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The Round Up Writers Zine ISSN: 2330-9768 January 201 5 Volume 2-2 201 5 Editors Angelina Lim – Editor Ed Jessup – Editor Table of Contents The Round Up Writers Zine Volume 2-2 201 5 Social Media Administrators Angelina Lim Ed Jessup Website Administrator & Design Ed Jessup ♠For submission guidlines see Terms of Publication By submitting your work to The Round Up Writer’s Zine, in the event that your work is accepted, it is understood that you will be granting The Round Up Writer’s Zine exclusive electronic rights to your work for 60 days beginning with the date of publication, as well as a non-exclusive right to maintain a copy of your published work in our archives permanently. Agreeing to the above indicates that you will not publish your accepted work anywhere else online during the 60 day period, beginning with the date your work is published. In addition you may send out the PDF version of the volume which will be accessible via our webpage for download. You retain all other rights, including the right to re-publish the work in nonelectronic form at any time. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but it is the author's responsibility to inform us immediately if your work has been published elsewhere prior to our publication release date. Questions and submissions refer to our website at The Round Up Writer's Zine | v. 2-2 201 5 2 From the Editors 4 On the High Hour by BAM 5 Tweeker by Luis Blasini 7 so much by the time we have slept by Sophia Albanaa 8 Empty Bottle by Eugene Goldin 9 Eighty Euros by Merrill Cole 11 Pushing Up by Joe Hamilton 1 7 Did by Vimeesh maniyur 1 8 AUTHENTIC XERXES II TOENAIL CLIPPER by Daniel Pravda 1 9 Breasts and Whiskey by Frank McGivney 21 Irwin and the Captive by James W. Morris 26 In Defense of Proofreading by Gary Rainford 27 The attempted stoning of a peacock in broad daylight by MD Marcus 30 Orbituary by Nathan Witkin 32 SUBMIT! All the works published by The Round Up Writer's Zine are that of the authors whom they represent and that of The Round Up Writer's Zine, to the extent listed in our Terms of Publication. No works published via The Round Up Writer's Zine may be republished by any other venue without the explicit consent of the author. 1

The Round Up Writers Zine ISSN: 2330-9768 January 201 5 Volume 2-2 201 5 From the Editors Howdy members and readers of our literary rodeo that we like to call The Round Up! Thanks for digging in to our latest and greatest edition. We are always so excited and humbled to read and publish such amazing submissions. It is always a pleasure to provide a home for so many terrific works. Now that we have become an established newbie I hope that we are able to provide even more traffic and attention to your terrific works of art, whether they be fiction, non, poetry or whatever! Keep them coming! Keep them gritty and share! ~Cheers Ed Jessup Editor - Website & Design The Round Up Writer's Zine | v. 2-1 .5 201 4 2

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