Climate change adaptation by design - Town and Country Planning ...

Climate change adaptation by design - Town and Country Planning ...

ainwater harvesting

and storage systems

greywater recycling

Rainwater harvesting captures and diverts

rainwater. The captured water can be used

for irrigation purposes, car washing or toilet

fl ushing. It is benefi cial for two reasons:

• It reduces water demand, easing pressure

on the mains water supply.

• It helps to reduce the risk of fl ooding during

storms by storing rainwater and buffering run

-off before it reaches the drainage system.

Typically, rainwater is collected from rooftops

and is diverted into barrels or storage tanks.

The amount of rainwater collected from a rooftop

can be signifi cant. A 100m 2 roof can catch 500

litres of water from rainfall of just 5mm.


The Rainwater Harvesting Community

Harvesting rainwater for landscape use


Rainwater harvesting techniques

> technology inventory

Greywater recycling has long been practiced in

areas where water is in short supply and includes

water from baths, sinks and laundry. It can be

re-used for toilet fl ushing provided fi ltration and

disinfection mechanisms are in place. The benefi ts

include reducing household water demand and

easing pressure on the mains water supply,

reducing upstream energy and environmental

costs. These systems require maintenance

to ensure that they function correctly.

When properly managed, greywater can also be a

valuable resource for horticultural and agricultural

growers as well as home gardeners. It can also

be valuable to landscape architects, builders,

developers and contractors because of the design

and landscaping opportunities afforded by on-site

greywater treatment and management.


Greywater: what it is, how to treat it, how to use


Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental

Management (CIWEM)

GROWing the Next Generation of Water Recycling


WaND programme (Water Cycle Management for

New Developments)

Water Works UK

Planter bed

Greywater sources

To groundwater







Linked rain barrels storing rain water


Advanced greywater treatment

Source: Carl Lindstrom


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