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Popping The Question - Association of Fundraising Professionals

From Interest to Passion

Photos: “Hand Point Like Button” by Watcharakun; “Love” by Worradmu; freedigitalphotos.com

From Passion to


Photo: “Love” by Worradmu; “Sunday Walk” by Simon Howden; freedigitalphotos.com

Fear personified

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#1: The audience is diverse

A new opportunity

to connect

84% of Hispanics have a

broadband connection vs. 79% of


36% of Hispanics view the

Internet as tool for building a

better life vs. 30% of general


68% of Hispanics are wireless

Internet users vs. 54% of Whites

81% of Hispanics text vs. 62% of


Source: “Culture + Technology Usage = The Perfect Storm” by Lee Vann in Engage: Hispanics (May 13 2010)

#2: The audience is global

Photo: “Social Marketing Concept” by vichie81 on freedigitalphotos.com

What’s Out There

Facebook is projected to reach

1 billion users by August

Twitter is closing in on 500

million registered users

LinkedIn has passed the 160

million member mark

Sources: “GOING SOCIAL: Tapping into Social Media for Nonprofit Success” by Convio; AllTwitter on Media

Bistro; and, Reuters

#3: The audience is wealthy

Knock, Knock…

Fidelity Investments reports that 34% of individuals

with net worth over $1 million use social media

professionally, including 28% who say they use


Spectrem reports that the percentage of U.S.

millionaires who use Facebook rose from 26% in

2010 to 46% in 2011.

SEI reports that 70% of pentamillionaires surveyed

use social media

Influence on the Affluent

Source: Unity Marketing

The gated community 2.0

How “social” changes fundraising


Fundraising: before & after

The base vs. the “long tail”

Where does “social” fit






Cultural comparisons

Blogging is to Twitter as

a short story is to Haiku

If Facebook is ADD,

Twitter is ADHD

If LinkedIn is a private

club, Twitter is a public



Governing concepts for all

social networking activity

A two-way street: the more you give, the more

you get

Social networks are all about individual control

over identity, relationships and content

As in fundraising campaigns, and most other

human activity, a small number of people make

the biggest difference…

Photo: “Unlocking Heart” by Thankunkorn on freedigitalphotos.com

Top “To Dos”

for Facebook

Gather information on those who


Tailor the experience to their


Talk with them

Be visual!

Drive traffic—and let them drive

traffic—to giving opportunities

Top “To Dos” on


• Click “Who to Follow”

• Follow your followers’ followers

• Browse the lists

• Conduct keyword searches

• Watch hashtags

• Use the currency of the network:

RTs, Tys, Shrunken URLs, and

other forms of acknowledgement

Top “to do’s” on


1 Profile your connections

2 Gather contact data and

handles for your database

3 Look up graduates/group


4 Explore the companies

associated with these


5 Identify potential board

members, major donors or


Search for people &


Digest those business cards!

Find and empower


See their networks

Engage in conversation

Be where they are, which is

increasingly on their mobile device!

Fill the room at a special


And get pledges at the event, too!

Launch a ribbon campaign

Leverage content…

From your lists!

Manage your social life

Analyze your data

Screen for influencers

And fing those you can

ask for more

Rachel’s wish

Animal house

Animal and


organizations post most

often on social networks

Animal groups post an

average of 14 times on

Facebook and tweeted

134 times a week

Animal organizations

were the most discussed

Sources: Chronicle of Philanthropy; Craigconnects


Top 10 charity campaigns of 2010,



It can be done…

In just 30 minutes a day!

Draft a plan

Give an advancement staff person responsibility

Follow your internal policies regarding fundraising,

communications & data

Commit a regular amount of time to the activity

Use tools that make the work easy and efficient

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of completion!




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Facebook: “Frost on Fundraising” &


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Phone: 877-637-5889

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