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FEB. 2015

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Volume 22 No. 9

This month, the AQmmunity honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a

fearless and enlightened leader who embodies the concept of “namaste” through

his every word and action. As we continue his struggle for equality and justice, let

us remember that we are all - all of us, whether friends, enemies, or strangers -

brothers and sisters. We are all one.

Namaste, Dr. King. Your lessons live on in the hearts of us all.

The memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washinton, DC.

Forty-eight years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, we

celebrate his historical inclusion in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The first

man of color to be honored in this way, his memorial serves as a tribute to the

principles of freedom and equality with which he inspired our country and the world.

The monument begins with a large boulder that has been plit in two, representing

the Mountain of Despair. Emerging from the Mountain of Despair is another

boulder, the Stone of Hope, in which Dr. King’s likeness is carved. Visitors enter the

memorial through the Mountain of Despair and continue through a tour that mirrors

the struggles of Dr. King’s life, ending with his hopes for all of us to continue striving

for justice and equality.

To find this amazing monument on the National Mall, make your way to the Tidal

Basin and turn left. The MLK Memorial will be just past the Jefferson Memorial.




“I wish I could show you when

you are lonely or in darkness the

astonishing light of your own


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Hafez of Shiraz, The Gift


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Huzzah! The grail has

been sought...and found

by Margaret Hawkins,

Adoption Counselor at

The Atlanta Humane Society!

It was on page 11.

Look closely at the moon.

Your quest...

is to again seek ye the holy grail

each month for Burger King or

Dairy Queen goodness...

Thy choice.

Joyous luck to all you seekers...

may your eyes be sharp and

your coconuts be loud.

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What is Namaste

What does it mean to

honor yourself and others

Learn how to apply the

concept of Namaste to

every aspect of your life!!

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13 What the World Needs Now...Sweet Love - Cathy Burroughs

15 Namaste Conspiracy - Don Martin

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17 Spirituality and Ethics in Buisness - Corinne McLaughlin

19 Afro-Panamanian Altar Exhibit at Hammond’s

House Museum - Christina James

25 The Art of Namaste - Ayesha Patel

25 The Spiritual Side of Conflict - Darshana Patel

27 Life is Symphony - Cassandra Worthy

27 Race and Namaste - Terry Cranford-Smith

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photograph by Awilda


image credit: nbcnews.com Furgeson- Activists from the Springfield-based Vanguards, and student-activists from Hampshire College’s Decolonize Media Collective (DMC).

This month is Black History Month.

This edition of Aquarius is

all about Namaste.

Each are dealt with pretty deeply in this issue…so I’m not going to rehash

all that information here.

Those two subjects get me thinking about even bigger things. More

cosmic things. Or more specifically…more “cosmic” things here on earth.

Have you heard the old saying - “don’t be so heavenly minded that

you are no earthly good” Lately, as I have been meditating on The

Aquarius Compassion Project and The Namaste Conspiracy, I have been

wondering…how can we truly make a difference

I was really moved - and inspired - by Marianne Williamson’s foray into

politics last year. Even though she lost the race, she was able to get the

message out there to a wider and possibly new audience. She was able

to shine a light on issues that could be truly impacted by spirituality and


She brought metaphysics into the spotlight in a new and refreshing way.

I am thinking lately that this is something we should all be doing. Or at

least, reflecting on how to do it.

Let’s face it…the world needs us. Race relations appear to be worse now

than ever before. Trust in authority and leaders is at an all time low. Hatebaiters

are on TV and radio, 24 hours a day, stirring up fear and loathing

in the American public, creating dividing lines where there should be

none. Nations are rising up against nations, even though there seems to

be no legitimate reason to do so (as if there was a good reason for war).

We carry within us a powerful, unquenchable agency. We are people

who have touched and been touched by the Transcendent…whatever

we think it is. I am of the belief that the Transcendent is my Higher Self, in

touch with a Cosmic Consciousness that is the Power of Love. I believe

that Love from my Higher Self - that Cosmic Consciousness - can change

anything and everything.

I know hundreds - indeed, thousands - who are living that same reality.

And I am new to the game. There are millions around the world

who have lived in this Mystery for decades. Can you imagine the

transformation that could occur were we all intending to take it to the

world in a new and radical way

I could never run for office. I am not political and savvy enough. I am

passionate and tend to wear my feelings on my sleeve. But maybe you

ARE Or…are a good writer Or…a good photographer How about

radio…ever been interested in doing a radio show Making a movie or


A good friend of mine - and a colleague - has recently begun to record

2-minute videos of her insights about living successfully as a spiritual

person. She posts it to her Facebook page every day or so. Hundreds

are listening…and it is lifting their lives!!

I have another friend who is doing the same thing…about issues of

justice and social compassion. His actions are simple, but he is making a


I really do believe that THE TIME IS NOW for us to take the Light we have

into a world of hurt and darkness. It is not just a marketing slogan for

me…it is a Call To Action.

That is why I bought Aquarius…one year ago. I saw in this newspaper

and in this community an incredible resource to shine the Light!! In the

past year, I have invited several new writers to begin to shine their light.

Now, our flagship radio show, “Truth Be Told” is entering its second

month on air. Video documentaries and inspirational memes are being

created. Our first book has been published.

All the while, the quiet mystery of spiritual work continues…people

experience healing and love is being championed.

So…run for office Write an article, a poem, a song, a book Create a

sustainable community Make a video Host a radio program Become a

community activist Show up at Moral Monday events at the state capital

Let’s live it. Namaste.

Don Martin is the owner of Aquarius Newspaper and CEO of Aquarius Media

Network. He is a native of Atlanta and has traveled extensively in this world

and many others. He is a family man, an outdoorsman, a poet, a musician,

a mystic, a writer, a photographer, and a metaphysical practitioner (Akashic

Field Therapy). All he wants is love, a farm, and a few chickens and goats.

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AQUARIUS VIDEO NETWORK is launching with a series of high-impact videos and

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to bring about global transformation.

THE AQUARIUS COMPASSION PROJECT was initiated last year to help bring the

alternative spirituality community together in finding ways to impact our communities with acts

of compassion.

THE NAMASTE CONSPIRACY grew out of the Compassion Project…Aquarius is

encouraging people to become more respectful and civil in social interaction…to start a global

transformation by speaking a good word to others, by standing up for the sacred worth of

every person.

AQUARIUS ADVENTURES! Already on the planning board, Aquarius will be sponsoring

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is not just a paper anymore.

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February: The time of year we look forward

to celebrating love on Valentine’s day while

looking back with pride on past figures who

embodied love and strength against all odds

as we honor Black History Month. In 1931,

one of these such figures, leader of the

Harlem Renaissance and iconic African-

American poet, Langston Hughes wrote:

Eddie Owens Presents:

at the


Well. We’re still waiting.

On the one hand, we have made

enormous strides since then and the momentum

created in the hearts of all who have not been given

their fair share of honor and respect is accelerating.

On the other hand, our nation is boiling over from

the heat of the systemic inequality left in place

after the Civil Rights Movement. We are watching

the vicious claws of racism, classism, greed, and

selfishness sharpen their nails with each news report.

“I am so tired of waiting,

Aren’t you,

For the world to become good

And beautiful and kind”

As I look back on these stories, I am filled with a melancholy sort of joy. It is with sadness

and grief that I think of the many young souls our nation has lost this year – youth that

might have been dismissed in the detritus of their disenfranchisement were it not for their

martyrdom. Yet, in the reactions to these tragedies, I feel a great uprising of hope as I

watch communities stand together, not for revenge, but for love and respect and equality

and honor to all.

History is happening now. We all have an important role to play.

It is said that we are in the age of Kali, the age of destruction...a violent transformation

that will lead to the rebirth of the collective human soul. We can see this in the ways our

society is changing. We are evolving, moving towards a greater spiritual awareness. Our

paradigms are shifting and, as with any large-scale shift, the death throes of our old ways

of interacting with each other will be forceful, frightening even.

I’ve heard many say that it is how we face those death throes that define us personally.

What defines us interpersonally, however, is how we treat each other in the face of our

transforming world. It is those interpersonal definitions that are how we manifest what we

become as a society, as a whole, after all is said and done.

Unfortunately, it seems that America is reacting divisively to this process. Instead of pulling

together and supporting each other and our communities, we are splitting along the

ancient fault lines of race, religion, and inequality. We’re still waiting for that “good and

beautiful and kind” world because we’ve avoided facing our systemic injustices for too

long and ceased trusting our neighbors to care for each other. Apathy driven by fear and

helplessness has stopped us from seeing the oneness that we all share.

History is happening now. The change starts with us.

The solution is so simple and yet so hard because, despite injustices and inequality,

despite the divisive attitudes of others, we must treat each other as brothers and sisters...

There are reflections of this sentiment in every major world religion, from the Christian

exhortation to love thy neighbor as thyself to the Golden Rule. It is best exemplified,

however, in the meaning of a simple greeting: Namaste.

Namaste, a phrase often accompanied by a gesture symbolic of both worship and

respect, holding your hands in a prayer-position over your heart and bowing your head,

literally translates to “I bow to you” but its true meaning is so much more. In this one

simple word, you are taking a moment to acknowledge our oneness, to see that the God

within you is within everyone. To say namaste is to understand, to respect, and to love

each other and all of humanity.

That love and respect, that understanding and recognition that we are one, that the light

that shines within ourselves is the same light that shines within us all... that is a worldchanging,

consciousness-lifting concept.

So let’s change our world one namaste at a time. You don’t have to use the traditional

accompanying gesture or even the word namaste. Demonstrate your honor in any way

you like, but take the time, in every encounter and at every moment, to understand and

respect the oneness you share with every being you meet.

History is happening now.

Change the world by changing how we treat one another.

Namaste and...party on, dudes.

Christina James - writer, thinker, and

doer - is Assistant Publisher of Aquarius

Media Network. With a penchant for passion,

spirituality, and culture, she is dedicated to

living and writing with authenticity and love.



Friday Feb 6th 2015 8pm - Red Clay Theater

3116 Main Street, Duluth, GA 30096


$15 in advance / $19 at the door

advance tickets at




www. AQ -atl.com


I am frequently amused by the use of Namaste in American culture. I find it in blogposts,

emails, and comical commercials that poke fun at yoga. Rarely do I hear it used in the

context of the Vedas, from which it was born. Often, it seems to be used as a tool to

discreetly distinguish between those who are spiritually connected and those who are not.

Dare I say spiritual elitism has subverted the collective awakening. What would people


Regardless of varying levels of awareness, spirituality is fundamentally all-inclusive.

The divine light of creative energy, the cosmic spark of life resides within each one of us.

Whenever I say, “I see the light in you,” to another person, I mean it. I hope to see thier

face lighting up and their mood changing; their entire energy field shifting in an instant.

Ironically, none of that happens when I say Namaste. Perhaps it should, but it doesn’t.

Maybe people don’t take me seriously when I say it. Or maybe people fail to put its

message into practice even when they have studied its meaning. In Hindu culture,

Namaste is commonly used as a greeting and, despite its original meaning, it has grown

to be a rather informal gesture. Perhaps its saturated use has diluted its meaning, similar

to the way that “I love you” tends to lose its meaning when it is overused and one’s actions

aren’t consistent with the message.

To say Namaste and truly mean it would be to study its origins and embody its original

meaning within the life that you are living. Namaste is not just a clasp of the hands, bow of

the head, and acknowledgment of divinity. Namaste is a process that requires reflection

upon profound questions such as: What is Divine How can we claim to see the divine

light in others What kind of responsibility comes with such awareness

To embody the truth of Namaste would be to honor and respect yourself and others as

divine beings. Many are in denial about their struggles with self-respect and most do not

treat everyone they interact with as divine beings. Namaste is not easy.

Knowledge of what is divine depends not on scientific discovery but on the intuition of

your Higher Self. Remember the mystical nature of consciousness: the same force that

makes us individuals also reinforces the notion that we are one.

We are bound by our capacity for conscious co-creation. No matter how dark your

decisions may be, you are my family as I am yours. Regardless of your choices, your divine

light remains. This is the truth of Namaste.

In my work, I have encountered individuals who profess that it is extremely difficult for

them to see the light in others. Many struggle with the concept of unconditional love and

are less inclined to have faith in the good nature of humanity. Our egos cast a shade that

often dims the light of others as well as our own. The dimming is the illusion of egocentric


You are not defined by any one choice or any one experience. Rather, we often find

ourselves when we let go of attachments. Strip away every decision you have ever made

and see what’s left. Rid yourself of every memory, every friendship, every lesson, and

every experience. What’s left

Nothing other than pure, intelligent energy immersed in a sea of unknown potential

capable of infinite change.

The greatest Namistake is to attempt to honor and respect the light of another without

understanding your own. You are transcendent. You are light! Just as your light is eternal,

so is the truth of Namaste.

Regardless of beliefs, the divinity of each soul is irreversible. To deny the divinity of one

human being is to deny the divinity of all humanity. Express your divinity in the now by

acknowledging the divinity of another. To honor and respect the light of another is to

honor and respect your own. We are best defined by the transcendent divine light of

incarnation that overcomes compulsions of our ego by intuitively aligning our souls with

greater purpose.

The luminescent creative energy of immeasurable potential is YOU.

It is always you, regardless of your age, gender, race, economic background etc.

Behold the light within.


Wendel A. Matthews - AQRadio host, inspirer, writer, counselor,

and philosopher. He will help you discover your limitless nature.

His Power Talks can improve your life or business.

His self-discovery workshops promote revolutionary

growth and transformation. His writings will elevate

your mind and speak to your heart.

www. AQ -atl.com




History is Happening Now:

We Welcome Your Spirit, Loretta Lynch

US Attorney Loretta Lynch, center, looks to Attorney General Eric Holder as with President Barack

Obama at right, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014,

where the president announced that he will nominate Lynch to replace Holder as Attorney General.

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

It is with great intention and high hopes that the Aquarius Family anticipates

celebrating the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General of the United States,

an historic moment perfectly coinciding with the beginning of Black History Month.

Let this be a call to all of us to manifest the ideal of justice Lynch so eloquently has

spoken of within our own community and the world at large through our thoughts,

energies, prayers, and actions. Namaste.


To Your Health

Enzymes For Good Health

Enzymes are fascinating and essential to all life. The body must have enzymes for the

organs to function properly and to digest and absorb the nutrients from food. The kidneys,

liver, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems need enzymes to eliminate toxic products

and function properly.

Enzymes are unique helpers for the body. They make things work faster and better. It

is virtually impossible for the cells and tissues of the body to perform all of the essential

biochemical reactions required fast enough to meet the basic needs of the body. This is

where enzymes come into play. Enzymes help accelerate the biochemical reactions within

the body. Enzymes are the miracle catalysts. Whether energy is required for the body or

released from the body, the reaction time is shortened by enzymes.

To a large extent, enzymes are responsible for good health. Enzymes are used to treat

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Enzymes are so critical to survival and easy to consume, but most people are grossly

enzyme deficient. The reason for this is the consumption of a poor diet consisting mostly

of processed and cooked food which is devoid of enzymes. The easy way to correct

an enzyme deficiency is to eat more organic raw and living sprouted foods including

vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds which have not been heated to over 105 degrees.

When the enzymes in foods are not sufficient or have been completely destroyed in

cooking, the digestive glands have to work extra hard to make up the difference and

complete the digestion process. This also puts a strain on the digestive

glands and thyroid which have to work extra hard day after day.

Eventually they can become enlarged and less efficient.

Try this healthy, easy-to-prepare recipe

to add high efficiency enzymes, good

nutrition, and great taste including beets

which are a unique source of betaine, a

nutrient that helps protect cells, proteins,

and enzymes from environmental stress

while helping fight inflammation and

improving cardiovascular health.

Celery is strongly alkaline, counteracts

acidosis, halts digestive fermentation

of foods, purifies the bloodstream, aids

digestion, and can help clear up skin

problems. Its rich organic sodium content

dislodges calcium deposits from joints and

holds them in solution until they can be

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Green chard and beet greens are high

in calcium as well as sulphur which has

antibiotic and antiviral characteristics.

Broccoli Sprouts neutralize muscle acids

and are an excellent source of chlorophyll,

enzymes, and vitamins including lecithin.

Raw broccoli contains almost as much

calcium as whole milk and is linked to

lowering the risk of cancer.

Raw garlic cloves are proven to be a potent

antibiotic and have been used to reat a

variety of diseases, including colds and

heart disease.

Please use Organic Ingredients

Beet Broccoli Sprout

2 cups green chard or beet greens

1/2 cup beets

1 cup broccoli sprouts

1/2 cup celery

1/2 cup broccoli

2 Tbs. onion

1 Tbs. garlic

1 pinch cayenne pepper

1 tsp. Himalayan salt

½ cup lemon juice

2 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil

Chop the greens, beets, broccoli, celery,

onion, and garlic. Toss with the lemon,

olive oil, pepper, and salt. Top with the

broccoli sprouts. Let the mixture sit at room

temperature for 30 minutes before eating

to really bring out the flavors. Enjoy your

enzyme rich dish!

Resources: “Enzymes, The Fountain of Life”

by D.A. Lopez, M.D., R.M. Williams, M.D.,

and K. Miehlke, M.D.

“Whole Foods Companion” by Dianne Onstad


www. AQ -atl.com

Brenda Cobb, is author of The Living Foods Lifestyle ®

and founder of The Living Foods Institute, an Educational

Center and Therapy Spa in Atlanta offering Healthy Lifestyle

Courses on Nutrition, Cleansing, Healing, Anti-Aging,

Detoxification, Relaxation, and Cleansing Therapies.

For more information, call 404-524-4488.


www. AQ -atl.com



2015 FEB SUN SIGNS Aquarius Jan. 20 - Feb. 17

Ariel Rose is an Atlanta area Astrologer and Intuitive. She also offers Tarot and Sound Therapy.

Contact at 404-256-4477 or email at: arielastrologer@hotmail.com.

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

[ Aquarius (January 20 - February 17)

Happy birthday, Aquarius! The Sun is shining on you and

everyone will notice your bright light. You will align your

identity with a heightened sense of creative spirituality and

will be full of compassion and grace. Your career is moving

to new levels as you are maturing in your sense of self-worth

and personal truth. Relationships can expand and become

more fulfilling as long as you stay patient and avoid mentally

interfering in the natural flow.

t Leo (July 22 - August 22)

Relationships and romance are high on your mind this month,

dear Leo. However, the detached vibration of your opposing

sign (Aquarius) makes it tough to get the warmer, closer kind

of connection you desire. Hang in there and don’t take it

personally if your friends and loves seem cooler than usual.

Use your charm to attract with a witty phrase or mentally

stimulating story. After the 20th, the energy begins to warm up

and you’ll be even more irresistible than ever!

Our journey through the mystical and electric

month of February begins with the Sun traveling

in futuristic Aquarius. During the reign of the

Water-Bearer, our minds are sharpened and

we are encouraged to see the big picture of

the mass world-consciousness. Aquarius is the

revolutionary, reformer, and the crazy genius with

brilliant ideas that are light years ahead of our

time. Their energy crackles with the electricity

that they rule and the spark in their eyes is

unmistakable. Although they carry water (the

symbol of emotion) in a vessel - Aquarius is a

pure Air sign of intellect. They do not allow the

emotional water to touch them, but instead they

pour out goodwill and blessings to everyone. This

is why Aquarians are famous for their emotional

detachment and ability to be objective in a crisis.

Oprah Winfrey - Jan. 29 Norman Rockwell - Feb. 3 Rosa Parks - Feb. 4 Bob Marley - Feb. 6

] Pisces (February 18 - March 19)

Your magnetism is super charged this month and you’ll

draw many admirers to your side. It will be a test of your

discernment who you allow to get close to you and who

you choose to swim away from. If something feels wrong,

it probably is - so trust your fabulous intuition! Investing in

education or continuing to study something you love is an

excellent idea that will reap many benefits in the long run.

q Aries (March 20 - April 19 )

You are spiritually super-charged this month and you can

turn many long-held dreams into reality. Anything you do

to benefit the world around you will create extra benefits.

Any fatigue or lethargy are cast off after the 19th, as both

Mars and Venus shift into your sign. You’ll be feeling extra

motivated and everyone will find you attractive and a joy to

be around.

w Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Your higher calling is ringing clear as a bell this month. The

hard work and perseverance you’re so capable of will be

needed in the world around you and has direct ties to your

public image and career. If you’re normally a home-body, this

energy may feel disruptive, because you’ll be pushed to be

out and about far more than usual. Absorb everything you

learn now, as it will be deeply important in the near future!

e Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

We begin February with Mercury still retrograde, so remember

to hold off on major decisions and communications until the

11th. It’s very possible that a career project you’ve worked

on for some time will begin to pay off now. Your close

relationships can become strained if you don’t invest adequate

time in them. Make sure to divide your time wisely between

home and work life.

r Cancer (June 21 - July 21)

Secrets and mysteries easily reveal themselves with a little

effort. Any work you put into the realms of psychology and

spirituality bear excellent results towards your own healing.

Travel could bring a romantic, dreamy encounter. You’ll feel

feisty and argumentative at work, even if you try to avoid

confrontations. Avoid saying anything you’ll regret and do your

best to handle projects on your own, as you are feeling very

independent now.


y Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

‘To lose balance sometimes for love, is part of living a balanced

life’. This quote from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is the perfect summation

for your month. Love will seem confusing, misty, and harder to

pin down than you like - but being out of balance is just fine.

It’s actually quite important to your personal growth at this

time. Not in a romantic relationship situation Then apply this

magically wild energy to your relationship with spirit and the

world around you. Don’t be afraid to be messy and let go of

the need to ‘know’.

u Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your sign rules relationships of all varieties, marriage and

agreements. This is a month that you will absolutely demand

the best in all of your personal interactions. You want a life that

is generous, warm, and creative and you’ll expect to give and

receive those things in equal measure. Indulging in some extra

TLC for yourself is also highly recommended. You’ve been

through many transformations - take a moment to rest!

i Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

The influence of Aquarius is generally frustrating for you, as it

pushes you to open up and reveal your deeply held secrets.

You will mostly feel this at home and with family. Become as

vulnerable as is required of you - it will go a long way towards

creating a closer, more intimate connection. Your creative

mind is overflowing with ideas and your health may suffer if

you don’t release them. Find a channel in music, art, poetry,

cooking, or any area of your life that expresses the beauty in

your soul.

o Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)

Your personality is becoming a powerful force and everyone

can sense you are more serious than ever about creating

yourself in a solid, tangible way. Your mind will be racing with

ideas and you’ll want to communicate those thoughts in a

humorous, rapid pace style. Love relationships and gaining

true forward motion may feel foggy and frustrating, but that

will improve greatly after the 21st.

p Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

Your core life values and basic resources are your primary

focus now. Your attitudes toward money are changing and

growing. You are in a process of transformation as you realize

nothing can buy your contentment. Cultivating a more relaxed

approach to your resources will help them flow far better.

Love relations and communication are also being evaluated.

The full realization of what you need from an intimate partner

can stabilize your heart and allow you to make monumental

decisions in your love life.

www. AQ -atl.com

February 19th begins the Chinese Lunar New

Year of the Wood Sheep. The Sheep is a gentle,

nurturing sign that is connected to the Western

Zodiac sign of Cancer. This is a year where family

connections, traditions, and home life will all have

priority. The pace is much softer and relaxed

than the frenetic year of the Horse and allows us

to recuperate and re-charge our batteries. The

Wood element is connected to the color green

and this is a great time to incorporate more green

into your environment.

Our Full Moon arrives early in the month, on

Tuesday the 3rd. This is the Leo Full Moon; so

expect plenty of color, drama and action. Use this

time to reflect on your sense of personal pride

and where your ego needs to be balanced. It’s

also a perfect time to show love and gratitude

to others. The New Moon cycle begins on

Wednesday the 18th, as the Sun moves into

magical Pisces. New dreams and spiritual goals

can be birthed and realized over the following 2


Have a wonderful month and best wishes to all!

q Aries

w Taurus

e Gemini

r Cancer

t Leo

y Virgo

u Libra

i Scorpio

o Sagittarius

p Capricorn

[ Aquarius

] Pisces

þ Sun

s Moon

d Mercury

f Venus

g Mars

h Jupiter

j Saturn

k Uranus

l Neptune

; Pluto




** Note: Times are for time zone 5 hours West. DST is observed.




5 s | y

AQ moon calendar

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

| t Moon Void 2:32a

Moon Void

| 10:42a

| y Moon 12:00a Void

Moon Void

| u Moon Void 5:31a

Moon Void

s | r

8:37a 9:43p




2 s | t 12:00a

3 s | t 4 s | t 12:31a

5 s | y 12:00a

6 s | y


7 s | u 12:00a

Good day to express 11:59p Step out and take a

12:41p Adjustments are in order Release inner criticism 11:59p Busy day to push

12:46a Several ideas are viable 11:59p Mercury retrograde


Venus your with feelings Neptune with Moon in

Challenge chance and your ask for what Full between moon energy what you shines can Busy to achieve day and inner adjusting peace Mind forward is active with with what

sxl Sun to opposite help you navigate Jupiter

Perfect in Cancer evening and for Moon

Pisces in Cancer begins and anew Sun in the

courageous you want. heart to take light do on and whether that which one is out to with promises what made is.

creative needs to get done.

! solutions sbf day emotional reminds quandaries.

us to have

light in hearted Libra, rethink romance your d\

hope Gemini. for life of peace sck a risk.

scf is being of your appreciated,


requires finesse.

to complete work

sb; faith and confidence in sxf or emotional evening with needs a good scd

and love.


sng recognized and loved. sxd sbk

fnl promised.

dnj sca chosen path.

sb; snh friend. regarding relationships. szg

sbg szh

ank sna ) sbk scj


scj snj

axh ank

sbd sc;







Moon Void

Moon Void FULL MOON Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void


s | 12:00a




s | i 10 s | 12:00a

13 s | p

1:04p 14 s | 6:38a

11:59p 11 s | o

11:23a 12 s | Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

8 s | u

Jupiter has stepped 9 s | u


Neptune retrograde 10 s | i 12:00a

Sharp energy today that 11 s | i

Endless options flood 12 s | o 12:32a

The full moon 13 s | o

Full moon day carries the 14 s | p 10:15a




Mars square Pluto is snl 5:24p

pasts its shadow, all

showers the opportunity lends to communicating

the imagination; allow

approaches with the

desire to do more with life a dynamic energy that gc;

Joy of harmonious

Moon void of course in

Moon in Scorpio day, the

Mercury direct day,

Good day to reignite the

Friday the 13th and the

Valentine’s Day is torn

speed ahead to expand sxk to move between the

to the point, whether or

with the pesky irritations brings to the surface sz;

sn; your visions to expand.

longing for freedom to

friendships )

the heart enrich and let life’s love


sba psychic, teaches creative, the virtue and

desire not someone to be in control is ready

reach out to friends and dSD passion of material limitations.




live a life to learn. that feels true moon is in Sagittarius,



fxj frustration the unusual and anger.

moments. shine in.

of sck

sch spiritual kindness. worlds.


sbd to get hear out what of control. you have

acquaintances, especially sn;


to the depths of your

travel for the weekend



sxa Release the traditional, and be free.




sbl to say.

sbh involving helpful connections sch soul.


sbk may be the ticket to scl

sxd traditionalist will definitely scf



scd for work and $

organizations. sbf

snd rekindle enthusiasm sbf

FULL MOON for sbk need reservations to sna





szj the future.

sbh have the night just so. scg

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

s | ]


s | q


s | w





15 s | [ sxh

15 s | p

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Jupiter on the Node of

Do you want to be right 3:17p Mercury slips back into

Great mid-week day

6:47a Mercury once again

6:02p The last day of the Sun 12:00a The solstice at 6:51am 7:36p

Saturn, Moon in Capricorn or do you want to be

7:13p Gemini bringing back

to spend the evening 6:48p passes over the sun 11:59p in Gemini until 2015,



reenacts the intense days 11:59p

Regrets shifting be to gone Aquarius, and let go The happy moon is enters the question the

Mardi situations Gras with to complete Moon de New enjoying Moon the on the sunset cusp or

Mars allowing enters to Aries connect with snd Venus prepare moves for the into solstice Aries

Saturday of April, with be on fiery the lookout

recommit of regrets to and honor embrace the

dark for phase; today. let go of

in from Aquarius the third is good week day in scf of other Sun entering down to Pisces earth fnh instilling inspiration motivation and creative to gq sca igniting celebration. inspiration to

moon for passionate in Aries brings feelings sbj ar

promises a holistic made view to of self. human goals and ambitions not snk to May. gather friends for sba blends mystical compassion experiences. with sn; move concepts. forward towards scj scd fight for what you love sxg steamy directed emotions towards when unfair snd sch


snl realized and no longer snh scj celebration.

snj sbd

sbj your deepest desires. szl azd and value.

szk fq opposition situations. to your svk snd

sck aligned with higher sng


idealism.# a] LAST QUARTERdnj

szf desires are voiced. sc;

Moon Void

27 s | r Moon Void



22 s | w sz; intention.

Moon szd Void


24 s | e

28 s | r

7:05a 25 s | e sza

Moon sn; Void





23 s | w

NEW MOON 26 s | r




Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Lovely Sunday to do

Venus moves into

Allow for more than one

Mars opposite Uranus

The day before the new

New Moon in Cancer

Strong energy to catch

22 s | w 12:00a

exactly what brings you 23 s | w


friendly Gemini, let go of 24 s | e 12:00a

way or one idea to be the 25 s | e

is always a high energy 26 s | e


moon is a release, relax, 27 s | r 12:00a


begins a journey of 28 s | r 12:53p




7:50a the wave of enjoying 11:59p

New peace Mars and Venus contentment. Sun overbearing square Saturn attachment sna Moon right void one. in Taurus

New day cycle when of your Sun head and can snf Void and of let course go time. moon day Deep releasing thoughts that

the bounty of all that

# desires bubble up

Moon in Cancer


sna to your romantic partner fe

spin with distractions. gxk

do not support your sza surrounds you.

cycle stirs passion and

shows the obstacles in snl day lends to dreaming

Neptune, recommit to sca requires extra focus to

along with the realization Saturday has deep sbj

snl and spend time with sxj



emotional wellbeing.

inspiration to go after

the sbl


sb; platonic

way of


the desires of acj of possibilities in an

your spiritual practice. scl finish what is started.

of adjustments

emotional overtones, scf







what you want.

your heart.

scd abundant life.



letting go and


sb; ! sng gbj


new MOON

scg forgiveness are key. sck

Moon Void


s | t




sxj azl





Venus square Neptune

day moves our heart to

feel acceptance and

unconditional love.





2 s | t



s | [ s | [




29 30 s | t

Step into your inner

place of confidence

[AQUARIUS and know that you do ]PISCES


not need other peoples

approval for your own




17 s | [

18 s | ] 19

18 s | ] 19





s | ]




20 s | q 21

20 s | q 21


7 s | u

s | q

Forecast by Donna Page MS www.lovinglightastrologer.com



Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Psychic Channel,

Business Intuitive

and Change Consultant.

Create Your

Future Through

Clearing the Past


International Truth Center

Dr. Barbara L. King - Founder Minister / World Spiritual Leader

Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

2450 Cascade Road SW, Atlanta, GA 30311

(404) 758-6811 • www.HillsideInternational.org • info@hillsidechapel.org



Career Stagnation, Emotional Issues,

Inner Child Healing, Fears and Blocks,

call for an Alchemical Hypnotherapy

session to clear away what is blocking you.

Arringtonb@aol.com 770.778.2051

www. AQ -atl.com



The Guru is You.

Streaks of Divinity

What We Think, We Become

February. Always the month where we

decide to get serious about the New Year’s

resolutions we made. We take stock of our

lives and develop a list of changes we want

to make during the year, often regarding

improvement of the self. The most popular

resolution involves improving physical

well-being: eat healthy food, lose weight,

exercise more, eat better, drink less alcohol,

quit smoking, stop biting nails, and get rid

of old bad habits.

While these are all great choices to make,

they begin with a seed thought that

something is not good enough, a part (or

parts) of you need fixing or changing. A

2007 study conducted by the University of

Bristol involving 3000 participants showed

that 88% of those who set New Year’s

Resolutions failed. So, first we being with

the belief that there is something about us

not good enough and then we fail in our

attempt to improve it. Now we are a failure

on top of everything! What a way to start

the New Year!

Let me clarify something here: I am not

advocating an unhealthy lifestyle. I am

not suggesting that you don’t make

changes in your life to help ensure your

happiness, body, mind, and soul. What

I am suggesting that you change is your

thoughts about those changes and why you

want to make them.

The first step in ensuring your success in

making the desired changes is to know

that nothing that we do, or don’t do, can

make us any more perfect than we already

are authentically. Know that. Repeat that,

meditate on that until you know it at your

core. Your spirit, your energy, the truth of

who you are is divine. You know this. As

you read this, your body resonates with this

knowledge. I’ve used the word “know” 6

times in this paragraph alone to stress its


Secondly, choose your words wisely. Not

only the words you speak allowed but those

you speak to yourself. Find words that are

positive. Words like lose, less, quit, rid, etc.

speak of inadequacy and are of a lower

vibrational frequency. For instance, if you

would naturally say, “I want to lose weight,”

change that to, “I want to be/feel healthy.”

Worded in that way your focus is on what

you want to gain. Rather than, “I want to

quit smoking,” try, “I want to breathe better.”

With just a little thought, we can change

all of our words to those that focus on

abundance and positivity.

Our words and thoughts have incredible

power. Without even being aware, our

thoughts control our energy every day.

This is because we have not learned to

monitor them, let alone change them. Try

saying one of the previous examples. Say

the first, non-positive phrase and see how

your body reacts to the words. Do you feel

your stomach lurch a little Do you have a

sense of sadness How is your self esteem

Does the task seem insurmountable Now

try the second, positive phrasing. Again,

how does your body react Can you feel

the sadness lift Do you feel the change has

now become doable

Next, repeat your goals daily. Some days

may require that your repeat your goals

several times. Remind yourself of what

you want and not what you don’t want.

Be gentle with yourself. Set smaller goals

with your large goal being the desired end

result. Use positive affirmations like, “It is

easy for me to make healthy food choices. I

mediate easily. I am good at saving money. I

am ready for a healthy relationship.” Initially,

these affirmations might sound silly and

untrue. Just keep in mind that you haven’t

been speaking facts in the past but rather


Buddha said, “All that we are is the result

of what we have thought. The mind is

everything. What we think, we become.” Sit

with that a moment. Seriously. Stop reading

and let that resonate: What we think, we

become. What would you like to bring into

your life How can you begin thinking like it

has already arrived

The New Year has begun! What a great time

to begin a new way of thinking, a new way

of being in this world.

Happy Abundant 2015!

What does it mean to see the divine in

people Most religions have a slot in their

rhetoric dedicated to “seeing the good in

everyone.” In modern life, with high crime,

conflicting politics, and religious wars

blotting out the sun, this proves to be an

elusive practice. Where is the divine in a

sociopath, mass murderer, or just that jerk

that stuffed you in a locker in ninth grade

The keys to unleashing the divine streak

are simply to look for it, recognize it, and

grasp hold of it. Beauty hides in a soft

spoken word, a slit of sunshine peeking

through the blinds, and an impassioned

speech. Hunting for moments of beauty

causes you to raise your awareness of their

numerous occurrences. Stop and breathe

in that grace-filled moment.

Our lives are busy, there is no denying

that. Ten hour work days, long commutes

stretching to traffic infinity, projects that

deem tufts of hair fall endlessly from our

heads, all contribute to unhappiness. We

have become a society of cranky, balding

bottle caps waiting to explode from the

pressure. There is a way to mitigate the

stress, the tense muscles, and unhappy

tempers. It lies in a new perspective, a pair

of divinity sunglasses.

Cherishing your morning coffee can

become a ritual of gratitude. Whether you

take a few extra moments in the morning

to appreciate the swirls of creamer dancing

in your cup, or savor the warmth in the

elevator between floors four and seven, it

doesn’t take much to spice your life with

gratitude. Thankfulness is a door to divinity.

When you are grateful for the little things,

daily stress doesn’t wear on you the way it

used to and miracles are easier for you to

spot. When you are grateful for your life,

the divine in others becomes more readily

apparent. You can now appreciate their

thousand watt smile, subtle brilliance, or

exuberant laugh.

Actively observing another person,

listening to the meaning behind what they

say, and recognizing the beauty in them

is a form of boisterous self-love. Seeking

those moments out in others eases the way

to seeing them in yourself. Appreciating

the divine of self may be one of the hardest

tasks we have as overworked adults, but

when we were small and the world was big,

it was all we ever saw.

Children have this effortlessness about

them, a lightness to their being. Before

being trained that they are bad at some

things and good at others, little humans

believe they can accomplish anything. Prior

to fear of stinging bugs, hot stoves, and

jumps from great heights being instilled in

them, miniature adults fear nothing.

Fear is a survival mechanism. While it has

its place in some things, what if we could

do more than just survive, but, instead, live

to thrive.

Think of all the things you would’ve done

with your life if you hadn’t been told you

weren’t good enough, couldn’t make

money in that, or your dream was just

ludicrous. How would life be different if

you had pursued your dreams anyway

Would you be happier, richer, or more

fulfilled Would anyone be working 60

hour work weeks, slowly chipping away

at their sanity to sit in a cubicle Offices

wouldn’t exist. No one voluntarily wants

to live that way, but we do for reasons

unknown to us, reasons simply bundled

under the headings of “bills” and

“responsibilities of the modern day adult.”

It seems to me, for the survival of a

thriving human race, we need to do

more than that. Thrive, not just survive. It

becomes a necessity, then, to seek out the

moments of divine grace in everyone and

everything that you encounter.

Live your dreams, not just your life. Be

impassioned. Take risks. Dream big and

live out loud. Love with every part of you.

Next time you see someone, in the office

or on the street, really see them. Actively

recognize the divine within them, the part

of them that doesn’t sit in a cubicle or

make coffee day in and day out. Reach for

the divine in all you do.

That, my friends, is the Namaste principle.

Now, go out and live it.

Sat nam.

Michelle Griffin is a contributing writer and has

been featured in several publications. Her passion

is pursuing the connection between the spiritual,

metaphysical, and paranormal philosophies.

She is the owner of Through The Veil Productions.



www. AQ -atl.com

JereLyn Faber - Testing the limitless is my game;

writing for passion is my aim. Make your dreams

come true by living life as simply you.

Stay blessed!

email: essenceofthebluerose@gmail.com,

or via her Facebook page.

What the World Needs

Now Is Love, Sweet Love

“Peace is the altar of God, the

condition in which happiness exists.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda

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invites you to attend our inspirational services, which focus on

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As we approach Valentine’s

Day this year, we are facing a

lovely romantic Jupiter in Leo while

Uranus and Pluto continue their on-going

negotiations between independence

and commitment. Jupiter is the planet

associated with happiness, generosity, and

dreams fulfilled. When it’s in the sign of

Leo it’s all about romance and the drama

of life. Being treated like royalty, it makes

Jupiter particularly delightful in a newly

found love and budding love relationships.

It is a delicious combination for Cupid and

Valentine’s Day!

To illuminate some of this year’s Valentine’s

dynamics, it might be of interest to have

a look at the relationship secrets of a

well-known couple, one who has never

married, but remain, we hope, blissfully

in love. There are many types of charts

to look at relationship dynamics but the

chart of the “moment a couple meets” is

a fascinating tool for looking at the whole

story of the relationship: beginning, middle

and ideally, till death do they part. Let’s

look at the story being told for this couple

as depicted through the chart of their first

date, gathering some clues and inspiration

from this well-matched pair.

Kurt and Goldie’s First Date

Tells The Whole Story

In 1983, producer of Swing Shift auditioned

Disney star Kurt Russell to play opposite

Goldie Hawn. He was smitten immediately

and she felt completely at home and

instantly attracted. As luck would have it

for this article, their first date took place on

Valentine’s Day (what are the chances).

Late that night, Hawn suggested they go

to her house; Russell was asking her a

question and turned toward her and she

was leaping in the air towards him…and

the rest, as they say, thirty-one years later, is


In the chart of their first date, the dynamics

for life-long partnership are already in

place. With Moon, Venus and Mars all in the

sign of unconditional love Pisces (where

Venus, planet of love, is in exaltation) are all

Cathy H. Burroughs,

former VP, Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society

(MAAS). For more info www.psychicsolutions.tv,

call 404-543- 1080 or 404-292-2000.


together in

the 7th house of partnership.

With the lunar emphasis, we would expect

to see comfort, and the Venus and Mars

conjunction show highly charged chemistry

with a sense of partnership right from the

get-go. Pisces energy in the 7th tends to

be free flowing; openly loving without

judgment and romantic, but with indications

of a lack of definition which can sometimes

be frustrating.

The Sun of the “meet chart” is with Juno,

which some Western Astrologers consider

to be an asteroid of marriage, as she was

the wife of Zeus, but others (the Magi

Eastern Astrologers) consider Juno to be

a sign of a sexual passion and an affair

outside of marriage. So we see the Sun (the

essence) of the “meet chart” in the freedom

loving sign of Aquarius just outside of the

Pisces ruled 7th house of marriage (so

close, but no cigar), conjoined Juno the

asteroid of either marriage or sexual affair,

depending on your perspective.

Either way the Sun and Juno are in the

freedom loving sign of Aquarius, which

means fundamentally the relationship itself,

would resist restriction or an institution like

marriage. In the 4th house of this chart,

we find Jupiter in its rulership bringing

great abundance (and in fact, they each

are independently financially prosperous),

expansion, fun, philosophy (she’s Jewish/

Buddhist with a foundation for mindfulness

and he’s a outspoken Libertarian), travel,

happiness, and need for open unlimited

expression, conjoined Uranus (planet of

freedom and higher consciousness) and

Neptune (idealism, no boundaries and

unconditional love – again!).

In sum, based on this wonderful first date

chart, it looks like this unique couple are

ideally suited and in theory could on

together unwed indefinitely. So, in answer

to our question, does the “Chart of the

Meet” tell the whole story In this case the

answer would be a resounding, Yes! And as

a special bonus, there are some great tidbits

on the care and feeding of a long and

happy union. Enjoy, and have a very Happy

Valentine’s Day!

www. AQ -atl.com




conspiracy - joining togethe

No question - the word “conspiracy” has an ominous tone.

It implies something dark, troubling, and deceptive.

But the truth is, conspiracy is not intended to be ominous. It

is intended to be secret. It is a collective action that is meant -

not to draw attention to itself - but to bring about a particular


So…look around you. Daily, we are bombarded with images

of people acting in a way that has most of us confused,

scared, even despairing. Disrespect and rudeness have

become cultural norms. Social cohesion has begun to give

away to social chaos…random acts of kindness have been

overwhelmed by random acts of violence.

The person in the street shrugs, shakes their head, and moves

on. I have done it many times. We carry the tension into our

homes…where we say and do harmful things to the ones that

we love the most, the ones who love and trust us.

Is there something we can do to change the course of things,

to bring about a transformation that can prepare us for the

shift in global consciousness that is coming (and indeed has

already begun)


Namaste.” It is a word that is yoga trendy, and as Wendel

Matthews has noted elsewhere in this edition…a word that is

quickly becoming as meaningless as “gesundheit.”

But “namaste” is a word of powerful meaning.

You know it’s meaning, I am sure…

“I recognize and honor your sacred worth.”

Namaste is, at it’s simplest, respect. It is treating every person,

regardless of their place in society or their importance and

value to you personally, as if they were God’s gift to you. It is

a concept that - once having taken its place in your heart - will

resist you having negative intention for anyone, even those

who your ego may identify as your enemy.

At Aquarius, we believe that Namaste is a word worth saving

and a concept worth seeding into the hearts, minds, souls,

and lives of every human being.

We also know that if we shout “namaste” on the street, people

will laugh, mock, roll their eyes, and turn away - “another crazy

new ager, drunk on yoga!”

So…our goal is to find ways to sow seeds of namaste in


Will you join us




“I believe in the sacred worth

of every person

young old rich poor

male female black white

gay straight atheist christian

buddhist hindu shinto muslim

wiccan jew

every human who has ever lived is unique

there will never be another me, or another you

that is why i believe in the sacred worth

of every human


that’s what it means

Live it...every day”


www. AQ -atl.com

, usually in secret, to bring about a given result.

Those words are the cornerstone of The Namaste

Conspiracy. Our “statement of commitment”.

Namaste is believing in the sacred worth of every human

- and acting in accord with that belief.

In 2015, Aquarius is launching The Namaste Conspiracy.

We will begin by building a team of people who will

commit to living namaste in their daily lives.


Our first goal is to gather the people. Today, you can go

to www.aquarius-atlanta.com, and click on the link to The

Namaste Conspiracy. Sign up, and we will send you a

special gift…100 cards that you can hand out to people

who you think need to hear these words:

“Today, I want to tell you that you are a person of infinite

worth and that I recognize that and honor that. My

intention for you is to have a happy and successful life,

filled with love and friendship, experiencing prosperity in

all that you do. Remember…you are a person of sacred

worth and deserve respect and honor. Namaste! (that’s

what it means…live it, every day!)”

In the months to come, we will call you to get involved

in other activities, actions, and events that serve to

promote the concept of namaste…and to allow others to

experience the honor of being a person of sacred worth.

Keeping It On the Down Low…and Real!

No buckets of water. Just quietly demonstrating honor

and respect to EVERY PERSON YOU MEET…even the

ones who you think don’t deserve it.

It may seem like a stretch…or a silly ideal. But just for

one month…sign up and hand out the cards. Watch

what happens. See if those seeds of respect and honor

will grow into plants of beauty.

You are a person of sacred worth.


Just give them to people,

as your own inner wisdom guides you.

Don Martin is the owner

of Aquarius Newspaper

and CEO of Aquarius

Media Network.

In 2015,

the Aquarius Compassion Project is launching two programs:


“the namaste conspiracy” is a ground-roots movement

to put respect back into our personal and social words and actions.

Join us in telling others - and acting like we mean it - “I honor You.”


“we are home” bringing together the spiritual

community to address homelessness in our communities.



www. AQ -atl.com



the dream experts

Mike Madigan, Master Numerologist.

For more in depth information about

numerology and the different types

of charts and number meanings

go to: www.numerologyguide.com.

Welcome to “The Dream Experts” where you can wake up to the meaning of your dreams.

Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind that reflect your thoughts and attitudes.

Dear Dream Expert,

I was at a school and trying to make

an appointment to bring my pet to the

vet. The lady next to me was making

the appointments. She was busy, so it

was frustrating. Finally she made me an

appointment. I asked my husband if he would

be available tomorrow to bring our pet to

the vet.

Sincerely, Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

You are in a mindset of learning (school).

You want to learn about or heal a habit

(taking your pet to the vet). You are having

difficulty making this happen due to a part of

yourself that is very busy. You want a familiar

aggressive part of your self (your husband) to

assist in this healing and learning process.

Dear Dream Expert,

I am at a fancy restaurant with my friend Jill

and my ex-boyfriend Tom. We are seated at a

table. The waitress comes by with some wine

for us. Tom speaks Italian with the waitress

but I don’t understand them. I taste the wine

and it is really good. Next, we all somehow

transitioned to lying down on a mattress in

a dimly lit room. Tom kisses me. I kiss him

back. Then he tries to kiss me again. I say no

this time. I realize my friend Jill might see us

kissing and then she could tell other people

and I don’t want anyone to know I am kissing

him. Tom proposes to me to be his mistress

and go over and see him during the days.

I say no. It seems Jill doesn’t like Tom that


Sincerely, Sought After

Dear Sought After,

You are in a position to receive knowledge

(restaurant). There are two other aspects

of yourself involved (your friends Jill and

Tom). To understand what qualities they

represent, think of one or two words to

describe them. You had an experience that

has the potential of weakening your will. You

are having trouble understanding some of

the inner communication (the waitress and

Tom speaking Italian). The part of yourself

represented by Tom wants to harmonize with

you (kissing you). At first you gladly accept

being more intimate with this part of yourself,

but then you are reluctant to continue. The

part of you represented by Jill does not fully

appreciate the part of you represented by

Tom. It would be beneficial to reflect on why

you don’t feel comfortable allowing those

qualities into yourself.

Dear Dream Expert,

My friend, Gail, comes over and invites me to

a movie. The theater was close by, so I said

yes. When we get to the theater, it starts as a

regular movie, but then some people do talks

as if it is a lecture. Then a group of women

come on stage and do a dance. I have never

seen an interactive movie like this before.

Suddenly my husband shows up and then

my daughter. It is fine because the movie

is kid friendly. My daughter, Heather, and I

are sitting on this seat that raises up if you

move a certain way. We are about mid way

up between the floor and the ceiling. Then I

move and the chair raises up until we reach

the ceiling. I am so scared I scream, “I want to

go down.” Then the chair starts to lower. I am

thinking the whole idea to go to this movie

was strange. The movie was something about

the mind and its capabilities.

Sincerely, Confused

Dear Confused,

The quality of yourself represented by Gail

is encouraging you to use your imagination

(going to the theater). Your imagination seems

to be going in directions you did not expect.

You realize the versatility of your imagination

as you move from a regular movie, to

dance, to a lecture. You have not used your

imagination in this manner before. You realize

it is easy for you to use your imagination

in this way, even for more immature parts

of yourself (kid friendly movie). As you use

your imagination in this way, it allows you

to have more mental freedom and a larger

perspective of what is happening (the chair

lifting off the ground). Eventually this mental

freedom and greater perspective scares you

and you want to return to your more limited


What is YOUR

Personal Year Number

Using our universal principles of

numbers 1 through 9 we can find

what our Personal Year is right now. It

begins with understanding that we live

in nine-year cycles. The cycle repeats

over and over throughout our life. Find

your personal year number, then look

back through time and compare your

experience with the principles within

the numbers.

Take the month and day

of your birth date.

Example: January 15, 1984

Write it this way: 1/15/

Now ADD IT TOGETHER with the date


1 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 15

Keep adding until you get a

one-digit number.

15 = 1 + 5 = 6


A personal year 1 in numerology has

the following meanings: Planting Seeds,

Rebirth, Beginning of An Era.

This is the beginning of a new nine year

cycle. You may find your priorities have

changed altogether. Any work that you

do during this year sets the tone and

foundation for the next nine. This is the

time to decide what your goals are and

act on them.

A personal year 2 has the following

meanings: Nurturing, Development,

Waiting For The Right Moment.

This is a time during which the seeds of

change you have planted during a year

1 cycle start to grow. Ideas or attempts

to change can be compared to seeds

that are nurtured in darkness and just

pushing their tendrils up through the

soil. A year 2 is all about patience.

A personal year 3 has the following

meanings and interpretation:

Blossoming, Expansion, Personal and

Business Success.

This is a very happy year during which

you see your efforts begin to show fruit.

You can expect delightful surprises and

gratification in many areas of your life

including business, career, friends, and

love. You exude such enthusiasm for life

that others may find you irresistible.

A personal year 4 has the following

meanings and interpretations:

Maintenance, Foundation, Work, Self

Control, and Responsibility.

This is a year of hard work and discipline

in which you will be struggling to keep

up with all the promises you made

during year 3. Many find a year 4 to

be very frustrating as responsibilities


A personal year 5 has the following

interpretations and meanings:

Independence, Freedom, Connecting

To Others.

This year positive opportunities may

present themselves on all fronts. Your

hard work is rewarded with more

personal freedom and a break from

restrictive routines. Travel, adventure, or

additional education might be part of

the overall picture.

A personal year 6 has the following

meaning: Finding A Soul Mate, Love,

Family and Home.

A personal year 6 intensifies feelings in

existing relationships and enables you

to make new emotional connections.

Many people find a soul mate during

this phase. You are most likely to

get married or engaged during this

harmonious year. Although this can be

a wonderful experience, it can also be

sobering and it often presents a choice:

to make a commitment or not. A friend

that you meet during this cycle is likely

to become a friend for life.

A personal year 7 is for Reflection,

Learning, and Self Analysis.

You may feel like pursuing your

interests, travelling, or finding a way to

escape from business pressures. A year

7 is an introvert stage for the psyche,

in which you analyze, reflect, and try to

shed any behaviors, relationships, or

patterns that may be preventing your

personal growth.

A personal year 8 is time for Health,

Wealth, and Abundance.

This is a potent year that usually gives all

aspects of your life a big positive boost

but it especially favors your career

and money matters. While you are in a

year 8 others find you more attractive

and charismatic and many people

find themselves thrust into a position

of great authority or power during 8’s


A personal year 9 can have

the following meanings for you:

Completion, Taking Personal Inventory,

The End of an Era.

The number 9 year is one of completion

and marks the beginning of the ending

of everything you have managed to

accomplish during the last decade. This

is the year you reap what you sow.

Kathryn and Patrick Andries are the dream experts. They are the authors of the recent release from

Ozark Mountain Publishing, Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed, and The Dream Doctor. If you

would like a dream interpreted, please send it in the body of an e-mail to: intuitiveschool@sbcglobal.net.


www. AQ -atl.com

What’s happening

CALL 770-641-9055

1 MONTH $145.00

6 MONTHS $125.00 pr mo.

12 MONTHS $95.00 pr mo.

Spirituality and Ethics in Business

by Corinne McLaughlin

Many people today are finding that there’s more to life—

and business—than profits alone. Money as the single

bottom line is increasingly a thing of the past. Values and

ethics are an urgent concern. A popular buzz today is

about a “triple bottom line,” a commitment to “people,

planet, profit.” Employees and the environment are seen

as important as economics. Some people say it’s all about

bringing your spiritual values into your workplace. A poll

published in USA Today found that 6 out of 10 people say

workplaces would benefit from having a great sense of

spirit in their work environment.

What is spirituality in business There’s a wide range of

important perspectives. Some people say that it’s simply

embodying their personal values of honesty, integrity, and

good quality work. Others say it’s treating their co-workers

and employees in a responsible, caring way. For others,

it’s participating in spiritual study groups or using prayer,

meditation, or intuitive guidance at work. And for some,

it’s making their business socially responsible in how it

impacts the environment, serves the community, or helps

create a better world.

AQ conscious business

that the bottom line can be strengthened by embodying

their values. They can “do well by doing good.”

People at all levels in the corporate hierarchy increasingly

want to nourish their spirit and creativity. When employees

are encouraged to express their creativity, the result is a

more fulfilled and sustained workforce.

Happy people work harder and are more likely to stay

at their jobs. Spirituality was cited as the second most

important factor in personal happiness (after health) by

the majority of Americans questioned in a USA Weekend

poll, with 47% saying that spirituality was the most

important element of their happiness.

Karin Kabalah Center

“Kabalah: A Process of Awakening”

A Key to Unlock The Mystery of Our Existence On

All Levels — Physical, Psychological and Spiritual.

New class starts April 8, 2015

Free Introductory Lecture Wednesday

April 1, 7 PM

2531 Briarcliff Rd., Suite #217

Woodlake Office Park, Atlanta, GA 30329

(404) 320-1038


Aquarius Press


its first book…

Do you have a book

inside of you

Let us make it happen, for you!

Call us at 770-641-9055

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Key spiritual values embraced in a business context

include integrity, honesty, accountability, quality,

cooperation, service, intuition, trustworthiness, respect,

justice, and service.

Are spirituality and profitability mutually exclusive

Bringing ethics and spiritual values into the workplace

can lead to increased productivity and profitability as

well as employee retention, customer loyalty, and brand

reputation, according to a growing body of research. More

employers are encouraging spirituality as a way to boost

loyalty and enhance morale.

A study reported in MIT’s Sloan Management Review

concluded that, “People are hungry for ways in which

to practice their spirituality in the workplace without

offending their co-workers or causing acrimony.” The

word “spirituality” is used generically and seems to

emphasize how one’s beliefs are applied day to day, rather

than “religion”, which can invoke fears of dogmatism,

exclusivity, and proselytizing in the workplace.

To the surprise of many, this movement is beginning to

transform corporate America from the inside out. Growing

numbers of business people want their spirituality to be

more than just faith and belief--they want it to be practical

and applied. They want to bring their whole selves to work-

-body, mind, and spirit. Many business people are finding

Across the country, people want to bring a greater

sense of meaning and purpose into their work life. They

want their work to reflect their personal mission in life.

Many companies are finding the most effective way to

bring spiritual values into the workplace is to clarify the

company’s vision and mission and to align it with a higher

purpose and deeper commitment to service to both

customers and community.

Why all the sudden interest in spirituality at work

Researchers point to several key factors. Corporate

downsizing and greater demands on remaining workers

has left them too tired and stressed to be creative--at the

same time that globalization of markets requires more

creativity from employees. To survive into the 21st Century,

organizations must offer a greater sense of meaning and

purpose for their workforce. In today’s highly competitive

environment, the best talent seeks out organizations that

reflect their inner values and provide opportunities for

personal development and community service, not just

bigger salaries. Unlike the marketplace economy of 20

years ago, today’s information and services-dominated

economy requires instantaneous decision-making and

building better relationships with customers

and employees.

Corinne McLaughlin, is Executive Director of The Center for Visionary Leadership, which offers public educational programs,

values-based leadership training and consulting services for business, government and non-profit organizations. She wrote

The Practical Visionary, is a co-author of Spiritual Politics and a Fellow of the World Business Academy. She formerly taught at

American University and coordinated a national task force for President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development. She can

be reached at The Center for Visionary Leadership, 369 3rd St. #563, San Rafael, CA 94901; 415-472-2540; email: corinnemc@

visionarylead.org;website: www.visionarylead.org.




Conscious business is about people who are

aware of the impact each of their habits and

actions has on their environment (people

and planet). It is about individuals who live

their lives based on knowing that everything

is interconnected. It is about people who

know who they are, recognize their strengths

and weaknesses, and desire to live and work

with joy, creativity and ease instead of fear,

power, and domination.

Conscious Businesses:

1 - aim to provide positive value in the domains of people, planet, and profit.

2 - seeks to benefit both the external livelihood as well as the internal lives

of its shareholders and employees.

3 - seeks to minimize its impact on the environment.

The Aquarius Conscious Business page is currently looking to highlight

local conscious businesses. If you feel your business meets most of the

criteria described above, please send a write up of your

business to us and we will feature it in upcoming issues.

We are also looking article submissions.

Have your ad on the Conscious Business page. It is important

to let the public know of your efforts to put people and the

planet first in your organization.

www. AQ -atl.com



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Drepung Loseling Monastery - established

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Atlanta Arts & Culture

Afro-Panamanian Altar Exhibit

at Hammond’s House Museum:

Guest curator, Kali-Ashet Amen, talks about altars,

culture, and spirituality.

On what a home altar means to a family:

“An altar is...an intentional act of keeping the past present in the

everyday life of the family... An altar is a living space... You have to

nurture it and feed it. For an altar to do the work that it is designed to

do – and by the work I mean for it to be a vehicle of communication,

really, across worlds – you’re trying to harness positive energies that

you might send to your relatives and that you also wish that they

might transmit to you, through the altar, as a vessel... so you have to

tend to it, like a garden. You keep fresh water on it...because...if we

assume water to be a means of communication across worlds, you

want clean water, you want clear water, you don’t want the messages

to be muddy and murky... Flowers must be fresh and alive. You don’t

want dead things on your altar because then you’ve only created an

altar to death.”

On the different styles of altars:

“Altars are constructed differently, not only with spiritual intent in

mind, but because they are coming out of particular cultural origins

and they reflect the intermingling of different cultural encounters...

Each altar is an expression of individual creativity as well... Altars

carry aesthetics that are embedded in

[ both macro- and micro-] culture: the

way it looks, the fabric that you put on it,

the way that you approach it, the ritual

that you bring to it.”

On her approach to the exhibit:

AQ mmunity Events

photos by Kali-Ahset Amen

“On the one hand, I was so compelled by the aesthetic beauty and the spiritual

and cultural power of these altars and I really wanted to create this exhibit to

present them to a wider public who otherwise wouldn’t... not only not know

about these altar making traditions often because altars are such...symbols of one’s private world...and

sometimes there can be stigma around them and I wanted to challenge that.”

“I also set about the creation of the exhibit as an interrogation into what is Afro-Latin culture and identity. So,

really, I use altar-making practices as a means of exploring questions about black identity...”

Cont. next page

Christina James, Assistant Publisher of Aquarius Media Network, is a closet culture-vulture and appreciator of all

things interesting.

Sunday: Meditiation 10:30 am Gathering 11:00 am - Weekly

discussions, classes for body, mind, and spirit. Metaphysical

gift shop, books, candles, and gemstones. Marietta (Austell &

Callaway) 404-955-6641 http://interfaithtruth.com


“Dead Issues” Workshop. Completion with deceased,

internal experience, spiritual forces. Readings, channeling,

psychometry. Gratitude gift. Feb. 28. Registration 6:45 pm

doors closed 7:00 to 9:00 pm. 1730 NE Expressway NE,

Atlanta, GA 30329. 404-200-5955.

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Ahimki...Your One-Stop Center for Energy Balancing Services

Energy balancing services can help you with:

Energy balancing modalities include:

Dr. Liu


Dr. Lui was born in China, studied in Bejing. As a physical therapist he worked with the Chinese Olympic Team.

With over 20 years of experience, His hands-on energy work focuses on bringing the body back into balance.

Tui-Na Acupressure Massage techniques treat both acute and chronic

musculoskeletal conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions.

See me at the Big Psychic Fair the 1st weekend each month

Call for your appointment now.


Li Hua,


275 Carpenter Dr.

Suite 200

Atlanta, GA. 30328

(Roswell, Sandy Springs)

Office: 404-250-9903

E-mail: LiHua@aac2000.com

Atlanta Acupuncture Center

Services included:

Acupuncture, Needleless Acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage),

Acupressure, Chinese Herbs, Tai Chi, Qi Gong

Health problems treated:

Arthritis, Allergies/Asthma, ADD, Back Pain, Cancers, Candida, Depression/Anxiety, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue,

Fibromyalgia, Headaches/Migraine, Hypertension, Infertility, Irregular Bowel Movement, Insomnia, Low Back Pain,

Menopause, Neck Pain, PMS, Sport Injuries, Stop Smoking, Stress, Weight Management, Many Other Illnesses


This website is led by Li Hua, Licensed

Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Doctor. It introduces the Center, Chinese

Medicine and culture to you. Every month,

it features new articles on health, healthy food

recipes, Chinese music and recent news.

Cell: 404-660-2387





Learn how and why we age, and how it’s possible to reset our youth genes.

Gloria 678.524.9607 or email: gloria.parker@gmail.com

Atlanta Arts & Culture Cont. from last page

On the role of alternative religion:

“It’s in the spaces of alternative religion that

some surprising and needed and useful crosscultural

and international connections are

happening. We tend to think of the so-called

dominant religions as the most cross-cutting

because they have the most practitioners

but there’s a missed narrative there, which is

what a globalizing force alternative religions

are and actually have been because they’re

actually more primordial and even older than these other

ones we’re talking about... [This is]...partly because of their

marginality, which necessitates recognition that, ‘hey we’re in

this together. We’re keeping this tradition alive and expanding

and re-defining it because we have to.’”

On the importance of remembering these traditions in

our modern world:

“In general, I think it’s important to celebrate religious practices

and relate them to specific cultural roots. One, because of

this amorphous phenomenon we know as globalization. And

we know a lot of cultural death is happening in the name

of cultural freedom or freedom of choice. So a lot of these

practices are being lost... In that way, it’s about the survival

of a legacy...in a very tangible and physical way, these things

are necessary for our survival because in the end we can talk

about our need for food and shelter and all of that stuff but

our need for spiritual rootedness is just as important if not

the most to our collective survival. And when we devolve into

violence and chaos along these social cleavages of race or

class or difference..., I think that is a reflection of our having lost

a sense of spiritual centering.”

“In a climate now where we are told through the mass media

to be afraid of immigrants – and there are a lot of black

immigrants.... In a climate we are told that we need to be

afraid of African people because they carry ebola and you

will die if you touch them, which has all sorts of hints of things

we’ve seen in the past...In this environment of mass fear and

stigmatization of...the colored “other”...it’s important...

to remember not to get swept up in these other narratives...

to remember the connection...”

...to remember the oneness we all share.


photos by Kali-Ahset Amen


www. AQ -atl.com


• Discover the key to your future.

• Learn secret creative power times.

• Understand intimate relationships.

• Joyfully walk your spiritual path.

• Embrace your soul’s journey.

Donna Page MS

Free Astrology Chart Service

Learn Astrology - only $19.95 month


Consultations starting at $25.

Vedic and Tantric Astrology

The Hidden Key to Love and Success

“Spiritual Remedies for Earthly Problems”


Astrology and Tarot Readings

Mantras and Chants for Positive Changes

Guidance on Love, Money, Health Issues

Kavadi Prashna 108 Cowry Shell System

from South India






Monday Closed

Tu-Thur 10 - 6:30

Friday 10 - 9:00

Saturday 10 - 6.30

Forever and a day

New Age Emporium

North GeorGia’s Premier metaPhysical shoP




• New and used books • Large selection of crystals and tumbled stones

• Jewelry • Candles • Aromatherapy oils • Teas • Incense • Clothing

• Greeting cards • Positive Thinking/Affirmation/Conscious Living Products

• Gaia’s World Ceremonial Herbs

• Abundant selection of spiritual tools - divination, statuary, sweetgrass and sage

• Life coaching • Classes • Intuitive readings - psychic, astrology, tarot, crystal,

palmistry • Bodywork and massage - Asian, acupressure, energy work/Reiki,


Sunday 12 - 6:00 7830 Hwy. 92 . Woodstock, Ga 30189

770.516.6969 www.ForeverAndADay.biz


Retailer of

the Year


P H O E N I X & D R A G O N B O O K S T O R E

B o o k s a n d G i f t s C e l e b r a t i n g t h e H u m a n S p i r i t

• Listen to over 800 CDs in our listening stations

• Delight in clothing, jewelry & accessories fit for a goddess

• Explore our diverse selection of books & tools for conscious living

• Choose from our exotic array of natural oils, candles & incense

5531 Roswell Rd. • 1/2 mile inside I-285 • 404-255-5207 • www.phoenixanddragon.com

Open Daily

Mon - Sat 10 to 8

Sunday 12 to 6

Professional Psychics

Available Daily


Big Blue Barn


Have your next event or workshop here.

Gloria Parker

678.524.9607 1035 Green St., Roswell, GA 30075 / Close to GA. 400, off exit 7-8. / Excellent restaurants, hotels & galleries.



Psychic Fair

Feb. 7-8 • March. 7-8

1st Weekend of Every Month except July.

Psychics and Healers,

looking for a place to see clients

Hourly rates available. Call Gloria 678.524.9607


Dr. Larry



Our Chiropractic Clinic is dedicated to the

restoring, maintaining, and building of good

health through natural, safe, scientific chiropractic

methods. Our clinic offers massage, nutritional

counseling and other support programs. We accept

all cases regardless of ability to pay.

For a revolutionary experience, take a ride on

the VibraSound, the dynamic union of the Neuro

Sciences and Innovative technology, involving

music, sound, light vibration and much more.

Experience how the VibraSound can create a

synchronized state of sensory resonance which

may yield relaxation, enhanced creativity,

increased energy, personal rehabilitation and

transformational experiences.

We look forward to working with you.




4675 N. Shallowford Road, Suite 100

Dunwoody, GA 30038


www. AQ -atl.com




4255 Sandy Plains Rd.

Marietta, GA 30066



Sunday Services

9:00am & 11:15am Sanctuary

Wednesday Meditation Service

7:30pm Peace Chapel

When the “I AM” Leads The Path Follows

“You are a remarkable

expression of Source

energy. Now is the time

to live your truth.”

Rev. Tony Crapolicchio

Are You Ready to Be a Conscious Creator

Are You Ready to Transform Your Journey by

Transforming Your Thought

Are You Ready to Interact with People Who Believe

and Feel the Way You Do

Great! The Trinity Center for Spiritual Living is Ready for You!

1095 Zonolite Rd Atlanta GA 30306 WWW.TRINITYCRS.ORG 404-296-6064

Sunday Services at 11:00 A.M.

Meditation Service at 10:30 A.M.

Consciousness Transforming Classes

Throughout the Week


www. AQ -atl.com


Pastor: Rev. Rob Lanford,

Doctoral Studies at Saybrook Graduate School

What If there was a place unlike

any church you have ever experienced

What If it didn’t matter what you wore

What If everyone, we mean everyone, was

accepted for who they are,without judgement

What If everyone knew your name

Come and weave the unique threads

of your life into our tapestry of love!


Children ages Kindergarten - Fifth Grade

light breakfast included



Starts Feb 1st, 9:45 A.M

Caregivers Support Group

Starts March

angelga@att.net / ralanford@gmail.com

3000 Johnson Ferry Rd. Marietta, GA 30062

a united methodist community

Coffee Bar

Study Group at 9:45am

Youth study at 9:45am

Potluck Brunch at 10:45am

Inclusive service of worship




“Health is based on Internal Cleansing”

Become Healthy Today!

Ask about our Inner Cleansing Workshop located in Buckhead

We offer: Colon Cleansing • Personal Consultation

Facials/ Facial Muscle Workout • Micro Current and LED Treatment

Weight Control Programs • Foot Reflexology • Detox Massage • and More

The Global Mall Professional Suites

5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd.

Suite 728

Norcross, GA 30071



Spiritual Direction &

Counseling for Women

Joan Chabib M. Ed., Ed. S, LPC

Certificate of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual counseling is about looking at the ordinary events, challenges and inspirations

of our life, and understanding them as the means by which God or the Divine tries to

reach us. Our life then becomes a revelation and expression of our most authentic self.

www.caravansoftheheart.com j_chabib@bellsouth.net Call for Counseling: 770.722.5297


Individual and Group Work


Individual Somatic and ThetaHealing® Sessions

ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced and

Manifesting & Abundance Workshops

404-929-9030 www.RoseLightWorks.com

Rose D’Agostino

Certified Teacher of ThetaHealing®

Graduate of The Institute of Core Energetics &

Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology

Laura Halls, CHT , CSC

Private Consultations offered in:

Hypnotherapy • Past Life Regression • Angel Readings • Life Between Lives Regression

DNA Healing • Spiritual Counseling • Energy/Crystal Healing

Laura has been trained by Michael Newton, Doreen Virtue, Margaret Ruby & Dick Sutphen.

Call: (770) 565-6105

Email: laurahalls@yahoo.com

Laura Halls is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy

and is also registered with The Newton Institute, the National Assn. of

Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, the International Hypnosis Federation,

and PossibilitiesDNA.

Call for an appointment today to experience your life in a new way!


For: Peace, Clarity, Guidance, Life Purpose, Health, Joy, Boundaries, Creativity, Power, Intimacy, Intuition, Past Lives

Release: Fears, Pain, Trauma, Co-dependency, Addictions, Sabotage, Sexual Issues, Loneliness, Abuse, Rage, Insomnia

DEBBIE UNTERMAN, Alchemical Hypnotherapist & Trainer; Author: Talking to My Selves;


of Clarity and Satori; 25 years in practice


The Amazing resolution-oriented work Debbie provides is the missing piece to the body/mind puzzle.

I send many of my massage clients to her and she performs miracles.” -Shari Aizenman, LMT

www. AQ -atl.com




Shirley Kelly

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

Reiki Master



Specializing in Readings - Private & Phone

Available for Parties • Meet your Guides and Angels



Psychic Reader, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Minister, Pianist.

Readings: Psychic Readings. $125 for an hour

Healings: Healing Sessions to achieve deep

states of peace, relaxation, and healing.

$125 for an hour

Classes: Yoga, Past Life Regression, Shamanic

Journeying, Learning to Read the Tarot, etc.

Check out Karen's website:


Contact Karen to register for a class

(required) or to schedule an appointment

for a reading or healing session


or 404-995-0756

Atlanta Metaphysical Center

5505 Roswell Rd., Suite 275, Atlanta, GA 30305


Intuitive Reader • Medical Intuitive • Tarot • Medium • Reiki Master • Energy Medicine Practitioner

To Schedule call Phoenix And Dragon Bookstore

Damaris is available Tues.- Thurs., Every 3rd Sat. 404-255-5207

Also at “The Blue Barn” Psychic Fair every first weekend of the month

• Intuitive Body Scans

• Soul readings

• Pure Energy Clearing

• Free Soul Boot Camp

• Chakra Reading & Alignment

• Sacred Bowl Ritual

www.damarisstarr.com | www.thestarrbar.blogspot.com | damaris9@gmail.com | Check PhoenixandDragon.com for Damaris’ Classes

New Meditaiton CD!

Chakras On The Go

guided meditation audio CD for everyday people

Essence From The Ancients

Protection and

Purification Products


www. AQ -atl.com

The Art of Namaste

“My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.

I honor the light, love, truth, beauty, and peace within you, because it is also within me.

In sharing these things, we are united, we are the same, we are one.”

We are all fragments of the universe. We are all spiritual beings filled with infinite potential.

Each of us is a piece of artwork on our own, but we also make up a much larger sculpture

when we are united.

However, many times we are unable to cooperate in fitting together our portion of the

art. As we get lost in the human experience, we get caught up in making our portion of

the sculpture the best and the most prominent compared to others. We hold back from

sharing with others what is in our minds and hearts for the art we are making. Focused on

competition, we forget our true selves and lose the ability to recognize another’s true self. We

miss opportunities to build off of each other’s infinite potential, missing opportunities for growth.

It is especially easy to get disconnected from the truth of our universal oneness in the face

of conflict. When people disagree with one another, they are simply seeing two different

perspectives. If we thought of all life as art, we might remember that people can interpret the

meaning portrayed in art differently. Yet in life, we all have our own opinions and differences

of opinion can cause disputes when our egos begin to interfere. Our egos give us the

illusion of separation and fuel our natural need to be right. When we can set aside ego and

acknowledge the fact that we are all connected, we are able to love

unconditionally and eradicate the labels that we put on one another.

But in conflict, we are usually not focusing on acknowledging the soul

and the divine in the person we are in argument with. How do we stay

connected to the truth that we are all one when we feel alone and isolated

As a teenager, I constantly feel like I am not being understood, which

leads me to feel frustrated and annoyed. I catch myself taking my anger

out on people around me, even when they’re not the ones that have

done anything wrong. When I notice myself reacting this way, what

helps me most is to determine what exactly I am feeling and why. The best way that I am able

to distinguish this is through journaling. Writing allows me to vent my feelings and helps me

notice when I have a frustrated reaction that is exaggerated compared to what the situation

really is. Then, I can take some deep breaths and bring myself back into full awareness of the

present moment. By being in the present moment, the little voice inside my head begins to

quiet, as I am no longer focused on it. I am able to accept the fact that the situation is what it

is and that I can only change myself in the situation.

I can have more compassion and

remember to acknowledge the other

person’s point of view and look past

their ego. In doing so, I can truly act

upon the phrase Namaste and look

into their soul. Instantly, my own ego is

reduced in their presence and I can see

and love them for who they truly are.

In this world, we are programmed

to believe that we must compare

ourselves to others and to compete

with one another. This type of thought

is the focus of the ego, which is not the

authentic self; it is the final coat that

we put over our art, thinking that it will

hold everything in place. Instead, it

only separates us. But when we are

intentional about taking the time to

remove the ego layer, we can look at

another’s work and admire all that they

have done, and see how our pieces

of artwork relate to theirs. We can let

ourselves be seen and really see one

another. In doing so, we gain unity;

we are one.



Felecia L. Dawson, MD, FACOG

Board Certified

One Baltimore Place, Suite 350

Atlanta, GA 30308

Phone (404) 733-6334


Ayesha Patel is a high school student

who strives to see the bigger picture

of life and existence.

www. AQ -atl.com

The Spiritual Side of Conflict

Conflict. What comes to mind

In today’s world, we often associate conflict

with negative images and feelings. We

believe conflict is destructive, unnatural,

and unhealthy. In turn, we approach

conflict from a position of fear and

uncertainty. We do whatever we must to

restore a sense of power and certainty in

the situation. We push to end the conflict

quickly and in our favor, or we go to

extremes to avoid the person and situation.

Is this familiar

In this ego-based paradigm, we view

conflict as a proverbial “pie” to divide,

with winners and losers. There is a model

I’ve adapted from Thomas-Kilmann that

highlights five main conflict styles based on

a scale of assertiveness (concern for self)

versus cooperativeness (concern for other).

Let’s use two people in the process of

getting a divorce for our behavioral

examples. Here is an illustration of how

these conflict styles are defined. I invite you

to reflect on your ways of engaging conflict

and think about the impact on yourself and

your relationships.

(1) -Avoiding – We both lose. One or both

parties delays engaging in the conflict by

being unassertive or uncooperative for

some period of time (or forever). This is the

divorce that gets dragged out for months

or years.

(2) -Accommodating – I lose and you win. I

am fully cooperative and unassertive. I want

to preserve the relationship so I concede

to your demands or needs. In the case of

divorce, this means handing over the keys

to the car, the house, or even time with the

kids to keep the “peace.”

(3) -Compromising – We both win and

lose. We make concessions and divide the

estate equally, giving up things important

to us. We may get bitter later.

(4) -Competing – I win and you lose. I

am fully assertive and uncooperative and

pursue my own interests with little or no

focus on the relationship. I fight for the

house and the kids and will do everything

possible to ensure you get as little as


(5) -Collaborating – we both win. We seek

to enrich the relationship, explore multiple

perspectives, and strive for creative

solutions. We agree to joint custody and

examine possibilities to nurture sustainable


Notice that this paradigm is based on

Darshana Patel is a gifted Energy Healer/

Reiki Master and Spiritual Activist specializing in

energy alignment and pattern release to support

optimal health, joy, and vitality.

separation – I and other. Could there be a

spiritual side of conflict designed to nurture

our individual and collective evolution

towards unity What if conflict is nature’s

catalyst to expand consciousness

A New Conflict Paradigm

The powerful concept of Namaste

embodies the notion that we are all one

divine Consciousness. We are united

once we dissolve our ego and with it, the

illusion of Separateness. We can approach

conflict from this empowering, spiritually

based context. Instead of thinking of it as

dividing a fixed pie, we can view conflict as

integrating different pieces of a puzzle.

We can approach conflict as a creative

force, bringing together disparate ideas or

things for the first time, in a new way.

Conflict can be an opportunity to

harmonize concepts with a focus on

collaboration, creative outcomes, individual

and collective growth, effective problem

solving, and decision-making. This

requires communication and a personal

exploration of our beliefs. We must sit with

the discomfort of discord, realizing our

truths are only partial views of the whole.

Through sharing our perspectives and

openly exploring another’s, we expand the

possibilities for new, creative solutions.

You see, many of the conflicts in our lives

and in the world are often about more than

a mere dispute over some resource. They

often go deeper into our identities… What

do we value What matters to us What do

we believe What do we hope for, need,

and fear Do you think the conflict over

the Gaza Strip is just about a piece of land

Certainly not – it’s about what the land

represents to each side’s identity.

In this new conflict paradigm, conflict is

an access to greater consciousness and

awareness. It is an invitation to explore our

beliefs and needs and realize our shared

humanity. We are all more alike than

different, sharing a common pool of needs,

fears, and hopes. Conflict is a wake up call,

guiding our evolution. It is an invitation

to step beyond our limiting beliefs to cocreate

new realities.

In the spirit of Namaste, I invite you to

step into this new paradigm of conflict to

transform our families, communities, and

the world.




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All God’s creatures

have a voice

Caroline Lusky

678.662.9450 carolinelusky38@gmail.com

Cassandria Hanna


Medium, Whole Body Intuitive, Palmist, Palmistry Classes

Phone & In-Person Readings




Integrated Energetic Healing

Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit

Kabbalistic Healing Techniques

Reiki Master

Brennan Healing Science

ThetaHealing Practitioner



Lisa M. Larsen-Moss

Spiritual Healer




Now featuring Safe Non-Invasive Non Surgical Liposuction

www.HealingHarbour.com 678.686.9347

Awakening Spirits, Inc.

Call today for an

appointment with

Orielia Valley



[ Intuitive Readings

[ Energy Healings

[ Reiki Treatments

[ Reflexology

[ Detoxification Programs

[ Natural Body Care Products

The Global Mall 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Suite 732 Norcross, GA 30071




Debi Miller

Facilitator & Trainer

20 years experience




EFT Center

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Walt Rodenberger



Meeting Fridays 7:30 PM

Shirley Kelly

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

Reiki Master

Specializing in Readings

Private & Phone

Available for Parties

Meet your Guides and Angels



155 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30067


Physical – Greater Strength

Mental – Sharper Focus

Spiritual – Greater Awareness

Alphabiotics Atlanta. com 770.757.6860

First session free on Saturdays 9 am – 1 pm by appointment only

Internal Happiness is Eternal

Spiritual Guidance by:

Ali Doodle

For a free trial

session, email:



www. AQ -atl.com

Life’s Symphony

Ponder something for a moment…what does harmony mean to you What

does having harmony in your life look like…feel like If you’re stuck coming up

with an answer, no need to worry. I did a mini-sensing project with a handful of

friends and family ranging from actors/models, authors, chemical engineering

professionals, screenwriters, and even a PhD percussionist. The meanings

shared were beautiful, quite frankly, a bouquet entwined with words like love,

well, spirit, and peace and phrases like ‘multiple pieces’, ‘synergistic kind of way’,

‘coming together’, ‘absence of conflict’, and ‘opposite of discord’.

Race and Namaste

As you’re smelling that bouquet, journey with me a moment. Picture yourself

at the symphony. Everyone is in their best dress and polished to perform. The

conductor’s wand is raised and the music begins. As the first piece progresses,

among the layers of chords and notes, you hear dissonance. A loud, horribly out

of tune trumpeter is somewhere in the symphony’s midst. At times it sounds as if

this individual is playing a completely different sheet of music. Slowly but surely

you find yourself distracted...unable to hear anything else BUT that trumpet.

When it’s not being played you’re waiting to hear if and when it will start again.

Your entire symphony experience has been reduced to a game of hide-andseek

with the sound of this off-tune trumpet. And that, my friends, depicts the

importance of YOU, the extreme importance you play in the symphony of life.

In order to successfully take part in harmony, your note must be in tune. Yes,

harmony is all about different elements working together to create something

more beautiful than individual parts but that can’t be achieved without every

element being in tune. Being healthy. Being strong. Being confident. Being

aware. Life’s symphony falls apart without the strength of its individual parts…

without the strength of you.

Now if you find you’re in tune but still lacking harmony in your life, well that’s OK.

You’ve got choices my friend: Either change your tune or change the symphony

around you.

Stuck in rut Curiosities nagging at you ‘Day job’ getting in the way

Well it may be time to change your symphony. Think about it. What if an

operatic soprano tried engaging in a jam session with John Mayer. How

do you think it would sound Not so great, right It would be an attempt

to marry completely different strengths and

styles…sure they would all be in tune but the

result would probably sound…off. That just

may exemplify you. Your brilliance may be

drowning or sticking out like a sore thumb in

your current symphony. So perhaps change

the symphony to enable that brilliance to

shine or throw a raft out to that drowning


So what will you do to tune your note

today To increase your awareness of

the notes being played around you To

ensure you’re in the right company of musicians

Ultimately to increase the strength of YOUR note in

life’s symphony

February is Black History

Month and the theme

of Aquarius this month

is “Namaste”.

So this month I’ll try to join these two

themes and make a heavy request of folks

who cling to something that’s bigger than

us (Allah, God, or some other Great Thing).

Here are five practical ways that you (and

I) may be able to recognize the spark of

divinity and humanity within our brothers

and sisters without squashing it out.

1. Speak up. Our black brothers and

sisters have undergone generations of

political and social discrimination. Yet

there are well meaning, spiritual, and good

humans who refuse to admit that things

like white privilege still exist. This refusal

to acknowledge this discrimination isn’t

founded in hate or racism. It’s founded in

ignorance. It’s not a purposeful ignorance

most of the time but it is ignorance. White

folks who have the voice and privilege

have to sacrifice this privilege and side

with our oppressed brothers and sisters.

We have to for the sake of our own souls.

Those of us who are not blind to our own

privilege have to forsake that privilege.

2. Ever the contrarian, I say the second

thing we must do is to shut up when the

voice of the oppressed is speaking. I don’t

deal with the discrimination my brothers

and sisters face, therefore I am not the

BEST person to speak about it.

Don’t crowd out their voices.

3. Go to rallies and marches. Be politically

active and more than on social media.

Literally stand in solidarity with your

brothers and sisters in the face of injustice.

4. Read the book

The New Jim

Crow” by Michelle

Alexander to learn

about sentencing

disparities and the

hard truth about

discrimination in

our court system.

5. Educate

yourself. Listen to

the voices of our

black brothers and sisters. Listen to the

pain in their voices when they talk about

their encounters with police persons. Pay

attention when the parents of black kids

are worried their kids are the next Trayvon

Martin or the next Mike Brown.

Whatever light you hold onto in this world,

hold onto it tightly. Change is coming. We

live in the era of unveiling and progress.

Darkness is being brought to light by the

prophets of our generation. Recognize

the divine spark in all of our brothers and

sisters, even those who we feel may be

the enemy.


Cassandra Worthy

is a life lover, risk taker, wit injector, blogger, and

chemical engineer. Her dedication spans across

family, joy, experiencing the new,

and all things science.

Follow her at www.journeyinjoy.net

Email: worthy.cd@gmail.com

Terry Cranford-Smith is a writer, pastor, preacher, and

Misfit in the way of Jesus. Terry is renowned for posting

controversial Facebook posts, taking pictures of his dog, and

loving his wife, Bec. You can find him involved in the Wild

Goose Festival, Moral Monday, and Church of the Misfits

www. AQ -atl.com



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