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NDT Annual Report 2012/13 - Department of Tourism

NDT Annual Report 2012/13 - Department of Tourism


PART A: GENERAL INFORMATION Image courtesy of South African Tourism Vision: A catalyst for tourism growth and development in South Africa Apart from the department’s vision, growing tourists arrivals is also key to vision of the National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS) in terms of establishing South Africa as one of the top 20 tourism destination in the world. The sector reported growth of over 10% in international tourists arrivals in South Africa during 2012. The reality of the increase in international arrivals is more decent jobs and an increase in the tourism sectors direct and indirect contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP).

1.1 GENERAL INFORMATION National Department of Tourism National office: Tel: 012 444 6000 Physical address: Tourism House 17 Trevenna Street Sunnyside 0002 Postal address: Private Bag X424 Pretoria 0001 Tourism call centre: Tel: 086 012 1929 E-mail: 4 Department of Tourism

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