Danish Business Delegation to Korea - Danish Design Association


Danish Business Delegation to Korea - Danish Design Association

Save the dates 13-16 May 2012 for T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple’s visit to Korea

Danish Business Delegation to Korea

13 - 16 May 2012

Danish Business Delegation to Korea

Save the dates 13-16 May 2012 for T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple’s visit to Korea

We are very pleased to inform you of

a unique opportunity for the Danish

business community to establish or

strengthen commercial ties to Korea

in connection with H.R.H. Crown

Prince Frederik and H.R.H. Crown

Princess Mary’s visit to Korea in May


The visit will attract much public

attention in Korea and be a rare

opportunity to highlight Danish

key competencies and solutions to

potential Korean customers and

partners at the highest level.

The visit takes place at a time of keen

interest in Denmark and Danish

products and know-how following

the very successful State Visit to

Denmark of Korean President Lee

Myung-bak in May 2011 during

which a bilateral Strategic Partnership

and Green Growth Alliance was


Korea is the 15 th largest economy in

the world and has proven to be one

of the most resilient economies to

the current global economic slowdown

maintaining a steady economic

growth prospect in 2011 and beyond.

The Korean business community

has established itself as a global

frontrunner in sectors as the shipbuilding,

automotive, construction

and electronics industries and has

now set equally ambitious targets

for future growth areas such as e.g.

clean technology, biotechnology and


Partnering with a Korean company

not only targets the Korean market

but the wider global markets on

which the Korean business community

is well-established.

Furthermore the 50 million sophisticated

Korean consumers have a

purchasing power that is close to the

level in Denmark and an increasing

demand for high-end products and

services that are Danish strongholds,


items to mention a few.

With the implementation of the EU-

Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

in July 2011 - the most far-reaching

agreement ever entered into by the

EU - possibilities on the Korean market

for Danish exporters have never

been better.

Be sure to save the dates 13-16 May

2012 so as not to miss the opportunity

to be part of the business

delegation accompanying T.R.H. the

Crown Prince Couple on their visit

to Korea. The presence of T.R.H. the

Crown Prince Couple will ensure

that the events in Seoul are attended

by key decision makers from relevant

public authorities and private





and lifestyle










& Food


Design Food &



Danish Business Delegation to Korea

Save the dates 13-16 May 2012 for T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple’s visit to Korea

The relevant export promotion and

trade organisations covering the

targeted areas of clean technology,

life science, defence, design and

lifestyle, smart cities as well as food

techno-logy and food safety will join

forces to provide participating Danish

companies a range of business

related activities during the visit.

These include targeted sector seminars,

individual B-to-B meetings,

exhibitions as well as a high-level

business lunch and reception in the

presence of T.R.H. the Crown Prince

Couple and with the possibility of

inviting Korean guests and potential

business partners.

The visit will also be an occasion

to hold the second meeting of the

Korean Danish Green Growth Alliance

following up on the inaugural

meeting held in Copenhagen in May


Keep an eye out for the formal invitation

with full program and registration

form which will be distributed

by Export Promotion Denmark and

relevant organizations before the end

of the year.



Architecture, design and lifestyle is

of immense interest in Korea. Successful

industrial design is part of the

explanation for the increasing global

popularity of Korean brands within

e.g. the automotive and electronics

industry. Whether for the globally

oriented Korean industry or construction

sector, sourcing solutions

and partnering with foreign architects

and design teams has become

key to the Korean business communities’

ability to maintain a global

competitive edge.

Furthermore, the 50 million Korean

consumers have a sophisticated taste

and a high propensity to consume

and are increasingly diversifying

their spending habits to include

high-end imported articles ranging

not only clothing and accessories,

but also interior design items and

purchasing power.


Clean energy is one of the main

focus areas during the visit to Korea.

As initiators of the Global Green

Growth Alliance Korea and Denmark

has pledged themselves to pur-

energy solutions and making them

globally available.

cleantech companies have a lot to

and documented solutions. Opportunities

are especially attractive in

the sectors of windpower and district

heating. But overall tools and solu-

is demanded, as the Korean industry

requires enormous amounts of

energy and is heavily dependent on

Danish technology and know-how

can help Korea overcome its energy

major business opportunities for

Danish cleantech companies.


Cities comprise complex urban

systems involving energy production

and consumption, transportation,

types of social interaction, to mention

but a few. Managing, maintaining

and developing these systems

pose various challenges for everyone

involved. This is particularly the case

as cities become more populated,

denser and bigger.

Korea and Denmark have a lot in

common; approximately 83% of the

Korean population lives in cities, and

in Denmark the number is 87%. For

both countries, sustainability is no

longer a choice: it is a must. As urbanization

continues to increase and

sustainable solutions for building

a key priority. The Smart Cities

Seminar therefore aims at bringing

Korean and Danish companies and

decision makers together in order

to expand the frontier of smart and

sustainable city planning.


The Korean Government has chosen

the bio-tech sector as one of the main

business and research priorities for

the future. As a consequence of the

political focus, the industry has developed

a solid foundation in areas

of education, research and commercialization.

The sector is supported

by Koreas highly advanced IT-sector

and government initiatives such a

tax-free zones and research grants.

The sector shows highly promising

growth rates at 20% yearly and is expected

to maintain pace as products


Danish Business Delegation to Korea

Save the dates 13-16 May 2012 for T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple’s visit to Korea

and solutions are introduced to the

world market. The fast development

presents exciting business opportu-

know-how or already commercialized



The Korean government has actively

supported its defence industry for

the last 40 years and encouraged

military research and product development.

The result is a healthy

amount of companies producing

defence equipment and technology.

Through the last years Korean companies

have secured major contracts

battle tanks to both Turkey and

Indonesia and therefore having a

economy. With large productions

capabilities already in place in

advanced software-, communication-,

surveillance- and monitoring




Food safety is a major issue in Korea

and the Korean food and agriculture

sector is currently investing extensively

to meet the demands set by

legislation. Food manufacturing

in general and slaughterhouses in

particular are therefore areas where

Danish experience, know-how and

solutions are needed. Outdated

Korean slaughterhouses are currently

being consolidated into fewer,

larger and more modern facilities

by 2015 and Danish technology is

already playing a key role in the process

with the possibility of playing

an even more central role in years


The legislation concerning slaughterhouses

is expected to be further

strengthened before the end of 2011

as regards requirements for the collection

of blood providing further

export opportunities for Danish

meat technology.

T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple’s

visit will provide an unique opportunity

to strengthen the relationships

to key Korean decision makers and

establish Denmark and Danish meat

related technology.


The Free Trade Agreement between

the EU and South Korea from Febru-

Asian country, and the most comprehensive

of its kind. South Korea is

the 15 th largest economy, and characterised

as one of the Next 11 growth

markets. This agreement will gradu-


greatly improving the access of

food and agricultural products to this

very attractive market.

7,5 bill. DKK were removed, and

it is estimated that European food

and agriculture exporters will save

around 380 mill. DKK annually as

a direct consequence of the lowered

this will position South Korea as the

4th most important market outside

Europe after USA, China and Japan.

Currently, the Danish pig meat sector’s

annual export to Korea reaches

145 mill. DKK, while the equivalent

for the Danish dairy sector amounts

to 25 mill. DKK.


If you are interested in the above export campaign please send us the following information per email to ms@ees.dk:

Company name:

Contact person:


Dir. tel.:

Dir. e-mail:

The above is a non-binding confirmation of your interest in participating in the Danish business delegation that will

accompany T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple’s visit to Korea, 13 - 16 May 2012.


Embassy of Denmark, Korea

Thierry Hoppe · Commercial Counsellor / Deputy head of Mission ·

E-mail: thihop@um.dk / selamb@um.dk · tel.: ++82 2 795 4187

Peter Lysholt Hansen · Ambassador · E-mail: pelyha@um.dk / selamb@um.dk · tel.: ++82 2 795 4187

Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Mette J. Gammicchia · Market Development Manager · E-mail: mjg@lf.dk · tel.: +45 3339 4268

Confederation of Danish Industry

Jakob Engel Schmidt · Adviser · E-mail: jaes@di.dk · tel.: +45 3377 3446

Export Promotion Denmark

Michael Stahlschmidt · Event Manager · E-mail: ms@ees.dk · tel.: +45 2124 1711


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