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Terms of Reference for the Panchayati Raj Expert ... - Cgsird.gov.in

Terms of Reference for the Panchayati Raj Expert (Consultant)

Backward Region Grant Fund Programme

Brief Background:

The Rashtriya Sama Vikas Yojana (RSVY) has been subsumed into the Backward

Region Grant Fund (BRGF) programme. The BRGF programme is designed to redress

the regional imbalances in development by bridging the critical gaps in local

infrastructure and other development requirements, which are not met adequately through

the existing funds; strengthen local level governance by appropriate capacity building to

facilitate participatory planning, decision making, implementation and monitoring; and

provide professional support to local bodies. The BRGF program will be implemented in

the identified 13 districts (except Raipur, Durg and Janjgir Champa) of the state during


SIRD, Chhattisgarh would like to draw upon the services of a Panchayati Raj Expert

Consultants, who shall be overall responsible for the capacity building of the PRI under

the BRGF program. This will involve coordination with the directorate of Panchayat and

Social Welfare, other government departments, resource organizations, sectoral experts

and other institutions. The Panchayati Raj Expert shall work under the guidance of

Deputy Director, CGSIRD and in close association with Panchayat and Rural

Development Department.

Duty Station:

The duty station of the Panchayati Raj Expert will be CGSIRD, Nimora. He will be

required to travel frequently to the identified BRGF districts.


One Year contract (with possibilities of extension)

Roles and Responsibilities:

The main functions and specific tasks would be:

1. To coordinate with Department of Panchayati and Rural Development, Department of

Panchayat and Social Welfare and other State level departments and District Panchayats

in undertaking capacity building initiatives of various stakeholders particularly PRIs.

a. Prepare a state level capacity building plan for the next five years. Assist

preparation of district training plan.

b. Preparation of State and District specific training strategies and plans.

2. Capacity building of diverse stakeholders for planning and implementation of the

BRGF programme.

a. Conduct need assessment studies for developing state specific training

curriculum, for all panchayats (GP, Janpad and Zila) and Standing

Committees to address planning and implementation.


. Prepare training material in local language including IEC materials,

literature etc.

c. Identify and coordinate with resource persons, organizations or

institutions for imparting training to the PRIs, government officials in

place and identified community level master trainers.

d. Organise exposure visit of identified PRIs to identified beacon


e. Identify the pressure groups (SHGs, CBO etc) and ensure their capability

building for planning and implementation.

3. Monitoring of the capacity building initiatives undertaken at district, Janpad and

gram panchayat level.

a. Ensure achievement of targeted number of training, workshops,

consultations and exposure visits at district, Janpad and GP levels.

b. Ensure formation and monitor the utilization of the district level technical

support team

c. Ensure setting up and operationalization of the Janpad level Panchayat

Extension and Resource Centre for providing technical support to Gram

panchayats for planning and implementation.

d. Monitor and ensure the gram sabha level campaign in order to improve its

functioning and address various social issues.

e. Organise evaluation of the training programmes by independent agency/

body designated by ministry of Panchayati Raj.

4. Consultation workshop and documentation

a. Organise the state level consultation of all DPC members on guidelines of

the BRGF, progress, achievements and possible corrective measures.

b. Document the process of capacity building, achievements, findings and

learning for wider dissemination.

c. Facilitate development of network of people interested in the Knowledge

Management for Capacity building of the PRI’s.

5. Any other task that may be identified by the Director SIRD.

Qualification, Skills and Attributes:

1. He/she should be a postgraduate in social science or development studies.

2. Should have gained at least 10 years of experience in working with development


3. An understanding of rural decentralized governance system (PRI) and familiar with the

working of the government institutions.

4. Should have experience of imparting training and developing training modules and

framework for implementation.

5. Sensitive to gender issues and equity concerns for equitable and inclusive



6. Knowledge of government schemes and programmes, rural development dynamics,

ground realities and political process.

7. Excellent mobilization and communication skills.

8. Strong ability in development report writing and presentation.

9. Aptitude and ability to work in a team and in a complex environment.

10. Should be willing to travel extensively within the identified districts.


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