Flyer Cat. 6A ISO Modul - Advanced, 2010 (pdf ... - R&M Connections

Flyer Cat. 6A ISO Modul - Advanced, 2010 (pdf ... - R&M Connections

Added Value

Cat. 6 A Module

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Cat. 6 A from R&M is the best performing copper connection hardware

of all time in the universal RJ45 format – and the key to a new dimension.


It represents a great boost in performance for structured cabling in data

More performance

Mehr Netzwerksicherheit

– Innovation in twisted-pair

– Abschliessbarer Aussteckschutz

connection technology

am RJ45-Rangierkabel

– Reliable high-frequency

– Autorisierter Zugriff für alle RJ45-

data transmission


– New dimensions in performance

– Farbcodierung unterstützt

– High density in the patch panel

richtiges Anschliessen

and rack

– Compatible and interoperable portfolio

Mehr Modularität, Flexibilität,

– Assembly saves time and cost


– Werkzeugfreie Montage

More security

– Vor Ort nachträglich montierbar

– Innovatively protected

– Passend zu R&M Standard

signal transmission


– Best possible NEXT and RL values

– Geeignet für hohe Packungsdichten

(Switches etc.)

– Consistent performance

– 360°shield housing

– Large-area color coding

– 100% quality control

More convenience

– Termination without special tools

– Quick and simple installation

– Reliable IDC technology

– Automatic cutting of wires

– Each module delivered

with protective cover

– 90° and 180° orientation in one module

centers, buildings and sites. Demanding applications with 10 Gb/s Ethernet

and 500 MHz bandwidth can now attain unprecedented margins.

The new ISO/IEC standards Cat. 6 A and Class E A have paved the way.

As technology leader in shielded and unshielded cabling systems, R&M

has also taken the lead with the most reliable and convenient Cat. 6 A

solution. Go with the Number 1 for Layer 1 and enter a new dimension

for data networks.


mat. The new ISO/IEC standards pave the

The Cat. 6 A – with the A written as a subscript

in accordance with the ISO/IEC 11801 cations in local data networks. In addition,

way for upcoming high-performance appli-

standard – provides innovation, top performance

and greater operating reliability to serves for signal transmission.

R&M has built in enormous security re-

passive network technology, also known

as Layer 1. As the Number 1 for Layer 1, Security, installation convenience, innovation,

added value… with R&M, users can

R&M has succeeded in integrating this

technological advance in a form that is as enter the Cat. 6 A age in reliable ways that

reliable and user-friendly as possible. save time and cost. You can even continue

The termination block is pyramid-shaped to use legacy infrastructures because the

and routes the wires on all four sides of Cat. 6 A module from R&M retains its interoperability

and backwards compatibility. As

the module for maximum spacing between

the wire pairs. The X-separator with the integrated

metal plates further hinder coupling. seamlessly into the modular R&Mfreenet

part of the Advanced portfolio it integrates

Crosstalk between wire pairs is prevented cabling system that has proved itself millions

of times in actual practice. Selecting

to an unprecedented extent. A unique solution.

the Cat. 6 A Advanced solution from R&M

Quick, easy assembly plus simple handling will contribute to your continued success.

are the defining design traits of the Cat. 6 A

module from R&M. During the termination INDEPENDENT PARTNER

procedure, which is as easy as can be, precision

blades automatically cut each wire comes to the future of your data networks.

Talk to the Number 1 for Layer 1 when it

to exactly the same length. This step ensures

that the pairs are consistent in terms R&M solutions and from top Swiss quality.

Benefit from the added value of premium

of impedance and guarantees full performance.

With the advanced IDC technology and put your faith in our experience. R&M

Utilize the advantages of modular designs

from R&M, you can be sure of contacts has been providing innovative and practical

with long-lasting stability protected from systems of cutting-edge quality for data and

corrosion and vibration.

communication networks for over 45 years

as a consistent, independent and successful



Cat. 6 A combined with Class E A is the best

per forming copper cabling in an RJ45 for-

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Advancing the RJ45 format

Sustainable infrastructure

Perfect performance

A completely new design in the

proven RJ45 format. That is how

innovative the Cat. 6 A module

from R&M is. It is the future for

demanding 500 MHz applications,

the solution for stable, guaranteed

transmission performance.

Ingenious wiring

Route the wires, click the module

together, press the termination

levers. Finished. Optimized IDC

technology is used to contact

the wires. Precision blades cut

the wires automatically.

No-compromise shielding

The wire pairs are separated

by the pyramid and X-separator.

Maximum spacing means minimum

crosstalk. In the shielded

module, a metal housing provides

360° shielding. The signals are

protected consistently and

without compromise.

Instant confidence

You’ll feel confident the moment

you look at the extra-wide-opening

wire router. Large colored

fields ensure clear identification.

You immediately know the right

position for each wire. Mix-ups

and connection mistakes are


Compatible format

Cat. 6 A from R&M provides

maximum performance in a new

small form factor design. There

is also room for Cat. 6 A in a high

density rack. It can be used in

all R&M patch panels thanks to

precisely fitting adapters.







Profitability plus operational reliability

Market-oriented data centers have to deliver full

availability and operational reliability no matter what

the circumstances. This requirement applies to every

single wire. The higher the frequency of the applications,

the more perfect the signal transmission has to

be. Installations must be implemented quickly so that

productivity is not impacted. The high-density infrastructure

has to support several migrations because

investments should be profitable and sustainable.

In other words, only the best is good enough for data

centers! The Cat. 6 A solution from R&M is the best for

today and tomorrow. You can upgrade seamlessly

where Cat. 6 reaches its limits.

More performance for workplace and location

All-over IP is the future for offices and buildings,

administrative agencies, banks and clinics, as well

as manufacturing and business locations. Multimedia

communication, cloud computing, virtualization, software

as a service, remote, video and security applications

– all these advances require extraordinarily

high-performance and coherent broadband infrastructure

for fast, high-frequency data transmission. Logical

evolution is the easiest, most cost-effective and most

efficient way to achieve the high-performance data

networks desired. The answer is Cat. 6 A. The standard

directly follows up on established solutions. The RJ45

interface format is available everywhere and universally

usable. Thanks to Cat. 6 A it will also support all

typical requirements in the age of 10 Gigabit Ethernet

and beyond.

Incidentally, Cat. 6 A is more than Cat. 6A

For utmost quality and safety, R&M advocates planning

data networks based on the current ISO/IEC 11801

standard. This standard specifies the most rigorous

physical requirements for the transmission class

(Class E A) and for the components (Cat. 6 A). If you want

stable performance, big reserves and optimum protection

for high-frequency signal transmission at economically

reasonable conditions, then choose Cat. 6 A.

The ISO/IEC standard is quite different from the EIA/TIA

standard, which also uses the designation Cat. 6A.

The small difference in spelling – the capital A written

as a subscript versus regularly – actually signals a

revolutionary advance.





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