at Oskars on Burleigh on the Gold Coast and Louise and Jason travelled

to Malaysia for their honeymoon.

Dansk Legegruppe

Hver fredag 9.30-11.30

36 Austin St, Newstead

1. søndag i måneden 10-12

(find os på Facebook)

Vi mødes hver fredag og den 1. søndag i

måneden for at snakke og lege sammen på

dansk. Da vores lille faste gruppe svinger

lidt i deltagertal pga ferier, oftest til

Danmark og arbejde mv, vil vi meget gerne

se flere medlemmer. Vi tror trods alt det

gavner børnene at mødes og lege samt

høre, at vi alle taler dansk.

Vi starter normalt med fri leg og ca kl 11

sidder vi alle omkring et bord og spiser

vores medbragte mad – og slutter gerne

dagen med nogle danske børnesange.

Tea 3379 1667 0419 659 837

E-mail: depoulsen@hotmail.com

Tina 3191 0411 0403 838 663

E-mail: tina@kinkead.com.au

First Sunday in August

Sunday 7th August, Lis Larsen from

"folkedanserne" and Kurt Christensen

are coming to teach children and adults

how to dance "folkedans" and Danish


The dance starts at 10 am and we finish

around noon where we will enjoy our

packed lunch.

If you and your family wish to participate

is the very exciting event, please send me

an email no later than August 1.

Iben Lund


Update from the Committee

The committee meets once a month

and at our meeting in July we


New committee members

We’ll need to find one or more new

committee members to replace Jens



- The club has received an invite to

participate in the Fraser Coast

Multicultural Festival in March 2012.

Soren will talk with the folk dancers,

Kupaleja and Saga Vikings to see if we

can make a joint effort.

- Liquor licence renewed until 8 January

2012 (hours unchanged)

- Application lodged with Volunteers

Grant 2011


The Schlager Party held by the Swedish

School at the club on 14 May 2011 was

a huge success and they are ready to

do it again next year.

We have already received many bookings

for the Christmas in July event on

9 July.

AGM on 13 August

Need ideas for September Saturday.


Accounts for May, June and full year

presented at meeting. Bar sales are

up, hall hire is up, events steady,

membership fees show a drop (due to

large volume of fees paid in June

2010). Expenses are generally down

slightly. The treasurer is happy with

the result and it was decided to submit

the accounts to our auditors Wilson


Updating the Club rules

Viv has a template for club rules which

we’ll study to determine if the club

needs to update its rules.


Peter is working on the new website

and will take over from Aage soon.

There might be some disruption in



3 new members came on board in the

last period. We’re getting closer to 200

member families and Soren is keen to

achieve 200 this year.


Various maintenance chores discussed,

it’s difficult to find time to work at the

club. Also we need more cutlery, a

display case for our chimney sweeper

uniform. Lone would like new taps in

the bathrooms.

Soren will contact a cabinet maker to

get quotes for the remaining items

damaged in January. Looking at mobile

serving unit to replace the kitchen



The new yoga group, which had booked

the club for 9 hours a week, has

decided not to proceed at this stage

Soren will organise freight for our new

tables and lamps and order more beer

at the same time. We’ll also try to find

chairs for the new dinings and look into

some lounges to replace the tub chairs.

Other suggestions included licorice,

Christmas stuff, table cloths with

Danish flags.

The Danish Association Heimdal Inc.

Est 1872

36 Austin Street, Newstead QLD 4006 Phone 0437 612 913


Celebrating and fostering the Danish language, culture and traditions


1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012

Membership Number:






Suburb &




(Under 18


of age)


Date of


Date of








Date of

Birth Date of

Birth Date of


/ /

/ /

/ /

/ /

/ /

Please send the newsletter via e-mail

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES (payment of full fee after 1 April will include 2011/12)

Ordinary*) Member/Family $60.00 Associate Member/Family $60.00

Ordinary*) Member/Single $40.00 Associate Member/Single $40.00

Cheque or money order Paid by EFT $


Signature Date / /

*) Ordinary member: Danish born/descendant of a person whose father, mother, grandfather or grandmother was born in

Denmark or was a Danish citizen at the time of that person's birth

The membership fee may be paid by EFT to Heimdal’s account with Suncorp BSB NO:

484-799 Account No: 02495 1468 using your membership number and name as

reference. Please send the form to Birte Schmidt if there are any changes in your


If paying by cheque, please make it payable to “The Danish Association Heimdal” and

post it to the Membership officer:

Birte Schmidt

35/192 Hargreaves Road


Phone 07 3348 4979

Email birlosch@iinet.net.au

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