Programme 2012-2013 - kivi niria

Programme 2012-2013 - kivi niria

Programme 2012-2013 - kivi niria


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14 FEBRUARY <strong>2013</strong> - BETTER FOR LESS<br />

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KIVI NIRIA <strong>2012</strong>-<strong>2013</strong><br />

IHC Merwede<br />

Cor van der Harst<br />

Product Director Modular Offshore Vessels<br />

www.ihcmerwede.com<br />

IHC Merwede is a world-class player in the dredging, mining and offshore<br />

markets. IHC Merwede is focused on the continuous development of design<br />

and construction activities for the specialist dredging, mining and offshore<br />

maritime sectors. Based on vast experience in custom-built offshore solutions,<br />

the New IHC Supporter class has been developed to gain a solid position in the<br />

highly competitive mid-range offshore support vessel market. The presentation<br />

will highlight value engineering, design for<br />

assembly and the additional<br />

complexities of world wide<br />

production, modular while<br />

multi-mission design<br />

approach, including IHC<br />

advanced offshore equipment.<br />

14 MARCH <strong>2013</strong> - SYMPOSIUM - EXPLORING THE DARK<br />

Time : 12:00 - 19:00<br />

In cooperation with KIVI Offshore, Froude, UNFC and<br />

DOT. More information in January <strong>2013</strong><br />

Pressure is increasing around the world regarding the availability of raw materials<br />

and energy. The easily accessible resources on Earth are almost exhausted<br />

and new resources are being looked for in formerly unknown areas of our<br />

planet, including The Deep Sea. Companies are exploring the oceans for new<br />

resources, but exploitation of these resources is restricted by structural and<br />

materials limitations. Innovation of (offshore) structures and suitable materials<br />

opens the door to exploit a whole<br />

new world and all its treasures.<br />

The symposium will be the first<br />

Dutch maritime platform to give an<br />

overview on current challenges,<br />

economic opportunities and future<br />

trends. This symposium will<br />

involve speakers who have accepted<br />

the challenge of exploring<br />

the dark.<br />

11 APRIL <strong>2013</strong> - SILENCE OF THE SHIPS<br />

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23 MAY <strong>2013</strong> - ELECTRIC WAVES @ SEA<br />

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Website:<br />

Damen Schelde<br />

Izak Goedbloed<br />

Engineer, Research & Technology Support<br />

www.schelde.com<br />

Vibrations are an important issue onboard ships, especially naval ships.<br />

Therefore, DAMEN Schelde wants to be able to carry out better predictions of<br />

structural vibrations for the benefit of fatigue, comfort on board and construction<br />

noise. The first part of this presentation will offer an inside-look into applied<br />

research with hydrodynamic tools and finite element software. These<br />

tools are used to predict propeller-induced vibrations by pressure pulses and<br />

validate them with measurements. The second part shows the<br />

latest developments by DAMEN Schelde<br />

in the field of propeller induced<br />

vibrations. This presentation gives<br />

an overview of how DAMEN Schelde<br />

uses (new) tools for applied research in<br />

a practical way.<br />

Imtech Marine<br />

Bjorn van Ubish, Martijn Berkhoff and Bart Walraven<br />

Consultant/Naval Architect, Consultant Energy<br />

Competence Center and Supervisor Solution<br />

Development - Automation Competence Center<br />

www.imtech.eu/marine<br />

In cooperation with KNVTS<br />

Imtech Marine is a leading company in the global maritime market, operating<br />

as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative technology<br />

solutions covering the whole ship. They are specialized in Automation<br />

(Platform and Bridge), Navigation & Communication including Connectivity,<br />

Energy & Drive systems, HVAC solutions and Fire Protection<br />

systems, A/V Entertainment and Maritime Information<br />

Services. Imtech Marine provides innovative systems and<br />

reliable services during the full lifetime of the ship. The<br />

speakers will explain the technical maritime solutions<br />

Imtech Marine provides to the maritime industry. This will<br />

include details about efficiency of ships with Diesel Electric<br />

Propulsion, innovative ships networks and automation on<br />

board of vessels.<br />

The annual member meeting, starting at 6:00 PM, will precede the lecture.<br />

KIVI NIRIA Department of Marine Technology Presents<br />

<strong>Programme</strong> <strong>2012</strong>-<strong>2013</strong><br />


Unless otherwise specified:<br />

Supper sponsored by companies of presenters: 6.15 PM<br />

Starting time for lectures: 7:00 PM<br />

Closure: 9:30 PM<br />

Location: Faculty Room and Room A - Faculty 3mE -<br />

TU Delft, Leeghwaterstraat 17, 2628 CA Delft<br />

For more information and memberships, see:<br />

http://afdelingen.<strong>kivi</strong><strong>niria</strong>.net/maritiemetechniek<br />

“Sail and steamship “Bonaire” (1877) designed by Bruno Joannes Tideman

KIVI NIRIA <strong>2012</strong>-<strong>2013</strong><br />

13 SEPTEMBER <strong>2012</strong> - HUMAN NATURE<br />

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Website:<br />

Location:<br />

MARIN<br />

Wendie Uitterhoeve<br />

Project Engineer - MARIN’s Nautical Centre<br />

www.marin.nl/ www.stc-r.nl<br />

STC, Wilhelminakade 701, 3072 AP Rotterdam<br />

The human factor contributes to approximately 80 percent of all maritime<br />

incidents and accidents. Is this acceptable As awareness of the human factor<br />

arises in the maritime industry, we are faced with the challenge of<br />

minimising the number of accidents attributed to human error. MARIN wants to<br />

get a grip on the hard-to-determine human capacity<br />

and contributes, for instance, with research related to<br />

measuring workload and fatigue. This presentation<br />

outlines the wide field of human factors, and MARIN’s<br />

activities in particular. The presentation shows the research<br />

results of workload and performance measurements,<br />

both in a manoeuvring simulator and on-board<br />

ships, and highlights ongoing research topics.<br />

11 OCTOBER <strong>2012</strong> - FLOATING MATER IALS<br />

Company:<br />


Speaker:<br />

Marcel Elenbaas & Ron Verleg<br />

Position: Design & Proposal Engineer Damen -<br />

R&D manager DSM Composite Resins<br />

Website:<br />

www.damen.nl and www.dsm.nl<br />

The maritime industry is showing increasing interest in fibre-reinforced<br />

thermosetting composites as construction material for professional maritime<br />

applications. Composites are already well known in the pleasure marine<br />

industry as building material for manufacturing boats and yachts. DAMEN<br />

also sees increasing potential for composites in vessels built for commercial<br />

applications. When moving from the pleasure cruising industry to professional<br />

maritime applications, clients, class societies and maritime engineers will<br />

request more detailed information about the engineering properties and design<br />

requirements of composite materials. The knowledge base for developing<br />

composite products in commercial shipbuilding is currently being developed in<br />

a joint industry project called FLIGHT (Fast LIGtweight Hull Technology). This<br />

is a joint effort between TU Delft, Bureau Veritas, Lightweight Structures, Teijin,<br />

DSM and Damen Shipyards, and is supported by Agentschap NL through the<br />

Maritime Innovation <strong>Programme</strong>. DAMEN shall provide an overview of the recent<br />

composite developments, and discuss typical issues when applying composites<br />

in commercial shipbuilding, such as understanding loading conditions<br />

with its effect on composite structures, and fire safety. In order to increase the<br />

knowledge about composite materials for the professional maritime industry,<br />

DSM Composite Resins joined the FLIGHT project in order to evaluate its latest<br />

developments in resin technology to improve the composite performance for<br />

structural applications. DSM will present the latest resin developments and the<br />

ways in which they interact with different fibre reinforcements.<br />

8 NOVEMBER <strong>2012</strong> - SMART FAIRWAYS<br />

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Website:<br />

MARIN<br />

Henk Blaauw<br />

Inland Shipping Coordinator<br />

www.marin.nl<br />

The shipping industry currently faces unfavourable market conditions, which<br />

has made fuel saving more and more of an issue. This applies not only for<br />

the maritime market; inland shippers have also become increasingly aware of<br />

the opportunities to save fuel. For the maritime industry, savings are primarily<br />

gained by improving designs and adjusting sailings speeds. For inland vessels,<br />

however, the environment is an important factor, in terms of waiting times<br />

for locks and bridges and the<br />

increasing fuel consumption<br />

at shallow waters. Henk<br />

Blaauw explains how MARIN<br />

supports this market segment<br />

by providing innovative solutions<br />

at various levels; ranging<br />

from optimising ship designs<br />

to operational and planning<br />

assistance tools.<br />

13 DECEMBER <strong>2012</strong> - UNIDENTIFIED SAILING OBJECTS<br />

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Time:<br />

Location:<br />

BMT Nigel Gee Ltd<br />

James Roy<br />

Yacht Design Director<br />

www.bmtyachts.com<br />

7:45 PM<br />

Delta Hotel, Maasboulevard 15, 3133 AK Vlaardingen<br />

In cooperation with KNVTS<br />

The modern superyacht is a complex piece of engineering that often incorporates<br />

significant levels of new and emerging technology. Despite having<br />

invested significant amounts of capital in designing and building these yachts,<br />

the owners are very conservative with the choice of hullform; the vast majority<br />

of large yachts are monohulls. In contrast to the design process for commercial<br />

vessels, there is often no rational hullform selection process. Bringing together<br />

experience from over 15 years in the design of<br />

specialist commercial vessels and superyachts,<br />

James Roy from BMT Nigel Gee will explore a<br />

range of hullform types and technologies, from the<br />

conservative to the radical, and debate their relative<br />

merits for application to large yachts.<br />

10 JANUARY <strong>2013</strong> - REVEALING COMBUSTION PROCESSES<br />

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Speaker:<br />

Position:<br />

Website:<br />

Wartsila<br />

Kai Herrmann<br />

Manager New Technologies<br />

www.wartsila.nl<br />

This reading explores a unique experimental facility. The facility enables the<br />

investigation of injection and combustion processes in relation to two-stroke<br />

marine diesel engines at relevant physical dimensions and operational<br />

parameters, including flow characteristics and low fuel qualities involved.<br />

The core element is a disk-shaped optical accessible constant volume spray<br />

combustion chamber of diameter 500 mm with peripheral injection into a swirl<br />

flow. Kai Herrmann will explain how<br />

conditions at the start of injection<br />

similar to those in real engines (up<br />

to 13 MPa, 930 K) are achieved and<br />

how the application of non-intrusive<br />

optical measurement techniques<br />

contributes to a better understanding<br />

of the underlying phenomena<br />

and the validation of simulation<br />


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