7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Crystal Ballroom Foyer

Renaissance Resort

ACWA Registration

8-9:45 a.m. Crystal Ballroom

Renaissance Resort

Opening Breakfast

Welcome Remarks:

Ed Monarch


City of Indian Wells

Brian Nestande

Assembly Member

California State Legislature

Centennial Video Presentation

ACWA at 100: Reflections and Regards”

Emissary Award Presentation

Unveiling of ACWA’s Centennial

History Book

“California Water: A History of Ingenuity”


Dec. 1

California invented itself through water. In

his talk, award-winning California historian

Dr. Kevin Starr will discuss the past, present,

and future of this invention process.

Keynote Speaker:

Kevin Starr, Ph.D.

State Librarian Emeritus

University of Southern California

Breakfast cosponsored by:

Mission Springs Water District

REC Solar, Inc.

Three Valleys Municipal Water District

(No breakfast service after 8:30 a.m.)



8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Emerald Ballroom

Renaissance Resort

Exhibit Hall


Dec. 1

10-11:45 a.m. Indian Wells Ballroom P

Conference Center

Attorneys Program: “Climate Change

Regulations Affecting Water Districts”

This program will include an in-depth

discussion of the latest climate change

regulations that California’s water

agencies will need to follow. Specifically,

panelists will address the recently

enacted amendments to the “Guidelines

Implementing the California Environmental

Quality Act,” unique challenges that water

agencies face in analyzing and mitigating

greenhouse gas emissions from water

projects, and the provisions in the Air

Resources Board’s Scoping Plan aimed at

reducing greenhouse gas emissions from

the water sector.


Christopher Calfee


Best Best & Krieger, LLP


Fernando Avilia


Best Best & Krieger, LLP

Katy Spanos

Assistant Chief Counsel

California Department of

Water Resources

Honey L. Walters


Ascent Environmental, Inc.

This program has been approved by the State Bar

of California for attorneys to receive 1.75 hours of

general MCLE credit.



10-11:45 a.m. Indian Wells Ballroom N

Conference Center

Communications Committee

Program: “California Cheese, $10;

California Wine, $20; California Water,

PRICELESS! Communicating the Value

of Water”

Water is undervalued by the public because

it is always there and costs less

than almost any other public utility service,

including the cable bill. However, this

scenario is rapidly changing in California.

Supplies are becoming more limited even

as the state’s water demands for both

the economy and the environment are

increasing. Consumers are being asked

to cut back on water use, yet those savings

may not equate to a lower water bill.

Water agencies must develop new ways

to communicate the value of water to their

customers and prepare them for increasing

costs. This program will provide the

nuts and bolts on how to get started.


Dec. 1


Mary Lou Cotton

Sr. Water Resources Manager

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants


Dr. Tom Chesnutt

Economic Policy Analyst

A&N Technical Service

Greg Kail

Director of Public Affairs

American Water Works Association

Brad Sherwood

Public Information Officer

Sonoma County Water Agency



10-11:45 a.m. Malta A & B

Renaissance Resort

Exhibitor Technical Presentation I :

SunPower Corporation

“What’s Going to Happen to Solar”

With the reductions (and eventual elimination)

of the CSI solar initiatives, ballot

measures, federal and state legislation,

one wonders what is going to happen to

solar in 2011. This panel of experts will

provide an update on what to expect and

how to be prepared for changes in the

solar landscape.


Dec. 1


Sophie Akins


Best Best & Krieger, LLP

Lon W. House, Ph.D.

ACWA Energy Consultant

Water and Energy Consulting

James Pasmore

Account Manager

Southern California Edison

Kevin Ross

Senior Project Development Manager




10-11:45 a.m. Lobby Court

Renaissance Resort

Exhibitor Technical Presentation II:

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

“Tesla Treatment Facility Project”

The design build project is being completed

on a fast track. Construction started

March 2009 and will be done December

2010. The presentation will focus on critical

issues and implementation.


Reno Fiorante

Vice President, Environmental


Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

Cristina Fonseca

Process Engineer

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

10-11:45 a.m. Desert Vista Ballroom

D & E

Conference Center

Finance Program: “Developing a Rate

Structure that Addresses the Financial

Consequences of SBX7 7”


Dec. 1

In November 2009, the California State

Senate enacted SBX7 7 to increase water

use efficiency by setting an overall goal

of reducing urban water use 20% by

2020. Water agencies throughout California

are developing water management/

conservation plans to meet this goal. As

water agencies reduce demand, revenue

will naturally decrease. However, will

agencies’ costs decrease by the appropriate

or necessary amount in order to

Program description

continued on next page.



remain financially stable Or will agencies

achieve this goal at the expense of

their own financial integrity This panel

will examine the reporting requirement of

SBX7 7 and explore the different options

agencies have to develop a rate structure

that can achieve the goal of SBX7 7

while maintaining financial health. A case

study where two agencies discuss how

they have developed the appropriate rate

structure for their service area that meets

both objectives of water efficiency and

financial sustainability will be presented.


Tom Scaglione

Finance Manager

Vallecitos Water District


Dec. 1


Sanjay Gaur


Raftelis Financial Consultants

Robert Hill

General Manager

El Toro Water District

Martin E. Zvirbulis

Deputy General Manager

Cucamonga Valley Water District

CPAs may receive continuing education credits by

attending this program.



10-11:45 a.m. Desert Vista Ballroom A

Conference Center

Human Resources Program: “Tweeting,

Sexting, and the FBI...What Do They

Have in Common”

While most employers have adopted policies

addressing e-mail, Internet and other

in-house computer uses, many have not

kept abreast of the many new developments

in electronic communications that

employees may be using in work-related

situations. These include PDA’s, social

networking sites, cell phones, and remote

access to the employer’s computer system.

Failure to properly regulate the use

of these electronic communications in the

work place can lead to a number of legal

consequences. These include, employee

privacy violations, damaging disclosures

through electronic discovery, defamation,

discrimination and harassment claims

and, in rare instances, the threat of criminal

charges. This presentation will focus

on the many risks that confront today’s

employers through the use of new technologies

and the solutions to those risks.


Dec. 1


Bill Floyd


Best Best & Krieger, LLP

Martin Krieger

Finance Director

Desert Water Agency

This program session may count as electives

towards JPIA’s Human Resources Certification

Program for HR professionals.



10-11:45 a.m. Indian Wells Ballroom O

Conference Center

Region Forum: “Volumetric

Measurement and Challenges of Water


In the spirit of SBX7 7, this forum will

provide an interactive discussion on water

use efficiency requirements for both urban

and agricultural users. This is an opportunity

for guests to gain insight on the

challenges, options and advantages that

urban and agricultural communities are

confronted with as they move forward to

meet the 2012 mandate.

Hosted by ACWA Regions 6 and 7


Dec. 1

10-11:45 a.m. Valencia Ballroom

Renaissance Resort

Statewide Issue Forum: “Ups and

Downs: An Update on Colorado River


In recent years, California has experienced

both highs and lows as we struggle

to adapt to plummeting reservoir levels

along the Colorado River and reductions

in available water supplies. Expert panelists

in this statewide issue forum will give

you the latest information available on

what’s happening on the lower Colorado



Lorri Gray-Lee

Lower Colorado Regional Director

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation


Dr. Brian Brady

General Manager

Imperial Irrigation District



John Entsminger

Assistant General Manager

Southern Nevada Water Authority

Jeff Kightlinger

General Manager

Metropolitan Water District of

Southern California

Ted Kowalski

Section Chief, Interstate &

Federal Section

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Noon-2 p.m. Crystal Ballroom

Renaissance Resort

General Session & Luncheon

The ACWA membership will vote on

proposal amendments to ACWA’s bylaws

at the membership meeting during the

general session.

ACWA Lifetime Achievement Award

Theodore Roosevelt Environmental


“The Water Bond: Where Do We Go

From Here”

At this program, you will hear from a

panel of expert “insiders” on what is being

done to keep the Comprehensive Water

Package – passed by the Legislature in

November 2009 – in the public’s eye until

it goes to the voters in November 2012.

How will agencies and other proponents

continue to work toward securing and

maintaining the public support for this historic

comprehensive water package over

the next year


Dec. 1

Panelists listed on next page.




Thomas A. Nassif

President & CEO

Western Growers Association

Jay Ziegler

Director of External Affairs & Policy

The Nature Conservancy

Other panelists representing business

interests to be announced.

Luncheon cosponsored by:

Carollo Engineers

Chino Basin Water Conservation District

Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse, LLP

Layne Christensen Company


(No luncheon service after 12:30 p.m.)


Dec. 1



2:10-2:30 p.m. Emerald Ballroom

Renaissance Resort

Exhibitors’ Prize Drawing/Dessert

Break in the Exhibit Hall

Don’t miss your chance to win a

conference registration and two

nights’ lodging at the headquarters

hotel for the 2011 Spring Conference

& Exhibition scheduled for May 10-

13 in Sacramento, or a cash prize

donated by various exhibitors. Turn

in your completed prize drawing card

at the ACWA booth in the exhibit

hall. Conference delegate MUST be

present to win! Spouses/guests are

not permitted to participate and will be


Ice cream break sponsored by

Krieger & Stewart, Incorporated,

Consulting Engineers

Prizes won by a public official in this raffle

do not constitute a “gift” under Government

Code Section 82028. In completing Form

700, report prize winnings as income on

Schedule C.


Dec. 1



2:30-3:45 p.m. Indian Wells Ballroom P

Conference Center

Attorneys Program: “Fighting for the

FIRST Drop: Municipal Priorities, Area

of Origin and Delta Protections”

As competition for water continues to

grow, agencies are examining some of

the exceptions to the western concept of

“first in time, first in right.” This panel will

examine the area of origin protections

and municipal priorities and offer some

thoughts on feasibility, equity, and predictability.


Elizabeth P. Ewens

Of Counsel

Ellison, Schneider & Harris, L.L.P.


Dec. 1

Steven P. Saxton


Downey Brand LLP

Scott S. Slater


Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

This program has been approved by the State Bar

of California for attorneys to receive 1.25 hours of

general MCLE credit.



2:30-3:45 p.m. Indian Wells Ballroom O

Conference Center

Energy Committee Program: “Twisted

Into Straight: Solar Projects Gone Wrong

and How to Straighten Them Out”

In the past decade, solar energy has

become a staple technology in the California

water industry. Agencies throughout

the state have employed solar power to

offset rising energy costs and improve

operational resiliency. While much of the

publicity tends to highlight the benefits of

the finished product, not all projects have

gone as planned. It is time to look beyond

the sugar-coated images of solar, and

look more closely at some projects that

encountered “bumps in the road” and how

their project managers were able to successfully

steer them back on track. Finally,

this panel will provide attendees with takehome

information and tools to avoid the

common set-backs and plan a successful

solar project from day one.


Dec. 1


Lon W. House, Ph.D.

ACWA Energy Consultant

Water and Energy Consulting


Gary Arant

General Manager

Valley Center Municipal Water District

Richard Quigley


Zone 7 Water Agency

Andrew Webster

Chief Engineer

Rancho California Water District



2:30-3:45 p.m. Malta A & B

Renaissance Resort

Exhibitor Technical Presentation I :

Change Strategists, Inc.

“Superior Strategies for Water Agency


The presenters will set guidelines for the

new era of water agency management,

provide first-hand descriptions, discuss

major challenges, and describe the five

major strategies in detail.


Dr. Billie Blair


Change Strategists, Inc.


Dec. 1

Dr. Brian Brady

General Manager

Imperial Irrigation District

Perry Louck

Director of Planning

Rancho California Water District

2:30-3:45 p.m. Lobby Court

Renaissance Resort

Exhibitor Technical Presentation II :

Wildermuth Environmental, Inc.

“On the Use of Hydro DaVE to Assist in

SBX7 6 Compliance and CASGEM”

The presenters will demonstrate the use

of a software tool, HydroDaVE, to upload,

QA/QC, and display groundwater elevation

data in compliance with SBX7 6.


Wen-Hsing Chiang

Principal Engineer

Wildermuth Environmental, Inc.



Joe LeClaire


Wildermuth Environmental, Inc.

Andy Malone

Principal Hydrologist

Wildermuth Environmental, Inc.

2:30-3:45 p.m. Desert Vista Ballroom

D & E

Conference Center

Finance Program: “Locking in Low

Rates for Your Capital Projects”

Water agencies throughout California

have billions of dollars of projected infrastructure

needs, but how do we lock in

low interest rates to keep customer bills

affordable While in the past the issuance

of low-cost, tax-exempt bonds were the

norm for water agencies, the American

Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

changed the borrowing landscape by providing

a new cost-effective way to access

the much larger taxable bond marketplace.

Unless extended, on December

31, 2010, the 35% interest cost subsidy

on taxable Build America Bonds sunsets,

so some issuers have even teed up water

bond sales sooner than later. Encouragingly,

the press is reporting the possibility

of some level of continued subsidy extension,

so knowing when to sell and how

to structure upcoming bond programs to

capture even a potential, albeit lower, 32%

subsidy in 2011 or 30% subsidy in 2012

can only help. This session will provide

you timely and innovative ideas to help

your agency plan for locking in low-cost

debt for critical infrastructure needs.


Dec. 1

Moderator and panelists

listed on next page.




Spencer Bader

Division Manager Administrative


Sonoma County Water Agency


David Leifer

Sr. Managing Director

KNN Public Finance

Ian Parker

Vice President, Public Sector &

Infrastructure Banking

Goldman Sachs

David A. Walton

Attorney & Vice President

Jones Hall


Dec. 1

Daniel L. Wiles, Esq.

Principal & General Counsel

Fieldman Rolapp & Associates

CPAs may receive continuing education credits by

attending this program.

2:30-3:45 p.m. Desert Vista Ballroom A

Conference Center

Human Resources Program: “National

Health Care Reform: What Lies


The Patient Protection and Affordable

Care Act (PPACA) was passed earlier this

year and the changes are scheduled to

roll out over the next few years. Come to

this session to listen to the experts explain

the issues. You will learn how and when

your district and your employees will be

impacted by the new law and how the

health insurance markets may change in

response to the legislation.




Barbara Duggen

Director of Member Benefits

Association of California

Water Agencies


Alfred B. Fowler

Attorney at Law

Tom Sher

First Vice President

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

This program session may count as electives

towards JPIA’s Human Resources Certification Program

for HR professionals.

2:30-3:45 p.m. Valencia Ballroom

Renaissance Resort

Town Hall Meeting: “Flows, Water

Supply Assurances: Co-Equal or


State law now requires that we treat water

supply reliability and ecosystem restoration

as co-equal. Yet, a new interim flow

report by the State Water Resources

Control Board staff is proposing huge

increases in flows with no consideration of

the potential catastrophic impacts both upstream

and downstream. While the report

is non-binding, it is taking on a life of its

own. A second flow report by the California

Department of Fish and Game is also

on the street. This town hall will provide

a wide variety of view points on these

reports, the impacts and how we can put

California back on the co-equal path.


Dec. 1

Moderator and panelists

listed on next page.




Lester Snow


California Natural Resources Agency


Byron Buck

Executive Director

State and Federal Contractors

Water Agency

Randy Fiorini

Council Member

Delta Stewardship Council

David J. Guy


Northern California Water Association


Dec. 1

Cynthia Koehler

California Water Legislative Director

Environmental Defense Fund

2:30-3:45 p.m. Indian Wells Ballroom N

Conference Center

Water Trends Program: “Under the

Microscope: Water, Nanotechnology,

the Environment and the Law”

Nanotechnology has been touted as a potential

panacea for many of today’s most

complex problems, including an effective,

affordable and less-energy intensive

option for drinking water filtration and

treatment. However, many questions exist

regarding the legal and environmental

implications of nanomaterials in our water

supply and whether the risks outweigh

the benefits. Experts will discuss what is

known, what is unknown, and how nanotechnology

will affect your agency.




Chet Anderson

Chair, ACWA Safe Drinking

Water Subcommittee


Steven L. Hoch


Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

Hamid Saebfar

Supervising Engineer,

Office of the Chief Scientist

California Department of Toxic

Substances Control

This program has been accepted for California Department

of Public Health water treatment/distribution

contact hours in the amount of 1 contact hour.

2:30-4:45 p.m. Rhodes A & B

Renaissance Resort

Ethics Training: “Conduct and Ethics

Training for Water Agency Officials: A

Primer on AB 1234”


James D. Ciampa


Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse, LLP

Stefanie D. Hedlund


Best Best & Krieger, LLP

By attending this course, attendees

will have met all of the state-mandated

requirements of AB 1234.

Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes

after the session begins will NOT be



Dec. 1



4-4:30 p.m. Gardenia

Hyatt Resort

Region 1

Paul Helliker, Chair

Business Meeting

4-4:30 p.m. Desert Vista Ballroom A

Conference Center

Region 2

Eric Larrabee, Chair

Business Meeting

4-4:30 p.m. Grand Salon Ballroom

A, B & C

Hyatt Resort

Region 3

Duane L. Frink, Chair


Dec. 1

Business Meeting

4-4:30 p.m. Grand Salon Ballroom

D & E

Hyatt Resort

Region 4

Robert Nees, Chair

Business Meeting

4-4:30 p.m. Grand Salon Ballroom

F, G & H

Hyatt Resort

Region 5

David Hodgin, Chair

Business Meeting

4-6 p.m. Indian Wells Ballroom

J & K

Conference Center

Legal Affairs Committee

Scott L. Shapiro, Chair

Business Meeting



4:40-5:15 p.m. Desert Vista Ballroom

D & E

Conference Center

Joint Region Briefing

The briefing will provide an update on the

implementation of the Comprehensive

Water Package passed by the Legislature

in November 2009. Specifics will be

provided on the groundwater elevation

monitoring program (CASGEM); 20/2020

conservation mandate; interim Delta

instream flow criteria; the 2012 Water

Bond and ACWA’s plans to assist member

agencies along the way.

5-7 p.m. Renaissance Resort

CH2M Hill Hosted Reception

Please join CH2M Hill at a reception

being held at the Renaissance Esmeralda

Resort. All conference attendees are



Dec. 1




Dec. 1


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