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Our aim is to make your

journey as simple as possible.

Whether your trip is on one train, several connecting trains or

involves using other modes of transport before or after your

train journey, we want your trip to be both pleasant and hassle


Before setting out on your journey,

always confirm bus and ferry times with Traveline:

A smooth journey,


Many journeys across the ScotRail network can be completed

using just one train, but there are many other possibilities by

changing trains en route.

For example, if you want to travel from Perth to Alloa, you would

normally need to make one simple change of train in Stirling. Yet

more possibilities are opened up by the extensive bus and ferry

network across Scotland, allowing you access to places many

miles beyond the rail network.

• By bicycle – if cycling is your mode of choice for travel to and

from the station, we can help – with cycle storage available

at virtually every ScotRail station. We also have some great

discounts on cycle hire for ScotRail customers. See page 4

• By bus – if your final destination is not on the rail network,

there may well be a PlusBus or RailBus ticket to suit you.

See page 10

For the most up to date information on

connections between ScotRail and other

modes of transport, go to


New for 2014

In a joint project with Strathclyde Partnership for

Transport, ScotRail is completing installation of new

covered cycle parking at 10 stations in the Strathclyde

area, making it even easier to get into the saddle for

the journey to the station.

ScotRail reserve the right to alter the information contained within this leaflet without notice.

Every effort is made to ensure details are correct at time of print, but ScotRail accept no liability

for any inaccuracies.

• By ferry – we work closely with leading ferry operators to

provide combined Rail & Sail tickets to destinations across

Scotland and to Belfast. See page 14

• By air – all airports can be reached by bus and train and, in

some cases, combined Airlink tickets are available.

See page 16

• We also have advice on connections between trains

including the Caledonian Sleeper. See page 19

Read on and you’ll see how, even where your journey involves

other modes of transport, ScotRail is working to help make your

trip go as smoothly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Disabled passengers should contact other operators

directly if assistance is required.

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Connecting by bicycle...

ScotRail welcomes cyclists at stations and on our trains.

Leaving your bike at the station...

ScotRail provides cycle parking at virtually all of its stations and

during 2013 we invested in further improvements at many of our

busier stations.

Cycling is a great way to get active, stay healthy, and avoid the

expense of driving to and from the station. Why not leave the car

at home and get in the saddle

For details on what cycle parking is available at your station, go to

scotrail.co.uk/cycling and click on Station Facilities.

Taking your bike on the train...

How much does it cost

Cycles are carried free of charge on all ScotRail trains.

Do I have to book in advance

On some longer distance routes, a compulsory cycle reservation

is required – this applies to services between:

• Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen

• Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness

• Glasgow, Oban, Fort William and Mallaig

• Aberdeen and Inverness

• Inverness, Wick, Thurso and Kyle of Lochalsh

• Caledonian Sleepers between London and Scotland

Cycle reservations are also available (but not compulsory) on

services between Glasgow and Stranraer.

Cycle reservations are free, and are available up to 12 weeks in

advance either online at scotrail.co.uk, from principal staffed

stations or from ScotRail Telesales on 08457 55 00 33.

Can I take my bike on any ScotRail train

On ScotRail services other than those listed above, cycle

reservations are not available. However, cycles can be

conveyed without a reservation subject to a cycle space

being available.

Note however that on electric trains in central Scotland there

is no dedicated space to store cycles, and special arrangements

are in place. This applies to services between:

• Glasgow Central, Cathcart, Neilston and Newton

• Glasgow Central, Gourock and Wemyss Bay*

• Glasgow Central, Ayr, Ardrossan and Largs*

• Lanark/Motherwell/Larkhall and Milngavie/Dalmuir via

Glasgow Central Low Level

• Milngavie/Dalmuir/Balloch/Helensburgh and Springburn/

Airdrie/Bathgate/Edinburgh via Glasgow Queen St Low


• Edinburgh, North Berwick and Dunbar*

• Glasgow Central and Paisley Canal*

• Glasgow Central and Edinburgh via Carstairs*

4 scotrail.co.uk

scotrail.co.uk 5

On these trains, you can store your bike in the vestibule area (no

reservation required), subject to the following conditions:

• Please place your bike in the vestibule, on the right hand

side of the train (facing direction of travel) as there are

generally fewer platforms on this side**

• Stay with or near to your bike at all times

• Check regularly to ensure it is not causing an obstruction

* Some or all services on these routes are operated by new class 380 trains.

These trains have a priority area for 2 cycles, and the vestibule should only

be used if these spaces are already taken.

**On services to Cathcart, Neilston and Newton, you should place your

bike on the left hand side of the train (facing direction of travel). Platform

postion on Paisley Canal line varies, and bikes should be placed in the

vestibule on either side. Stay with or near your bike at all times and check

regularly that it is not causing an obstruction.

Can I take other types of bike on any ScotRail train

Tandems, tricycles, motorcycles, mopeds, motorised

cycles and non-folding cycle trailers cannot be carried on any

of our services.

Cycle hire discount...

ScotRail has teamed up with cycle hire companies across

Scotland to secure some great discounts for our customers.

Our partners at Nevis Cycles in Oban and Fort William and at

Ticket to Ride in Inverness will offer you a 10% discount on cycle

hire when you show your valid ScotRail ticket – or 15% if you

have a valid Freedom of Scotland Travelpass.

Even better news is that you can return your hired cycle to any of

these three locations. So you can, for example, cycle from Oban

to Fort William or from Fort William to Inverness, and then stay

the night or continue your journey by train. No need to worry

about getting your bike back to its origin point – our partners

will take care of that!

And don’t forget our discount scheme in Blair Atholl continues,

allowing you to get into the saddle and sample the fantastic

Perthshire countryside.

Folding bikes are carried on all services – these must be folded

down when you board the train, and in some cases you may be

asked to fold down your bike before entering the platform.

We regret that cycles cannot be carried on rail replacement bus


Anything else I need to know

On the routes from Glasgow to Gourock, Wemyss Bay, Ayr,

Ardrossan and Largs, some peak hour services will be longer

than the platform, meaning that some doors will not open – so

you will need to ensure your cycle is stored in the correct part of

the train.

For further information, look out for local publicity including

posters at stations along these routes, ask ScotRail staff or visit


Cycle hire


from ....

Nevis Cycles

At .... Contact .... Bike should

be returned to

shop in ....

Fort William 01397 705 555


01631 566 033

Ticket to Ride Inverness 01463 419 160



Fort William,

Oban or


Blair Atholl 01796 481 256 Blair Atholl


* customers should check closing times for return of hired cycles.

For other terms & conditions, see scotrail.co.uk/cycling

For more information on cycles available for hire, please visit:




Discount ....

10% to holders

of valid rail

tickets. 15%

to holders

of Freedom

of Scotland


10% to holders

of valid rail

tickets. 20%

to holders

of Freedom

of Scotland


6 scotrail.co.uk

scotrail.co.uk 7

ScotRail Cycle Rescue...

What is ScotRail Cycle Rescue

You can have complete peace of mind when you travel on

ScotRail services with your bike.

If you are unable to complete the cycle portion of your journey

as a result of an accident, vandalism or an irreparable break

down to your cycle, ScotRail Cycle Rescue will ensure you and

your cycle are transported FREE either to your destination for

that day, provided this is on the Scottish mainland, or to the

nearest ScotRail-served station where you can get an onward

train service.

What if I can’t get to my destination that day

In the event that an incident occurs late in the day you will be

transported to the nearest Scottish town or city.

Here you can find overnight accommodation and an onward

train service the following day – and, if appropriate, repair

facilities for your cycle.

How do I use the service

Call our freephone helpline on 08000 717 212.

Please make sure you have your valid rail ticket to hand.

Who can use ScotRail cycle rescue

ScotRail Cycle Rescue is a FREE service for ScotRail customers

operated by ETA Services Ltd.

It applies only to holders of valid rail tickets for journeys on the

ScotRail network. Full terms, conditions and exclusions are

available at scotrail.co.uk or by calling 0845 601 5929.

Bikes on other operators’ services...

Some trains running in Scotland are not operated by ScotRail

and, before using these, you should check the policy for

carriage of cycles.

Other operators running trains in Scotland include:

• East Coast services between London and Edinburgh,

Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness

• Cross Country services between south west England, the

south coast, the Midlands the north east and Edinburgh,

Glasgow and Aberdeen

• Virgin Trains services between London, the West Midlands,

north west England and Glasgow/Edinburgh

• TransPennine Express services between Manchester and


• ‘Jacobite’ steam train between Fort William and Mallaig

• Other charter and excursion trains

Helpful hints when travelling by bike...

• ScotRail platform staff can advise you on which part of the

platform to wait with your bike, helping to minimise any

delay once the train arrives

• remove anything not permanently fixed to your cycle

• do not lock your cycle to any part of the train, except the

designated cycle points

• do not lean your cycle against doors or other passengers’


• do not ride your cycle on station premises

Please note that space is limited and cycles can only be carried if cycle

spaces are available on your chosen train. Where cycle reservations are

required you must obtain these before travelling, otherwise your cycle cannot

be conveyed.

ScotRail reserve the right to refuse to accept a cycle on board the train, in

line with the Conditions set out in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage,

Part II, paragraph 49.

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Connecting by bus...

Catching a bus is a convenient and environmentally

friendly way to start or complete your journey.

The PlusBus ticket...

What is a PlusBus ticket

PlusBus is a great value ‘bus pass’ type ticket which you can

buy with your train ticket.

It gives you unlimited bus travel in the area around your chosen

PlusBus station. So, for example, if you’re travelling from

Glasgow to Aberdeen and decide to buy “Aberdeen PlusBus” this

will give you travel by rail to Aberdeen, plus unlimited bus travel

throughout Aberdeen for the rest of that day.

Where can I buy one


08457 55 00 33

At a staffed station

As part of our efforts to make your entire journey as simple

as possible, we offer combined tickets to selected

destinations across Scotland, so that you don’t have to buy

separate tickets for the rail and bus part of your journey.

We also participate in the increasingly popular PlusBus

scheme, allowing unlimited bus travel around your chosen

PlusBus station.

On-train when boarding at a station with no ticket issuing


What if I want to travel regularly

For regular commuters who use the bus to get to the station,

PlusBus season tickets are now also available for selected


How can I find out more about PlusBus

Ask at a staffed station, or visit scotrail.co.uk/plusbus

10 scotrail.co.uk

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The RailBus ticket...

What is a RailBus ticket

RailBus tickets are aimed at connecting you to specific places

which are not on the rail network, without the hassle of

buying separate rail and bus tickets.

For example, if you buy a ticket from Glasgow to Peterhead this

allows you to travel by train from Glasgow to Aberdeen, then

onward by bus to Peterhead without buying separate tickets for

each part of your journey - saving you time and hassle.

Where can I buy one

scotrail.co.uk (St Andrews only)

08457 55 00 33

At a staffed station

On-train when boarding at a station with no ticket issuing


How can I find out more about RailBus

For full details of all RailBus tickets and destinations, ask at

a staffed station or visit scotrail.co.uk/railbus

Other rail and bus tickets...

In the larger urban areas in central Scotland you’ll find tickets you

can use more extensively on both rail and local bus services and

even on some ferry routes too.

• Zonecard allows unlimited rail and bus travel in as many

travel zones as you need across Strathclyde.

• One Ticket is available on bus and rail services across east

and central Scotland.

Both of these tickets are available for purchase from rail ticket

offices and can offer particularly good value if you rely on bus and

train for your regular commute.

Pick up a Zonecard leaflet from staffed stations in Strathclyde or

visit spt.co.uk

For more information on One Ticket, pick up a One Ticket leaflet

from staffed stations in east and central Scotland, or visit


If you’re planning on travelling extensively around Scotland, our

range of touring tickets including Freedom of Scotland Travelpass,

Highland Rover and Central Scotland Rover, may suit you. Pick

up our ‘Find your perfect ticket’ leaflet for more details or visit


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Connecting by ferry...

ScotRail works closely with ferry operators to provide

combined Rail & Sail tickets to destinations across

Scotland and to Belfast.

Rail & Sail ticket...

What is a Rail and Sail ticket

Like our RailBus tickets, Rail & Sail allows you to buy your rail and

ferry ticket all in one transaction, saving you time and hassle.

For example, if you buy a Rail & Sail ticket from Glasgow to

Brodick, this will entitle you to rail travel from Glasgow to

Ardrossan and then onward travel by ferry from Ardrossan to

Brodick - no need to buy separate tickets at the ferry terminal.

Where can I buy one

scotrail.co.uk (Belfast, Rothesay, Brodick and Dunoon only)

08457 55 00 33

At a staffed station

On-train when boarding at a station with no ticket issuing

facility (except Rail & Sail to Belfast)

This includes Rothesay and Brodick on the Clyde coast,

Lochboisdale, Mull and Stornoway on the Western Isles,

the Orkney and Shetland Isles and many other locations

across Scotland. We also sell inclusive Rail & Sail tickets

to Belfast, so you can avoid airport check-in and baggage

restrictions, and relax your way across the Irish Sea.

How can I find out more about PlusBus

For full details of all Rail & Sail tickets and destinations, ask

at a staffed station or visit scotrail.co.uk/railsail

14 scotrail.co.uk

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Connecting by air...

You can reach all of Scotland’s main airports by rail and


How do I get to Edinburgh Airport

• If you are travelling from Fife, Dundee and points north,

you should catch a train to Inverkeithing. From here a

frequent express bus link operates to Edinburgh Airport.

• If you are travelling from other parts of Scotland, including

the Glasgow area, you should catch a train to Haymarket or

Edinburgh Waverley - a frequent express bus link operates

from both these stations to Edinburgh Airport.

What is an Airlink ticket

Airlink tickets are aimed at connecting you to specific airports

that are not on the rail network, without the hassle of buying

separate rail and bus tickets.

If you’re travelling to Glasgow or Edinburgh Airport,

combined RailBus tickets are available to save you buying

separate tickets for each part of your journey.

Airlink tickets...

How do I get to Glasgow Airport

• If you are travelling from Ayrshire or Inverclyde, you should

catch a train to Paisley Gilmour Street - a frequent bus link

operates from here to Glasgow Airport.

• If you are travelling from north west Glasgow, Milngavie,

Dumbarton, Helensburgh and the West Highlands, you

should change trains at Partick - from here a frequent bus

service operates to Glasgow Airport.

• If you are travelling from other parts of Scotland, including

Edinburgh and the central belt, you should catch a train

to Glasgow Central or Glasgow Queen Street - a frequent

express bus link operates to Glasgow Airport from both

these stations.

For example, if you buy a ticket from Glasgow to Edinburgh Airport

this allows you to travel by train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, then

onward by bus to Edinburgh Airport without buying separate

tickets for each part of your journey - saving you time and hassle.

Where can I buy one

08457 55 00 33

At a staffed station

On-train when boarding at a station with no ticket issuing


How can I find out more

For full details of airport connections, ask at a staffed station or

visit scotrail.co.uk/airportlinks

16 scotrail.co.uk

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Other Airports...

Prestwick International Airport

Prestwick International Airport has its own station on the

Glasgow to Ayr line with a frequent train service operating

throughout the day. A 50% discount on rail tickets to the airport

is available on production of relevant flight documents. Please

present one of the following when buying discounted tickets:

• Flight ticket

• Original invoice (photocopies not accepted)

• Downloaded booking confirmation, plus photo ID (e-mail

confirmation is not accepted)

Please note discounted tickets are available only from ticket

offices at staffed stations – they cannot be purchased online,

from ScotRail Telesales or from Travel Agents. They can be

purchased from on-train staff, but only if you are joining at a

station where no ticket issuing facility is available. There are

also occasional offers providing free rail travel to the airport for

certain flight destinations – ask at staffed stations or check

scotrail.co.uk for any updates.

Aberdeen Airport

Aberdeen Airport is situated close to Dyce railway station, which

is served by regular trains on the main line between Aberdeen

and Inverness. There are also several direct trains running from

Glasgow and Edinburgh. A shuttle bus runs between Dyce station

and the airport, and is timed to meet train arrivals. Journey

time to the airport by bus from Dyce station is 10-15 minutes.

There is also a bus service between Aberdeen city centre and

Aberdeen Airport. If you buy Aberdeen PlusBus with your train

ticket, you will be entitled to use this service at no extra charge.

Inverness Airport

Inverness Airport is served by local buses from Inverness city

centre, departing from Strothers Lane, close to the railway


We recommend that you plan to arrive at your airport at least 2½ hours

before your flight leaves to allow time for airport security and possible checkin


Rail connections advice...

Direct train services operate between many stations

across the ScotRail network, but some journeys can only

be completed if you change trains en route - for example

Glasgow to Dingwall or Perth to Oban.

Changing trains is a hassle-free process, completed by

many thousands of passengers across the rail network

every day. See page 22 for UK rail connections map.

How much time should I allow to change trains

• Edinburgh Waverley or Glasgow Queen Street - at least 10


• Glasgow Central - at least 15 minutes

• Newcastle, Carlisle and Preston - at least 8 minutes

• Crewe - at least 10 minutes

• Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street, cross-city

transfer - at least 30 minutes (see next page for more

information on this transfer)

• London Euston - at least 15 minutes

• All other stations served by ScotRail - at least 5 minutes

What about the Caledonian Sleeper

For more detailed information on Caledonian Sleeper

connections, see page 21.

What if my train is delayed

Rail connections cannot be guaranteed – delaying a train to wait

on passengers from a late running connecting service

(including connecting bus and ferry services) can cause greater

delay overall, and to a greater number of passengers.

Every effort is made to minimise total disruption, taking all

factors into account, and particular attention is paid to services

which operate infrequently and the last trains of the day. When

planning your journey, you may wish to consider the effects any

disruption could have on your journey and allow extra time when

planning connections.

18 scotrail.co.uk

scotrail.co.uk 19

Transferring between Glasgow

Central and Glasgow Queen


Many train journeys involve a transfer between

Glasgow’s two main railway stations - for example if

you’re travelling from Stranraer to Stirling or from

Oban to Oxford.

The transfer needn’t be a hassle, but we do recommend that you

allow at least 30 minutes for making connections between Central

and Queen Street. There are two main options available:

• On foot - it’s just a 15 minute walk between Central and

Queen Street and there is good signposting throughout.

You’ll also pass through bustling Buchanan Street, one of

the UK’s busiest shopping areas. If you allow yourself some

extra time, you could even stop for a coffee or take in the


• By bus - this may be a better option if you are carrying

heavy luggage or have difficulty with walking. ScotRail, in

partnership with First Glasgow, provide a frequent shuttle

bus link between the 2 stations, and use of this bus is FREE

to holders of valid rail tickets.

Connecting with the

Caledonian Sleeper...

ScotRail’s Caledonian Sleeper leaves from London’s Euston

station, delivering you relaxed and refreshed to over 40 stations

across Scotland. See map on next page.

For those ScotRail stations which do not have a direct sleeper

service, there is a wide range of convenient connecting trains

available. In London, Euston has excellent connections with other

terminals via London Underground making it easy and convenient

to connect with the Caledonian Sleeper from across southern and

western England.

The train is also a great way to travel between Scotland and

mainland Europe. Why not catch the Caledonian Sleeper to

London, then a Eurostar to Paris from the magnificent St Pancras

station (just a short walk from Euston) where you can arrive in

time for lunch

For more information on connections between ScotRail and other

rail services, including international connections, go to


20 scotrail.co.uk

scotrail.co.uk 21

UK Rail Connections

ScotRail & PLUSBUS.

Travel without the fuss.

Caledonian Sleeper route

between Scotland and London

Other selected routes

Airport interchange

Railair coach link with

Heathrow Airport

Ferry interchange

Add PLUSBUS to your train

ticket and get unlimited bus

travel from £1.50* a day.


*Price based on Elgin PlusBus

22 scotrail.co.uk

scotrail.co.uk 23

National Rail Enquiries

08457 48 49 50

Please note calls to this number may be recorded

ScotRail website


ScotRail Telesales

08457 55 00 33

Customer Relations


0845 601 5929

Disabled Assistance

0800 912 2 901 or 18001 0800 912 2 901

(Text relay service for the hard of hearing)

Smartphone app

text ‘ScotRail’ to 86688 to download our new app

that lets you buy tickets, check live running

information and so much more

Published by ScotRail December 2013


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scan the QR code

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