Windmill Solutions - Pacific PowerTech, LLC

Windmill Solutions - Pacific PowerTech, LLC

Hydraulic Components, Systems, and Service for


All You Need From A Single Source.

Cooling and Heating

for Gearbox Oil

Heat Exchangers for

Oil and Water

Complete Systems and

Components for

Gearbox Lubrication

Offline / Kidney

Loop Filtration

Coolant Water

Pumping Stations

Brake Control


Piston Accumulators

for Pitch Control

Air Breathers for

the Gearbox

Mounting Hardware

for Tubes and Cables

Oil Level Indicators

Pressure & Temperature

Transducers & Switches

Hydraulic Systems for

Pitch and Yaw Control

Your Global Partners in Fluid Power

HYDAC offers solutions that work! With more

than 3000 employees, 31 wholly owned

subsidiaries, and over 1000 distributors, HYDAC

truly is Your Global Partner.

We help our customers develop wind energy

systems from conception to completion. Our 40+

years of application experience is your asset.

HYDAC products and solutions can be found in

thousands of wind energy systems world-wide:

Comprehensive filtration concepts for lubrication

and hydraulic systems, as well as cooling systems

for gearbox oil and generators.

Components and Systems

We Are Here to Help You:

• Regulated solutions for motion

(rotor blade adjustment, azimuth drive, pitch function, hood

opening, brake control)

• Extend service life and optimum system performance with

high-quality filtration

• Electronic temperature management systems for cooling

and lubrication fluids

• Safe attachments of your hydraulic hoses and cables

• Fluid contamination monitoring and system diagnostics

• Custom solutions based on your requirements


After every successful installation of a wind energy system, HYDAC is there to provide service support.


• Documentation of the oil cleanliness

• Recommendation of optimization practices e.g. installation

of an off-line filter

• Assistance with oil maintenance systems and system start-up

• Installation of real time oil cleanliness and

moisture monitoring equipment

• Consultation and spare parts available worldwide

Other Markets

Steel & Heavy Industry • Mobile Market • Power Generation • Plastics • Pulp and Paper • Offshore Shipbuilding and Marine Technology

A Complete Range of Hydraulic Products from a Single Source

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